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  • Unveiling The Ultimate 10 Career Mode Teams: FC 24's Exciting Lineup For Football Enthusiasts! Unveiling The Ultimate 10 Career Mode Teams: FC 24's Exciting Lineup For Football Enthusiasts!

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    Unveiling The Ultimate 10 Career Mode Teams: FC 24's Exciting Lineup For Football Enthusiasts!

    Embark on an epic journey with us through EA FC 24 Career Mode as we shine a spotlight on the top teams for an unforgettable adventure. From legendary titans like Manchester United to inspiring underdog stories with Leicester City, explore the diverse challenges and triumphant moments that lie ahead. Ideal for football enthusiasts eager to carve their own path to greatness discreetly. Are you prepared to guide your team to victory?

    Team 1: Leverkusen

    Under the guidance of Xabi Alonso, Leverkusen has won over hearts this year, mine included. They embrace football in its purest form, boasting an immensely enjoyable team dynamic.

    Their style of play in-game mirrors this enjoyment, making Leverkusen a top pick for those craving an authentic and captivating football experience.

    Objectives With Leverkusen

    • Uphold Xabi Alonso's legacy by clinching the German title and triumphing in the Europa League this season.
    • In the subsequent season, retain the squad, reinforce where necessary, and set sights on reaching the Champions League semifinals and reclaiming the German Championship.
    • By the third year, aim for the treble.

    Replicating this triumph in the following year poses a significant challenge for Leverkusen, given the potential departure of their coach and key players next summer.

    The most thrilling task with Leverkusen is to sustain this success in the near future, maintaining their esteemed standards and progressing from their achievements.

    Team 2: Manchester United

    Manchester United, often revered as the greatest club, poses a distinctive challenge owing to their inconsistent performance, even in the current season. Their ongoing struggle for stability adds an enticing dimension to management, offering an opportunity to reshape the fortunes of one of football's most iconic teams.

    Objectives With Manchester United

    • Restore Manchester United's former glory by securing the Champions League title this season with a modest squad.
    • In the following season, revamp the team by removing underperformers and strive to contend for the Premier League title until the final match.
    • By the third season, aim to elevate United to the level of success seen in the late '90s, achieving the treble and captivating the hearts of football fans once again.

    It's imperative to acknowledge Manchester United's longstanding commitment to its Youth Academy. In addition to constructing a formidable team, ensuring a seamless transition for young talents is paramount.

    The objective isn't to mimic Manchester City but to rekindle United's distinctive identity, reaffirming its central position in football with its unique approach and traditions.

    Team 3: Liverpool

    Turning our attention to Liverpool, the fierce rival of United, we encounter a club steeped in history and eager for fresh achievements. With Klopp's departure and key players aging, Liverpool finds itself at a pivotal juncture, presenting an intriguing challenge of navigating uncertainty while striving for continued success.

    Objectives With Liverpool

    • In Klopp's final season, Liverpool must secure the English Championship, staying faithful to his philosophy.
    • Post-Klopp, preserving the club's identity is paramount.
    • With Salah and Virgil van Dijk advancing in age, the quest for new icons possessing similar flair is imperative, ensuring Liverpool's enduring legacy and competitive edge.

    Liverpool, a legendary club, confronts significant future uncertainties, offering a prime opportunity to usher them into a new era. It's a thrilling moment to assume leadership and shape the forthcoming chapter of their illustrious history.

    Team 4: Aston Villa

    Aston Villa, a historic English club situated in one of the largest cities, has seldom clinched major trophies. However, this year, they've demonstrated excellence, emerging as formidable contenders in the Conference League despite potential shortcomings in the Premier League. It's a pivotal moment for Aston Villa to rise and leave a significant mark.

    Objectives With Aston Villa

    • This season, strive for Champions League qualification and secure at least a semifinal berth in the Conference League.
    • In the following year, vigorously compete for the Premier League title until the final match.
    • By the third year, aim to become the champions of England and reach the Champions League semifinals, signifying Aston Villa's resurgence to prominence.

    Established in 1874, Aston Villa ranks among the world's oldest football clubs, having called their current stadium home since 1897. Despite boasting a rich history of achievements, they have yet to secure a Premier League title since its inception and suffered relegation in 2016. Nevertheless, their trajectory is now upward. It's time to fulfill this fairy tale by restoring Aston Villa to its former glory.

    Team 5: Athletic Club De Bilbao

    Athletic Club de Bilbao, often a beloved choice, commands attention. Their distinctive approach of exclusively recruiting players with local heritage sets them apart in contemporary football, presenting a remarkable challenge and a club we cannot ignore due to their dedication to regional talent.

    Objectives With Athletic Club De Bilbao

    • The overarching aim is to elevate this Basque club to the apex of Spanish football. Despite their consistent proximity to the summit, there's room for ascent.
    • Invest in and continuously enhance the squad, aiming to clinch the title of Spanish champions by the conclusion of the third season, showcasing the prowess of local talent.
    • Embarking on a career with this club entails strict adherence to their unique policy: only players with Basque roots are eligible for signing. However, players with Spanish roots are permissible for the Youth Academy.

    This intricate approach adds complexity to the game, necessitating meticulous talent scouting, thereby rendering the management of Athletic Club de Bilbao a deeply immersive experience.

    Team 6: Real Sociedad

    Staying within the Basque region, we turn our attention to Real Sociedad, the fierce adversary of Athletic Club de Bilbao. Much like their counterparts, Real Sociedad consistently secures a position in Spain's top tier and is currently performing admirably in this season's Champions League, making them an enticing option for those seeking to challenge conventional norms.

    Objectives With Real Sociedad

    • The primary objective for this season is to outperform Athletic Club de Bilbao.
    • In the following season, aim to elevate your performance to vie for the Spanish League title.
    • By the third year, the aim is to clinch LaLiga, marking a significant milestone for Real Sociedad and establishing a new standard for success.

