List Of 10 Best Third Basemen In MLB The Show 24 List Of 10 Best Third Basemen In MLB The Show 24

List Of 10 Best Third Basemen In MLB The Show 24

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Third Basemen are the players between the shortstop and the foul line on the field, and are the last line of defense before the opposing team rushes to home plate. In MLB The Show 24, the work of Third Basemen may not be as frequent as that of first basemen and second basemen, but it still requires special attention to detail. Although a good infielder needs to combine high-quality defense with strong hitting performance, the same is true for those who serve as Third Basemen.

For players who like to attack in MLB The Show 24, the third baseman can be said to be very suitable for you. Because the third baseman is very powerful in swinging, it also means that the offensive power is also very good. In addition, the third baseman has less defensive workload, which makes their work easier and does not affect their stamina.

List Of 10 Best Third Basemen In MLB The Show 24

This guide will introduce the 10 third basemen with better performance ratings in MLB The Show 24, so that you can better spend MLB The Show 24 Stubs to choose the players you want when building your team.

Royce Lewis

  • MLB The Show Rating: 84
  • Team: Minnesota Twins
  • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Key Benefits: Power R, Contact R, and Clutch Hitting

Minnesota Twins has some talented players in both bullpen and infield, and the best of them is Royce Lewis. This American teenager, who is 24 years old, is entering his third season with Minnesota Twins. His Infielding skills are just one example of his many strengths. In MLB The Show 24, the players Infielding metrics are good, and his reaction and Arm Accuracy are also good. However, the only drawback of this player is that his stamina is not very good. Once it exceeds 9 innings, his overall rating is not very good.

On the offensive side, Royce Lewis is better at right-handed pitching, and can also use his contact or power swing to deceive opponents by changing strategies. His batting clutch also reached a high score of 80 points, making him an indispensable player for Minnesota Twins. 

Isaac Paredes

  • MLB The Show Rating: 84
  • Team: Tampa Bay Rays
  • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Key Benefits: Durability, Power R, and Arm Accuracy

Tampa Bay Rays are trying to reach World Series finals for the first time since 2020. If Isaac Paredes continues to play to his strengths, the team will have a better chance of reaching the finals. Although the 25-year-old Isaac Paredes only started competing for Most Valuable Player award a year ago, his excellent swing and defensive attributes make him a candidate for MVP. He hit 31 homers last season and posted an 88 rating with a powerful right hand.

On the other end of the infield, Yandy Diaz is also an excellent first baseman. Yandy Diaz has a very high Arm Accuracy, and with Isaac Paredes’ brawny arm and excellent reaction ability, many mistakes can be avoided. The cooperation between the two makes it easy to get double plays in the game. And Isaac Paredes’ durability is also a high score of 88 points, which is very compatible with Yandy Diaz, who often needs to swing the bat to hit the ball.

Josh Jung

  • MLB The Show Rating: 85
  • Team: Texas Rangers
  • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Key Benefits: Contact R, Power R, and Durability

As a player known for his hitting ability, Josh Jung is also good at defense. His Arm Accuracy can reach 85 points, which ranks among all third basemen in the league. Considering his higher data than other players Infielding category and higher endurance, coupled with his peak age of 26, other players in this team will feel at ease.

Texas Rangers ranked seventh in MLB The Show 24 because of the addition of Josh Jung. Josh Jung has an excellent return for the opponent’s left-handed opponent, and every swing will make the opponent miserable.

Nolan Arenado

  • MLB The Show Rating: 86
  • Team: St. Louis Cardinals
  • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Key Benefits: Durability, Infielding, and Vision

Led by the infield and bullpen, St. Louis Cardinals can be said to be one of the most promising teams in MLB The Show 24. In third basemen who are good at defense, Nolan Arenado ranks first. His arm strength is second only to the average, but his reaction ability and Arm Accuracy are above average. With Paul Goldschmidt and Tommy Edman cooperating with him on the field, these three people will be invincible together.

