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    Title Update #9 Changes Everything In FIFA 23!

    A couple days ago, just on March 22, EA Sports released a Title Update #9 for FIFA 23 and it made significant changes to the game. This patch brings back the power of an offensive mechanic and also requires you to be more active in defense. Please note that this article is only going to cover the most important changes and how you can instantly adapt to them.

    Driven Passes

    Driven Passes were part of the meta in the previous years. But this year, they have been so inconsistent even if you think like, alright this is a good opportunity for a Driven Pass they might have failed you. With the title update 9, they are now back on the menu first. Let’s see how EA visualizes the change.

    As you can see in the image, the passing lines are spreading more and more as the distance gets longer. Since we want to achieve passes towards longer distances in shorter times with rivet passes, this was the main reason for inaccuracy. However, as we take a look at the image from the post patch, the lines are looking much tighter and this can be felt in the game as well.

    To be able to send a Driven Pass, point out their target with the left analog stick, simply hold on to R1, RB button and power up the pass regarding the distance. However, this improvement with the accuracy still doesn’t mean that the consent of the ball is mindlessly. If there is someone defending a passing lane, the pass will be intercepted. So, make sure you have a clear straight path between the passer and the receiver before sending a Driven Pass. 

    Here is how effective Driven Passes can become after the patch. I want to distribute the bolt as fast as I can to other teammates, so I think of the Driven Pass and for that, the passing lane should be clear. 

    Going for a Driven Pass from the center back to my Midfielder reduces the time of the travel of the ball, so the Defender can’t react in time.

    This allows me to go for another Driven Pass since the passing lanes are undefended so I pass the ball towards Modric and instantly take the ball towards the lower side, which opens up another wide passing angle towards Messi (who is a strong player you can get by using FUT 23 Coins). Another one point Driven Pass towards him and one final one towards his co-striker finishes the job. 

    Taking a look at the same position without pausing shows us how hard it is to switch players and defend consecutive accurate Driven Passes, so look out for more Driven Passes opportunities and maybe create them by yourself occasionally.

    Explosive Accelerate Type

    The second change is a bit more interesting. At the start of the year, a new player attribute was introduced to the Neogen players, which is the accelerate archetypes and most of you probably still remember the length of the archetype dominating the beginning phase.

    EA has been making changes to this attribute. With the latest patch, players with explosive archetype accelerate slightly faster during the early stages of the requested Sprint. That means they are now more capable of reaching their full speed earlier than the players with other accelerate archetypes.

    This is how it was before the patch. Explosive players were starting their runs faster than the others even then. However, they were easily caught by the others in a short distance. With this title update, the distance has been slightly increased, as you can see in the second footage. 

    We can also feel the difference in the game. With the knowledge of having explosive players in my hands, I tend to accelerate towards the empty spaces much more because they feel like they’re uncatchable in short distances.

    Here, as I received the ball with Pele, I instantly realized that he has an explosive archetype, so I know that he will be unstoppable to catch once I start running towards the goal. 

    After facing towards my target, I immediately start running and look how fast it explodes with this run. As a conclusion to this, if you know you’re controlling an explosive player and have open space in front of you, make sure to try by exploring it by running.

    Reduced Auto Tackling

    Our last major point is about defending. Auto tackles have been in question for quite a while and there is something you need to know. Even though Defenders are not better able to take control of the ball after intercepting it while jockeying, the range of auto tackles has been reduced. 

    You will notice that even if you’re trying to mirror the opponent while jockeying, you might not intercept or get a foot in this is because of the patch. So, there are two things you can do:

    You can either position yourself perfectly with your jockey, right in front of the opponent, and then get the ball automatically or try to get a manual tackled in right when you have the opportunity. Either way, you’re going to have to be more precise and manual with your defending.

    Mar 30, 2023

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    MLB The Show 23: A Quick Rookie Guide To The Best Batting Stance

    In MLB The Show 23, it is impossible to automatically match the best batting posture for each player, because this is a very subjective game operation, and it also has a great impact on the player's win or loss in each game. There will also be some players who will be good at Contact Hitting, or Power Hitting, and gradually form their own hitting styles.