    The challenge with Real Sociedad lies in achieving acclaim while diverging from the strict Basque-only policy adhered to by their primary rival. Prioritize the development of young players and invest in promising talents, a strategy that Real Sociedad has historically embraced. Strive to transcend the sub-top level and leave a lasting impression on the global stage, demonstrating that success can be attained through a combination of tradition and innovation.

    Team 7: RB Leipzig

    Returning to Germany, we journey to the east, where Red Bull has been on a transformative path since '09, propelling RB Leipzig from the depths of German football onto the global stage. The rise of RB Leipzig resembles a fairy tale, yet the narrative awaits its climactic conclusion in the form of significant silverware.

    Objectives With RB Leipzig

    • This season, set your sights on securing the title with Leipzig, ensuring a minimum fourth-place finish.
    • In the subsequent season, the goal is to seize the Bundesliga crown and inevitably confront Manchester City in the Champions League, emerging victorious against them.
    • By the third season, pivot the focus entirely towards clinching the Champions League, thereby crowning RB Leipzig's remarkable journey from the lower leagues to the pinnacle of European football.

    Irrespective of perspectives on Red Bull's involvement, RB Leipzig's ascent is undeniably remarkable, warranting a fairy tale conclusion to their pursuit of glory.

    Team 8: PSV Eindhoven

    This year, PSV Eindhoven shines under the guidance of Peter Bosz, renowned for leading rivals Ajax to the Europa League final in 2017. Bosz's teams employ a blend of defensive and adventurous football, with varying degrees of success. However, this season, PSV appears poised for victory, embodying the quintessential underdog narrative in international football.

    Objectives With PSV Eindhoven

    • Setting aside the Eredivisie, where PSV consistently contends, the aim in commencing a career with PSV is to establish the club among the global elite. This ambitious goal can only be realized by achieving Champions League glory as the ultimate underdog, solidifying PSV's standing on the world stage.
    • Embrace an attacking and adventurous style of play with a youthful squad.

    The challenge with PSV lies in the annual departure of key players to larger clubs. This player turnover intensifies the difficulty of winning the Champions League, necessitating astute management and strategic planning to navigate the loss of vital talents while pursuing European success.

    Team 9: Olympique Lyonnais

    In France, Olympique Lyonnais, once a powerhouse, now finds itself in mid-table obscurity. Historically, they've been renowned for nurturing numerous French talents who reached the pinnacle of football. However, financial struggles in competing with PSG have dimmed their former glory. Despite bidding adieu to Stade de Gerland, Olympique Lyonnais still holds a special allure for us, epitomizing the spirit of an underdog with a storied past.

    Objectives With Olympique Lyonnais

    • This season, work with the resources available and strive for the highest attainable finish.
    • Over the next two seasons, bolster the squad and establish a youth academy.
    • Secure a top-six finish in Ligue 1 in the second season and contend for the French title in the third, reinvigorating the club's competitive spirit.

    In France, every club grapples with the financial might of PSG, intensifying the challenge of surpassing them. While Olympique Lyonnais and AS Monaco have recently made strides, PSG's dominance in eight of the last ten seasons presents a formidable obstacle.

    Team 10: Leicester City

    Returning to England, Leicester City is currently in the Championship, aiming for a Premier League comeback. Their journey from a heartbreaking playoff defeat to Watford in 2013 to an improbable English title triumph under Claudio Ranieri in 2016 is akin to a fairy tale. After last year's relegation, it's time for a new chapter in the illustrious history of this beloved club.

    Objectives With Leicester City

    • Year 1 is dedicated to securing a return to the Premier League, utilizing Leicester's talented squad. In 2016, Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez, and N'Golo Kanté transformed from relative unknowns into legendary figures. Strive to replicate their success with the resources available for promotion.
    • Year 2 involves constructing a system reminiscent of Ranieri's era, ensuring survival in the Premier League.
    • By year 3, with targeted reinforcements, aim to once again vie for the English title, echoing the fairy tale triumphs of Leicester's past with a rejuvenated squad.

    Leicester City's remarkable tale stands as one of the most extraordinary narratives in European football over the past two decades, offering ample opportunity for reenactment in the realm of digital football.

    Mar 02, 2024

  • Areas For Improvement In FC 24's Player Career Mode - 6 Points Areas For Improvement In FC 24's Player Career Mode - 6 Points

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    Areas For Improvement In FC 24's Player Career Mode - 6 Points

    Regarding FC 24's Player Career mode, opinions are divided: while some individuals highly appreciate it, others find certain aspects dissatisfactory. Here are several primary reasons for the latter viewpoint. 

    1. Lack Of Authenticity In International Tournaments

    When engaging in FC 24's Player Career, a noticeable absence arises during International Tournaments such as the World Cup and Euros: authenticity

    The lack of official licenses leads to a diluted sense of excitement in representing one's country, played out in generic stadiums devoid of the unique atmosphere found in real-world events. This situation represents a missed opportunity for immersion and thrill in global competitions.

    FC 25 presents a solution that diverges from reliance on licenses, instead emphasizing creativity. Developers could fashion a fictional country as the backdrop for these prestigious tournaments. Within this setting, stadiums would draw inspiration from the architectural marvels of real venues, enhanced by thematic fan chants and vibrant decorations.

    Incorporating unique pre-match ceremonies would infuse vitality into the games, elevating them beyond mere matches. This innovative approach pledges to rekindle the lost excitement, infusing every match with the essence of a cornerstone event teeming with passion and international pride, thereby transforming FC 25 into an authentically immersive football experience.

    2. Shallow Personality Traits System

    In FC 24, the Player Career mode explored unfamiliar territory, enabling players to acquire possessions and invest in ventures to shape their personality and gameplay style.

