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  • A Detailed Guide To The New Extreme Program Event In MLB The Show 23 A Detailed Guide To The New Extreme Program Event In MLB The Show 23

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    A Detailed Guide To The New Extreme Program Event In MLB The Show 23

    As the most extreme content in MLB The Show 23, Extreme Program in Other Programs has finally returned again. In this Extreme Program, you will face challenging Moments and Missions, Showdown, Conquest Map, and the first Mini Seasons Challenge. Players need the optional Collection found in the event in order to complete all missions in Extreme Program.

    Beginning July 28, players will experience many tough challenges and substantial rewards that can only be found in Diamond Dynasty mode. So, let’s get ready for an epic journey in Conquest and Showdown mode. Because the program is full of all kinds of content.

    High Difficulty

    At present, people with weak hearts may not be suitable for challenging Extreme Program. Because there are onerous tasks here, which will test the player’s ability and tactics. Players need to demonstrate skill, perseverance and determination to complete this Extreme Program.

    The tough challenge of Showdown mode will require players to have a near-perfect performance. So it must well prepare players before starting the challenge.

    Fans of MLB The Show 23 can look forward to a high-stakes journey filled with thrilling victories as Extreme Program grows. Players here can show their baseball prowess like never before.

    Shark Map

    Among them, the most worthwhile activity in Extreme Program is Shark Map. It has by far the best hidden rewards of any Conquest Map.

    Shark Map is a treasure for challenge lovers. Because it contains 13 Show Packs, 6 Diamond Duo Packs, and many other exciting Packs. In addition, three outstanding Player Cards are also one of the highly sought after prizes.

    Extreme Program Activity Mechanism

    Extreme Conquest mode in this Diamond Dynasty has attracted players’ attention with its unique gameplay and attractive rewards.

    Especially Conquest, a strategy game based on risk. The player’s task is to gather followers, consolidate territories, and subdue opponents in order to complete the map and win substantial rewards.

    Hidden Rewards Explained

    The allure of Extreme Program comes from its hidden rewards. They scatter these rewards in every corner of the map, and players need to look for them carefully. These hidden rewards are often of great help in improving a player’s team composition.

    And the most lucrative Conquest Map to date is the recently released Shark Map, a treasure trove of hidden rewards. Among the rewards are:

    • MLB The Show 23 Packs x 13
    • Diamond Duos Packs x 6
    • Alter Ego Choice Pack x 1
    • 2023 Home Run Derby Pack x 1
    • 2023 All-Star Game Pack x 1
    • Ballin Pack x 1

    Thanks to these impressive packs, players have multiple chances to earn Elite Player Cards. This could improve their squad and potentially make for a strong lineup.

    Despite the unrivaled difficulties and tasks in Extreme Program. But they will reward persistent players with priceless cards and a wealth of in-game MLB The Show 23 Stubs. In addition, players can also get some Player Cards by completing Showdown challenges of Extreme Program, including:

    • 99 OVR Mike Piazza
    • 99 OVR Billy Wagner
    • 99 OVR Ketel Marte

    Players must focus on tackling some of the toughest challenges in MLB The Show 23 in order to succeed in Extreme Program and earn hidden rewards. And the excitement of finding hidden rewards and the chance to strengthen your team with elite players will make Extreme Program more attractive to players.

    That’s all there is to know about the latest return of Extreme Program event. What do you think of this event and its hidden rewards? May wish to join in as soon as possible. We will see you in the game.

    Aug 02, 2023

  • How To Get All The Hidden Rewards Of Shark Conquest Map In MLB The Show 23? - Free Chase Pack How To Get All The Hidden Rewards Of Shark Conquest Map In MLB The Show 23? - Free Chase Pack

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    How To Get All The Hidden Rewards Of Shark Conquest Map In MLB The Show 23? - Free Chase Pack

    As we all know, Shark Conquest Map is an annual MLB The Show tradition and returns for MLB The Show 23. On July 25, San Diego Studio officially revealed Shark Map full of hidden rewards.

    Today, we’re going to show you all the hidden rewards of the new Shark Map in MLB the Show 23. This is the best Conquest Map they’ve released all year.

    Best Reward Route

    This Conquest Map is valuable, and completing it will give you 32 free Chase Packs. It’s like Team Affinity Conquest Map. Players need to capture 11 strongholds in this Conquest Map, one of which is your own.