    These individual differences will only affect the player's hitting level more and more. However, the vast majority of MLB The Show 23 players only need to make some positioning adjustments to some players with fixed position preferences, then players can easily understand every process of hitting the ball, so as to create their own Great hitting position. This will be more useful than simply using MLB The Show 23 Stubs or other equipment to improve strength.

    Choosing A Batting Stance

    Players can usually customize and randomly select a pose template before the game. Generic Stance 1 is best used until the player can understand exactly what each element means. This Generic Stance 1 can ensure that the player's parameter levels in all aspects are balanced.

    After a period of contact in the game, players will understand their game needs and batting habits. After the player understands these basic information, they can go back and choose a suitable template and make corresponding adjustments to it.

    Hand Offset

    If the player wants to hit the ball at X, there is some difficulty, because the landing point here is related to the distance the player moved before hitting Contact Hitting.

    It needs to be close to the head, but the arms can't be stretched that far. This means that the arm needs to swing as early as possible to get to the front of the court quickly. Of course, as the player gets farther away from point X, the faster the arm needs to swing.

    Hand Rotation

    Adjustments to hand rotation are usually related to the angle of the baseball swing. If the player is hitting the ball at a flat angle, then naturally no adjustments need to be made and the lob will be hit with maximum power. If the player is accustomed to hitting the ball at a high angle, the baseball will fly out in a circle at a relatively low distance.

    Yordan Alvarez's hitting action is a very good example. As an excellent Left Fielder, he is used to hitting the ball very low, even at negative angles. Therefore, his presence is a fatal blow to all high hitters in the field.

    Forward Foot Offset

    When players understand how to maintain the correct hitting posture, the most important thing is to pay attention to Z-axis offset of the front foot. If a player finds himself regularly hitting a lot of throw-ins to one side, this will be the first place you need to adjust.

    Players can use Closed Stance, and hitters will find that they can expand the entire range of the ball. Consistently drawing fouls from opposing players can even improve this range. This is the method used by Top-tier second baseman Jose Altuve.

    Hitting the ball in X-axis area will pay more attention to the distribution of power in the player's hips. Especially in Tight Stance, players will hit the ball more easily. Those players who stand up front can also adjust their stance to gain more power on early strokes.

    The above are the points that novice players need to pay attention to when finding the most suitable hitting posture for themselves. The first step is to swing lightly to increase contact while conserving energy. The second step is to increase the speed of the ball while increasing the actual contact rate. As long as the player achieves a good balance between the two, I believe that he will be able to find his own best hitting posture soon.

    Mar 30, 2023

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    MLB The Show 23: Is Diamond Dynasty’s First Season Worth The Wait?

    As time goes by, this year’s MLB opening ceremony is also approaching. At the same time, it also means that it will launch soon the latest issue of MLB The Show. It’s true that baseball sim players have been looking forward to MLB The Show 23 these days.

    At the same time, the developer San Diego Studio also stated that there will be some new features and gameplay in the new patch launched this year. Among them, the biggest change in MLB The Show 23 will be reflected in this year’s Diamond Dynasty operating mechanism.

    Developer San Diego Studio wanted to make some major improvements to Diamond Dynasty’s gameplay mechanics in MLB The Show 23 early on. They want to introduce a new batch of cycle card groups by introducing the game structure of the new season. But this move will more or less affect the overall experience of players using Diamond Dynasty, especially for some old players who are used to the game’s operating mechanism.

    However, SDS recently proclaimed the content of the first season, which greatly eased the dissatisfaction of players. Players are also generally looking forward to the content of the first season of MLB The Show 23 that SDS will launch soon, as well as the appearance of new cards.

    Diamond Dynasty Linkage World Baseball Classic Content

    Throughout the month of March, fans around the globe are watching World Baseball Classic. In this year’s championship, many outstanding baseball talents from all over the world have appeared. At the same time, this game also left many impressive scenes for the fans.

    MLB The Show 23 also commemorates this WBC this time by using different cards in Diamond Dynasty, including launching cards and jerseys of players from different countries. At the same time, WBC commemorative card launched this time will also become the first part of MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty card set. This is one of the latest content players will experience soon.

    Team Affinity

    One of the player’s favorite features in the early days of MLB The Show 23 was Team Affinity, which was essentially a reward system. Players can use this to earn premium cards from their favorite baseball teams. Although Team Affinity did not appear in MLB The Show 22, it will return to MLB The Show 23.