    However, this feature fell short of expectations. The initial excitement of purchasing luxurious items like yachts for personality points quickly waned, revealing a system that seemed disjointed and superficial. Despite their potential, these off-field activities lacked the depth to significantly impact a player's journey, relegating them to mere cosmetic choices with little tangible effect on gameplay.

    FC 25 finds itself at a crucial juncture, presenting a golden opportunity to redefine the importance of off-field decisions. Picture a system where each purchase and investment presents unique challenges and opportunities that directly influence a player's career and skills. This could encompass unlocking special training sessions, shaping public perception, or influencing team dynamics.

    By seamlessly integrating these elements into the fabric of career progression, FC 25 could transform superficial transactions into pivotal decisions that shape a player's path to success. Embracing depth over superficiality, this new approach would elevate off-field activities to a central role in a player's narrative, enriching the career mode with authenticity and engagement.

    It's about transcending mere transactions and making these choices integral to the story of climbing the ranks, thereby enhancing the immersion and overall player experience in FC 25.

    3. Few Off-Field Activities

    In FC 24, the Player Career mode delved into unfamiliar territory, offering players the opportunity to acquire possessions and invest in ventures to mold their personality and gameplay style.

    However, this feature fell short. The initial excitement of purchasing lavish items like yachts for personality points quickly diminished, exposing a system that felt disjointed and shallow. Despite their potential, these off-field activities lacked the depth to significantly impact a player's journey, relegating them to mere cosmetic choices with minimal influence on gameplay.

    FC 25 faces a pivotal moment, presenting an opportunity to redefine the importance of off-field decisions. Envision a system where each purchase and investment presents unique challenges and opportunities that directly shape a player's career and abilities. This could include unlocking special training sessions, shaping public perception, or influencing team dynamics. Of course, you have to make sure you have enough FC 24 Coins. Because each of the above activities is a lot of money.

    By seamlessly integrating these elements into career progression, FC 25 could transform superficial transactions into crucial decisions that define a player's path to success. Prioritizing depth over superficiality, this new approach would elevate off-field activities to a central role in a player's narrative, enriching the career mode with authenticity and engagement.

    It's about transcending mere transactions and making these choices integral to the story of ascending the ranks, thus enhancing the immersion and overall player experience in FC 25.

    4. Inadequate Management Of Playtime & Training

    As we progress through FC 24’s Player Career mode, we’ve encountered a significant obstacle that feels undeniably realistic: the management of playtime and training falls short.

    Being obligated to participate in every match, with fatigue disregarded and lacking a semblance of a realistic rotation policy, leaves us with a dilemma. We’re forced to decide between overexerting our players or jeopardizing our position in the lineup.

    Let’s address the issue of training sessions. They wield far too much influence over the manager’s trust in us, resulting in an excess of playing time due to the disproportionate weight they carry in our career progression.

    The frustration is compounded by the harsh penalties for failing to meet team-based objectives, pulling us further away from our enjoyment of the game. It feels as though the highs and lows of a footballer’s journey are not fully encapsulated.

    As we look ahead to FC 25, we’re optimistic about a significant improvement. A dynamic squad rotation that accurately mirrors the tactical and physical demands of the sport would be revolutionary. While training should remain significant, it must be integrated into a broader framework that acknowledges our performance holistically, beyond just the training ground.

    It’s time to foster a more organic process of earning the manager’s trust, with various avenues to demonstrate our value. This shift has the potential to make navigating a career in FC 25 not only more authentic but also more immersive and rewarding for players like us who seek depth and authenticity in our football journey.

    5. Shortcomings Of AI Teammates

    It’s abundantly clear that playing alongside AI teammates often feels like a solitary endeavor. Whether we’re orchestrating plays or desperately defending, the burden of the entire game frequently seems to rest on our shoulders.

    This stands in stark contrast to the opposing AI, which exhibits a level of coordination and creativity that we can only dream of from our own side. Our AI teammates often lose possession and hang back, waiting for us to make a move, which has been a consistent source of frustration. This becomes particularly evident when we’re attempting to adhere to a game plan that necessitates tight teamwork, only to be let down by the lack of initiative and tactical acumen on our side.

    As we look towards FC 25, we’re eagerly anticipating an overhaul in how AI teammates function. We require them to rival the intelligence of the opposition, displaying genuine creativity and tactical awareness. A more intelligent AI system capable of executing team strategies would revolutionize our experience, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork rather than leaving us feeling like lone wolves.

    This shift is essential not only for enhancing the realism of career mode but also for making it significantly more enjoyable. It ensures that every player, regardless of their position, feels integral to the team’s success and overall enjoyment of the game.

    6. Issues With Contract Objectives

    Lastly, we’ve encountered a significant obstacle with Contract Objectives that seem more akin to a high-risk balancing act than a genuine reflection of our journey on the field. Attempting to execute a bicycle kick for a contract bonus, only to be met with the frustration of a glitch failing to acknowledge our moment of brilliance, has led us to question the purpose of such endeavors.

    The frustration is compounded when optional objectives, which are supposed to offer flexibility, end up dictating our path despite our proven worth. As we look ahead to FC 25, there’s an undeniable need for a shift in how these objectives are presented. Perhaps long-term contracts could alleviate the pressure, allowing us to forge our legacy through consistent performance rather than flashy maneuvers. Alternatively, a complete overhaul focusing on the entirety of our contributions to the team, rather than isolated moments of flair, may be warranted.

    While we embrace challenges, let’s ensure they revolve around our consistent impact on the game, embodying the true essence of professional football. A more intelligent and realistic approach to progression and player evaluation could not only level the playing field in FC 25’s Career Mode, but also render it infinitely more gratifying.

    Feb 29, 2024

  • 5 Great Ways To Effectively Farm EA FC 24 Season XP And Rank Up! 5 Great Ways To Effectively Farm EA FC 24 Season XP And Rank Up!

