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  • Tips You Need To Know About Free Form Passing In Madden 24 Tips You Need To Know About Free Form Passing In Madden 24

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    Tips You Need To Know About Free Form Passing In Madden 24

    If you want to score more touchdowns and fewer interceptions, then this guide is a must-have. Here, we will discuss how to complete Free Form Passing in Madden NFL 24 and the tips you need to pay attention to. Let’s start.

    Passing Settings

    First, I just want to show you my setup. First, you need to enter the passing mechanism in the game. You will look at Placement and Accuracy, make sure we turn it on.

    You can turn on Passing Slowdown, which will actually slow down the game. This way you can see Free Form Reticle Max Distance better. You want to make sure you adjust it to Near. If you set it to Far or No Max Distance. This means that accurate placement of the reticle becomes more difficult when you Free Form Passing. And you really can’t make any accurate passes.

    For Free Form Reticle Speed, I think for ordinary players, we can adjust it to 8-10. And for talented players, I bet they’ll adjust to somewhere between 8-14. It depends on your play style. Then, for Reticle Visibility, go to Visible. And Meter Visibility goes to User Only.

    How To Complete Free Form Passing?

    What Free Form Passing does is allow you to throw the ball outside of the shaded circle. Doing so guides the receiver so they can continue to have momentum and speed. This can also be used to get rid of safeties or defenders and also gives you better animation after the catch. Therefore, there are many positive aspects to Free Form Passing.

    Now one thing I want to review. When people Free Form Passing, many times they move the left stick all the way to the sides or in a circle. But most of the time, I actually ended up not moving the left stick all the way.

    You must have a Soft Thumb. Just like when you’re running the ball, you don’t want your left stick to get stuck when you catch the ball. You want some little movement to find the hole. This is what you do when Free Form Passing.

    If you want to activate Free Form Passing, you need to hold LT or L2. This allows you to hold down LT or L2 while pressing the receiver icon you want to pass to. You can then move the left stick in the direction you want to throw the ball.

    Free Form Passing Is Important For Deep Balls

    Now let’s take a look at how to throw the deep ball in Madden 24. To throw a perfect deep ball, you really need Free Form Passing. If you’re not using Free Form Passing, you’re probably experiencing a lot of interception right now.

    To throw a deep ball, all you have to do is really just make a lob pass with LB or L1. An average receiver isn’t going to catch the ball, especially is a good corner. Therefore, you need to improve your receiver’s statistics by utilizing Madden NFL 24 Coins.

    Now you’ll see when I start Free Form Passing, it’s going to give the receiver a chance to make a great RAC catch-and-run after the catch, which will continue his momentum.

    But this is something you can’t do when you don’t use Free Form Passing. You won’t have enough room to throw the ball, and you won’t be able to get out of that shaded circle. It will end up being intercepted and it will end up like the way it did before with a knockdown pass. Therefore, Free Form Passing is very important when throwing deep balls.

    I mean, the receiver hits the corner. You need to throw this type of ball. If you don’t use Free Form Passing, you won’t be able to take advantage of your catcher’s release.

    Also Read: How To Customize The Best Offensive Scheme In Madden 24?

    How To Beat Defensive Coverage With Free Form Passing?

    But now I want to discuss how to beat certain defensive coverages with Free Form Passing. So the first coverage we’re going to talk about is cover two.

    Now I either throw the ball to A or I throw the ball to B. If I throw the ball to A, I will pass the ball in free form to the center of the field. If I throw the ball to B, I pass the ball to the sideline in free form.

    I chose Free Form Passing to the sideline, and the safety didn’t shoot, that’s how you can beat cover two. There’s a safety here and you have room to pass Free Form Passing to the sideline. 

    All I do is hold down LT and move the right or left stick halfway to the right. This is what you can do against certain zone defenses and even man defenses, depending on the type of man defenses.

    I’m going to show you this again, but I’m going to hit the ace into the middle of the field. Regardless of whether I complete the pass or not, I just want you to see what this Free Form Passing can do. Like how far you can actually take it to the middle of the court and see how efficient it is.

    Now, I didn’t throw the ball down the middle of the court. Because in that area, the center back actually does a good job of defending the center of the pitch. But you’ll see, if I throw it down the middle of the field, the middle linebacker is still going to make a defensive play. 

    So I decided to get rid of this middle linebacker by extending my left stick to the right, which moved my tight end to the right. That little movement to the right is small, but it does a lot for you.