    Each team and its captain in the first season of Diamond Dynasty will have their own charisma cards, which will form another part of Diamond Dynasty deck, just like WBC commemorative cards. For some players who usually have to wait a long time to find players from their favorite MLB teams to form an exclusive team, many players will welcome this setting.

    New Legend

    Many MLB The Show players said that one of the reasons they like this game most is that it includes many classic players in MLB history. Of course, this MLB The Show 23 is no exception. It will launch many new legendary players in Diamond Dynasty, and players can get them through MLB The Show 23 Stubs at any time.

    Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Derek Jeter will also be some collectible rewards. These cards will be part of the core deck for MLB The Show 23. SDS will open a new chapter with players in Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 23 this year. With the reveal of the game mode, this season will be highly anticipated by many players.

    In fact, compared to game mechanics such as Madden NFL and FIFA’s Ultimate Team, Diamond Dynasty has always been excellent. Although some changes have taken place in the early improvement process, I believe this year’s MLB The Show 23 will still surprise players.

    Mar 24, 2023

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    FIFA 23: Are These New Mixed Campaign Player Pick Packs Worth It?

    Some players in the campaign chose Thief, hoping for a cheap and reliable way to make an amazing breakthrough in that Ultimate Team. Mixed Campaign Player Pick Packs are now also an alternative choice for players.

    What we ended up with was actually a Mixed Campaign Player. Could also be one of the three Future Stars players on the road to the final Centurions. Here will show if it’s worth it today.

    I don’t think this is a good start. But Michael Langer needs 80k FUT 23 Coins. So here, he is just a candidate for our number two. Here we have to take it to a good level.

    We need Ebro Nemo or Calabria. Because I already have Jamie Vardy. But it is very risky to choose these, so I will choose another one. They are very adventurous here. We’re ready to pick brand new players again. I want to see something cool like we didn’t see any player rated over 88 here even in the 90s. It’s March, so I’d really like to start meeting these talented players.

    We’ve got Lucas to know more about Spurs around Champions League, but we’re still not at 90 games, and we’re still without Neymar ibra or Salah. By the way, we got Raul in an icon pack from nowhere. Well, the fourth pack actually looks a bit like an icon.

    We’ll keep going, we have another player option. Here are five more Packs, and we get Emil Forsberg as we wished. I’m not kidding, it really takes a lot of FUT 23 Coins. As you can see on the official website, I really can’t believe this is so expensive.

    Apparently because of the high prices for players above 85s. But this may be the highest priced SPC this year. We’re not getting a profitable return right now. However, if they are tradable, then this is a crazy prize.

    Next, we got Lucas Mora or Felipe Anderson again, and you’ll see the former West Ham player again. Then there’s Felipe Anderson, who was also a former Liverpool player and a former PSG player. By the way, Lucas Mora has maintained a solid rating in this Ultimate Team for six years. We could actually get some really outstanding players here. You know there’s an interesting player option here, like Chesney or James Milner at the right price.

    What I’m going to show you is the highest priced SBC. So far it has released them. For the price, we’re making a very controversial choice. Don’t know if Trent is worth it.

    Honestly, why am I interested in Raspadori? Because he is a Live card, compared to Trent’s price, it is more suitable to choose him. In the meantime, we also really needed something good to show you that these Mixed Campaign Player Pick Packs are actually starting to get better.

    I really think there’s only Liverpool, that’s what we have to have, anyway. He is such a pure football player. But players need to use at least 437k FUT 23 Coins to get it. But I also think he deserves it.

    There’s only one choice here, and then we’re the final pick player for the day to get more of this stuff. What exactly do we get from these Pick Packs? It’s still expensive. I think it should be in the range of 134.4k FUT 23 Coins. In any case, it’s still crazy how players could get legendary players like Trent or Felipe Anderson this way.

    Although I don’t use Trent very often, he seems useful anyway. What do you guys get from this new Mixed Campaign Player Pick Packs? Do you think it’s worth it? Of course, I still think it’s important to save some coins and stuff. You can save more with this and use it in better ways than I expected. Hope these will help you.

