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About MLB The Show 24

  • Release Date: March 19, 2024
  • Cover Athlete: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox Cloud Gaming
  • Developer: San Diego Studio
  • Publishers: Sony Interactive Entertainment, MLB Advanced Media, MLB Advanced Media, L.P.
  • Series: MLB: The Show
  • Mode: Multiplayer video game
  • Genres: Sports video game, Simulation video game, Baseball video game

What Are MLB 24 Stubs?

MLB 24 Stub is a virtual currency used for all in-game buys in MLB The Show 24. To access your Stubs, visit "The Show Shop" from within the "My Profile" menu and select Purchase or Redeem.

What Is The Use Of MLB The Show 24 Stubs?

MLB The Show 24 Stubs are used for just about everything when playing any of the game's online modes in Diamond Dynasty. They're used to buy and sell player cards, items, customization options, and more.

Gamers can use MLB Stubs to improve their team, experience the charm of stronger players and enjoy more victories. MLB The Show 24 is no different, as you can buy MLB 24 Stubs to get gift packs, players, equipment, and other items easily. Best Store To Buy Cheap MLB 24 Stubs For PS/XBOX/Switch

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Mastering 5 Diamond Dynasty Tips Will Make It Easy For You To Play MLB The Show 24! Mastering 5 Diamond Dynasty Tips Will Make It Easy For You To Play MLB The Show 24!

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Mastering 5 Diamond Dynasty Tips Will Make It Easy For You To Play MLB The Show 24!

Diamond Dynasty, the most popular game mode in the MLB The Show series, allows players to build rosters you could only dream of before.

If you want to get your team off to the right start but don’t know where to start, don’t miss this guide. Here, we’ll provide 5 professional Diamond Dynasty tips to help you have a better experience in MLB The Show 24! Without further ado, let’s get started!

Use The Market To Flip Player Cards

Collecting players by opening bags is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Diamond Dynasty. However, this comes with a significant risk of losing your hard-earned MLB The Show 24 Stubs. But there is a way around this problem, which is to use the market to flip cards.

Be careful not to use Buy Now or Sell Now buttons, as this will cost you stubs of your own. When you want to buy or sell player cards, you can create a buy or sell order. Then, depending on whether you want to buy or sell, place an order for more or fewer stubs than the current best quote.

This method of buying low and selling high can effectively help you complete your Live Series Collection at the lowest price. You can even earn some extra stubs if you time your player card flips just right.

Core Cards Have High Value

As we all know, each season of MLB The Show 24 lasts approximately twelve weeks, and each season has a corresponding set.

Among them, Set 1 cards can be used in Season 1, but you need to obtain and use Wild Card slot to use a card in Season 2. The idea is to give players faster access to high-end teams while still encouraging constant lineup changes.

It’s worth noting that the exception to this rule is core cards. Core cards consist of Live Series and Live Series Collection rewards and can be used all the time. Since Power Creep is back this year, high-end Core cards will be valuable.

At the start of each season, team records will be reset to around 85-90 overall. During each season, you’ll be able to acquire new and better cards, boosting your team to 99-overall by the end of the season.

Build The Best Free Team By Team Affinity

If you are a free player, Team Affinity is definitely the best and fastest way for you to build a competitive team.

Team Affinity lets you earn a diamond-level player from each MLB team simply by playing the game and completing objectives. It’s a quick, easy way to keep your team’s strength steadily improving in the heat of online competition.

I would like to remind you that there have been some changes to Team Affinity in MLB The Show 24 as well. There was a Team Affinity list for each season of last year’s game, but in MLB The Show 24, the process of completing Team Affinity is much faster. There will be three Team Affinity programs each season, each offering better players.

If you focus on the objectives, you can complete Team Affinity quickly. I finished Season 1 Chapter 1 in about two weeks.

Choose The Most Suitable Cornerstone Card

Also, Cornerstone Cards, a fresh addition to MLB The Show 24, can provide a significant boost to your squad. If you use them, it will give you an immense advantage.