Not only is Arenado strong in defense, he also has a say in hitting. He has a swing rating of 85 against right-handed opponents and a swing rating of 78 against left-handed opponents. Although he may not be the best hitter in St. Louis Cardinals, his offensive ability should not be underestimated.

Alex Bregman

  • MLB The Show Rating: 87
  • Team: Houston Astros
  • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Key Benefits: Durability, Discipline, and Vision

Alex Bregman’s overall rating has reached 87 points, which ranks among the top third basemen in the league. Houston Astros’ lineup is very rich, and 14 players have a total rating of more than 80 points. Houston Astros are most famous for their offense, and they put all their energy on the plate, and Alex Bregman’s advantage is also here. His powerful right hand, the ball he throws, will make opponents afraid.

Besides the above excellent performance, Bregman also has excellent Plate Discipline, Batting Clutch, and Vision. This makes him an excellent weapon for Houston Astros offense. But unfortunately, his defense is a bit lacking. His slightly inferior reaction ability and Arm Accuracy can only keep him at a semi-stable level.

Rafael Devers

  • MLB The Show Rating: 87
  • Team: Boston Red Sox
  • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Key Benefits: Power R, Durability, and Power L

Besides Alex Bregman, another player who likes to play offense is Rafael Devers of Boston Red Sox. Boston Red Sox is more like a rebuilding team that wants to see a bright future, so Rafael Devers is a wonderful start. This 27-year-old Dominican infielder can play third base and first base, but his skills are more suitable as a shortstop to help the team.

Because of Grade A potential rank, Devers’ Arm Accuracy and Infielding states are both on the rise, although they are below average now. It all depends on where you put him, and it is important to pay attention to the reasonable use of Arm Strength and Reaction stats.

Gunnar Henderson

  • MLB The Show Rating: 88
  • Team: Baltimore Orioles
  • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Key Benefits: Infielding: Durability, Power R, and Arm Accuracy

At the young age of 22, Gunnar Henderson has become one of the most eye-catching third basemen in MLB 2023 Rookie of Year and Silver Slugger winner has many outstanding statistics, such as an Arm Strength rating of 81.

Because of his young age, there are still some immature parts of his game and a lot of room for growth. Besides being a player who can get on base, Henderson is also an excellent baserunner in MLB The Show 24. With a speed rating of 80, he ranks among the top third basemen in the league.

Jose Ramirez

  • MLB The Show Rating: 90
  • Team: Cleveland Guardians
  • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Key Benefits: Durability, Vision, and Contact R

Jose Ramirez is probably one of the more evenly distributed players on MLB The Show 24 radar. Although his Arm Strength is only 57, his other stats allow him to get runners off the field.

Jose Ramirez’s contact swing can challenge any right-handed pitcher, and his power swing will burst out even more outstanding against those pesky left-handed pitchers. With a 92 Vision and above-average Plate Discipline, Jose Ramirez will get to base more often.

Manny Machado

  • MLB The Show Rating: 91
  • Team: San Diego Padres
  • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Key Benefits: Durability, Fielding, and Contact L

Based on defensive rankings alone, Manny Machado is a San Diego Padres third base machine. With an Infielding rating of 90, Machado can easily track balls hit to him and hit the right counterattack. Although his Arm Accuracy and Arm Strength are lacking, his above-average Reaction time can make up for those deficiencies.

Machado performs better against left-handed pitchers, using his contact and power swings. He still rates above average against right-handed pitchers. With a 92 durability rating, Machado won’t get tired late in games.

Austin Riley

  • MLB The Show Rating: 96
  • Team: Atlanta Braves
  • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Key Benefits: Power, Durability, and Contact L

Austin Riley is 27 years old and in his prime with Atlanta Braves. As the best hitter on MLB The Show 24 team, Riley has plenty of room to grow and improve his A-grade potential rating.

Once he starts to get ready to hit, Riley’s best traits are on full display. His 80% batting average is enough to ensure a run or two on the field.

After reading these ten excellent third basemen, do you have a suitable candidate in your mind? I hope you get excellent results in MLB The Show 24!

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