    Moreover, there are five additional goals that you need to complete in this conquest. I’ll show you the best route to get all the hidden rewards quickly. Here’s everything you can get in this Conquest Map.

    As you can see, all you have to do is either go to the top, capture the top 5 strongholds, and work your way down to the bottom. Or start at the bottom, attack the bottom 5 strongholds, and work your way to the top. Personally, I go to the bottom first and then the top.


    Next, let me show you the specific tasks and rewards of the five goals that we need to complete in this Shark Conquest Map.

    Goal 1: Get 123M fans. It rewards 5 MLB The Show 23 Packs.

    Goal 2: Conquer this Shark’s Tail. This is back territory where Houston Astros and Padres Stronghold are. It’s rewarded with a Jumbo MLB The Show 23 Pack.

    Goal 3: Occupy any three enemy strongholds. This reward is Ballin is a Habit Packs, 500 Stubs and 500 XP. And Ballin is a Habit Packs is a Pack worth 40k MLB The Show 23 Stubs. Here you can get it for free, which is pretty cool.

    Goal 4: Conquer any 6 enemy strongholds. This reward is 24 Diamond Duos Choice Packs, Stubs and 500 XP. For Diamond Duos Choice Packs, you even have the chance to drop Kyle Tucker and Camilo Doval.

    Goal 5: Complete all territories on Shark Conquest Map. The ultimate reward is Chase Pack Set 5, 1,000 Stubs, and 2,500 XP.

    Once you successfully complete Shark Conquest Map, you’ll be able to receive a Chase Pack instead of a card as the primary reward. Your best goal is that everyone will get an Elly De La Cruz Chase Pack after completing the entire map.

    Like Father’s Day and All-Star Conquests, this event does not have any Steal requirements. You just need to capture the other seven strongholds and all the territories, and you’re ready. Therefore, you must not miss this simple Conquest Map with such rich rewards.

    Hidden Rewards

    While completing maps is a fun task, fans have been most interested in earning hidden rewards over the years. Because we can get the best out of it. Here are all the hidden rewards you can find in this Shark Conquest Map, including:

    • MLB The Show 23 Pack (x13)
    • Ballin’ is a Habit Pack (x1)
    • Random Diamond Duos Pack (x1)
    • Diamond Duos Pack 22 (x1)
    • Diamond Duos Pack 23 (x1)
    • Diamond Duos Pack 24 (x1)
    • Diamond Duos Pack 25 (x1)
    • Diamond Duos Pack 26 Choice (x1)
    • Alter Ego Choice Pack (x1)
    • 2023 All-Star Game Choice Pack (x1)
    • Home Run Derby Choice Pack (x1)

    A word of caution: make sure you are using cards that will help you achieve your goals related to Team Affinity 2 & 3. For example, Team Affinity Henchman and Captain cards.

    In addition to these cards, you should also take advantage of Topps Now cards to make more progress in Topps Now Programs in May, June and July.

    Jul 27, 2023

  • How To Quickly Find All Set 3 Collection Free Cards In MLB The Show 23 Season 3? How To Quickly Find All Set 3 Collection Free Cards In MLB The Show 23 Season 3?

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    How To Quickly Find All Set 3 Collection Free Cards In MLB The Show 23 Season 3?

    It’s been a while since I collected Set 3 Collection. This Set 3 Collection has 210 cards, 208 of which are obtainable. But only 164 cards are available for free. This means you can get them without spending anything other than your time.

    Of these, 146 cards will become unsellable, which means you're better off locking them away in your collection. Because you never have a chance to earn MLB The Show 23 Stubs through them. Anyway, today I’m going to share with you how to get these cards for free to get all Set 3 Collection rewards.

    Team Affinity

    The first way to get cards is mainly in Team Affinity. There are six partitions here, each with a Boss Choice Pack. They have Captains Choice Packs and Classic Packs. You will get 5 Diamond players from each pack and each division. Here are 90 non-sellable cards available to you.

    Afterwards, you need to lock these cards into a Set 3 Collection. Plus, Team Affinity 3 Collection unlocks even more cards that cannot be sold.

    We’ll calculate XP reward path later. This is another place where we can find a ton of non-sellable cards and sellable ones. It depends on how far you’ve progressed with XP.

