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  • FIFA 22: How To Complete Lucas Paqueta's Moments SBC?

    Jan 24, 2022

    A Lucas Paqueta Squad Building Challenge is already available in FUT 22, bringing gamers a new lineup card. Paqueta's new card has a major upgrade over his previous item, and it's worth your while to unlock it. UTNICE will show you how to get his Moments SBC and add this card to your roster.

    Lucas Paqueta card attributes

    Moments SBC items in FUT 22 celebrate a player's career highlight Lucas Paqueta Moments SBC is a tribute to his goal against Clermont in Ligue 1 this past season. Then his OVR increased from 81 OVR on the standard card to 88 OVR.

    This includes 91s for Reaction, Ball Control, Agility, and Stamina and 85 Sprint Speed. You can upgrade these with specific Chemistry to further boost the card.

    How to complete Paqueta’s Moment SBC?

    To complete Paqueta's Moments card, this requires 3 different squads, each with different requirements and rewards:

    * Brazil Squad: you need at least one Brazil player on the team and at least one TOTW player. Additionally, the squad must hit 84 OVR, and have at least a 60 Team Chemistry. Complete the squad brings a Premium Mixed Players Pack.

    * Ligue 1 squad: It requires at least one Ligue 1 Uber Eats player and at least one TOTW player. OVR should be at least 85 and a minimum of 55 in Team Chemistry. Complete this squad will give you a Prime Mixed Players Pack.

    * An 86-Rated Squad: it needs an overall rating of at least 86, and a Team Chemistry of at least 50, after completing this, you will get a Rare Mixed Players Pack.

    Once you complete all those, you will get the Paqueta player card. Be aware that such SBCs are generally worth about 240,000 FIFA 22 Coins.

    The best Chemistry for this card seems to be Shadow, which will improve his Pace and Defending.

  • FIFA 22: Nemanja Vidic and Kaka Will Come To Ultimate Team Via SBC

    Jan 18, 2022

    Ultimate Team is the most popular mode among FIFA 22 gamers, so fans were thrilled when the news that Vidic and Kaka would be in FUT 22 was leaked.

    Both players had remarkable careers and now they are both retired and regarded as football legends. Ultimate Team has always been a popular game mode, and this year, the developers added the most special cards to FIFA 22.

    There are tons of Prime Icon SBC’s and we are all very much looking forward to the release of Vidic and Kaka SBC. As for the current leaked news, UTNICE has also learned some details.

    Squad Building Challenges have become a big part of Ultimate Team, and this is your perfect chance to earn packs, kits, FIFA 22 Coins, and special players.

    All you need to do is create squads that meet the requirements of the Squad Building Challenges and use that to unlock rewards. Prime Icons are the best version of Icon cards you can get in-game, most of them are at least 90 rated or higher.

    They are a great meta fit and cost millions of FUT 22 Coins in the transfer market, if you can pack one you're in luck.

    Leaks say the Prime Icon Vidic and Kaka Squad Building Challenges are coming to FUT soon, and may even become available sometime this week.

    Prime Icon SBC usually costs hundreds of thousands of Coins to complete, which is expensive but definitely worth it. Typically, it takes around 6-8 SBCs to complete, and when their SBCs are released, it will be the same for Vidic and Kaka.

    Once the Prime Icon Vidic and Kaka Squad Building Challenges appear, UTNICE will also provide corresponding guidance to unlock them, you can pay more attention to UTNICE.

  • FIFA 22: Team of the Year Nominees Has Been Revealed

    Jan 10, 2022

    The FIFA 22 Team of the Year nominees have been announced. There must be no doubt that Messi and Ronaldo are among them. UTNICE also listed more about the players on the list, including:

    * Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne and Jack Grealish

    * Borussia Dortmund's Erling Haaland

    * Bayern Munich's Robert Lewandowski

    * PSG trio of Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar

    * Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo

    * Liverpool's Mohamed Salah

    A season ago, Messi and Neymar were shockingly included in the Team of the Year list, although they are still earning the distinction again.

