UTNICE firmly opposes all illegal activities, and we hope that all users can do the same. To this end, we have formulated the Anti-Money Laundering Policy, which aims to prohibit money laundering or any acts and activities that contribute to money laundering, and prevent the secret transfer of illegal funds. UTNICE requires all members of the company and users to use this website in accordance with this policy.

Money laundering may not involve the proceeds of a criminal act, but rather an attempt to conceal the origin or intended use of the funds, which are then used for criminal purposes. Since UTNICE sells various different types of virtual services, these services will only have meaning and value to users in specific contexts. So the risk of criminal activity by purchasing virtual services does exist, albeit very low. UTNICE will do its best to cooperate with the financial management authorities of different countries and regions so that our business can run smoothly while complying with local anti-money laundering regulations.

In order to prevent most money laundering activities beforehand, we have taken the following measures to reduce high-risk orders, including but not limited to:

In order to judge whether the service purchased by the player meets the actual needs, our staff will verify the player's in-game information before delivering the order;

In order to ensure that the transaction process complies with local laws and game rules, we will regularly update and modify the process of different services;

In order to ensure that the source of funds used to pay for the order is legitimate, we may ask users to provide real personal information and compare it with a list of suspected money laundering institutions and individuals provided by the government;

In order for the anti-money laundering policy to be implemented smoothly, all our staff have undergone relevant education and training before taking up their jobs.

If the following red flags appear in the user's order, we will judge the order to be suspicious, including but not limited to:

Users expressing clear concerns about UTNICE' anti-money laundering policies, refusing to provide any information about their personal finances;

The identity certificate and other supporting documents provided by the user are obviously suspicious and abnormal;

User provides false and misleading information to identify the legitimate source of funds;

The user shows a lack of basic understanding and attention to game knowledge;

Users frequently change IP addresses;

Users register multiple accounts and place orders multiple times.

UTNICE has the right to implement the following measures in order to prevent possible money laundering in a timely manner after red flags, including but not limited to:

Record the characteristic values of the computer used by the user, such as IP address, MAC address, etc., and prevent the user from using this website through technical means;

Directly terminate order delivery and refund;

Continue to hold monies paid by the user until the nature of the order is clarified;

Query the historical behavior of users based on the information we have collected;

Report possible money laundering activities to the ISP(Internet Service Providers) for appropriate action;

Provide all relevant personal and organizational identifiable information to the appropriate local legal authorities, or even file a lawsuit.

For matters not covered above, UTNICE reserves the right of final interpretation.

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