    But now I’m going to show you how to fight cover three with the flood concept. Therefore, we will continue the follow-up work. We’re going to run a screen because we’re going to have B running continuously and A panning out and blocking the running back. Now I’m going to throw the ball into the corner with the goal of getting a flatter path.

    If we throw this downfield where he’s going, this safety or this corner is going to be easy to make a play. So I have Free Form Passing here so that the defender also has enough space to catch the ball. The way I do this is also by holding LT and left stick down and right.


    The above is all the content to complete Free Form Passing. With this guide, you can learn how to Free Form Passing and what to do when throwing. Hope it helps you!

    Sep 27, 2023

  • Top 5 Challenges For Madden 24 Franchise Mode Top 5 Challenges For Madden 24 Franchise Mode

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    Top 5 Challenges For Madden 24 Franchise Mode

    Do you know the feeling of starting a new franchise, only to be bored with it after the first season or winning a Super Bowl? Stick around for challenges that will keep your franchise fresh.

    1. One-Year Wonders

    Our first challenge is called One-Year Wonders.

    The idea behind this challenge is to keep your roster dynamic and flexible. It adds an extra layer of difficulty, as you’ll need to rebuild your team every year. Although this means you will have to spend a lot of Madden 24 Coins, it also keeps things fresh and exciting.


    1. Only sign free agents to one-year contracts. 
    2. No extensions allowed during the season. You must wait for free agency. 
    3. You can resign players, but again only to one-year deals.

    The New England Patriots have been known for signing players to short-term prove it deals, giving them a chance to earn a bigger contract either with the Patriots or elsewhere. 

    Teams Well Suited For This Challenge 

    Miami Dolphins. They have a young core and plenty of cap space, making them ideal for short-term contracts.

    Indianapolis Colts. Known for their smart cap management, the Colts would be a great fit for this challenge.

    2. Draft Day Deal 

    Our next challenge is the Draft Day Deal

    The idea here is to make every Draft Day a blockbuster event. You’ll need to trade up for a top 10 pick every year, adding a layer of excitement and strategy to your draft experience.


    1. Trade up to secure at least one top 10 pick in every draft.
    2. You can trade future picks, but you cannot trade future top 10 first round picks. You are allowed to trade top 10 picks in the upcoming draft as long as it’s within the top 10.
    3. The player you draft must be a starter in their rookie season.

    A real life example: the Atlanta Falcons famously traded up to draft Julio Jones in 2011, giving up five picks to get him. It was a high-risk move that paid off big time.

    Teams Well Suited For This Challenge  

    Jacksonville Jaguars. With multiple draft picks and a young roster, they’re well suited for aggressive Draft Day moves.

    San Francisco 49ers. Known for their Draft Day Trades, the 49ers have the assets to make big moves. 

    3. Underdogs Unite 

    Our third challenge is called Underdogs Unite.

    The idea here is to build a team without any superstars. You’ll have to rely on teamwork and strategy rather than individual talent, making everyone that much more satisfying.


    1. No players rated above 90 are allowed on your team.
    2. If a player’s rating goes above 90, you must trade or release them. You can’t sign free agents rated above 90.

    A real life example: the 2001 New England Patriots were not filled with superstars but relied on teamwork to win the Super Bowl.

    Teams Well Suited For This Challenge  

    Detroit Lions. A team in rebuild mode with few high rated players making them a perfect fit.

    Carolina Panthers. Another team with a young core and no superstars ideal for this challenge.

    4. No Kicking Challenge 

    Our fourth challenge is the No Kicking Challenge.

    The idea here is to add some high stakes excitement to your games. Forget about field goals, extra points, or punts, you’re going all in on every drive.


    1. You cannot kick any field goals, extra points, or punts. 
    2. You must go for a two-point conversion after every touchdown. 
    3. On every fourth down, you must go for it regardless of field position.

    A real life example: the 2018 Philadelphia Eagles, dubbed the ‘Phillies Special’, famously went for it on fourth down during the Super Bowl, leading to a crucial touchdown.

    Teams Well Suited For This Challenge  

    Kansas City Chiefs. With a high-powered offense, they’re built for aggressive play calling.

    Baltimore Ravens. Known for their strong running game, they’re well suited for fourth down conversions.

    5. Franchise Savior 

    Our final challenge is the Franchise Savior.

    The idea here is to turn a losing team into a winner in just one season. It’s the ultimate test of your managerial skills and game strategy.