    Mar 23, 2023

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    MLB The Show 23: Details On The Latest Features

    With the MLB Opening Ceremony just around the corner, they have officially set the release date of MLB The Show 23 for March 24. It’s been three years since MLB The Show 23 entered current-gen consoles as a classic annual baseball sim. The developer, San Diego Studio, remains true to its original intentions and continues to improve the game.

    In fact, most sports games rarely change the rules of the game with each new installment. But MLB The Show 23 promises to build on the franchise by adding new features while improving on some established mechanics.

    A month before the pre-release of MLB The Show 23, developer San Diego Studio made an in-depth promotion of the content of this release. Whether it’s an exciting pre-game demo or a clearer game mechanism, the developers hope to make MLB The Show 23 better with every sincere improvement.

    Of course, these tasks are also a self-challenge for the developer of San Diego Studio. Not just for these minor changes, but more importantly for the newly added gameplay, that is shocking to everyone else. There will be some unexpected changes and additions.

    Negro National League

    MLB The Show is more about showing the long history of baseball in America, but MLB The Show 23 is expanding this content through the latest Storylines game mode, and they do not limit it to this.

    In its first season, MLB The Show 23 celebrates this Negro National League while showing the growth and development of some popular players. The information about Negro National League is presented in a regular sequence combination. Players can also revisit the career highlights of some players, such as Jackie Robinson and Satchel Paige here.

    Diamond Dynasty

    Nearly every sports game this year has centered around a collectible card mode that gives players the freedom to assemble a fantasy team of every influential player in the world. Of course, MLB The Show is no exception. Diamond Dynasty is the most popular mode among players in these years.

    This time MLB The Show 23 will plan to change Diamond Dynasty mode in a brand new way. An additional set of cards and seasons will be introduced, but this move will limit the cards that can be played throughout the year. It’s a move that almost no one would have thought of, and it’s sure to make this Diamond Dynasty a little different from it was before.

    New Legends

    One of the reasons why many old players are willing to return to MLB The Show every year is Legends players of MLB, such as Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth. MLB The Show 22 added star players such as Jimmy Rollins and Prince Fielder. The details of the players being added to MLB The Show 23 are also what players are looking forward to.

    According to the trailer, the players added to MLB The Show 23 may be Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds. Controversial as these players may be, they represent an era of baseball beloved by many fans.

    The result of long-term management and careful production by MLB The Show 23 developer San Diego Studio. Although it has been released for three years, the developer San Diego Studio has been working hard to bring players better things and meet the needs of players.

    MLB opening ceremony is approaching, and MLB The Show 23 will officially release on March 24. If you want to experience this new content, don’t forget to buy MLB 23 Stubs. I hope you will have a pleasant gaming experience.


    Mar 21, 2023

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    MLB The Show 23: Changes To Diamond Dynasty Function

    As we all know, annual sports events like Madden NFL and FIFA usually rarely make any major updates. However, MLB The Show as a sports game has successfully subverted players’ perceptions.

    In fact, many baseballs games have tried to make some recent changes to their game content over the years, even MLB The Show 23 is no exception. MLB The Show 23 is planning a change to one of its most popular game modes, and for better or worse, players are looking forward to it.

    Developer San Diego Studio announced the latest features of MLB The Show 23 update a few weeks ago. Although most sports games will make appropriate adjustments to the mechanics of the game every year. Among them, the most significant change in MLB The Show 23 this time is the change in the way this Diamond Dynasty operates.

    The function of Diamond Dynasty in the previous MLB The Show is actually equivalent to this Ultimate Team in Madden NFL and FIFA. Players can collect Baseball Cards, both current and past releases.

    This baseball cards have their own scores, with scores ranging from 40 to 99. Players can get it from card packs or games, or can redeem some cards through MLB The Show 23 Stubs. Players can use these Baseball Cards anywhere as long as they have them.

    But in this update event of MLB The Show 23, SDS is also changing. It can also introduce some Baseball Cards into card sets and seasons to use.

    In some limited-time Events, players can only use cards designated in some particular Season’s Sets. For example, if a player owns a Set 1 card, that card will always be usable throughout Season and will be a great addition to their team. But when Season 3 comes, players will no longer be allowed to use this card, only cards from Sets 2 and 3. There will also be a Core Set that players can use at any time. Including:

    • Live Series cards
    • Collection Rewards
    • Negro League Storylines cards

    Of course, players will still be able to use whatever cards they like normally when playing against their friends. But this usage restriction is a first for Diamond Dynasty and is a major change as well.

