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  • A Complete Guide For FC 24 Euro 2024 - Release Date, Rewards, Ultimate Team Cards, Stadiums List, ESports Tournament A Complete Guide For FC 24 Euro 2024 - Release Date, Rewards, Ultimate Team Cards, Stadiums List, ESports Tournament

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    A Complete Guide For FC 24 Euro 2024 - Release Date, Rewards, Ultimate Team Cards, Stadiums List, ESports Tournament

    FC 24 Euro 2024 has been officially launched on June 6 as a free add-on for EA’s footballing colossus. This is not only very beneficial for you to build an Ultimate Team, but FC 24 Euro 2024 is also highly related to European Cup, and every reward in the game contains elements of European Cup.

    This guide will answer some questions that players have about FC 24 Euro 2024. In order to give you a better gaming experience, please continue reading!

    What Is FC 24 Euro 2024?

    FC 24 Euro 2024 is a new mode built around this year’s international tournament, which will last until July. The tournament provides actual teams, players and jerseys for all 24 teams that enter European Cup, and even Georgia team that entered the final for the first time.

    In addition to the above, the real trophy of this tournament, the Delaunay Cup, will appear in the game, as well as a series of simulated German stadiums. Ultimate Team has also added numerous new cards, which will be detailed later.

    When Is Release Date Of FC 24 Euro 2024?

    Considering that the event will kick off in Munich on Friday, June 14, FC 24 Euro 2024 has been officially released on June 6. The first match is between the host Germany and Scotland team. In the game, you can also try to use players from these two teams to win your game!

    Is FC 24 Euro 2024 Free?

    Some players will worry about the cost. I can confidently tell you that it is free, but the premise is that you already own a copy of the game. If you are new to FC 24, you can read more.

    Also Read: Which Player Evolutions Can Help Win The Game In EA Sports FC 24? - TOTS Upgrade Series 1

    How Does FC 24 Euro 2024 Lead Your Nation Work?

    Euro 2024 Lead Your Nation is a scaled-down version of FC 24 career mode, where you can captain your own “little country” by appointing actual players or fictional new characters as national team captains.

    You can customize your team before the game and training during the tournament will allow you to unlock 7 more FC 24 PlayStyles. Meanwhile, the game can be enjoyed in four ways: play the entire game or a single highlight, control individual players or the complete team.

    Is There A List Of Rewards For Euro 2024 European Tour?

    The answer is yes! As long as you enter Euro 2024, you can get European Journey rewards for other modes. Here are all the rewards:

    • Pick Your Favorites - pick your favorite National Team: 10-Match Defender Euro Nations TOTS Loan (Final Team)
    • Full squad - start Euro 2024 with your favorite national team: 10-match loan to defender Euro Nations TOTS (final squad)
    • All the way to the top - Win Euro 2024 by playing in every tournament: 5-Star Recruitment Coach (Executive Manager Mode)
    • Make it Your Own - Become a Pro at managing your country: V Pro Personalization Items (Player Career Mode)
    • MVP - Collect all 7 PlayStyles slots for your Pro Creator: 87+ Rare Players Gold (Last Man)
    • Shoot For Stars - Best Game with Pro Creator: Personal Content (Active Edition)
    • Reflection Of Reality - Win Player Of Match With A Real Player In Lead Your Country: 24 Match Rental Icon Player Base Pick (Last Team)
    • First leg - semi-final win: 10-match loan of striker European Nations TOTS (Final Group)
    • Win a Car - Win Semi-Pro or Higher Final Round: V Pro Personalization Items (Clubs / Volta)

    Once you complete all the above challenges, your rewards will be revealed in July 2024. Stay tuned!

    What Is Happening With FC 24 Euro 2024 Ultimate Team Cards?

    Six FC 24 Euro 2024 Ultimate Team cards will be released before Christmas, but the super-special items are part of this release, and they’re all a small part of FC 24 Festival Of Football. Greats Of The Game cards upgrade FC 24 Base Icons based on the number of goals scored by a country in each real-life match, and FC 24 Path To Glory features contemporary players.

    EA will give every FC 24 player their first Euro 2024 item on December 18. If you sign in during Christmas period, you will receive one of the six FC 24 Euro 2024 Ultimate Team cards mentioned above. Please note that these are non-tradable, so you cannot currently obtain cards and items through FC 24 Coins.

    Here is a small selection of the six FC 24 Euro 2024 Ultimate Team cards:

    • Virgil van Dijk (CB, Liverpool and Netherlands) - 89
    • Ousmane Dembele (RW, Paris SG and France) - 86
    • Jack Grealish (LW, Manchester City and England) - 86
    • Florian Wirtz (CAM, Leverkusen and Germany) - 86
    • Alvaro Morata (ST, Atletico Madrid and Spain) - 85
    • Federico Chiesa (LM, Juventus and Italy) - 84

    Which Teams Are Not In FC 24 Euro 2024 Finalists?

    Besides some teams that have qualified, there are seven teams that have not yet qualified. If you have players, you like from the following countries, you can also change the tournament group to rotate them in.

    • Finland
    • Iceland
    • Ireland
    • Northern Ireland
    • Norway
    • Sweden
    • Wales

    Which Is On FC 24 Euro 2024 Stadiums List?

    There are a lot of crossovers between FC 24 stadiums here, with nine venues from the tournament already in the game and updated with unique billboards and other details to maximise the atmosphere of the tournament. But there’s one stadium that’s not on the list this time around: Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena.

    Here is the list of FC 24 Euro 2024 stadiums:

    • Deutsche Bank Park (Eintracht Frankfurt)
    • Düsseldorf-Arena (Fortuna Düsseldorf)
    • MHP Arena (Stuttgart)
    • Olympiastadion (Hertha BSC)
    • Red Bull Arena (RB Leipzig)
    • RheinEnergieStadion (FC Koln)
    • Signal Iduna Park (Borussia Dortmund)
    • VELTINS-Arena (Schalke 04)
    • Volksparkstadion (Hamburger SV)

    Will There Be An FC 24 Euro 2024 ESports Tournament?

    The answer is yes. The event in Berlin, scheduled for July, will see eight finalists competing for a $100,000 prize. UEFA eEuro 2024 features the participation of the following eight players:

    • Vejrgang (Denmark)
    • Yuval (Israel)
    • Obrun2002 (Italy)
    • Andreas (Norway)
    • AdrianCifuentes (Spain)
    • iMertAL (Turkey)
    • CIG_ST92 (Ukraine)
    • Umut (Germany)

    Look forward to the team you support in real life getting the ranking you want, and hope that your Ultimate Team can become the "Dream Team" and create outstanding results of its own on the field.