While regular Captain Cards usually require you to use a certain number of players from the same team, Cornerstone Players can help you decide what type of team you want to be.

For example, if you take Nolan Arenado in Season 1, you’ll want to find a lot of slow players with the ability to maximize your upside, such as Corey Seager, Aaron Judge, and Yordan Alvarez.

In Season 1, there are two pitching captains and two hitting captains who act as Cornerstone Cards. Each of them will provide enormous benefits, but don’t forget to seriously consider the type of team you want to have when choosing which team you want.

Try Conquests For A Quick Boost

Finally, players who are really good at MLB The Show can join the online game right away and thrive. Because only by accumulating some good cards will you have a chance of staying competitive.

Among them, a good way to obtain stubs, packs, and cards is to complete Conquests. They’re single-player experiences that allow for varying difficulties and are a great way to get acclimated to the squad. You only get rewards by capturing territories and defeating bosses.

Most conquest maps are topic-specific for specific programs. Themed Conquest maps will allow you to make additional progress in the program to which they apply. Fun competition methods are also a great way for you to adjust the pace of your game.


All in all, we’re just giving you some tips to follow, you can ultimately play the way you want to play and build your team the way you want to play. Enjoy the game!

Uncover The Secrets Of Hidden Easter Eggs In MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty - Egg Hunt Program Guide Uncover The Secrets Of Hidden Easter Eggs In MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty - Egg Hunt Program Guide

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Uncover The Secrets Of Hidden Easter Eggs In MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty - Egg Hunt Program Guide

In celebration of Easter, MLB The Show 24 introduces Great Egg Hunt program. It’s also one of the most unique programs Diamond Dynasty has ever released, and it does so by introducing some exciting new content into the game.

This program requires players to collect 10 eggs to earn some incredible rewards. This is harder than it looks, however, as they’re spread across multiple Diamond Dynasty game modes, and there are challenges you’ll need to complete getting these secret Easter eggs. Of course, you’ll also receive various rewards along the way, including some program exclusive cards.

Therefore, in this guide, we will introduce the specific locations and methods of obtaining these 10 Easter eggs to help you complete this Egg Hunt program as quickly as possible and obtain generous rewards.

Egg 1: Complete Egg Hunt Moments

These moments must be accessed from the main menu in MLB The Show 24. Navigate down to Moments, go to Other Programs, and you’ll see Egg Hunt Moments. Complete all these moments to get the first Easter egg.

Egg 2: Complete The Second Moment Of Starter Showdown

Even if you have completed Starter Showdown, you need to start a new run. Complete the first moment to unlock the second moment, and then, after completing this moment, you’ll get Easter egg.

Egg 3: Record A Stolen Base In Ranked

This one is very simple. You just need to record Stolen Base in ranked matches to get this Easter egg. If you play Co-Op Ranked, you can steal bases and win Easter eggs.

Egg 4: Play vs CPU Game With Bird Team And Win

Basically, beat Orioles, Blue Jays, Cardinals in Play vs CPU game to get this egg. This will take a full 9 rounds on your preferred difficulty, so this would be a good time to use some players to complete the mission or who you want to Parallel. Don’t forget, spending MLB The Show 24 Stubs on decent player cards is crucial.

Egg 5: Reach The Base With Wade Boggs In Battle Royale

This requires you to play online in Battle Royale and draft Wade Boggs, and arrive at the base with him. The draft part won’t be a challenge since he’s guaranteed to appear in front of everyone, so you just have to get to the base with him in Battle Royale game.

Egg 6: Exchange 15 Jelly Beans From Show Packs

Jelly Bean vouchers are randomly inserted into Show Packs, and you need to accumulate and redeem 15 of them to get this Easter egg. We don’t know if Jelly Beans are restricted, but they may no longer appear in the future.