    According to statistics, Messi's 2020 may be better than his 2021 season. Last year, he won his first Copa America and won his seventh Ballon d'Or.

    Messi did not ignite the flame of Ligue 1. He scored 1 goal and 4 assists in 11 league appearances. He did score 5 goals in PSG's 5 Champions League matches, but if he wants to remain on this list a year later, he needs to pick up his scoring pace.

    Mbappé has scored 9 goals and 8 assists in 17 league games. Neymar has scored 3 goals and 3 assists in 10 league appearances. They have not reached the high level they deserve in the current season. Nevertheless, they are still valuable in FIFA 22 and will cost you a lot of FIFA 22 Coins.

    Neymar scored 11 goals and 8 assists in 33 games played for PSG last year, which made it difficult for him to appear on the final list. And Mbappé's 10 goals and 4 assists in the Champions League last year made him a favorable candidate for FIFA 22 Player of the Year winners.

    In addition, the well-known Ronaldo scored 34 goals in 51 games last year, and Salah scored 24 goals and 11 assists in the league last year. Lewandowski led all players to 43 goals in the league last year, smashing the Bundesliga. All this shows the fierce competition among attackers.

    This list is advantageous for FIFA 22 gamers because you can check out some potential players and invest in FUT 22 Coins. Foresight allows you to save FIFA 22 Coins as much as possible.

  • FIFA 22: How To Complete Mid Icon Upgraded SBC?

    Jan 04, 2022

    FIFA 22 Mid Icon Upgrade SBC is finally available. EA Sports has released many Icon SBCs throughout the Ultimate Team cycle, including guarantee packs, the player picks, and specific player SBCs. 

    Now EA has released the first Mid Icon Upgrade SBC, to guarantee a player from the pack, UTNICE will provide guides on completing the Mid Icon Upgrade SBC.

    How to complete FIFA 22 Mid Icon Upgrade SBC?

    Segment 1

    * Squad Rating: 85

    * Team Chemistry: 60

    * # of Players in the Squad: 11

    * Reward: Premium Gold Pack

    Segment 2

    * TOTW Players: Min. 1

    * Squad Rating: 85

    * Team Chemistry: 55

    * # of Players in the Squad: 11

    * Reward: Electrum Players Pack

    Segment 3

    * TOTW Players: Min. 1

    * Squad Rating: 86

    * Team Chemistry: 50

    * # of Players in the Squad: 11

    * Reward: Premium Electrum Players Pack

    Segment 4

    * Squad Rating: 87

    * Squad Rating: 45

    * # of Players in the Squad: 11

    * Reward: Small Prime Gold Players Pack

    Mid Icon Upgrade SBC is coming about 333,000 FIFA Coins to complete from scratch on PlayStation.

    The risk of any icon upgrade SBC is that you get a non-tradable icon that is not worth the price requirement. However, the advantage of this is that you have the opportunity to collect top players like Ronaldo, Johan Cruyff, and more.

    Note that this SBC will expire in a few days, so you need to act as soon as possible. If you are short of a certain amount of FUT 22 Coins, you can come to UTNICE to buy what you need at any time.

  • FIFA 22 TOTW 15 Predictions: Who's Joining In?

    Dec 27, 2021

    As gamers prepare for the final squad before 2022, UTNICE also makes a prediction for TOTW 15, helping gamers choose some potential players, so as to save FIFA 22 Coins as much as possible.

    Now come UTNICE to buy products with code "XMAS", you will get 8% off.

    The Team of the Week 14 was by far one of the strongest squads in this ultimate team cycle, including Kevin De Bruyne, Robert Lewandowski, Dayot Unpamecano, and Juan Cuadrado. Fans hope the TOTW 15 squad can compete with it. Considering that the promotion of Winter Wildcards is popular, the 2021 game will be very exciting.