    Jun 11, 2024

  • You Must Not Miss These 7 Core Cards Before Starting MLB The Show 24 Season 2! You Must Not Miss These 7 Core Cards Before Starting MLB The Show 24 Season 2!

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    You Must Not Miss These 7 Core Cards Before Starting MLB The Show 24 Season 2!

    As we all know, each season of MLB The Show 24 has some designated cards. These cards can be used in a specific season without occupying Wild Card Slot.

    In Season 1, S1 cards, and Core Cards will be eligible to join your lineup. And in Season 2, it will be S2 cards and Core Cards. Of course, you still have a chance to win Wild Card Slot, which allows you to use players from previous seasons in your lineup.

    Regardless of the season, Core Cards are always eligible to enter your team. Core Cards come from some Live Series cards, Live Series collection rewards, and other cards from Conquests and Mini Seasons.

    If you want to get more available Core Cards, it is also very important to accumulate more MLB The Show 24 Stubs. In this way, you will also have a clear advantage at the beginning of Season 2.

    Here, I will focus on the best Core Cards that we should get before the release of Season 2 to help you quickly build your team and gain a foothold on the field.

    1. Lou Gehrig

    The first notable Core Card is from the developer’s recently dropped Lou Gehrig Program, which is in honor of Lou Gehrig Day. In this program, players can unlock the 90 overall version of New York Yankee Legend in Diamond Dynasty for free.

    Gehrig combined power and contact on the field, winning Batting Title and Triple Crown. You must follow Moments of Gehrig’s legendary career, complete New York Yankee quests, and obtain the primary First Basemen Player item to add All-Star Series Lou Gehrig to your Diamond Dynasty lineup.

    In addition, All-Star Series Lou Gehrig will be Supercharged to a 99 overall in MLB The Show 24 until June 7 at 12 noon PT. So, this is definitely an unobtainable slugger for your team!

    2. Babe Ruth

    The next card I have to mention has to be this 99 overall Babe Ruth from Live Series Collection, which is clearly the best batting card.

    Babe Ruth joins the greatest dynasty in baseball history. Ruth won four World Series titles with Yankees, seven rings in his career, and kept Red Sox from falling for decades.

    In 15 seasons with Yankees, Ruth posted a remarkable 1.195 OPS, 209 OPS+, 659 home runs, and 1,978 RBIs.

    We haven’t even talked about his accomplishments on the mound. In 10 seasons as a pitcher, Ruth posted a Cooperstown-worthy 2.28 ERA, 107 complete games, 17 shutouts, and made a mark in World Series. There is no doubt that Babe Ruth is the greatest baseball player of all time.

    3. Josh Gibson

    Personally, Josh Gibson is absolutely amazing. He is my favorite card in Barrier Breakers Choice Pack. In my opinion, he will probably stay on my team in Season 2.

    Josh Gibson never got the chance to play in the major leagues, but he is still one of the best baseball players of all time.

    During his career, Gibson’s batting averages were even comparable to the best hitter in MLB history, Ty Cobb. Many of his peers considered him to be as good as Babe Ruth.

    While Gibson’s numbers of Negro Leagues are often on a par with MLB career leaders, those who have documented Gibson’s career consider him to be one of the best baseball players of all time.

    4. Adrian Beltre

    Another card that I think must be obtained is this Adrian Beltre Third Basemen Core Card from Hyper Series. He is one of those early great cards that I use a lot, and his right-side stats are very good.

    Honestly, he is a great choice as either a Third Baseman or a backup defender, and can add a considerable competitive edge to your Season 2 team build.

    5. Henry Aaron

    Also, I would add this Henry Aaron to the list. While this isn’t the card with the most impressive stats in Barrier Breakers Choice Pack, he is one of those cards that performs well all around.

    As you can see, his hitting stats are 80 Overall. Honestly, that’s not too bad, and his Speed ​​and Fielding are both very good, with 83 Speed, 72 Fielding, and 88 Arm Strength, so it’s not a terrible card.

    But this is just an honorable mention. I thought I’d put it here just because he’s not a bad card. More importantly, as a Second Baseman, his stats are very good all around.

    6. Bernie Williams

    Bernie Williams is also a good choice. He’s one of those Storylines Derek Jeter guys. And his contact is so good all around that even with a 70 Power, you can still hit a home run with it.

    Williams was a very efficient left-handed hitter for Yankees over the years, hitting 449 doubles, 55 triples, 147 steals, and 2336 hits in his career. In addition, he is a four-time World Series champion, has won Silver Slugger, and four Gold Glove awards. So I would definitely put this card on my list.

    7. Stan Musial

    Finally, I think this card is seriously underrated, Stan Musial. Obviously, the contact on this card is great, the vision is very good, and he performs well in the clutch. But because he has no power, this card is really underrated.

    But believe me, even if you are a player who likes power, his hitting stats will still make you shine. Honestly, he is not a poor substitute, especially in the early season when he is on the field full time. His addition will definitely make your team more colorful on the field.

    Final Thoughts

    So these are my picks for the best Core Card list, and I think these cards will be the best cards in the early Season 2. When you know almost nothing, you have to hone all these cards and build a decent team with what you get. I think these are some excellent suggestions for the early season.

    Of course, we will get Season 2 cards when the game launches, but in the early days if you want to play Ranked, and try to grind out Program, these Core Cards are a must before you have any actual Season 2 cards! Good luck!

    Jun 07, 2024

  • List Of 10 Best Third Basemen In MLB The Show 24 List Of 10 Best Third Basemen In MLB The Show 24

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    List Of 10 Best Third Basemen In MLB The Show 24

    Third Basemen are the players between the shortstop and the foul line on the field, and are the last line of defense before the opposing team rushes to home plate. In MLB The Show 24, the work of Third Basemen may not be as frequent as that of first basemen and second basemen, but it still requires special attention to detail. Although a good infielder needs to combine high-quality defense with strong hitting performance, the same is true for those who serve as Third Basemen.

    For players who like to attack in MLB The Show 24, the third baseman can be said to be very suitable for you. Because the third baseman is very powerful in swinging, it also means that the offensive power is also very good. In addition, the third baseman has less defensive workload, which makes their work easier and does not affect their stamina.

    This guide will introduce the 10 third basemen with better performance ratings in MLB The Show 24, so that you can better spend MLB The Show 24 Stubs to choose the players you want when building your team.