    From a positive point of view, each Season can use different cards to help players maintain enough freshness throughout the entire game of MLB The Show 23. Players also don’t need to use only one card in the game for several months, and can try some new things.

    More importantly, SDS also promises that it will be easier for players to get advanced cards in this Season. Good for giving some new players more access to some of the best cards in MLB The Show.

    For MLB The Show players, building a strong team takes time. Although players don’t need to use MLB The Show 23 Stubs to build a team in this Diamond Dynasty. But this Diamond Dynasty is different from Madden NFL Ultimate Team. Players need a lot of courage and a sense of responsibility to unlock a team.

    Compared with other games, MLB The Show 23 is actually a sports game that is steadily and progressively rising, so this change to this Diamond Dynasty is also an enormous risk.

    Although there are still some unreasonable places, the card sets setting of this Season may revitalize the game, and may also attract some old players to return. With the actual change of MLB’s Season rules, MLB The Show 23 will also usher in recent changes.

    Mar 17, 2023

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    MLB The Show 23: Every New Legend

    Every year MLB the Show 23 brings former players back to the game as Legends. As this year’s game revealed that there will be new legends to join. So, here’s what we know about legends for you.

    The most recently revealed Legends is Matt Kane, who has played for this San Francisco Giants his entire career. It may award him a 99 Milestone card for his flawless run on June 13, 2012.

    Satchel Paige also came to MLB the Show 23. He has an estimated 2,000 winning pitches, 250 shutouts, 50 no hitters and a personal best 22 strikeout in over 2,500 games.

    In one game, 23-year-old Hilton Smith will become another Legend Newton. He has a career scoring average of 168 in Negro Leagues and will often finish games where Satchel Paige starts. In addition to his excellent Curveball, Hilton Smith was a professional hitter who completed nearly 300 games.

    We also have Jake Peavy as a New Legend. He won this National League Cy Young Award while playing for Padres in 2007. He also led Major League that year, and won both Strikeouts Average, FIP Whip and Strikes Per Nine Innings.

    We have John Donaldson as a New Legend of MLB 23. He has two Perfect Games 14 no-hitters. 5,081 career strikeouts in 413 wins. He was actually Satchel Paige’s mentor. He also hit some home runs and averaged well.

    Hank Thompsonis is this year’s MLB 23 New Legend. The 16-year-old averaged 267 home runs in 906 games and with Giants organization. Then in the 1951 World Series, he actually joined Willie Mays and Monty Irvin to form the first All Blacks.

    Another 23-year-old New Legend in the outfield at a Major League baseball was Greg Vaughn, a four-time All-Star. Finished fourth in MVP voting in 1998 and 1999. He also won a silver medal in ‘98, a game in which he hit 50 home runs.

    For San Diego Padres, Buck O’Neill joined MLB 23 as a New Legend. In 1946, Kansas City monarchs had an average score of 353. He was also one of the best defensive first basemen in Negro Leagues history.

    Another New Legend in this year’s game is Mike Lowell, a four-time All-Star. In 2005 and 2007, while playing for the Red Sox, he finished fifth in MVP voting with 324 points per game. 

    He became another New Legend in MLB 23 that season with 21 home runs and 37 doubles. Beginning in 1902, he won 44 straight games as a pitcher. In fact, I asked him to tutor a young Christy Mathewson, and he allegedly taught Christy Mathewson and made him one of the best pitchers ever.

    With a career era of 3.28, Derek Jeter is finally New Legend from MLB the Show 23. He’s also one of the most anticipated and requested Legends in MLB the Show 23 history.

    All in all, the players who have returned to MLB the Show 23 each year so far have been one of the most impressive legends for players. If you want to try, don’t hesitate to start now. You can also choose to get some MLB 23 Stubs to help you have a better gaming experience. Come and try it out.

    Mar 13, 2023

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    NBA 2K23: MyCAREER Daily Spin Guide

    Many NBA 2K23 MyCAREER players usually only need to log in to the game every day to get rich rewards. This is mainly due to NBA 2K has been keen to provide players with a better MyCAREER gaming experience. So much so that players can usually easily get free items, upgrades, and NBA 2K23 MT.