    FIFA 22 TOTW 15 Prediction

    * Martin Odegaard: CAM / Arsenal - Two assists in 5-0 win

    * Bukayo Saka: RM / Arsenal - Two goals in 5-0 win

    * Emerson Royal: RB / Tottenham Hotspur - Assist and clean sheet in 3-0 win

    * James Ward-Prowse: CM / Southampton - Goal and assist in 3-2 win

    There is also Chelsea vs. Aston Villa and Manchester United vs. Newcastle United. Considering that some leagues are currently undergoing a refurbishment period, this looks like a thin team. EA Sports may also invite some players to participate in the Premier League on December 28.

    In addition, Lucas Moyra and Raheem Sterling did not appear on this list because they both have strong Boxing Day performances, which are currently featured in Winter Wildcards Team 2. EA Sports will not award TOTW items to these players because this is a promo in packs.

    Please continue to pay attention to UTNICE, and we will continue to update the TOTW 15 player roster. If you need any FIFA 22 Coins, you can also come here to buy whatever you need.

  • FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: How To Complete Winter Wildcards Magloire SBC?

    Dec 21, 2021

    EA added an 86-rated Winter Wildcards version of Tyler Magloire from Blackburn Rovers to FUT 22, you can get him through the squad building challenge (SBC) menu.UTNICE has gathered all info about it.

    Winter Wildcards Magloire SBC

    This version of Magloire is part of the Winter Wildcards promo, making it his first special card in FIFA 22. This event also brings new upgraded versions of selected players.

    Compared with the 84-rated gold version, almost all of Magloire's stats have been improved:

    * Passing +33

    * Dribbling +28

    * Defending +23

    * Shooting +20

    * Pace +2

    His shooting is only 47, but all other stats are above 71.

    He only has two-star skill moves and a weak foot, but you can use sentinel chemistry style to improve his Defending and Physical, which are also the basic skills for his center-back position.

    This SBC is worth 95,852 FIFA 22 Coins on PlayStation, 98,000 FIFA 22 Coins on Xbox, and almost sky-high on PC, 101,900 FIFA 22 Coins.

    Before January 27, you need to form 2 squads, which are England and Top Form. Once you complete the two squads, in addition to the Winter Wildcards Magloire version, you will also receive a premium electrum player pack and a rare mixed players pack.

    How to complete Magloire SBC?

    There are two ways to get his card:

    * An 83-rated team, at least with 80 chemistry, at least one TOTW (inform) player, and one player from England

    * An 85-rated team requires at least 70 chemistry and at least one TOTW (inform) player

    If you have accumulated a lot of FIFA 22 Coins, this is a piece of cake for you. Or if you want to complete it as soon as possible, you can come to UTNICE now to buy FIFA 22 Coins. For those players who want to grind on their own, UTNICE has also found a cheap way:


    * GK: 83-rated Jordan Pickford (Everton)

    * LB: 83-rated Lucas Hernández (Bayern Munich)

    * CB: 81-rated TOTW Evan Ndicka (Eintracht Frankfurt)

    * CB: 83-rated John Stones (Manchester City)

    * RB: 83-rated Pierre-Emile Højbjerg (Tottenham Hotspur)

    * LM: 83-rated Robin Gosens (Atalanta)

    * CM: 83-rated Arthur Oliveira Melo (Piemonte Calcio)

    * CM: 83-rated Fernandinho Rosa (Manchester City)

    * RM: 83-rated Thomas Partey (Arsenal)

    * ST: 83-rated Duván Zapata (Atalanta)

    * ST: 83-rated Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City)

    Top Form

    * GK: 84-rated Felipe Almeida Monteiro (Atlético de Madrid)

    * LB: 84-rated TOTW Dušan Vlahovic (Fiorentina)

    * CB: 84-rated Stefan Savić (Atlético de Madrid)

    * CB: 84-rated José María Giménez (Atlético de Madrid)

    * RB: 84-rated Kieran Trippier (Atlético de Madrid)

    * LM: 84-rated Dušan Tadić (Ajax)

    * CM: 85-rated Mikel Oyarzabal (Real Sociedad)

    * RM: 83-rated Marco Asensio (Real Madrid)

    * CAM: 85-rated David Silva (Real Sociedad)

    * CAM: 85-rated Memphis Depay (Barcelona)

    * ST: 88-rated Luis Suárez (Atlético de Madrid)

  • FIFA 22 TOTW 13: Predictions For Upcoming Players

    Dec 13, 2021

    FIFA 22 gamers may be looking forward to a better squad, so UTNICE also decided to predict the upcoming players, so as to provide gamers with some new ideas, find some potential players, and spend some FIFA 22 Coins on them is a foresight.