    Royce Lewis

    • MLB The Show Rating: 84
    • Team: Minnesota Twins
    • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
    • Key Benefits: Power R, Contact R, and Clutch Hitting

    Minnesota Twins has some talented players in both bullpen and infield, and the best of them is Royce Lewis. This American teenager, who is 24 years old, is entering his third season with Minnesota Twins. His Infielding skills are just one example of his many strengths. In MLB The Show 24, the players Infielding metrics are good, and his reaction and Arm Accuracy are also good. However, the only drawback of this player is that his stamina is not very good. Once it exceeds 9 innings, his overall rating is not very good.

    On the offensive side, Royce Lewis is better at right-handed pitching, and can also use his contact or power swing to deceive opponents by changing strategies. His batting clutch also reached a high score of 80 points, making him an indispensable player for Minnesota Twins. 

    Isaac Paredes

    • MLB The Show Rating: 84
    • Team: Tampa Bay Rays
    • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
    • Key Benefits: Durability, Power R, and Arm Accuracy

    Tampa Bay Rays are trying to reach World Series finals for the first time since 2020. If Isaac Paredes continues to play to his strengths, the team will have a better chance of reaching the finals. Although the 25-year-old Isaac Paredes only started competing for Most Valuable Player award a year ago, his excellent swing and defensive attributes make him a candidate for MVP. He hit 31 homers last season and posted an 88 rating with a powerful right hand.

    On the other end of the infield, Yandy Diaz is also an excellent first baseman. Yandy Diaz has a very high Arm Accuracy, and with Isaac Paredes’ brawny arm and excellent reaction ability, many mistakes can be avoided. The cooperation between the two makes it easy to get double plays in the game. And Isaac Paredes’ durability is also a high score of 88 points, which is very compatible with Yandy Diaz, who often needs to swing the bat to hit the ball.

    Josh Jung

    • MLB The Show Rating: 85
    • Team: Texas Rangers
    • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
    • Key Benefits: Contact R, Power R, and Durability

    As a player known for his hitting ability, Josh Jung is also good at defense. His Arm Accuracy can reach 85 points, which ranks among all third basemen in the league. Considering his higher data than other players Infielding category and higher endurance, coupled with his peak age of 26, other players in this team will feel at ease.

    Texas Rangers ranked seventh in MLB The Show 24 because of the addition of Josh Jung. Josh Jung has an excellent return for the opponent’s left-handed opponent, and every swing will make the opponent miserable.

    Nolan Arenado

    • MLB The Show Rating: 86
    • Team: St. Louis Cardinals
    • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
    • Key Benefits: Durability, Infielding, and Vision

    Led by the infield and bullpen, St. Louis Cardinals can be said to be one of the most promising teams in MLB The Show 24. In third basemen who are good at defense, Nolan Arenado ranks first. His arm strength is second only to the average, but his reaction ability and Arm Accuracy are above average. With Paul Goldschmidt and Tommy Edman cooperating with him on the field, these three people will be invincible together.

    Not only is Arenado strong in defense, he also has a say in hitting. He has a swing rating of 85 against right-handed opponents and a swing rating of 78 against left-handed opponents. Although he may not be the best hitter in St. Louis Cardinals, his offensive ability should not be underestimated.

    Alex Bregman

    • MLB The Show Rating: 87
    • Team: Houston Astros
    • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
    • Key Benefits: Durability, Discipline, and Vision

    Alex Bregman’s overall rating has reached 87 points, which ranks among the top third basemen in the league. Houston Astros’ lineup is very rich, and 14 players have a total rating of more than 80 points. Houston Astros are most famous for their offense, and they put all their energy on the plate, and Alex Bregman’s advantage is also here. His powerful right hand, the ball he throws, will make opponents afraid.

    Besides the above excellent performance, Bregman also has excellent Plate Discipline, Batting Clutch, and Vision. This makes him an excellent weapon for Houston Astros offense. But unfortunately, his defense is a bit lacking. His slightly inferior reaction ability and Arm Accuracy can only keep him at a semi-stable level.

    Rafael Devers

    • MLB The Show Rating: 87
    • Team: Boston Red Sox
    • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
    • Key Benefits: Power R, Durability, and Power L

    Besides Alex Bregman, another player who likes to play offense is Rafael Devers of Boston Red Sox. Boston Red Sox is more like a rebuilding team that wants to see a bright future, so Rafael Devers is a wonderful start. This 27-year-old Dominican infielder can play third base and first base, but his skills are more suitable as a shortstop to help the team.

    Because of Grade A potential rank, Devers’ Arm Accuracy and Infielding states are both on the rise, although they are below average now. It all depends on where you put him, and it is important to pay attention to the reasonable use of Arm Strength and Reaction stats.

    Gunnar Henderson

    • MLB The Show Rating: 88
    • Team: Baltimore Orioles
    • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
    • Key Benefits: Infielding: Durability, Power R, and Arm Accuracy

    At the young age of 22, Gunnar Henderson has become one of the most eye-catching third basemen in MLB 2023 Rookie of Year and Silver Slugger winner has many outstanding statistics, such as an Arm Strength rating of 81.

    Because of his young age, there are still some immature parts of his game and a lot of room for growth. Besides being a player who can get on base, Henderson is also an excellent baserunner in MLB The Show 24. With a speed rating of 80, he ranks among the top third basemen in the league.

    Jose Ramirez

    • MLB The Show Rating: 90
    • Team: Cleveland Guardians
    • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
    • Key Benefits: Durability, Vision, and Contact R

    Jose Ramirez is probably one of the more evenly distributed players on MLB The Show 24 radar. Although his Arm Strength is only 57, his other stats allow him to get runners off the field.

    Jose Ramirez’s contact swing can challenge any right-handed pitcher, and his power swing will burst out even more outstanding against those pesky left-handed pitchers. With a 92 Vision and above-average Plate Discipline, Jose Ramirez will get to base more often.

    Manny Machado

    • MLB The Show Rating: 91
    • Team: San Diego Padres
    • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
    • Key Benefits: Durability, Fielding, and Contact L

    Based on defensive rankings alone, Manny Machado is a San Diego Padres third base machine. With an Infielding rating of 90, Machado can easily track balls hit to him and hit the right counterattack. Although his Arm Accuracy and Arm Strength are lacking, his above-average Reaction time can make up for those deficiencies.

    Machado performs better against left-handed pitchers, using his contact and power swings. He still rates above average against right-handed pitchers. With a 92 durability rating, Machado won’t get tired late in games.

    Austin Riley

    • MLB The Show Rating: 96
    • Team: Atlanta Braves
    • Throwing Handiness: Right-Handed
    • Key Benefits: Power, Durability, and Contact L

    Austin Riley is 27 years old and in his prime with Atlanta Braves. As the best hitter on MLB The Show 24 team, Riley has plenty of room to grow and improve his A-grade potential rating.