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    5 Great Ways To Effectively Farm EA FC 24 Season XP And Rank Up!

    For avid FC 24 players, quickly racking up Season XP is the best way to earn tons of in-game rewards, whether you want enhanced customization options or unlocking top players in Ultimate Team. Luckily, earning XP quickly doesn’t require a complicated strategy, and playing the game regularly will naturally unlock tons of rewards.

    However, recent updates have made the process more streamlined and efficient, simplifying the task of finding, playing, and tracking progress for players. Meanwhile, the developers have also introduced a “Claim All” button that allows players to instantly redeem all rewards with just one click, without having to unlock them individually.

    In this guide, we detail five different ways for players to earn EA FC 24 Season XP, ensuring they move up the rankings and earn rewards easily.

    Complete Daily Objectives

    One of the easiest ways to earn Season XP is by completing daily objectives. Players can easily achieve this goal by simply taking part in one match and scoring a goal.

    To complete this goal, players will be rewarded with 150 XP per day. This provides players with a hassle-free way to steadily accumulate XP and progress in the game.

    Achieve Weekly challenges

    Weekly Challenges correspond to Daily Objectives, providing players with more challenging tasks over a seven-day period. Of course, FC 24 Coins and XP rewards you can get from it are also more attractive.

    Besides completing three daily objectives each week, players will also need to meet additional requirements. This included playing in 8 games, winning at least 5 of them and scoring a total of 12 goals in those games.

    Seasonal XP rewards for these weekly challenges vary, but they greatly increase player earnings, often reaching thousands each week. This structure provides players with more diverse game goals and rewards, motivating players to continue taking part in the game and achieving achievements.

    Complete Activity Objectives

    Throughout the season, campaign objectives change and quests are introduced that may require you to play with specific players or against specific teams. These objectives inject a dynamic element into the gaming experience, providing a variety of challenges that are both engaging and rewarding.

    In terms of variety, campaign objectives offer players the most satisfying opportunities for progression and a large amount of Season XP. By completing these tasks, players can improve their skills and adaptability in the game.

    This aspect of the game encourages deeper immersion, fostering a sense of satisfaction as players complete various activity objectives throughout the season.

    Division Rivals & Squad Battles

    Whether facing skilled players or challenging AI-controlled teams, these game modes provide an exciting experience. Players’ performance in these intense battles determines not only their ranking in Season Pass progression but also Season XP they receive.

    Division Rivals and Squad Battles are top choices for those looking for an enjoyable XP grind. Leaderboards are set up to make every win an achievement, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

    Follow Live SBC Objectives

    Live SBC Objectives revolutionize Ultimate Team gaming experience by combining Squad Building Challenges with in-game quests to inject excitement and unpredictability.

    These objectives are often tied to real-world events, providing timely challenges and rewards to keep players engaged and immersed.

    By completing these dynamic objectives, players earn Season XP, which helps level up their club and unlock additional rewards.

    These are some tips and tricks to help you farm Season XP quickly. Play the game regularly and follow these methods and you’ll reach the next level faster!

    Feb 22, 2024

  • Improve Your Gaming Experience With The 3-5-2 Formation In EA FC 24! Improve Your Gaming Experience With The 3-5-2 Formation In EA FC 24!

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    Improve Your Gaming Experience With The 3-5-2 Formation In EA FC 24!

    The 3-5-2 formation stands out as an exceptionally effective choice in EA FC 24. When considering formations with 3 or 5 defenders, I firmly believe that the 3-5-2 is the most meta option.

    Custom Tactics

    Defence: Starting things up with the Defensive Style, I will play it on balance. If you like press after position lost, or if you use it in FC 24, you can use it to the 3-5-2, even from the start of the match. But it’s the best thing to use if you want to start the match, start it with balance. If you are losing, you can switch it to press after position lose.

    For Width, I’m going for 40. And then for Depth, I’m going for 65. With the 65 Depth, you will have an absolutely amazing high press in the game. And if you want to go for higher than 65 Depth, there’s no problem at all.

    Offence: Moving on into Build Up Play, I’m going with balance. For Chance Creation, I’m going with Direct Passing. And to be fair, Direct Passing is the only good meta thing that you can use in FC 24. Within the attack, I’m going for 35 Players in Box, I’m going for 6 Corners, and Free Kicks I like to go with 2.

    Player Instructions

    Let's delve into the player instructions. Beginning with defensive players, including the Right Center Back, Left Center Back, Central Center Back, and Goalkeeper, it's essential to keep everything on default settings without making any changes. In order for you to have a better gaming experience, using FC 24 Coins to enhance the performance of your players is a useful way.

    Left CDM

    Let’s move on into the Midfielders. Start things up with the Left CDM. You need a proper Center Defensive Mid in game. He won’t be a box-to-box midfielder, he’s going to be a CDM in game. You won’t see him on the attack, you only going to see him on the defense, intercepting, tackling, and stopping an attack.

    For his instructions, you can choose Cut Passing Lanes, Stay Back while Attacking, and Cover Center.

    Right CDM

    Then for the Right CDM, you need a box-to-box midfielder that he’s going to help you on the attack more than the Left CDM. So you need a player who has got good rounded stats, a player who can help you on the attack by assisting and scoring at the same time. He will help you on the defense by intercepting and tackling.

    For his instructions, you can choose Get Forward, not only that, also with Cover Center. The reason why I’m not using Stay Back while Attacking for him - The first thing I want to say is that the 3-5-2 is an absolutely great formation for the Tiki Taka. For the second thing, he actually can be really effective in the game.