    Boss Choice Packs

    Before delving into XP bonus packs, you’ll need to get at least three Boss Choice Packs. All cards here are up for sale. I’d sell them rather than keep them unless you’re going to play with them immediately.

    Because as the season progresses, their prices will eventually drop all the way down to the bottom of NL All-Star and AL All-Star.

    I would run the same process over and over so that you get at least four Boss Choice Packs in NL All-Star and AL All-Star. Then you need to think about which cards to choose from any sellable packs so you can always find the best players for your team.

    Topps Now Program

    Plus, there are three cards in Topps Now Program, and you only need to complete three moments to get those three cards. But this will only be the case if you have completed all Topps Now Program before the last week. Therefore, we will get three additional non-sellable cards in this program.

    Monthly Awards Programs

    Monthly Awards Programs also has 21 non-saleable Diamond player cards. This is also one program you need to complete. Because even if you don’t plan on using them as a two-way player, those are amazing pitchers. But if you plan to use them as a two-way player. I’m pretty sure he has the same infinite stamina glitch as any two-way player.

    You will get 14 Set 3 Collection cards from it, and remember that 13 of them are not for sale. But you have the option to sell one. So if you come across a rare card, I highly recommend doing so. You can then lock these cards into a Set 3 Collection.

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    Ranked Program

    Then we’ll be able to move faster towards the XP rewards path, which unlocks these bosses and mini-bosses sooner. And sell them for more MLB The Show 23 Stubs in Ranked Season 3 Program.

    This time, in Ranked Program, you won’t see any Alter Ego Packs, Home Run Derby Packs, or All-Star Choice Packs in 90 or 95 OVR. But it will probably include them in the five-player Ranked Program in Battle Royale. You can only get one non-saleable card from it.

    So if you don’t like Battle Royale, you don’t have to play Battle Royale necessarily. But if this is something you enjoy playing, then I highly recommend adding this extra reward to the event reward path.

    That’s all Set 3 Collection free cards I’ve found that can be found at MLB The Show 23. Hope this guide helps you find all the cards to get the full Set 3 Collection rewards as quickly as possible. Let’s see you next game!

    Jul 20, 2023

  • How To Get All The Hidden Rewards In MLB The Show 23 Team Affinity Season 3 Conquest Maps? How To Get All The Hidden Rewards In MLB The Show 23 Team Affinity Season 3 Conquest Maps?

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    How To Get All The Hidden Rewards In MLB The Show 23 Team Affinity Season 3 Conquest Maps?

    The biggest reason MLB The Show has been one of the most beloved sports sims for years is that it’s constantly releasing new and exciting content. Recently, with Season 3, the game has also added many new Programs, Packs, and Conquest maps.

    Among the many new programs launched by Diamond Dynasty, Team Affinity is one of the most fan-favorite programs. And the beginning of each season of Team Affinity always provides players with some great cards and interesting tasks. Therefore, players have high expectations for Team Affinity Season 3 this time.

    This Team Affinity Season 3 Program will also bring three new Conquest maps. These Conquest maps will have generous rewards. However, most of them are hidden and MLB The Show 23 players have a hard time finding them. This guide will show you how to find out where all the hidden rewards are.

    Team Affinity Season 3 Conquest Maps

    As mentioned above, they have added three new Conquest maps to Season 3. These maps are also part of that Team Affinity Season 3 Program. They offer fans substantial rewards and even the chance to upgrade their team.

    These rewards are especially useful at the start of a new season, when most players need to regroup. You can earn great MLB The Show 23 Stubs by trading some cards you don’t need. In fact, they also help players pull more than one 99 OVR card. These advantages all make them more valuable.

    The three new Conquest maps refer to Team Affinity Season 3 West, East and Central. They represent every division in MLB, and each division has different rewards.

    It’s worth noting that in order for players to complete the three Conquest maps of Team Affinity Season 3, you’ll first need to have an eligible Set 3 squad. Otherwise, you won’t be able to collect the great hidden rewards that each map has. Without further ado, let’s see where the hidden rewards are and how to get them.

    How To Get Conquest Hidden Rewards?

    Team Affinity Season 3 West is the first Conquest map we’ll be discussing. There are many packs spread across this map. To collect them, players only need to conquer the tile where the pack is located.

    Speaking of hidden rewards, the map has 4 Show Packs, 2 unique Diamond Duo Packs, and 1 Ballin Pack. We can find them in the locations shown in the image above.