    Once he starts to get ready to hit, Riley’s best traits are on full display. His 80% batting average is enough to ensure a run or two on the field.

    After reading these ten excellent third basemen, do you have a suitable candidate in your mind? I hope you get excellent results in MLB The Show 24!

    Jun 05, 2024

  • Master These 3 Powerful Mechanics To Make You Shine In FC 24 Pro Player Tournaments! Master These 3 Powerful Mechanics To Make You Shine In FC 24 Pro Player Tournaments!

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    Master These 3 Powerful Mechanics To Make You Shine In FC 24 Pro Player Tournaments!

    As we head towards the later stages of FC 24, we wanted to share 3 underutilized super powerful mechanics that will have a tremendous impact on your game. Especially in the days when these Pro Player Tournaments are being held, these additional mechanics can become very important.

    Player Lock Crosses

    Let’s start with Player Lock Crosses and we’ll discuss why and when to use them.

    Imagine that you are on the same side as your Winger and have the perfect angle to cross, however, Striker in the box cannot receive the ball in the right position. At this point, you let go of your initial Winger, take control of Striker, and manually move him to the position you want. This is what we call Player Lock.

    If you press L3 and R3 buttons at the same time, you will see that the triangle cursor above the player’s head changes to a diamond, indicating that you have activated Player Lock. You will then need to use the right stick to switch to the player you want to pass the ball to, and then manually move him to the destination before pressing the cross button.

    However, there are a few things you need to pay attention to here. First, you need to make sure the passer has enough space to cross before Player Lock. If he is heavily guarded, you cannot cross even if you put Striker in the right position.

    Secondly, make sure you have a good Crossing angle. If you change the intended target, there is a high chance that the cross will be weak. However, Whipped Pass PlayStyle+ is very beneficial here. Even if you don’t have the best angle, the cross can be perfectly delivered to your target.

    This is the easiest way I use it. I pass the ball to the side with the left wing back and see an excellent opportunity to cross to Cristiano Ronaldo.

    But I need him to receive the ball exactly where I want it and the cross needs to be precise as well. So before activating Player Lock, I have my left wing back at a slight angle because that will be the direction to go immediately after activating Player Lock. He will actually continue to go there until I switch to Ronaldo and pass the ball to him.

    At the same time, we press L3 and R3 buttons and immediately afterwards point the right stick in Ronaldo’s direction twice so that I can reach him. I then start sprinting with him to the box and briefly hit the cross button, and you can see the power of Whipped Pass PlayStyle+ working perfectly here. I can easily score a goal with my first touch.

    Of course, in order to achieve perfect goals, in addition to constant practice, it is also very important to invest a certain amount of FC 24 Coins to improve the player’s overall stats.

    If you are not sure about shooting immediately after the cross, there is another way. You can simply use Player Lock Crosses and then head the ball directly to your teammate to assist lock. But it is more about paying attention to the player you want to pass the ball to and looking at the potential receivers here as the ball moves.

    I want to pass the ball to Cristiano Ronaldo again because his Aerial Playstyle makes him very effective in header doubles. I am not sure if I can head the ball directly to the goal or even control it, so when I see Striker near me, I quickly head double to him, which creates an easy scoring opportunity.

    It should be noted that here I did not lock Striker, but locked the midfielder and passed the ball to him, and then quickly moved in the direction of Striker, which opened up into a vast space.

    Flair Nutmeg Pass

    Now onto the next one, Flair Nutmeg Pass. Flair Nutmeg is a Skill Move that can be done by 4 Star Skill Move players and can give you a drastic change of direction depending on the variant.

    You can choose to simply hold L1+R1 buttons and push the right stick in a certain direction, but combining a specific variant, a Flair Nutmeg 90° to the right or left of your player and a pass creates an overpowered mechanic that we ended up calling Flair Nutmeg Pass.

    When you hold R1 and L1 together and push the right stick to the side, your player will quickly pull the ball towards them and then push the ball to the intended side.

    We want to use the first move to our advantage and skip the second one. Because the first animation is so fast, we couldn’t find any other Skill Move that would pull the ball back so quickly to create the angle for the pass.

    Therefore, we’re going to skip the second animation of pushing the ball to the side and instead use a pass to pull the ball back and press the pass button in between the two moves. This means you need to be precise with your pass timing. If the timing is not right, you either finish the whole move or pass the ball earlier, thus destroying the whole mechanic.

    But the best time to press the pass button is after your player performs the first touch of the ball with a Flair Nutmeg. So the question is when is the most effective time to use Flair Nutmeg Pass?

    In certain positions, the opposing defense overcomes its Passing Lanes from the side, so performing a Flair Nutmeg Pass to pull the ball backwards enables you to evade the opponent’s lateral challenge. This also directly creates new passing angles to increase your chances of scoring.

    Let’s look at an example. When I receive the ball in a promising attack, I have two options, either dribbling with the ball or passing it to a teammate. That’s why many opponents are right in between the positions that control both of them.

    So, evading these opponents, I will overuse the dribbling option and start sprinting in that direction. Yes, the enemy takes the bait and rushes towards my running lane, leaving space on the other side. But I still need to open the passing angle, which is why I perform a Flair Nutmeg to the side.

    After the initial move, I immediately passed the ball to my teammate, who ended up scoring the goal to score a goal. Practice makes perfect, so I’ll continue to focus on this method as well.

    Move Your Keeper To The Line

    Speaking of our last method, if you’re in a crucial 1v1 situation with your opponent, what do you do? You’ll probably leave the keeper out and pray that he’ll miss the shot.

    But look at this. I’ve brought the ball to a really good shooting angle, but the goalie is actually standing behind the line. So why do that? Why not move the keeper to the side, but start pushing him back towards the goal? This obviously works.

    The only thing you need to do is press the right stick and push it in the direction that the keeper would reasonably move towards his own goal. Even if it’s just pushed back a little, it still works and gives your keeper more room to react to the opponent’s reaction. If you get caught and your goalie is a little ahead, just push him back and see what kind of effect it has.

    Let me demonstrate, if the opponent brings the ball up here and takes a Finesse Shot, he definitely has a chance to block when the goalie is in a position like this. But I pressed R3 button and pointed the stick towards my goal, which put my keeper on the line at this angle now.

    Even though the attacker could move farther, my keeper actually had more power in saving shots from all angles. The attacker wanted to take the shot, but the well-positioned keeper saved it without any problem. This can be a little hard to implement, but executing it successfully will hurt your opponent mentally.

    Anyway, hopefully these 3 secret tips will help you to have a blast in the pro tournaments! Good luck!