    Right Mid & Left Mid

    Moving on into the right mid and left mid, first thing, you need Fullbacks or other players who can help you on the defense. That’s mainly because on the defense, they will come back on defense and play like Fullbacks. They will be covering the wing, basically playing as a Right Back and a Left Back on the defense. On the attack, they are going to play like a Right Wing and a Left Wing. They will always try to get in behind, they will always try to break the defense line.

    For the instructions of the Right Mid and Left Mid, we can choose Cut Inside, Get In Behind, Come Back On Defense, and Get Into The Box For Cross.

    Center Attacking Mid

    Next, let’s talk about the Center Attacking Mid. He’s going to be the connection between your defense and your attack, basically he’s going to be the playmaker on this formation, always asking for the ball, always there for you to pass to, and when he has got the ball, he will be the playmaker, assisting Right Mid, Left Mid, Right Striker, or Left Striker.

    For his instructions, you can choose Get Into The Box For Cross.


    Let’s move on into the Strikers. With these custom tactics, you need Strikers who have got absolutely great pace in the game, because you will always see them trying to get in behind and break the defense line. So basically, use the strikers who have got at least 90 pace in game.

    For the instructions for the Right Striker and Left Striker, you can choose Get In Behind, and Stay Forward.

    Feb 18, 2024

  • 3 Practical Tips Can Improve Your Performance In EA FC 24 Ultimate Team 3 Practical Tips Can Improve Your Performance In EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

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    3 Practical Tips Can Improve Your Performance In EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

    Allow me to provide you with some useful tips to enhance your skills in EA FC 24. By integrating these strategies into your playstyle, you’ll not only secure more victories but also gain a competitive edge in closely contested matches, ultimately emerging victorious. I sincerely hope you find value in and enjoy this guide.

    Preparing for EA FC 24 Coins ahead of time, you can also enhance your players and maximize your enjoyment of the game.

    Choose Right Position

    This tip is so important in FC 24. You can learn as many tips as you want, but if your player positioning is weak both attacking wise and defensively. You may not get a good score.

    Firstly, for the defensive structure, keep your backline in a straight line vertically. This makes it much harder for your opponent to break your defensive wall. Only bring your defender out when you feel that you can win the ball back. Instead of using your defenders and dragging them out of position, try to use your midfielders as much as possible to defend. And then offensively, try as much as possible to keep the ball moving forward. If there are no passing options available, try passing sideways until one opportunity appears. Don’t pass for the sake of passing as they will keep getting intercepted.

    Change Switching Mode

    I can guarantee that most of the players are using the L1 player switching. However, what I find with L1 player switching is that it is too slow and is only useful for switching to players close next to each other. Also, it is reliant on the game switching for you. What you need to learn is to move away from L1 player switching and move to right stick switching.

    Right stick switching is very difficult to master, but when mastered, it is a real game-changer. Before you start to learn to right stick switch, make sure to go to your settings, turn right stick switching to Classic, and make sure to turn the reference to player relative. Now, for the sensitivity, anywhere between 4 and 8 is good. I have it on 7 as that is where I feel the most comfortable in, as well as finding it quick to switch. Whilst also staying in control of my player switching. By learning this technique, you will be able to switch faster, more effectively, and you are more in control.

    Player Lock

    A player lock is when you lock onto another player and then the AI will take over the player you were on previously. With the player you have locked onto, you can decide to make a run in behind the defense or move into an open space for an extra passing option. Once you are satisfied, you press the pass, pass cross, or through ball button and there you go the player lock.

    I would suggest letting the AI keep the ball for a maximum of 2 seconds before making a decision. Also, make sure when you do make your runs that you keep on side and have space around you as you could get tackled straight away by the opponent player.

    There are tips to get better at FC 24. Remember, this will take time and effort, but it will pay off and make you better at FC 24.

    Feb 17, 2024

  • The 4 Important Aspects To Build Complete Defending Fundamentals In FC 24! The 4 Important Aspects To Build Complete Defending Fundamentals In FC 24!

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    The 4 Important Aspects To Build Complete Defending Fundamentals In FC 24!

    Does the defense still frustrate you in FC 24? Do you think you have all the knowledge you need to know about defense before getting into advanced techniques?

    If you make the simple mistake of defending fundamentals, then we are going to solve this problem by understanding the 4 different important aspects that build the fundamentals of defending. It’s important to know them, so you need to master them as soon as possible!

    Confirm Your Positioning

    Let’s start with positioning. The primary goal of defending is to prevent dangerous opportunities, and you do this by moving your defenders into the right positions.

    First, you need to stay between the attackers. If you open that line, then the opponent will pass easily. When you stand in front of him, you need to keep a safe distance and observe his intentions. In most cases, a distance of around 1 meter is ideal. Because you can react immediately after he moves without getting punished like that.

    Finally, look at potential targets he can pass to and try to take two steps into that area without losing the original intention of covering the original ball carrier.

    Let’s look at an example of counterattack. I switch to my centre-back, who is the only player capable of stopping the incoming danger, so spending FC 24 Coins to strengthen the centre-back is crucial.

    I see multiple players rushing towards the box, but first I need to get a screen between the first player and the goal.

    I used a jockey mechanism here to get closer to the attacker. Meanwhile, I see a pass opportunity for the side and I immediately cover it as my next position without moving away from the initial target.

    If I over-commit myself and walk away, opponent could easily get by. But since I stayed in front of him, I could still control him by mirroring his movements with my positioning, and staying in front of him forced him to get stuck and eventually he would lose the ball.

    However, when the opponent passes the ball and changes the direction of play, you don’t just have to control one defender on the pitch, you also need to switch to another player and position him accordingly.

    The faster you switch, the more time you have. Therefore, the switching of these players must be accurate and timely, otherwise the opponent will become more dangerous.

    There are two methods involved in player switching. The first is done by pressing L1/LB button, which allows you to switch to your player. The downside to this mechanic is that you can’t select a specific tagged player.