This means we’ll either see other ways to earn Jelly Beans in the future, or you’ll miss out on the opportunity to fully complete the program. You’ll still get the major prize, Christian Yelich card, but you won’t get the exclusive player icon at the end, nor the 4,000 XP for the ultimate level.

Egg 7: Hit A Triple

This appears to be obtainable anywhere in the game, but again, we can’t confirm if Co-Op Ranked will trigger Easter egg. In fact, you can easily get this Easter egg by simply hitting a triple in Diamond Dynasty.

Egg 8: Hit 2 Doubles In A Match

This mission requires you to play online in an event and record two doubles. I haven’t seen explicit confirmation if it’s in the same game or just all of them. Regardless, you should be able to obtain this egg fairly easily over the course of a few event games.

Egg 9: Win Mini Seasons On All Star Difficulty

Start All Star difficulty and easily win a Classic Mini Seasons match. Don’t worry though, this should work for your current run.

Egg 10: Defeat Baltimore Orioles In Conquest Map

Again, this is a fairly simple task that will earn you the last egg you need to complete the program. Conquering this Egg Hunt requires you to explore the farthest reaches of Diamond Dynasty and defeat Baltimore Orioles.

That’s it for your complete guide to complete Egg Hunt program in MLB The Show 24. Hurry and find all your Easter Eggs and win free diamonds!

How To Earn The Most XP In MLB The Show 24? - 3 Methods How To Earn The Most XP In MLB The Show 24? - 3 Methods

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How To Earn The Most XP In MLB The Show 24? - 3 Methods

With the release of MLB The Show 24, acquiring XP might appear challenging, and it might seem like a significant effort playing game after game only to see limited XP gains. Therefore, I've dedicated the first week to thoroughly exploring every mode within MLB The Show to determine the most effective methods for earning XP.

In this guide, I'll provide you with the definitive guide to maximizing XP in MLB The Show 24. We'll cover both offline and online modes, as well as modes beyond Diamond Dynasty that can yield substantial XP rewards.

1. Road To The Show (RTTS)

Our first strategy revolves around Road to the Show (RTTS), a distinct mode from Diamond Dynasty. We'll concentrate on exploring Road to the Show.

While there have been recent glitches, we won't address them directly. Engaging in Road to the Show alone can prove to be an efficient means of earning XP.

How does this method operate?

You can create any type of hitter. Presently, I've crafted a third base Slugger. The specific position isn't critical. What's important is having hitting as the primary skill. As you advance, you'll earn rewards through reward paths, including MLB The Show 24 Stubs, packs, and other valuable items. While these are useful for acquiring resources, they also contribute to your XP earnings.

Once you've created your character and completed the combine, upon joining your team, you can adjust the gameplay settings to casual and beginner. This adjustment ensures that pitches are delivered slowly and usually down the middle, enhancing your chances of hitting a home run, double, or at least getting on base every time you're at bat.

If you import a roster into your Road to the Show featuring all 99-rated players while opposing teams consist of one-rated players, you'll dominate every game. Opposing teams with low ratings exhibit poor performance in fielding, throwing, and hitting, making it easier for you to achieve doubles and triples effortlessly.

Upon completing the third game, which took approximately 10 minutes, I earned 1,000 XP. Disregard the stubs, as they may result from selling items. Gaining 1,000 XP in such a brief period with minimal effort is quite satisfactory. Although it does count toward your daily XP cap, if you have only an hour or two to spare and don't feel like playing competitively or working on programs, playing a few games in Road to the Show can still yield a substantial amount of XP effortlessly.

It's a straightforward and relaxing activity. You can even have Netflix playing in the background while enjoying some leisurely gameplay and earning valuable XP.

2. Offline Diamond Dynasty

Let's delve into alternative methods for earning XP outside of regular gameplay. Firstly, let's address programs, which offer straightforward opportunities for XP accumulation.

Starting with the basic programs, even the initial ones are easy to complete and offer substantial XP rewards. Completing these programs earns you XP milestones at different tiers. For instance, in the starter program, reaching milestones like Program Start 3, 15, 30, and 45 grants you 2,500 XP each. In total, completing these programs can yield up to 10,000 XP, all in addition to the rewards you were already aiming for.