    Jun 04, 2024

  • Don't Miss These 3 Unstoppable Blitzes In Madden 24! Don't Miss These 3 Unstoppable Blitzes In Madden 24!

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    Don't Miss These 3 Unstoppable Blitzes In Madden 24!

    Hello and welcome to a new guide for Madden 24! Today, I will be revealing 3 craziest blitzes in Madden 24! I'll walk you through each blitz, explaining how to set it up and where to find it. Get ready to level up your gaming experience with them!

    FS Zone Blitz

    Starting off our list, we are going to go over the first most powerful blitz in Madden 24, and the easiest blitz to set up in this year's game - Free Safety Zone Blitz. Starting from the formation doing Dollar 3-2, this play can be found in 8 different playbooks, but we are going to use it from San Francisco 49ers Playbook.

    Now, we need to do something to make this blitz work, and that is to change our coaching adjustments. So, we are going to go into the coach adjustments menu, and what we need to do is change 2 things. First, we need to turn off the auto flip. Every time we send a blitz from the same side, we need to make sure that is turned off.

    Next, this blitz will not work if the base is aligned, so we want to make sure that Auto Alignment is set to default. This will make the blitz appear above all the other settings. It is completely optional. You can set up Zone Toss and the defensive options are completely up to you. After that, we call the formation doing Dollar 3-2 again.

    This reason why we need to turn off the auto flip is that we need to make sure that the blitz comes from the left side of the formation. It won't work from the right side, so you'll notice if you flip it, that's no good. The blitz won't work. So we want to always make sure that the safety blitz is always on the left side.

    So, if our opponent sends 5 Receivers on the route, you'll notice that we always get a free man, an easy sack up the middle of Quarterback, which is immediately up A-Gap. You'll see one of our 2 rushers come in completely free, and we have Quarterbacks again, so they can't even get away from this blitz.

    Sam Will Blitz 3

    Then the next one on the list, we're going to cover one of the newest blitzes we're seeing across Madden Community. This is the play Sam Will Blitz 3 from the formation Nickel 3-3 Cub, and this play can be found in 21 different playbooks in Madden 24.

    Now, first, we need to make a couple little adjustments to our coach adjustments again. We're going to go ahead and change something. We need to make sure that we have our auto flip set to on and then have our base align on as well. So, auto alignment should be set to base. Everything else is completely optional. You can set your Zone Toss or match coverage however you like.

    This setup is a little bit more intensive, but it's still very simple. We're going to go ahead and show blitz by hitting Y on Xbox, triangle on PlayStation, and then left on the left stick. That's going to walk our safeties and our corners down. Next, we need to identify the offensive formation a little bit because we need to slide our defensive line away from Tight End.

    Tight End is on the right side of the offensive formation, so we need to slide our defensive line to the left. If they don't have a Tight End, you can actually slide in either direction. But since Tight End is on the right, we're going to slide to the left. We do that by hitting left on D-Pad and then left on the left stick.

    DB Fire 2

    The last on our list is the formation also from San Francisco 49ers Playbook and doing Dollar 3-2. We're going to take a look at one of the highest-rated blitzes from the last few years - DB Fire 2. We're going to change a couple of things again in the coach adjustments just to make it a little better.

    This time, I'm going to put Auto Alignment on base alignment. This will make it easier to run and more consistent. Beyond that, everything is completely optional. You can even keep the auto flip off and do whatever you want with Zone Toss. Then we're going to go into some MUT 24 Coins and then call the DB Fire 2 gameplay.

    This is also one of the simplest blitzes in Madden 24, but there are a couple of things that really make it better if you do it correctly. We're going to identify the strong-side of the offense because we're going to use the weakside of the formation. We have 2 receivers, a Tight End, and a Running Back, all to the right of the Quarterback, and then to the left, we have a Wide Receiver. You can use any of them, but the blitz will be a little bit better if you use it on the weak side.

    Globally pinch your defense by clicking on RB on Xbox or R1 on PlayStation, and then press the left stick. Then this blitz is done on Xbox or PlayStation by pressing the right stick. After that, we just put the controller down. We just let the computer take the first few steps and then go into the cover. This will make the offensive line awkward and allow us to get free rushes on the sideline, which is a very effective blitz.

    That's all I have to show you today. I hope you enjoy the game!

    May 31, 2024

  • Latest Game Settings To Give You The Edge In EA FC 24 TOTS Latest Game Settings To Give You The Edge In EA FC 24 TOTS

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    Latest Game Settings To Give You The Edge In EA FC 24 TOTS

    Today I'm going to show you the best game settings for EA FC 24 for shooting, passing, defending and others, updated to ensure you get the fastest inputs and the least reaction time, just in time for Team of the Season! These settings will give you a competitive edge, enhancing your gameplay experience and helping you reach your full potential on the virtual pitch.

    The Preset is always going to be on Competitive.

    Shooting Settings

    For Shot Assistance, I always recommend choosing Assisted. While Precision is good and you can practice it if you want, there's more risk and less reward compared to Assisted. So, I suggest keeping it on Assisted.

    For Timed Finishing, this option needs to be turned On. I have found that out of 10 people, at least 6 aren't using Timed Finishing. This is one of those features that can immediately take your game to the next level. I highly recommend you learning and mastering Green Time Finishing.

    Passing Settings

    When it comes to passing, you can set Through Pass Assitance to Semi. For Lobbed Through Pass and Ground Passe Assitance, I also prefer Semi. Ground pass assistance, however, can vary between Semi and assisted. The choice depends on individual experiences.

    Some players encounter issues with assisted passing, like passes going off target, lacking power, or facing direction problems. In such cases, switching to Semi may be beneficial, especially during bad gameplay. Ultimately, the decision between Semi and assisted passing depends on the quality of gameplay you're experiencing.

    Then the Cross Assistance and Lob Pass Assistance are going to be on Assisted. Assisted is the best crossing setting in EA FC 24. Now, if you almost have players who have the Long Ball PlayStyle or PlayStyle+, it is best to utilize with Assisted.

    When it comes to Pass Receiver Lock, if you're experiencing a poor gameplay, you might consider adjusting to the Animation Start. With this option, you can adjust your direction at the last moment, mitigating potential problems caused by gameplay delay. However, under normal circumstances, Late is preferable as it allows you to make directional changes at the last possible moment.

    For the Precision Pass Sensitivity, you can typically keep it set to normal.

    Defending Settings

    When choosing the defending Clearance Assistance, I lean towards the Directional option. Regarding the Defending, I've observed that numerous players stick to Tactical Defending. However, I believe that Advanced Defending provides notable benefits. It enables shoulder barge, a technique widely employed by top professional EA FC 24 Players.