    Also, this Central map has some great hidden rewards. These rewards include 5 Show Packs, 1 Diamond Duos 15 Pack and 1 Ballin Pack.

    They spread these rewards all over the map, and you need to conquer the entire map to get them. However, you’ll save a lot of time if you only conquer the locations pictured above.

    Last but not least, we also have Team Affinity Season 3 East map. This part is arguably the easiest quest to complete, as this map offers the fewest rewards. This makes sense, since it’s the smallest map yet.

    In this East map, we have 4 Show Packs, 1 Diamond Duo 14 Pack and 1 Ballin Pack. Of course, all of this is hidden.

    Fortunately, we know exactly where they are. So, to collect these rewards, just conquer the locations pictured above.

    That’s all the rewards you can earn on the three Conquest maps for MLB The Show 23 Team Affinity Season 3. Hope this guide helps you get all the rewards before anyone else. Good luck.

    Jul 13, 2023

  • Everything You Need To Know About MLB The Show 23 Season 3! - Lineup Restrictions, Programs Limit And More Everything You Need To Know About MLB The Show 23 Season 3! - Lineup Restrictions, Programs Limit And More

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    Everything You Need To Know About MLB The Show 23 Season 3! - Lineup Restrictions, Programs Limit And More

    One of the biggest changes to Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 23 is the addition of arenas and seasons. This new mechanic promises to add extremely powerful new content throughout the year, not just at the end of the game’s lifespan. This keeps players fresh and excited about the game.

    And the most recent addition of new content is MLB The Show 23 Season 3. They released season 3 last Friday, July 7th. We’ve seen this new mechanic come into the spotlight once again this season. Here’s everything you need to know about the changes coming when the new season kicks off.

    Lineup Restrictions

    MLB The Show 23 has lineup restrictions every season. This means that many of the cards released in a given season are only part of that season’s set, and you won’t be able to use them in other seasons. For example, many of the cards released during Season 1 belonged only to Set 1. Other cards released during Season 1 belong to Core Set. Core Set includes:

    • Live Series cards
    • The Negro Leagues Storyline Rewards
    • Live Series Collections Rewards
    • Selected rewards for each Season

    But for certain patterns in MLB The Show 23, the lineup restrictions are nearly ineffective. Because each season allows players to use cards from the current set, the previous set, and Core Set in these modes. This is pretty much every card in the game so far. However, after Season 3 begins, players can no longer use Set 1 in these modes.

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    Which Modes Are Affected?

    Fortunately, not all modes will be affected by this change. The fundamental mode affected by lineup restrictions is Solo Ranked Seasons. However, Co-Op Ranked Seasons mode is completely unaffected by these restrictions.

    Of course, there are other modes that sometimes exhibit these limitations, but not always. Includes Events, Conquest, and Mini Seasons. Events and Mini Seasons already have lineup restrictions, so this is nothing new. However, the appearance of lineup restrictions in Conquest is an interesting change.

    How To Continue Using Set 1?

    There are a lot of players who probably spent a lot of time and effort researching Set 1 cards and still want to choose their favorite cards in these modes. So how can this be done? Currently, the best way is to play the mode without lineup restrictions. As mentioned, Co-Op Ranked Seasons and some Events, Conquest, and Mini Seasons modes still allow players to use Set 1 cards.

    However, there is another way that you can still use Set 1 cards in Season 3, and that is by using Wild Card Slot. Wild Card Slot is a special slot in MLB The Show 23. Even in mode with lineup restrictions, you can use a Set 1 card. And you can change your Wild Card.

    Additionally, all Sets will once again be eligible for Solo Ranked Seasons once Season 6 begins. While this will be a few months away, if you’re thinking of selling some Set 1 cards to earn MLB The Show 23 Stubs, you want to take note.

    Programs Limit

    In addition, the new program released during Season 3 also requires players to use a lineup that meets Season 3 requirements to start the game. For example, only cards that meet Season 3 criteria can enter Team Affinity. The same goes for other programs. Additionally, players will only earn rewards and XP for entering programs with Season 3 eligible cards.

    That’s it for some changes coming in Season 3, plus everything else you need to know. Also, there are some questions about how lineup restrictions will play out and which patterns will ultimately be affected. However, it still does not prevent players from experiencing the new content of Season 3. Hope this helps you get off to a better start in Season 3.

