Uncover The Secrets Of Hidden Easter Eggs In MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty - Egg Hunt Program Guide Uncover The Secrets Of Hidden Easter Eggs In MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty - Egg Hunt Program Guide

Uncover The Secrets Of Hidden Easter Eggs In MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty - Egg Hunt Program Guide

Apr 02, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

In celebration of Easter, MLB The Show 24 introduces Great Egg Hunt program. It’s also one of the most unique programs Diamond Dynasty has ever released, and it does so by introducing some exciting new content into the game.

This program requires players to collect 10 eggs to earn some incredible rewards. This is harder than it looks, however, as they’re spread across multiple Diamond Dynasty game modes, and there are challenges you’ll need to complete getting these secret Easter eggs. Of course, you’ll also receive various rewards along the way, including some program exclusive cards.

Therefore, in this guide, we will introduce the specific locations and methods of obtaining these 10 Easter eggs to help you complete this Egg Hunt program as quickly as possible and obtain generous rewards.

Uncover The Secrets Of Hidden Easter Eggs In MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty - Egg Hunt Program Guide

Egg 1: Complete Egg Hunt Moments

These moments must be accessed from the main menu in MLB The Show 24. Navigate down to Moments, go to Other Programs, and you’ll see Egg Hunt Moments. Complete all these moments to get the first Easter egg.

Egg 2: Complete The Second Moment Of Starter Showdown

Even if you have completed Starter Showdown, you need to start a new run. Complete the first moment to unlock the second moment, and then, after completing this moment, you’ll get Easter egg.

Egg 3: Record A Stolen Base In Ranked

This one is very simple. You just need to record Stolen Base in ranked matches to get this Easter egg. If you play Co-Op Ranked, you can steal bases and win Easter eggs.

Egg 4: Play vs CPU Game With Bird Team And Win

Basically, beat Orioles, Blue Jays, Cardinals in Play vs CPU game to get this egg. This will take a full 9 rounds on your preferred difficulty, so this would be a good time to use some players to complete the mission or who you want to Parallel. Don’t forget, spending MLB The Show 24 Stubs on decent player cards is crucial.

All MLB The Show 24 Hidden Egg Hunt Locations

Egg 5: Reach The Base With Wade Boggs In Battle Royale

This requires you to play online in Battle Royale and draft Wade Boggs, and arrive at the base with him. The draft part won’t be a challenge since he’s guaranteed to appear in front of everyone, so you just have to get to the base with him in Battle Royale game.

Egg 6: Exchange 15 Jelly Beans From Show Packs

Jelly Bean vouchers are randomly inserted into Show Packs, and you need to accumulate and redeem 15 of them to get this Easter egg. We don’t know if Jelly Beans are restricted, but they may no longer appear in the future.

This means we’ll either see other ways to earn Jelly Beans in the future, or you’ll miss out on the opportunity to fully complete the program. You’ll still get the major prize, Christian Yelich card, but you won’t get the exclusive player icon at the end, nor the 4,000 XP for the ultimate level.

Egg 7: Hit A Triple

This appears to be obtainable anywhere in the game, but again, we can’t confirm if Co-Op Ranked will trigger Easter egg. In fact, you can easily get this Easter egg by simply hitting a triple in Diamond Dynasty.

Egg 8: Hit 2 Doubles In A Match

This mission requires you to play online in an event and record two doubles. I haven’t seen explicit confirmation if it’s in the same game or just all of them. Regardless, you should be able to obtain this egg fairly easily over the course of a few event games.

Egg 9: Win Mini Seasons On All Star Difficulty

Start All Star difficulty and easily win a Classic Mini Seasons match. Don’t worry though, this should work for your current run.

Egg 10: Defeat Baltimore Orioles In Conquest Map

Again, this is a fairly simple task that will earn you the last egg you need to complete the program. Conquering this Egg Hunt requires you to explore the farthest reaches of Diamond Dynasty and defeat Baltimore Orioles.

That’s it for your complete guide to complete Egg Hunt program in MLB The Show 24. Hurry and find all your Easter Eggs and win free diamonds!

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