    Then the Pass Block Assistance is going to be On, and if you have players with the Intercept PlayStyle+, you'll cut a lot of balls. For the Auto Switching Move Assistance, most players use None, but I reommend use Low. Both of them are correct settings. High is something I would never recommend.

    Next, the Right Stick Switching is going to be on Classic. EA Sports have added them for the sake of adding them. Right Stick Switching Preference is going to be on Player Relative.

    For the Right Stick Switching Sensitivity, I recommend starting from 0. While switching won't be overly slow, this setting provides more control and reduces the margin of error. It enables better right-stick switching initially. As you progress and improve, gradually increase from 0 to 1, 1 to 2, and so on.

    For Next Player Switching, you have the option to choose between Closest to Ball and Classic. Classic is the traditional method seen in previous versions of the game. Closest to Ball automatically selects the player nearest to the ball. While both options have their advantages and drawbacks, I find Closest to Ball to be the most consistent.

    Player Lock should be On. If you're unfamiliar with how to use Player Lock, I highly recommend learning it. Like Timed Finishing, it's a mechanic that can provide a crucial advantage in tight matches. Icon Switching should be disabled as it serves no practical purpose.

    Other Settings

    As for dribbling, Orbit Dribbling should also be turned off as it's a redundant feature. For the setting of Goalkeeper, Save Assistance don't apply to online matches, so they can be disregarded. Additionally, all Controller Preference settings should be turned off.

    May 24, 2024

  • Learn These 3 Meta Defensive Tips To Become A Shield Wall In EA FC 24 TOTS! Learn These 3 Meta Defensive Tips To Become A Shield Wall In EA FC 24 TOTS!

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    Learn These 3 Meta Defensive Tips To Become A Shield Wall In EA FC 24 TOTS!

    With Team of the Season Promo Event underway, the best attackers are out and they are more dangerous than ever. So now is the time to learn how to stop them. With these 3 powerful defensive tips, you will defend like a pro and stop even the best opponents!

    Anticipate Defensive Decisions When Opponent Touches The Ball

    Let’s start with the defensive decisions you make based on your opponent’s touches on the ball. When your opponent is dribbling, every touch on the ball indicates what your opponent might do in the next step. So there are a few things you need to do before making an aggressive defensive move.

    First, watch your opponent’s movements, try to analyze what he is doing, and at the same time, put yourself in a suitable position. If you want to be in an excellent position, stand in front of your opponent and then look for the best opportunity to make a tackle. You can do this by using Jockey and Sprint Jockey mechanics to stay in front of your opponent and then press L2 button.

    By just holding L2 button, you can put your player into a defensive stance, slowing him down. But this will make his defensive presence stronger to recover the ball, which we call a Jockey.

    Combined with R2 button, you can increase your speed while maintaining this Jockey stance, so that you can cover a wider space in a shorter time, which we call Sprint Jockey.

    In this position, the pass is coming towards the attacker. Since he has a teammate on the left, he can actually pass the ball there, or he can try to pass it to me multiple times at a moment with his currently selected player. This is also where I have to see what he does next, and this will be visible the next time he touches the ball.

    Either way, I have to put my selected player in an excellent position. So after seeing him touch the ball, I jockey towards his running lane. His behavior indicates that he will sprint forward, so I will not hesitate to make an aggressive tackle to him and recover the ball.

    Determining the opponent’s true intentions will allow you to make appropriate challenges. So, whenever you see your opponent sticking to an idea, don’t hesitate to respond to it with your own defensive moves.

    Another important decision is not to get stuck on one player. When defending, the opponent cannot play with you for a while, and you can easily lose the advantage with one of her defenders. This is where you have to use Player Switching mechanic, using L1 or the right analog stick, and switch to the player who can defend your opponent’s next move. Therefore, it is crucial to spend some FC 24 Coins to upgrade your players.

    Advanced Defending

    After learning how to watch your opponent touch the ball, you can use special methods to stop your opponent and steal the ball back.

    FC 24 introduces a new defending option that you can enable in the settings, called Advanced Defending. Now you can use X button in defense to make more intense physical challenges against attackers.

    Note that it is very important not to hold down X button all the time. You only need to use it at the right time to make the best challenge.

    You have to be slightly ahead of your opponent and need a chance to put yourself between the ball and the attacker walking towards the running lane, and then pressing X button can do this. Your positioning is very important. Before executing this mechanic, make sure you are close enough to your opponent and have a direct physical challenge opportunity.

    In this example, I see that the opponent is moving up the side, and the important thing here is to use Sprint button to get close to him. When we get close to him, hold down the X button and try to make a physical impact on him. He will continue dribbling after recovering, but after the second touch, I hold down the X button again, which completely makes the attacker disappear.

    Slide Tackle

    Last but by no means least is Slide Tackle. It is severely underrated, in my opinion. If you know how to use Slide Tackle, you can grab the ball in extreme situations before you get to the tricky parts.

    I must warn you that using Slide Tackle casually is not the right way to go. Sliding from behind or not catching the ball at the best angle will mostly make you fail and you will end up receiving an unnecessary card.

    The way I use Slide Tackle is simple. I will keep an eye out for opportunities that are created when the opponent over-commits to running. There is a specific rule, once you realize that the opponent is over-committing to an opportunity, always set your feet first and position yourself. You can then quickly change your approach and perform a light tackle.

    Slide Tackle is a more aggressive move, and therefore, you need to be accurate in the direction of the ball. But this play style may have a slight impact because it allows you to animate at a faster speed.

    In this example, I tried to catch the opponent from behind. However, if I Slide Tackle too early, I won’t be able to succeed and my opponent will either get rid of me or I will commit a foul. So after seeing that he didn’t change direction, we need to run to the same level. I point to the ball and press the square button, which not only allows me to intercept my opponent, but also recover the ball and start my attack.

    In short, analyzing the opponent and defending against specific meta mechanisms are crucial to completely defeating the opponent. So, are you ready to become a shield wall with these methods? Good luck!

    May 22, 2024

  • Avoid Making These Mistakes During EA FC 24 TOTS Weekend League Avoid Making These Mistakes During EA FC 24 TOTS Weekend League

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    Avoid Making These Mistakes During EA FC 24 TOTS Weekend League

    As the Team of the Season event commences, players in EA FC 24 are gearing up to push their limits and climb to higher ranks. To succeed, it's imperative to shed bad habits and rectify mistakes. In this guide, we'll highlight 4 critical errors you may have been making and provide easy solutions to fix them.