    Jul 11, 2023

  • Why Are MLB The Show 23 Content Issues Getting Worse? - 3 Reasons Why Are MLB The Show 23 Content Issues Getting Worse? - 3 Reasons

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    Why Are MLB The Show 23 Content Issues Getting Worse? - 3 Reasons

    Over the past decade, sports games have gotten a bad rap for many reasons. Many players complain that they rarely make changes in each installment. But for most games, the only thing that really changes is the teams’ rosters.

    Severe Monetization Mechanism

    The heavy-handed Monetization mechanic makes it feel like some sports Franchises’ purpose is to squeeze players’ wallets. Madden NFL and FIFA are often the targets of such criticism. But one sports series that stands out is MLB The Show. And MLB The Show 23 continues the franchise’s tradition of enhancing the player’s overall experience year after year.

    MLB The Show 23 showcases the series at its most innovative and experimental. Including a new single player game mode, fine-tuning of its game mechanics. And some big changes to its signature multiplayer mode, Diamond Dynasty.

    After years of content changes, developer San Diego Studio has chosen to make a change and introduce season-based content releases. As the months passed, this new system did not appear to be without its flaws. But many players are frustrated with the way content is currently being released, and fear things will only get worse in the future.

    Changes In Diamond Dynasty Philosophy

    Before MLB The Show 23, Diamond Dynasty was one of the more accessible card-collecting game modes in the sports genre. SDS makes the mode accessible to players who don’t want to invest in MLB The Show 23 Stubs on microtransactions. And offers many of the best cards for those who just spend their time playing the game.

    Building an impressive free team is something to be proud of for many Diamond Dynasty players. But MLB The Show 23 is making that increasingly difficult with its new season-based structure.

    In MLB The Show 23, SDS introduces content seasons and decks. Certain card sets are only available in certain seasons. But as SDS made the high-level cards more abundant, once a player couldn’t use a certain set of cards, the number of available cards dropped rapidly.

    This has also led to a serious imbalance between the supply and demand of high-level cards. Just like in Diamond Dynasty Season 2, SDS puts the vast majority of premium cards in card packs.

    SDS likely knows that players will want to use these cards, which can be an enormous help to any team. But getting them is often prohibitively expensive.

    The cards that are available for free are often lackluster for players who are in the set. All kinds of problems force players to either open their wallets or spend a lot of time struggling. It created a system that was a departure from Diamond Dynasty’s past design ethos.

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    Lack Of Free Cards

    Diamond Dynasty content from MLB The Show 23 will come to Season 3. This will probably determine the fate of future content drops for the mode. After Season 3 begins, cards from Set 1 will no longer be available in Competitive modes, except for any cards the player designated as wild cards.

    This means that players will only be able to use cards from Set 2, core cards, and cards released in Set 3. If SDS continues to release high-level cards like Season 2, many players may not participate. Many players were disappointed by the lack of free cards and highly monetized content.

    MLB The Show’s Diamond Dynasty has historically been the poster child for high-grossing sports games. But seeing it go down a similar path to FIFA, Madden NFL, and other sports titles will do a disservice to fans who stick around for the long haul.

    I still hope that SDS can recognize their content problems in Season 3, and can reasonably deal with the problem of card supply and demand balance.

    Jul 06, 2023

  • Predictions For MLB The Show 23 Season 3 Team Affinity! - All Star Game, New Card & Relief Pitchers Predictions For MLB The Show 23 Season 3 Team Affinity! - All Star Game, New Card & Relief Pitchers

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    Predictions For MLB The Show 23 Season 3 Team Affinity! - All Star Game, New Card & Relief Pitchers

    With MLB The Show 23 Season 3 approaching, I would like to make some predictions for Team Affinity here. Let’s go ahead and get started.

    All-Star Game Program

    We are now about two weeks away from the official launch of Season 3 Team Affinity. It will hold concurrently this with last year’s All-Star Game. This All-Star Game program includes Future Stars Series Game, All-Star Game and Home Run Derby.

    We also have a series to go with it, so we might see something like that. Also, we have Set 3 collection, and that set may contain 1-3 All-Star Game versions of Legends or current players.

    But as far as Team Affinity Season 3 is concerned, we could see All-Star Game cards. We also get to see some Incognito Series players, some Kaiju Cards, and even some Charisma Series players.