Moving on to the Spring Breakout Program, which also provides XP rewards. Starting from the beginning, completing various tasks throughout the program grants you XP rewards. Importantly, these program XP rewards do not count towards your daily XP cap. Therefore, even if you've reached your daily cap, completing these programs will still earn you additional XP, potentially totaling 4,000, 8,000, 12,000, or even 20,000 XP, depending on your progress.

Now, let's discuss Team Affinity. While completing Team Affinity tasks may not provide substantial XP rewards, they do offer additional XP as you progress. For example, reaching each boss level typically rewards you with 250 or 750 XP. While these amounts may seem modest, they accumulate as you passively work through the Team Affinity tasks, adding to your overall XP earnings.

Moving on to specific game modes, Conquest offers another avenue for earning extra XP. Completing Conquest objectives often rewards you with XP and stubs. Similarly, the Nation of Baseball map within Conquest presents numerous XP rewards for completing various goals. These rewards range from 100 XP to 500 XP, adding to your XP earnings alongside other rewards and gameplay XP.

Next, let’s explore Mini Seasons, which can be one of the most efficient modes for XP accumulation. Within Team Affinity Season 1 Mini Season, completing objectives such as winning games on various difficulties or reaching certain milestones awards you with significant XP rewards. Additionally, progressing through Mini Seasons also grants you packs and bonus XP for making the playoffs and winning the championship. This mode provides a reliable method for continuous XP accumulation, particularly when combined with program XP rewards.

While Mini Seasons may not offer the most exciting gameplay, it serves as an excellent option for offline grinding when you prefer not to play online.


Before discussing online modes, let’s briefly touch on Collections.

Seasonal collections, such as those for Season 1, offer XP rewards as you collect specific cards. While not as consistent as other methods, reaching certain milestones in collections can unlock XP rewards. For example, reaching 70 cards in the Season 1 collection awards you with a significant XP boost, alongside other rewards like player cards.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that developers may introduce more XP rewards within these collections as they expand over time.

3. Online Diamond Dynasty

For individuals deeply involved in collecting cards, this presents a convenient shortcut to earn an additional 10,000 XP. When dedicating time to Online Diamond Dynasty gameplay, one often-overlooked avenue for accumulating XP lies within the online mode itself.

Within Battle Royale, the ambiance is laid-back, with no repercussions on your overall record. Players can effortlessly join matches without undue concern for losses. Even in defeat, the impact is minimal as participants still amass program points via the Battle Royale program. Progressing through missions within the reward path yields points. For instance, achieving 5 stars garners 3,000 XP, with similar rewards at 15 and 25 stars. This consistent XP rate persists until reaching 110 stars, where participants earn 5,000 XP, solely from Battle Royale participation.

While online Diamond Dynasty gameplay demands commitment, Battle Royale emerges as an optimal choice for those craving online gaming experiences. Irrespective of victory or defeat, completing designated missions yields progress points. Leveraging Battle Royale-specific players or securing wins to accumulate PXPs in a single entry can substantially amplify XP earnings. Consistent pursuit of these objectives in Battle Royale games results in noteworthy XP gains.

A parallel scenario unfolds in both ranked and event modes. For instance, the events program offers 2,000 XP for each milestone reached, additional to gameplay-earned XP. Achieving milestones such as 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 wins in a game also awards XP. Similarly, engaging in ranked games yields program points. Even in the face of defeats, maintaining resilience and avoiding conceding 10 runs in the fourth inning allows for the accumulation of innings and program points. Completing tasks within ranked matches further contributes to program point acquisition.

While ideally, higher XP caps would be preferable, the existing methods outlined offer the most effective means to bolster XP alongside regular gameplay. It’s imperative to prioritize maximizing XP to advance toward acquiring coveted high 90s and 99 overall cards.

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