    Push Defenders Out Of Position

    Heading into the discussion of pushing Defenders out of position, let's address a critical mistake in defense: pulling Defenders out of their positions. When you recklessly push out with your wing back, you create an open space that the Winger can exploit, potentially leaving your defense vulnerable. It's essential to recognize when you could have defended a dribbler with your Midfielder instead of breaking the defensive shape.

    While it may seem tempting to confront the opponent by bringing your Defender closer and standing in front of them, it's a high-risk move, especially if the Defender is the last line of defense. A simple pass can exploit the gap created, leading to a conceded goal. To avoid this, assess the situation and consider if you have a Midfielder available to defend. If not, maintain a safe distance from the attacker and use the jockey button to stand firm.

    By staying disciplined and not rushing out for a challenge, prevent the opponent from exploiting the man's advantage. Instead, you can anticipate the pass and position yourself to intercept or mark potential receivers. By analyzing the situation and moving the Defender back without breaking the defensive shape, you can effectively cover the potential threat.

    In contrast, when the opponent carelessly pushes forward, it gives you an advantage. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, focus on defending strategically, anticipating the opponent's moves and positioning the Defender to mitigate the threat effectively. This disciplined approach minimizes the opponent's chances and enhances the team's defensive solidity.

    Pay Attention To The Defender

    One of the most common mistakes is failing to pay attention to the selected Defender. If you overlook their defensive intentions, you risk losing possession easily. It's crucial to monitor them and avoid forcing plays in the direction they're defending. Even if you believe they're covering one side, you must stay focused because their intentions can change rapidly. By neglecting to observe and react, they'll gain the upper hand with each touch on the ball.

    You need to recognize the FC 24 Player with the icon above their head and anticipate their next move. For instance, when preparing to pass, you notice that the opponent has selected a Defender in front of us. As the ball travels, we need to keep an eye on them. Seeing that they persist in defending with the player rather than switching, you can anticipate a defensive challenge because of the acceleration.

    Instead of advancing the ball, which would lead to interception, pull it back, evade the challenge, and create space ahead. As you push the ball forward, the opponent switches to a new Defender, advancing step by step. Anticipating either a tackle or jockeying, retract the ball again, exploit the failed tackle, and easily bypass them to score. Outplaying the opponent's anticipation becomes effortless when you're confident in your approach.

    Understand The Intention Of Opponent

    Understanding the opponent’s intention of attacking is one of the best traits you can learn. Instead of throwing your Defenders to random spots. So, observe the opposition's body language, use early player switches, and cover potential targets without breaking your shape.

    Consider this example: You find space behind the defensive line and is about to enter the box. The opponent covers both passing lanes towards the Striker and controls the running lane. He should look out for the third option: passing the ball back. Instead, he ignores it, pushes towards the line with the selected Defender, and with 2 passes, you can score a goal.

    Another example: if you defend one area well, the opponent will switch direction intentionally. After a side pass, understand the shift towards the other side. Spot the next passing stations and switch to either Defender there. Failure to anticipate will result in conceding a goal. You can use early and efficient player switches, controlling the closest Defender to potential targets.

    Factors like the direction the opposite player faces or controls the ball serve as indicators of the game's direction. Once you see a side-switching pattern towards the left, you can take the Winger from the center towards the wing. By knowing the game's direction, you deny the pass, creating a man's advantage and getting the ball back.

    May 14, 2024

  • The 3 Attacking Formations Are Worth Trying In EA FC 24 TOTS Weekend League! The 3 Attacking Formations Are Worth Trying In EA FC 24 TOTS Weekend League!

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    The 3 Attacking Formations Are Worth Trying In EA FC 24 TOTS Weekend League!

    Welcome, all players! Today we'll be taking a deep dive into the top 3 attacking formations in EA Sport FC 24 that can be used in the Team of the Season Weekend League. I recommend trying out all the formations discussed here to determine which one best suits your playstyle and tactical preferences. Let's get started!


    First, let's kick things off with the second variation of the 4-1-2-1-2 formation. This formation is widely regarded as one of the most well-rounded options: effective both offensively and defensively.

    Custom Tactics

    Defensive Tactics: Starting with Defensive Style, keep it balanced. This applies to all formations discussed here. Set the Width to around 40, though some prefer 65 or even 72 for a more aggressive approach. However, 65 Depth also triggers automatic pressing and Offside Trap, albeit less aggressively, reducing the risk of defensive vulnerabilities.

    Offensive Tactics: For Build Up Play, stick with balanced or opt for fast build up if you prefer a quicker pace. Chance Creation on Direct Passing is recommended for pushing players forward, forcing your opponent's team to retreat. Set this to around 35 to maintain control while attacking.

    In terms of Width, keep it low to narrow your opponent's defensive line, allowing your Fullbacks more room to push forward. Aim for around 6 Players In Box during attacks. For Corners and Free Kicks, play them short to maintain possession and reset your attack.

    Player Instructions

    Striker: Designate 1 Striker as the main attacker, focusing on Get In Behind and Staying Forward, while the other plays a supporting role.

    CAM: Ensure your Central Attacking Midfielder on Stay Forward and Get Into The Box For Crosses, prioritizing players with strong shooting and finesse shot traits. In midfield, instruct both Center Midfielders to Stay On Edge Of Box For Crosses and Cover Center.

    CDM: The Center Defensive Midfielder (CDM) should be Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center, while the other Center Midfielder serves as a playmaker.

    Left & Right Back: Instruct them to Stay Back While Attacking and Overlap, exploiting the space on the wing created by the narrow width of the formation. Use the D-Pad to command your Fullbacks, allowing for precise control over their movements.


    Let's delve into the 4-1-4-1 formation, currently regarded as one of the most potent setups in the EA FC 24, offering dominance and control on the field. With these tactics, you'll embrace a high-tempo Tiki Taka PlayStyle, aiming for 60-70% possession each match.

    Custom Tactics

    Maintain the Defensive Style on balance, keeping Width at 50 and Depth between 60-65 for optimal performance. In Build Up Play, opt for balanced and the Chance Creation set to Possession, facilitating the fluid passing game characteristic of Tiki Taka. Ensure Players In Box are positioned at 6, while Corners and Free Kicks remain lethal with settings at 3 and 2, respectively.

    Player Instructions

    Striker: Despite being the focal point, goals won't predominantly stem from this position.

    Left & Right CM: Focus on empowering your Left and Right Midfielders to become goal-scoring threats. Have them Come Back On Defense, Cut Inside, and Get Into The Box For Crosses, essentially operating akin to auxiliary Strikers. Select FC 24 Players with strong finishing attributes for these roles.

    Transitioning to the midfield, your Left Center Midfielder assumes a Box-to-Box role, necessitating robust defensive capabilities. Assign tasks of supporting the defense, venturing forward for crosses, and covering the wing when necessary.