    For Baltimore Orioles, I think we might see Adley Rushman. I’ve been predicting how different some of these guys will be in the game. Some players will definitely receive a different type of card. For example, Babe Ruth hit the first Home Run in All-Star Game. So he can get an All-Star Game card.

    You can only use this card in the wild card position, although I know that 99 Overall must be better than 97 Overall. So they gave us three sets of Babe Ruth, and they alternated like that.

    But if they use these All-Star Game cards, the effect of these cards will depend on how fans vote for players and MLB The Show 23 Stubs invested. We could see some flashback All-Star Game cards appearing in Diamond Packs. This has also resulted in those Season 3 Team Affinity bosses preferring to opt for Diamond Packs.

    I don’t know what you guys think about Season 3 Team Affinity. Have you guys honed in on some of Team Affinity from Season 1 and Season 2? Will you be using any Season 2 players at your roster? I guess these All-Star Game cards will help them do everything in Season 2 and Season 3.

    We can also see some Captain booths. These Captain cards may be on 95 or 96 Overall. We might see different A-level players, even a Legend version of Rollie Fingers. Maybe there is also a Home Run Derby card like Yoenis Cespedes or similar. We have a lot of options.

    New Card

    I want to review some players who I think should be part of All-Star Game. But I also just thought they’d be in Diamond Dynasty. I know many people want a 99 Overall Ronald Acuna Jr. But I think if Luis Urias was in 99 Overall, I’d probably use that card in the mid-range field.

    However, I’m still not sure how this will work with players you already know 99 Overall. Maybe starting with the second set, they’ll get another card in the third set. In this way, we may have to wait until the fourth game. But we can also expect a card, a Flashback Pack and a Throwback from Chicago Cubs, and even a player like Kyle Schwarber.

    We saw Season 2 Team Affinity with Jacob deGrom having a Mets version. We can see you know all sorts of cards, maybe Mike Piazza or Kyle Schwarber.

    Relief Pitchers

    I want to include some Catchers in there as well, since we need them. But I think I also mentioned that one area that I’m not sure about with this type of program is Relief Pitchers. I really don’t know who’s at the top of the league in terms of Relief Pitchers.

    Usually they go with the guy with the most save types. I don’t think that would be the best Manual Class, but I also think it’s a good choice.

    I think we can see that you know a lot of different types. I think we can mix things up, and that leaves us with a lot of options in Season 3 as well. Because it’s something brand new, a card we’ve never seen before.

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    While we’ve certainly had this in the past few years, lower overall cards aren’t really useful as the seasons and times in the game cycle progress. But I’m excited about it and I’m curious what type of free card we’re going to get.

    All in all, here are some of my predictions for MLB The Show 23 Season 3 Team Affinity. With Season 3 right around the corner, hopefully this will give you a better start to the new content with more certainty. Good luck.

    Jun 24, 2023

  • Best Way To Get Free Chase Pack In MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty Best Way To Get Free Chase Pack In MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty

    Check the detail

    Best Way To Get Free Chase Pack In MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty

    Today we’re going to talk about how you guys can get free Chase Packs on MLB the Show 23. Includes investment advice for you on MLB the Show 23. So let’s move on.


    In addition to our Chase Pack 4, we also have a Kaiju Takeover Show Pack. These packs actually have a better chance of dropping legendaries than regular packs. So instead of dropping Diamond Dynasty players every 50 Packs, they might drop every 40 Packs.

    You also get gold player compared to regular Standard Packs, and there is even a 20% chance of getting a Diamond Dynasty player.

    However, I really don’t recommend that you actively acquire any of these Packs. Because you’ll be able to get those Packs for free, even the free Chase Pack.

    Complete Battle Royale Program

    Next, we’re going to look at Battle Royale Program. They actually changed the properties of these Packs at the end of the program. They are no longer regular Standard Packs. So hopefully you haven’t finished Battle Royale Program yet.

    You can get these 10 regular Packs in 10 Bundle. But in 20 Bundle, you may get 30 regular Packs and a chance to get Chase Pack. And you’re more likely to pull Gold players, Diamond Dynasty players, and even 90+ Overall players from those packs.

    They basically exchanged all Packs in each program for Kaiju Takeover Packs. So we only have the chance to get Chase Pack for free like I did Battle Royale Program.

    If you go to Ranked Program, I’m pretty sure it will probably be in Ranked Program as well. Then if you keep going, you get another Alter Ego Pack. You’ll be able to get a 10-pack from it, and another 20-pack.