    Of course, you can also use the more advanced right stick switch. Imagine your currently selected player as the center of the right analog stick, decide which player you want to switch to, and then push the right stick in that direction.

    This technique may take some time to master, but it's great for practicing with AI, and the right stick switching is more precise. Therefore, it is crucial to find the perfect balance between the two technologies and use them in the right place.


    Next, let’s talk about intercepting, which will take you to the next level.

    Remember, when you’re heading into passing lanes, don’t over-commit and push players out of their spots, as this will open up the backyard. You need to get as close as possible to the potential target while controlling the passing lane to the right, where the opponent is out again.

    For counterattacks, as much as I wanted to rush out and put pressure on the ball carrier, I saw that the runner behind the defensive line could easily catch the ball with AI instead of still in the passing lane. So I get right up to the runner and cover the passing lane there so I can get physical with him in case he somehow gets the ball before me.

    A very helpful mechanic for interceptions is jockeying when L2/LT button is pressed, you will find that your players have different defensive stances in this situation. Their speed will slow down, but their defensive hitting range will increase.

    But a really nice trick with Jockey is that you can use it with sprinting buttons. In this way, in a wider space, the impact of the first slowdown effect on this mechanism will be weakened.

    You can use Jockey mechanic anywhere on the pitch, ensuring you get an excellent defensive position with the left stick. Jockey even lets you get the ball without actually solving the problem.

    You just need to use Jockey in the right position in front of your opponent. Once you get close, you’ll automatically retrieve the ball. Same as interceptions, try to get in between passing lanes by having your players hold down your Jockey button to slow down and steal the ball away from your opponent.

    Applying Pressure

    These two basic steps lead to another basic step, applying pressure.

    You may have realized that it is more important than ever. But as mentioned before, you can’t pressure your opponent all you want. Because whenever you apply pressure, you take a risk and most likely move a defender out of his position before you can do that.

    You need to make sure you cover all other options safely, otherwise you might lose an easy scoring opportunity later on.

    There are several ways to apply pressure when your opponent passes the ball. You can get to the receiver by switching early and get the ball from him while he’s still vulnerable or dribbling.

    For example, we take a risk and decide to go out and apply pressure, and if that fails, we have a back-up defender to defend. But you can also choose not to do this. Once the ball is safely away from your opponent, you can use a tackle to win the ball back while applying pressure.

    Wait for the opponent to push the ball away from his feet and then he becomes vulnerable and you can make your move here. You can pick defenders from behind and then suddenly slide in, which can break up potential counterattacks. Especially when you are putting pressure on your opponent, make sure you only use the tackle when you are 100% sure you have the ball.

    Coping With 1v1 Defensive Situation

    Even if you do everything right, sometimes you’ll end up in a 1v1 defensive situation with your opponent. Here, you must use every aspect we have mentioned in this guide. If you don’t, then you’re giving up simple scoring opportunities. Let’s look at a few examples of 1v1 defense.

    In the open, the opponent receives the ball and my center back is the only one who can guard her. So, I put myself directly next to my opponent. In the meantime, look around at potential targets she could pass the ball to. That’s why I move my players slightly downward while trying to cut off the passing lane when this happens.

    But when she brought the ball up, I started to stop and pressure her. When she pushes the ball away from her foot, that’s when I get it back.

    In another situation, the opponent plays a long pass and I immediately switch to my defender. I used Jockey button to take a defensive stance and see his next move. My reaction was to stay close to that passing lane while shaking to cover the dribble opportunity. Once I got into a safe distance and had the chance to make a tackle and deflect the danger, it was a smooth goal!

    Defending successfully feels good, and if you’ve ever wondered how crazy it feels when you outsmart your opponent, don’t miss this guide!

    Feb 16, 2024

  • Master Counter Attacks With These Winning Tips In EA FC 24 Master Counter Attacks With These Winning Tips In EA FC 24

    Check the detail

    Master Counter Attacks With These Winning Tips In EA FC 24

    Counter Attacks play a significant role in the game, offering a large number of opportunities for scoring in EA FC 24. By employing certain strategies and techniques, you can capitalize on each Counter Attack. Drawing from my experience, these insights may assist you in achieving top ranks during events like Team of the Year on Foot Champs while enriching your overall enjoyment of the game.

    Indeed, executing a successful Counter Attack can be immensely gratifying. After preparing for enough EA Sports FC 24 Coins to boost your players, let's just delve into the strategies.

    Make Triangles

    First tips I want to show you is to use your triangles in almost every formation in FC 24. Let’s take the 4-2-3-1 as an example. You have got a triangle between your Right Back, Right CDM, and Right Attacking Mid, and another triangle between your Left Back, Left CDM, and Left Attacking Mid. Another example is the 4-4-2. You have got a triangle between your Right Back, Right Mid, and Right Center Mid, and another one for your Left Back, Left Center Mid, and Left Mid.

    This step is not only for Counter Attacks, it’s also for build up. If you want to build up right and score a goal, then use your triangles. It can work with almost every formation in EA FC 24 and It works absolutely perfectly for Counter Attacks.

    Fake Run

    Let’s move on to the second tip. I’m going to talk about the best trick that I use for Counter Attacks, which is going to be the fake run with the Winger. To start things off, we’re going to start with controls. You can make your player try to get in behind and run forward by pressing L1 on PlayStation or LB on Xbox while aiming at him if he doesn’t have the ball. If you have the ball with the player that you want to try to get in behind, what you have to do is hold the L1 or the LB button and then pass the ball. After he passes the ball, you’re going to see him trying to get in behind and running forward.

    This trick mostly works with a formation that has 2 Strikers. What you want to do here is make a fake run with your Winger. Pretend like you are waiting for your Winger to get in behind so you can pass to him. At this moment, your opponent will start covering your Winger and forget about your second Striker, who will already be in behind. Now, all you have to do is just wait for the right moment so you can pass it to your second Striker.