    In the selection of FIFA 22, there have been a series of strong "TOTW" squads, including Virgil Van Dijk, Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., Kylian Mbappe, and more. Considering that the most popular items are Ciro Immobile and Kingsley Coman, TOTW 13 seems to be rather weak. Good players in their own right, but cards do not bring higher value.

    TOTW 13 Predictions

    * Jorginho (CM/Chelsea): 2 goals including a game-winning penalty in stoppage time

    * Bryan Mbeumo (ST/Brentford): Game-winning goal in 96th minute

    * Youri Tielemans (CM/Leicester City): 2 goals in 4-0 win

    * Martin Odegaard (CAM/Arsenal): Third straight game with a goal in 3-0 win

    * Jamal Musiala (CAM/Bayern): Game-winner off the bench in 2-1 win

    Considering that Kieran Tierney had an assist and clean sheet in the team’s 3-0 defeat over Southampton, he might feature in the squad against Odegaard. EA Sports is always strict when it comes to providing promotional items to Arsenal, but the club has taken a prominent position in TOTW this week.

    Raheem Sterling also had a chance to join the squad, as in Manchester City’s 1-0 win over Wolves, he hit 100 career Premier League goals.

    FIFA 22 TOTW 13 will be announced on December 15th at 1 PM ET, we can look forward to it. But until then, you can pay more attention to the players mentioned by UTNICE above, because their chances of appearing in TOTW 13 are greater than others.

  • FIFA 22: FUT Freeze Leak Reveals Full Squad

    Dec 07, 2021

    A FUT Freeze leak may reveal the full promotional squad before one of the biggest events on the Ultimate Team Calendar.

    FUT Freeze replaced FUTMAS and became an annual winter-themed promotion. In addition, this promotion borrowed from the previous theme of FUT Birthday and Shapeshifters by providing players with new positions to develop squad building. This was one of the most popular games last season, bringing in a striker Allan Saint-Maximin, left-back Adama Traore, and more.

    A large number of leaks on social media not only exposed the promotional squad but also exposed the Squad Building Challenge item. UTNICE has collected some details.

    Details the promo team in packs:

    * Alexis Claude Maurice - OGC Nice

    * Angel Correa - Atletico Madrid

    * Alejandro Gomez - Sevilla

    * Gabriel Jesus - Manchester City

    * Jules Kounde - Sevilla

    * Kevin Mbabu - VfL Wolfsburg

    * Roberto Pereyra - Udinese

    * Marcus Rashford - Manchester United

    * Nico Schulz - Borussia Dortmund

    * Adama Traore - Wolverhampton Wanderers

    * Federico Valverde - Real Madrid

    According to more leaks, Christian Pulisic will be an SBC during the promotion. Although FIFA 22 will announce the players, the specific items are still a secret. You can speculate about the positions and upgrades these players might get. For example, Rashford, as a left midfielder, is likely to get a central item.

    FUT Freeze is expected to start on December 10th, but we don’t know how long it will last. UTNICE will always follow the latest news and will always provide cheap FIFA 22 Coins, you can buy FIFA 22 Coins from UTNICE to make it easier for you to get the players you like. After all, every gamer wants a perfect squad.

  • FIFA 22: How To Complete Signature Signings Baku's Objectives?

    Dec 01, 2021

    EA Sports has added an 85-rated signature signings version of Ridle Baku from VfL Wolfsburg to FUT's objectives menu.