    So a good idea is that you either play co-op mode and keep grinding it, or play Ranked Seasons and grind it.

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    Get More Packs

    Then we’re going to get them in the store before Kaiju Takeover Show Pack is no longer available. Because once they leave the store, whatever that is, the devs will change them back to regular Standard Packs. We will not have the same opportunity.

    So if you guys want a better chance and you want a better chance to get Chase Packs. I suggest you guys do it elsewhere that you might see at the event. I think they might have some Packs at the event as well.

    So, the more Packs you open, the better your chances of getting Chase Packs. So the more Packs the better. This may be the way to get the highest probability of Chase Packs.

    I think you can easily find them as there are no new Conquest Maps yet. So you can play this Jazz Conquest Map repeatedly and get 4 Packs.

    Complete Mini Seasons

    The next thing you need to do is complete Mini Seasons. Because if you haven’t done it, there’s a good chance there are some Packs here too. If you win the championship, you will receive a 15 Bundle containing 8 Kaiju Takeover Show Packs. There are plenty of opportunities for all of you to get these Packs and get free Chase Packs.

    How To Invest To Earn More Stubs?

    If you guys look at some investments that I’ve been making, we don’t have nearly any baffling stuff. I can trade quickly just to look at it. If they work, they may be supercharged or inflated in price.

    So we got Juan Soto for 1200 Stubs, and Clayton Kershaw for 3000 Stubs. But we might end up trading them soon enough to earn enough MLB The Show 23 Stubs from that investment.

    All in all, it’s a decent way to get Chase Pack for free. Hope it will help you. Don’t forget to participate in more events to get more Packs, which will greatly improve your odds of getting a Chase Pack. Good luck.

    Jun 14, 2023

  • Predictions For The New Battle Royale Flawless Program And World Series Rewards In MLB The Show 23 Predictions For The New Battle Royale Flawless Program And World Series Rewards In MLB The Show 23

    Check the detail

    Predictions For The New Battle Royale Flawless Program And World Series Rewards In MLB The Show 23

    How’s everyone doing? Here I’m going to make some predictions based on what we expect to be coming in the next week. So let’s go ahead and get started.

    Recently, I talked about the updated schedule for MLB The Show 23. Many players are wondering what you should be doing to prepare for Season 3 during MLB The Show 23 Stubs trade. At the same time, we look forward to a brand new May Monthly Awards Program.

    World Series Reward Prediction

    We should see Freddie Freeman Card in a few days. Then many players are still looking forward to some new World Series rewards and the new Battle Royale Program. But right now we don’t know exactly how many World Series rewards we can get. I’m assuming we can get at least three.

    We’re expecting it to be that we’re now seeing new Championship Series rewards and Pennant Race rewards and Battle Royale Program rewards. But we’ve successfully predicted based on screenshots on the companion app that we’re expecting three brand new Flawless rewards.

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    Now I don’t necessarily know if it will include any of these players in either program. But I want to put some players there. Including some guys we’ve talked about, like Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Barry Larkin, who I don’t know very well. But I wouldn’t necessarily think so if they were in the game.

    Many players have questioned whether there is already any version of Barry Larkin in the game. But not yet, so we may not see him there. But we might see a better version, Jackie Robinson version of Dodgers.

    I remember the developers talking about Sanford Greene Series. Therefore, this may be the only version of those players implemented in Sanford Greene Program. So I really don’t know if we’re going to get another version of Jackie Robinson.

    I don’t think we’ll get any other version of any other Negro League baseball player. But I’m really not sure.

    Battle Royale Flawless Program Reward Prediction

    Also, I think Mike Piazza might be a splendid choice for Battle Royale Flawless Program or World Series Program. Either of the two is fine. I don’t think we’ll get two Catchers, but we might see one of them.

    And then obviously the better version of Joe Mauer that we got at last year’s MLB The Show 23. Somewhere in Diamond Dynasty there was already a version of one of many of these cards, many of them 92 Overall Captain Series players like the one we see here with Al Leiter.

    I think we can expect to see a pitcher or two in this Program. We have Nolan Ryan in World Series pack and Justin Verlander in the Battle Royale Flawless pack.

    What we can expect from Negro National League pitchers. I don’t really know of any relationship between them. But I’m still expecting Captain Rob Dibble to be upgraded to a backup pitcher or closing pitcher version here.