    Make a fake run with your Striker and keep your eyes on the Right Wing and Left Wing and wait for the right moment so you can play it to the Right Wing and Left Wing who will be already trying to get in behind. If you saw your opponent trying to cover the Striker, you can easily play it to the Right Wing or Left Wing. And if you saw your Striker got in behind, you can easily play it to him.

    Best Formations

    Let’s move on to some formation tips for Counter Attacks. The best formations for Counter Attacks are the 4-2-3-1, the 4-2-4, the 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, and the 4-1-2-1-2 (Narrow). For the 4-1-2-1-2 (Narrow), it’s an absolutely great formation for Counter Attacks. If you want to use it that way, make sure to use 'Get Into The Box For Cross' for your Right Attacking Mid and Left Attacking Mid. With that, you’re going to see them trying to get in behind if you are going for a Counter Attack.

    Moving on into the 4-2-4, one of the best attacking formations in FC 24. If you want to use it that way, make sure to use 'Cut Inside, Get Into The Box For Cross, and Get In behind' for the Right Wing and left wing. Have 1 of your Strikers on 'Get in Behind', 'Stay Central', and 'Stay Forward', and the other one with everything on default, just 'Come Back On Defense'. With that, your Right Striker is going to be the playmaker on this formation, so he can assist the Right Wing, Left Wing, or the Left Striker if you are going for a Counter Attack.

    Same thing for the 4-4-2, 'Cut Inside, Get In behind, and Get Into The Box For Cross” for the Right Mid and Left Mid, with 1 Striker on 'Come Back On Defense' only, and the other one will 'Stay Forward', 'Stay Central', and 'Get In Behind'.

    For the 4-2-3-1, probably the best Counter Attack formation to use in FC 24. You have got a Center Attacking Mid on this formation who will be assisting the Right Attacking Mid, Left Attacking Mid, and the Striker. For instructions, make sure you are using 'Get Into The Box For Cross' for your Right Attacking Mid, Left Attacking Mid, and the Center Attacking Mid.

    Not only that, also I recommend using “Stay Forward” for the Center Attacking Mid. So if you are going for a Counter Attack, you need a player who assists the Striker, and that’s going to be the Center Attacking Mid. Instructions for the Strikers are 'Get in Behind', 'Stay Central', and 'Stay Forward'. For the Center Attacking Mid, 'Get into The Box', and that’s it.

    These are all the tips and tricks that I use for Counter Attacks in EA FC 24. Counter Attacks are the most satisfying way to score a goal.

    Feb 06, 2024

  • Check Out Information About The New Evolutions In EA FC 24 Check Out Information About The New Evolutions In EA FC 24

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    Check Out Information About The New Evolutions In EA FC 24

    Our discussion revolves around Evolutions - unraveling the intricacies of how they operate and exploring the myriad possibilities in EA FC 24. Let's delve into the fascinating Evolutions, understanding the mechanics and unlocking the full spectrum of options they bring to the table.


    Before we begin our exploration of Evolution, we first need to unpack the basic question of what Evolution is. In essence, Evolutions empower you with the capability to upgrade cards that meet specific criteria. The range of attributes available for upgrade is extensive, encompassing skills like Shooting, Passing, Defending - virtually anything you can think of.

    This transformative process involves submitting a player who aligns with the stipulated requirements into an Evolution and diligently accomplishing the objectives set forth by the game. What adds an extra layer of versatility to certain Evolutions is the unique opportunity they provide to alter the position of the player you aim to upgrade.

    Evolutions Mechanics

    You can do some Evolutions for free, but some Evolutions will cost your money. Those are either regular coins, EA FC 24 Coins or EA Sports FC points. You can select one to assist you in Evolutions.

    2 Options

    What fascinates me the most about Evolutions is that you have 2 options - 1 for fun and the other for competitive, meta gameplay. Many of us have come across a myriad of Evolution cards, such as the exceptional Malen and Berola, epitomizing the epitome of meta players. These individuals boast outstanding physical attributes, blistering pace, formidable shooting abilities, coupled with the allure of 5-star skill moves, 5-star weak foot proficiency, and the coveted 'Trivela' playstyle.

    New Playstyles

    The intriguing facet of Evolutions doesn't end there. It extends to the realm of acquiring new playstyles for your players during the Evolution process. However, the crux of my point lies beyond these meta players. These elite players, like Malen and Berola, often dominate in competitive arenas, finding their prominence in try-hard game modes such as FootSwap or Division Rivals. Their prevalence and effectiveness make them a staple for those seeking to excel in intense gaming environments.

    Game Experience

    Evolutions offer more than just the meta. They provide for creative expression and personal preferences, allowing players to infuse fun and individuality into their gaming experience. So, while the meta players shine in the limelight of competitive gameplay, there's an equally enticing avenue within Evolutions for players to explore and cultivate their unique playstyles, creating a dynamic and diverse gaming ecosystem that caters to both the serious and the lighthearted.

    Combine Evolutions

    Besides, you can also use Evolutions for fun and for all the players you like. The fun thing about that is that you can combine Evolutions. Picture that: You submit a player in one Evolution, upgrade him, do objectives, and when you’re finally done with your Evolution card, you get the upgraded player back. You can then submit him into a new Evolution and meets the requirements.

    Final Thought

    If you like a player who unfortunately doesn't perform well in the game, Evolutions will provide an ideal solution to get a more effective and useful card featuring your favorite player. So without wasting time and try out the new Evolutions in EA FC 24!

    Feb 05, 2024

  • Win The Weekend League With This 4-5-1(2) Formation In EA FC 24 Win The Weekend League With This 4-5-1(2) Formation In EA FC 24

    Check the detail

    Win The Weekend League With This 4-5-1(2) Formation In EA FC 24

    I’ll thoroughly introduce the 4-5-1(2) custom tactics and instructions to ensure you gain more Weekend League victories in EA FC 24. In order to make better use of this formation, it is necessary to maximize the auxiliary role of EA Sports FC 24 Coins. Let’s now delve into this guide together.