    What some players may not know is that Daily Spin is just a bonus location for each day, and you can discover its location in this NBA 2K23 community. However, you will still need to log in to the game each day to redeem a free MyCAREER reward that day. 

    Therefore, players believe that Daily Spin is one of the easiest ways to get free rewards, and Daily Spin is also very popular among players.

    But where exactly are these Daily Spins? What does a player have to do to successfully earn rewards in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER? What are the rewards? Below, we will answer your doubts in detail.

    Daily Spin Location - The City

    If you’re playing NBA 2K23 on a next-gen console, you’ll easily find Daily Spin location at The Block in The City. At the same time, you can also use the corresponding color of Affiliation in the game community to mark the position of this Daily Spin.

    Daily Spin Locations - G.O.A.T. Boat

    If you’re near a G.O.A.T. Boat, you’ll be able to spot Daily Spin in no time. It’s on Promenade Floor on the Silver Deck. You’ll see two prize chests around 1v1 Galleon Ship. You just need to set your spawn location to Promenade, and you’ll be ready.

    How To Use Daily Spin

    Whether you’re on The City or a G.O.A.T. Boat, activating Daily Spin is exactly the same. After you find Daily Spin, facing the two buttons of the treasure chest, you need to be clear, press “X” for PlayStation, press “A” for Xbox, the system will randomly distribute daily rewards according to the button you press.

    The only difference between Console Generations is the way players earn their rewards. For Next-Gen Console players, once you’ve located Daily Spin, you’ll see a horizontal page of colored chests where you can choose a reward of your choice. 

    Players on a G.O.A.T. Boat will see a pop-up directly within the prize chests they see, showing the rewards they have earned.

    Daily Spin Rewards

    Daily Spin rewards are very rich, and players can get different rewards here every day. Here are the prizes players can get in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER:

    • Virtual Currency
    • Apparel Items
    • Gatorade Boosts
    • Skill Boosts
    • Tattoos

    As you may have noticed, these rewards are very random and may only change as you pan for gold. But when your Daily Spin logins reach a stable level, your chances of getting wonderful rewards will increase accordingly.

    In short, these rewards will be of great benefit to your equipment upgrades, so hurry up and try them out.

    Mar 09, 2023

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    FIFA 23: Some Information About Crack The Net SBC

    In FIFA 23, as part of Fantasy Fut, Crack the Net SBC refers to the new daily pack Squad Building Challenge. For Ultimate Team, there are also single-quest utility challenges much like this one that has become their staple. In addition to those goals and exclusive challenges, they also provide you with a constant steady stream of content.

    The Fantasy FUT promo from of a previous game has returned in FIFA 23. However, there is a chance that this card's stats will get a boost due to their upgrade path. They have also revised the upgrade path to take into account the competitive outcome of future games for those designated domestic clubs.

    As the game progresses, many powerful items are released. And you, as a loyal FIFA 23 fan, will definitely want to get some of these items and open as many good packs as you can. And the Fantasy FUT promo has been pretty active lately, so if you're an Ultimate Team enthusiast, you'll have to make those cheap daily content. Below, I have prepared for you an important guide on how to complete Crack the Net SBC in FIFA 23, as well as a short analysis of the challenges. I hope it will help you.

    Ways To Complete Crack The Net SBC

    Next, you must complete an individual quest with requirements to be able to complete Crack the Net SBC.

    • Number of players in the squad: Exactly 11
    • Leagues represented in the squad: At least 2
    • Nationalities represented in the squad: Up to 2
    • Rare cards in the squad: At least 1
    • Squad Rating: At least 50
    • Required chemistry points: At least 14
    • Reward: 1x Two Rare Gold Players Pack

    Estimated cost: 2,000-2,500 FUT 23 Coins Across platforms

    Is Crack The Net SBC Worth Completing For You?

    In FIFA 23, because the Showdown series offers much of the same, dynamic upgradeable cards are nothing new. Compared to RTTF or Showdown cards, Fantasy Fut items are different from them. RTTF or Showdown cards are upgraded in relation to their team's results in international club competitions or specific fixtures. The upgrade of the Fantasy Fut items will take into account the performance of the entire team and players on the pitch.

