You Can Try Them Out In MLB The Show 24 Season 2! - Players Cards With OVRs Under 95 You Can Try Them Out In MLB The Show 24 Season 2! - Players Cards With OVRs Under 95

You Can Try Them Out In MLB The Show 24 Season 2! - Players Cards With OVRs Under 95

Jul 05, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

As Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 24 enters Season 2, OVRs, which once seemed a bit outdated, have become the standard for determining the best cards in the game. While you can still put some of the best cards from Season 1 into your side in Season 2 through Wild Card slots, you can also try out cards that may seem unpopular on the surface but have great potential.

This guide will introduce some of the best players in MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty Season 2 who have an OVRs under 95, but are really good. These players will cost you less MLB The Show 24 Stubs than some of the hottest players, but they will also give you unexpected surprises.

You Can Try Them Out In MLB The Show 24 Season 2! - Players Cards With OVRs Under 95

Ken Griffey Jr. / Roy Halladay / Chipper Jones

The best change in Diamond Dynasty Season 2 is the addition of three new players who have been selected for XP Reward Path. This is a great way to upgrade some of the lower versions of players while you upgrade to the 99 OVR Hall of Fame cards in XP Reward Path.

You can get 91 OVR and 95 OVR versions of these three players in this upgrade process. But in fact, many players can directly upgrade to the best version of 99 OVR Griffey and Jones in XP Reward Path. But don’t forget that the 91 OVRs are their meta-related cards and are likely to be the lowest-end options.

This is probably a good thing for most DD players who didn’t play Season 2, because 91 Jones is a lefty-and-righty hitter, 91 Griffey is a slugger who hits hard from the right side, and 91 Halladay is a workhorse throughout the team. All three cards are nice free starters waiting for players to climb XP mountain.

Cornerstone Captain Luis Castillo

Also worth noting are Cornerstone Captains of Season 2, and the one that is most worth exploring is Luis Castillo. This is mainly because he is a Live Series Captain, which can greatly improve the attributes or abilities of other cards.

Castillo himself is not very good, as can be seen from his overall rating of 88. You can choose to put a little effort into Team Affinity, which may slightly improve his speed and four-pitch arsenal. However, in the field, he may not overcome some fast shots. He will be beaten by some capable opponents.

But you can completely ignore him and just use him as a tool - he needs him to make a lot of contact with Live Series players. And relatively improve H/9, and BB/9. Maybe at the beginning of Season 2, you don’t have many other options, but using a Captain boost build is also a good way to gain strength in Season 2 gradually.

Paul Goldschmidt

In Diamond Dynasty, you have two ways to get Paul Goldschmidt’s 92 OVR card. The first way is to participate in Rickwood Field event and get 10 consecutive wins to drop this card directly. But you want to get 2022 NL MVP into your lineup, which may take hours or even days.

If you don’t want to have so much free time, you can directly use 30,000 MLB The Show 24 Stubs to get him. He will definitely make your stubs worth it because he is a maximized left-handed hitter, so you can hit some unexpected ball directions when facing opponents on the field.

Lee Smith

Who is the most difficult pitcher in Goldschmidt? It is definitely 93 Lee Smith in XP Reward Path. Long before the word aura was popularized by young people, Smith’s aura was very feared. He is one of the most impressive pitchers in Diamond Dynasty, and may become the best pitcher in MLB The Show 24 in the subsequent game.

His most outstanding skill is fastball, which is the power of most of his 123 K/9, as other pitchers have no outliers. But his other skills - slider, cutter, and forkball give you three ways to attack moving hitters, and on top of that, fastballs per at-bat can reach 87 or even higher.

MLB The Show 24 Lee Smith

Of course, Lee Smith is not without flaws. He has a hard time controlling these pitches, so these pitches can become wild and uncontrollable after he throws them. But as a free relief pitcher, you can put him forward.

Aroldis Chapman

But with more cost-effectiveness, Aroldis Chapman is still slightly better than Lee Smith. Not only can he do most of Lee Smith’s work, but he is also a left-handed player, and like Paul Goldschmidt, he can also play unexpected effects.

If you want a Chapman card just because he pitches hard, you’re missing out! Chapman is a Season 2 Collection card that locks in 30 Season 2 cards for you. This card is actually a Team Affinity Season 2 Chapter 1 set collection reward, making him a great complement to Smith.

Trea Turner

If you’re looking for a player who can handle lefties like Chapman well, then Trea Turner’s new 92 OVR Incognito series is in your range. His 125 contact and 98 power against lefties make him one of the best right-handed hitters, and his speed is pretty amazing.

What’s special about Turner cards since MLB The Show 24 came to Diamond Dynasty is that he’s very effective against inside pitches. As a Chase Pack exclusive, you’ll have to spend 100,000 MLB The Show 24 Stubs to get him. But if you think about it, you’re getting a shortstop who can rake and run, and is eligible for Giancarlo Stanton and Corbin Carroll Cornerstone Captains. You’ll feel that these stubs are well worth it!

These player cards will make your team even better and invincible in the field. I hope you can have fun playing MLB The Show 24 Season 2 Diamond Dynasty and achieve more victories!

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