    A lot of people really enjoy using this card, and many people had Reds Captain version for them in Program earlier this year, a Wild Card that I think is pretty good. If there are other candidates, then Steve Finley must be the best choice. He had a very consistent swing in MLB The Show 23.

    Then for Chase Pack on June 13th, I’ve predicted we’ll get an Alfonso Soriano card. If that’s accurate, it’s a monster player.

    That’s all for my World Series and Battle Royale rewards predictions. What do you think of these predictions? Good luck.

    Jun 09, 2023

  • MLB The Show 23: Controversy Over Diamond Dynasty Offline Content MLB The Show 23: Controversy Over Diamond Dynasty Offline Content

    Check the detail

    MLB The Show 23: Controversy Over Diamond Dynasty Offline Content

    MLB The Show 23 has been one of the most popular sports sims ever since its release. The game has a huge player base and has received a ton of positive reviews. It has a variety of game modes, providing users with many ways of entertainment.

    One of the most fan-favorite game modes in MLB The Show 23 is Diamond Dynasty. A game many people play just for the sake of playing Diamond Dynasty. Its mechanics are similar to FIFA or Madden’s Ultimate Team.

    However, many players have been complaining about this mode recently. Not because it lacked content, but because many felt Diamond Dynasty model was too focused on offline content. The community felt that the developers were more concerned with publishing offline content than with prioritizing multiplayer competition. For many, this phenomenon is ruining the game mode.

    So, let’s take a look at why many players feel that Diamond Dynasty focuses too much on offline content, and how this affects the user’s gaming experience.

    Diamond Dynasty Has Too Much Offline Content

    The chief complaint MLB The Show 23 players have about Diamond Dynasty is that there is too much offline content. Among them, not only Series Programs such as Team Affinity, Kaiju, and Incognito are mainly composed of offline tasks. And they also focused on game modes like Conquest and Mini Seasons on offline play.

    Although players will receive generous rewards for completing these Series Programs and game modes. However, it takes a lot of time to complete all these Series Programs. But players still feel compelled to complete them.

    That’s because without the cards you get from these programs, it’s going to be hard to stay competitive in online tournaments. If you don’t work hard to get 99 Overall Cards offered by Kaiju or Incognito Series Program, there’s very little you can do to compete online.

    The biggest problem is that players often need to spend dozens of hours to complete these Series Programs, which makes them feel that this mode requires too much grinding. Additionally, in the supposedly multiplayer-centric game modes, users find themselves fighting CPU more than actual players.

    At the moment, it has no additional advantages to attract players other than Battle Royale, a game mode very similar to FIFA FUT Draft. If they are not involved in offline activities, it is impossible for them to remain competitive.

    Also Read: MLB The Show 23: 3 AL Central Players Should Be Added to Diamond Dynasty Mode

    But even after they complete Series Program, they still need to spend hundreds of hours playing offline. This way, they won’t be at a disadvantage when playing ranked games.

    So this phenomenon makes Diamond Dynasty mode less fun. It also made many players start to question, is it really worth spending so much time and energy on Diamond Dynasty? Players don’t want to brush so much offline content. But they can only do so in order not to be at a disadvantage. Once you play against CPU a lot, the whole game process will become very boring.

    How To Solve This Problem?

    The most immediate answer is to have content that doesn’t require as much effort. Make tasks easier to accomplish, even if the content is still primarily focused on offline play. Completing these programs should also save time.

    This way, players can still complete offline programs, claim rewards, and enjoy some competitive online play. Another thing that MLB The Show 23 developers can fix for this is improving online rewards.

    Players will have an easier time leveling up their squads if they’re rewarded with better cards and more MLB The Show 23 Stubs just by playing ranked games. This way, you can optimize how your offline Program runs.

    Players who want to focus on competitive online play can do so while still filling a good team. Users who like to use offline programs and receive rewards can easily adapt to this model.

    It might also be a good idea to adjust seasonal restrictions. But players don’t like not being able to use their hard-earned cards the next season. This tweak makes honing feel like a waste of time, unproductive.

    MLB The Show 23 may need to find a way to allow players to enjoy online play. Making the grind aspect of Diamond Dynasty an option, maybe that doesn’t hurt players who just want to play ranked games and climb the online leaderboards.

    Jun 01, 2023

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