    In addition to the above, through the Fantasy Fut, some Heroes cards in the game also have special versions. In their respective domestic leagues, if some of their previous clubs can perform well in the upcoming competition, there is a possibility that these projects will be upgraded in the future.

    If you want to get some new cards, these packs are going to be great value, as there will be plenty of valuable cards being released into FIFA 23 next. Squad building challenges like the Crack the Net SBC I just showed you, while it doesn't necessarily guarantee you will get a Fantasy Fut card, it's possible to get one.

    An Analysis Of Crack The Net SBC

    The list of requirements for Crack the Net SBC might seem long to you. But after you take a brief look at it, they're all pretty easy to satisfy. Even if you're one of those casual gamers who don't have a lot of fodder, it's easy to meet those requirements.

    As a FIFA 23 player, if you want to build an eligible team that meets these requirements, you'll need to have a fodder of 2,200 coins, based on the current market prices for these items. And this SBC's low cost is a result of its squad rating requirements and lenient chemistry points.

    If you complete the challenge, it will yield a pack of Two Rare Gold Players, and this will always be a card for the ongoing promo. With Fantasy FUT bringing some great cards to FIFA 23, Crack the Net SBC is indispensable for FIFA Ultimate Team enthusiasts like you considering their high reward potential and relatively low cost.

    Mar 07, 2023

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    NBA 2K23: Quick Online Matchmaking Guide

    NBA 2K23 features pretty much the same in-game features on almost every platform. However, New-Gen patches are often very different from Old-Gen patches. Especially this year, the City that New-Gen offers players to explore is much smaller than last year. Meanwhile, Old-Gen’s cruise ship called GOAT Boat was repatriated.

    Many players often form a team to play NBA 2K games. However, there will also be many players who prefer to complete the game alone or randomly match players into the game.

    However, random matching is a bit troublesome for some single players. When you’re in a spot waiting for other random players to join you, there’s a good chance that an already formed party will jump into the squad position and start the game before you’ve managed to form a party. This means that you will have to wait longer to start the next game.

    From time to time, you may encounter players who don’t want to play with you because they are not happy with your overall Season ranking. If you can do what MyPlayer Blacktop does as a solo player, you probably don’t need to worry about not being able to join a squad.

    However, most players may need to try to join some matchmaking activities to ensure that you can play more games. Luckily, there are a few ways here in NBA 2K23 that can help you jump into some online matchmaking as quickly as possible on The City or GOAT Boat.


    As we said before, The City’s territory is small, but its content is more compact and easier for players to navigate. At the same time, they have added some new scenes to The City, and Theater is one of them. Here you can randomly match players from all over the world to start the game.

    There are four venues in Theater, where you can choose to start waiting for pairing. However, not every Friday has a 3-on-3 game. You may have a 3-on-3 at one venue and a 1-on-1 at another.

    Plus, there are some weird things going on here, too. For example, in a Caffeinated event, the player’s speed suddenly increases rapidly during the game, scurrying around the court like ants.

    The Rec

    If you don’t like these contingencies, don’t worry. In general, there are slots available for regular 3-on-3 games, and you can join them whenever you want.

    Of course, if you’re looking for Hardwood 5-on-5 basketball games, you can also check out The Rec. The Rec is like The City. You can join the game directly. Of course, if you win the game, you can also get some XP, MyPoints and NBA 2K23 MT rewards.

    GOAT Boat

    The first time GOAT Boat appeared was in NBA 2K22. At that time, the setting was very simple, with only 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 playing fields.

    However, now the developers have given the GOAT Boat a facelift. There are now two Permanent Matchmaking Courts available to players in GOAT Boat. Of course, there are also 3-on-3 and 1-on-1 courts, which I believe single players will like very much.

    The 3-on-3 venue is commonly known as The Bridge and is in Control Room of GOAT Boat. Another 1-on-1 court is set inside Pirate Ship. Players can quickly get XP, MyPoints and NBA 2K23 MT rewards by playing here, just like in Theater.

    These updates will be permanent, so you don’t have to worry about changing the style of play in Theater. If you want to experience indoor basketball, then I believe you will love Old Rec.

    Here, you can use the above three methods to enjoy online matchmaking in NBA 2K23. There is also a tip: if you want to upgrade as soon as possible, please be sure to choose as many high-scoring teammates as possible to help you. Hope you have fun.

    Mar 04, 2023

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