    Conversely, Your Right Center Midfielder emerges as a primary goal-scoring outlet, positioning himself to exploit opportunities in the box while providing defensive support. Meanwhile, your Defensive Midfielder plays a key role, intercepting passes, shielding the defense, and initiating attacks.

    Fullbacks: Instruct both Fullbacks to Overlap, unleashing crosses to capitalize on a tall Striker's aerial prowess.


    Last up, we have the 4-4-2 formation, undoubtedly the best attacking formation covered in this guide. This 4-4-2 formation is highly offensive and operates at a fast pace, leading to numerous high-scoring games.

    Custom Tactics

    Defensive Tactics: The Defensive Style is set to balance, with the depth brought down to 40. A Depth of around 65 is deemed perfect. Build Up Play remains on balance, with the Chance Creation set to Direct Passing again, bringing the Width down slightly to 45.

    Offensive Tactics: We'll have the Players In the Box set to 6, and Corners and Free Kicks are crucial to maintain at 3 and 2, respectively. Like the 4-1-2-1-2 formation, we'll designate a supportive Striker and a more attacking one.

    Player Instructions

    Striker: This Striker's role is pivotal as the main goal-scorer in the team, while the majority of assists will come from the Right Striker. The right striker is instructed to Stay Central and Come Back On Defense, essentially playing more like a CAM in the EA FC 24.

    Left & Right Mid: Moving on to the Left and Right Mids, much akin to the 4-1-4-1 formation, they should be instructed to Come Back On Defense, Cut Inside, and Get Into The Box For Crosses. With the Striker already designated to Get In Behind, these Midfielders can exploit the space created by pushing back opponents' defense.

    Left & Right Back: Utilizing the D-Pad tactic to bring the Left and Right Backs forward is crucial, ensuring they Stay Back While Attacking and Overlap.

    CM: For the 2 center mids, one should be more defensively oriented, instructed to Stay Back While Attacking, Stay On Edge Of Box For Crosses, and Cover Center. Having a player with the Intercept PlayStyle+, in this position, can be highly advantageous. The other Center Mid should operate more than a Box-to-Box player, Stay On Edge Of Box For Crosses and Cover Center.

    May 10, 2024

  • These 3 Offensive Tips Can Help You Gain A Huge Advantage In FC 24 TOTS! These 3 Offensive Tips Can Help You Gain A Huge Advantage In FC 24 TOTS!

    Check the detail

    These 3 Offensive Tips Can Help You Gain A Huge Advantage In FC 24 TOTS!

    It’s time for Team Of The Season and you have to do something different, something more effective to defeat your opponents with ease. In today’s guide, we give you three secret attack tips that you must implement into the game that will get you ranked up in no time.

    Side Passing

    Let’s start with my personal favorite method, Side Passing. Many players have the urge to pass the ball forward, which is why defenders mostly position themselves in the middle.

    In this situation, you don’t need to force the ball forward, but instead look for wide players to pass the ball, which will create plenty of scoring opportunities as the ball travels.

    Additionally, you need to see what defenders your opponent has and predict their next move. Then, a quick pass to the other side can force the opponent to make a simple mistake. This method is particularly useful against players who defend the middle very tightly.

    And when you want to pass forward, it’s usually already covered. So once you find the forward pass, and you haven’t completed Side Passing, then continuous Side Passing is a good way to open the goal.

    It should be noted that if the defender cannot complete the player switching quickly, this rapid passing will cause a lot of trouble. So it’s important to identify patterns and target goals ahead of time. It takes a lot of experience to understand every step of this type of pass, but in the end, it will give you an immense advantage.

    I would like to give an example of how I use this technique to score goals in games. Since I had a feeling of being stuck when starting the attack from the left, I wanted to change the direction of the play with two quick Side Passings after successfully doing this to create an opportunity for a forward pass.

    Unfortunately, the shot was blocked, but I’ll keep the ball there safely. At this point, there was only one optimal player to attack, and I had to act quickly. So, we side passed twice again, got ourselves into a 1v1 situation, and completed a simple Finesse Shot.

    As mentioned before, the only way to stop Side Passing is to use player switching effectively, and excellent players can defend against this method. So if you want to master this skill, spending FC 24 Coins to buy talented players is essential.

    Diagonal Runs

    Moving on to the next one, this is an amazing solution for creating Passing Lines. You see, as we go straight ahead, there are two passing options, but neither seems guaranteed. Because they are all covered, and the passing lanes are not optimal, that’s why I use Diagonal Runs, which pushes the ball 45° away from the intended target and gives you a wider passing angle.

    Whenever we see a potential runner behind the defensive line, be alert, because this can easily become a big deal for you.

    We needed to create the best passing opportunity for him, so I took the ball away from him and ran towards the other side at a 45° angle to create an unstoppable through chance.

    These Diagonal Runs are very effective for players who directly want to cover passing lanes. Once they try to catch up, you can defend them with Diagonal Runs, and they won’t be able to catch you until you create a passing option. Even if they run with the defender, this approach will give you the upper hand.

    So in this example, when I get the ball instead of running straightforward, I’m going to give myself a diagonal angle towards the striker. This will allow me to deflect the ball away from the defender behind me, which will also allow me to carefully wait for the winger’s run and create better through-ball opportunities for the striker in front of me.

    Once I see the opponent defending the wrong side of the attacker, I use the passing lane created by Diagonal Runs to find this striker, get a good Through-Ball in a 1v1 situation and score.

    Sprint Boost

    The last but not least offensive skill is Sprint Boost. You can gain huge acceleration with different types of Skill Moves, such as Stepover with unique animations. But today’s method will be simpler. It will confuse the opponent’s mind and thus give you the easiest chance.

    When you make a run where there is space in front of you, drag your opponent there and he will try to defend. However, if he just walks, it will trigger the opponent.

    It’s like you’re passing the ball inside the box and then you’re trying to cover the passing lane and then just use Controlled Sprint to get an explosive Sprint Boost so you can easily outrun your opponent and find the space you need.

    Of course, this also applies to different areas of the pitch. Players with Rapid Playstyle+ are perfect candidates for this method. But this will work even without it. You just have to find the right position, get into your opponent’s head, push the ball fast enough and create your own chances.

    That’s why opponents put themselves between me and potential shooting opportunities. But this opened up the space in front of me, and just by using Controlled Sprint, I could get an explosive Sprint Boost and find another shooting angle to score a goal.

    All in all, these 3 secret offensive methods will be the key to giving your team a huge advantage in Team Of The Season. So hurry up and give it a try!

    May 07, 2024

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