    This is Baku's first special card in FUT. He is part of the Black Friday signature signings event. This promo provides players with permanent item upgrades to celebrate their most successful transfers and the first Season on their current club.

    All of Baku's skills have been comprehensively improved, including:

    * Defending +8

    * Passing +7

    * Dribbling +6

    * Pace +6

    * Physical +5

    * Shooting +5

    If you use the anchor chemistry style, this will further improve some of his skills, especially defending (+7) and physical (+7).

    All the goals of Baku can be completed in Squad battles or Rivals mode, it's up to you. There are 4 objectives in total, and you only need to complete one of them. UTNICE will provide more specific information.

    Completing the objectives will give you a 75-rated rare player pack, a gold pack, 2 players pack and a small electrum players pack. You need to complete all objectives before 12 pm on December 3rd (Friday) And get the card.

    4 objectives you need to complete:

    * Attacking Intent: Score 15 goals using Bundesliga players in Squad Battles on at least Professional (or Rivals) difficulty.

    * Consistent Form: Score using German players in 11 separate Squad Battles matches on at least Professional (or Rivals) difficulty.

    * Brilliant Bundesliga: Win seven matches with at least six players from the Bundesliga within your starting squad in Squad Battles on at least Professional (or Rivals) difficulty.

    * Link Up Play: Assist seven goals using Defenders in Squad Battles matches on at least Professional (or Rivals) difficulty.

    In addition, if you still have a favorite player, you can first come to UTNCIE to buy FIFA 22 Coins, which will allow you to proceed more smoothly in subsequent games, and you can form your perfect team faster.

  • NBA 2K22: MyTeam Mystic Packs Have Arrived

    Nov 25, 2021

    The NBA 2K22 MyTeam Mystic packs have been released and feature many stars, as well as 3 Pink Diamond items and 3 NBA 75 cards. UTNICE has collected some of the latest details, including the latest 2K Locker Codes and Season Agendas.

    MyTeam Mystic Packs add Giannis, T-Mac Pink Diamonds

    Two-time MVP and NBA Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo got a brand new Pink Diamond in the NBA 2K22 MyTeam Mystic packs. He has 2 different PD items, one of which is the NBA 75 edition card.

    Giannis' attributes include his new item features 93 offense and 99 defense. The most important attributes include his 90 for interior and perimeter defense, 89 speed, 88 stamina, and 93 Driving Layup.

    Tracy McGrady is another pink diamond in the new packs. The other two players received NBA 75 diamond cards, including guards James Harden and John Stockton.

    * Giannis Antetokoumpo - 95 OVR Pink Diamond

    * Giannis Antetokoumpo - 95 OVR Pink Diamond (NBA 75)

    * Tracy McGrady - 95 OVR Pink Diamond

    * James Harden - 94 OVR Diamond (NBA 75)

    * James Harden - 94 OVR Diamond

    * Drazen Petrovic - 93 OVR Diamond

    * John Stockton - 92 OVR Diamond (NBA 75)

    * John Stockton - 92 OVR Diamond

    * Dino Radja - 91 OVR Amethyst

    * Eddie Jones - 91 OVR Amethyst

    * Dejounte Murray - 90 OVR Amethyst

    * O.J. Mayo - 89 OVR Ruby

    * Wang Zhi Zhi - 89 OVR Ruby

    * Dell Curry - 88 OVR Ruby

    * Jonathan Isaac - 86 OVR Sapphire

    Locker Codes

    * The code is good for one week. Redeem it by entering “MYSTIC-TMAC-AND-GIANNIS” into the Community Hub area or 2K mobile app.

    * Use the code “THANKS-BKN-BOS-2K22” for a Deluxe Mystic Pack and 2XP Coin. Available for one week.

    If you have a player card you like but you have not been able to get, you can buy NBA 2K22 MT from UTNCIE in advance, and now buy 2K22 MT on UTNICE, you will automatically enjoy 30% off, so the cheap 2K22 MT is available here.

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