    Custom Tactics

    Defensive Tactics: The Defensive Style needs to be balanced with Width on 42. Then the Depth is on 70. You want to make sure that you have enough press on your opponent, and you can have your auto offside trap in place in-game if you want to.

    Offensive Tactics: Your Build-Up Play is to be on Balanced. Your Chance Creation is on Direct Passing. Your Width on 50, your Player in the Box should be on 6, Corners on 2, and Free Kicks on 2. I think that’s the right balance in this formation.

    Player Instructions

    Where it gets interesting is when you get to the offense. So, your right and your Left Backs should be on overlap. Now, your Left Back can Stay Back while Attacking, and your Right Back can be a balanced attack. Your Right Mid and Left Mid both need to come back in defense and cut inside and Get in the Box for the cross. So, you want to make sure that you play them like 4-3-2-1, so they’re going to join the Striker, cut inside, and also go in.

    Also, you are going to have your Right Center Midfielder. You are going to play the forward who can score and who can actually move in the pitch for you nicely. At the same time, your Left Center Midfielder is going to Stay Back while Attacking and Cover Center, and your Middle Center Midfielder is going to Stay Back while Attacking and Cover Center as well.

    How It Works

    This system works basically is a lot of playing down the Wing with, like Kingsley Coman. From the bright side, when I have Cafú, he can join the attack. I have this opportunity of overload on one side and try to attack off the Wings. This year’s meta, so definitely a lot of attacks off the Wings.

    With this formation, you will have always a lot of options to pass and score that will be perfectly done by your players. In defense, because of these 2 players, you are going to have a lot of comfort zone for not conceding Counter Attacks. So, you will have a nice balance between your offense and your defense.

    Gameplay Example

    Let’s delve into the significance of our Right and Left Midfielders cutting inside, examining key instances during gameplay. For instance, when the ball is passed to our attackers, operating as the Right Midfielder, executes a cut inside maneuver, creating a fantastic scoring opportunity. Despite not converting this chance, the importance of having both Right and Left Midfielders positioned to cut inside becomes evident.

    This strategic approach facilitates the creation of dynamic attacking triangles and providing easier access to both the Wings and the center for increased goal-scoring opportunities. When you actually play this formation in game, and then you will see exactly how this system can be effective.

    Feb 04, 2024

  • Unlock A Community Wishlist - 3 Things We Expect To See In EA FC 25 Unlock A Community Wishlist - 3 Things We Expect To See In EA FC 25

    Check the detail

    Unlock A Community Wishlist - 3 Things We Expect To See In EA FC 25

    As the annual gaming cycle continues, we find ourselves at the brink of the much-anticipated EA FC 25 release. I'll be exploring some features and improvements that the community desires for the upcoming installment. Let's make this journey towards FC 25 a collaborative and exciting one!

    To ensure optimal performance in EA FC 25, it is imperative to accumulate a sufficient amount of FC 24 Coins, enabling you to enhance your players and elevate their gameplay capabilities.

    1. Further Improvements To The Practice Arena

    One persistent request from the FIFA community revolves around enhancing the Practice Arena. Over recent years, EA Sports has made commendable strides, introducing a new scenarios mode that allows players to manipulate and simulate in-game situations. The addition of the practice match feature, making a return after some absence, has been well-received. However, there’s a unanimous call for this feature’s integration into Career Mode. The desire to conduct non-competitive matches to fine-tuning strategies and test players in different formations remains unmet.

    While the Practice Arena has seen improvements, one critical element seems to be missing - the Set Piece Creator feature. Reflecting on the FIFA 14 Practice Arena on next-gen, with its outdoor setting and comprehensive Set Piece customization, it becomes evident that the Set Piece Creator feature adds depth and creativity to tactical preparations. Bringing back this feature would not only engage players but also contribute significantly to refining gameplay strategies.

    2. Improve Team Select Menu

    Moving beyond the in-game action, the team select menu is an area where players hope for a more modern and intuitive experience. While EA improved the home menu in FC 24, the team-selection process during Kick Off is still a candidate for refinement. The existing layout, with nations at the top, clubs in the middle, and leagues below, has been the standard for years. However, there’s room for improvement, and the community has suggested an intriguing concept to consider.

    Inspired by FIFA 20 Ultimate Team’s radial menu style, this concept introduces a more visually appealing and user-friendly interface. Utilizing a circular layout, players can easily navigate through countries, divisions, and teams. The addition of shortcuts allows for swift transitions between leagues and nations. This concept could inject a fresh, modern feel into the team-selection process.

    3. Real Face Referees

    While FIFA has made remarkable strides in replicating real-life player faces, one area that seems to have been overlooked is referees. Real face referees could significantly enhance the overall visual experience of the game. Considering EA Sports' sponsorship of referee kits, it makes logical sense to incorporate official referee names and faces into the game.

    Commencing with the Premier League, a league where EA already includes official referee names in Career Mode, the integration of real face referees could be a gradual yet impactful addition. As partnerships with other leagues continue, the inclusion of real face referees in the Bundesliga, Serie A, LaLiga, and more would be a Welcome to Evolution. This move would not only enrich the visual aspect of the game but also contribute to the immersive nature of FIFA gameplay.

    In conclusion, FC 25 holds the promise of exciting improvements and additions. As we embark on this journey, your active participation in shaping the wishlist for FC 25 is crucial. Whether it’s refining the Practice Arena, modernizing the team select menu, or introducing real face referees, the community’s collective voice will undoubtedly influence the direction of FIFA’s future releases.

    Feb 03, 2024

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