    1. Start with a team that had a losing record in the previous 2022 season.
    2. Achieve a winning record in the current 2023 season. 
    3. You cannot simulate games. You must play them.

    A real life example: the 1999 St Louis Rams went from a 4 and 12 season to winning the Super Bowl the following year thanks to the emergence of Kurt Warner.

    Teams Well Suited For This Challenge 

    New York Jets. A team with a lot of young talent but a losing record making them ripe for a turnaround. If up for the challenge, follow real-life events with Rogers being out for what most likely is the rest of the season. Turn the ship around with Zach Wilson or make tough decisions. 

    Arizona Cardinals. Another team with potential but a disappointing previous season ideal for this challenge. The Cardinals showed through the first three weeks of the NFL season that there is more to them than everybody thought. An interesting story to play out with Kyler Murray may be coming back later.

    Sep 26, 2023

  • You Can Use This Glitch To Score A Touchdown In Every Play Of Madden 24! You Can Use This Glitch To Score A Touchdown In Every Play Of Madden 24!

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    You Can Use This Glitch To Score A Touchdown In Every Play Of Madden 24!

    This offensive play is glitched and leaves your Tight End wide open every single time.

    About The Glitch

    The offensive playbook we’re in is the Chicago Bears Offense. Now, this works for Regs but not Madden Ultimate Team. The play call we’re going to use is PA End Around. 

    Now, this play is in the Singleback Wing formation in the Chicago Bears Playbook. I believe it’s only in this playbook inside of Regs Head to Head and the play call will be PA End Around.

    The reason why this works is if you hold your right trigger, you see that there is no passing icon over Conklin (a player you can get by using your Madden 24 Coins). He’s thrown into a block. 

    But if I go ahead and I go on defense and I try to man up Conklin again, no icon shows up, meaning that nobody is able to man assign themselves to this player.

    So, if I audible out of PA End Around, I can throw him now onto a Streak Route. The defense, as I said, cannot man themselves up to Conklin. Despite switching on to different players and trying the man coverage Conklin or manually man coverage Conklin, you can not assign a man coverage player to this Tight End.

    With that being said, if your opponent snaps his football, nobody goes ahead and tries to cover this Tight End. And he’s going to be off to the races for an extremely easy one to play touchdown.

    How To Stop The Glitch?

    Now, there are three ways to stop this glitch:

    The first way is to run Zone Coverage. If you just go into a Zone Coverage on your defense, which could be a Cover 2, a Cover 3 or even in this case a Cover 4 Show 2, you’re able to get your safeties to acknowledge this Tight End. This is solely a man-to-man glitch. This will not work against a Zone Coverage defense. Because despite running this man up glitch, when we run the zone, both safeties follow the Tight End on the play.

    The second way to stop it is by zoning the Tight End’s Man Assignment. What I mean by this is if you’re still wanting to run man-to-man coverage or you still want to Blitz while being able to stop this, what you want to do is take the player that should be manned up on this Tight End and throw him into a zone.

    What this is going to do is prevent your opponent from throwing that one play touchdown. You could still get some pressure, but you still have some really solid coverage on your opponent.

    The third step is the User Coverage the Tight End. If you still want to run man-to-man coverage, grab the linebacker or the deep safety that should be covering the Tight End and just run some User Coverage on them.

    Now that we know how to stop it, we can break down some ways to really abuse this while on offense. If you want, you can now switch formations while running this glitch. You don’t have to be in the same formation that you came out in to be able to run this. 

    As long as you came out in PA End Around and switched into another play that has a Tight End on the route, you are never going to have him manned up on the play. So, what that means is you can come out in more popular formations, like Deuce Close, or come off in a slight place like Wing Slot Offset and still be able to run this exact play or this exact glitch.

    And I promise, the more you run this on offense, the more frustrating it’s going to be for your opponent’s defense trying to get a stop on this glitch.

    Sep 20, 2023

  • 3 Tips That You Can Incorporate Into Your Madden 24 Offensive Scheme Or Defensive Scheme 3 Tips That You Can Incorporate Into Your Madden 24 Offensive Scheme Or Defensive Scheme

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    3 Tips That You Can Incorporate Into Your Madden 24 Offensive Scheme Or Defensive Scheme

    Today, I’ll be diving into the minds of NFL legends to uncover three game changing philosophies that can apply to your Madden 24 strategy to take your game to the next level. 

    Tip 1 

    The first tip will be from Bill Belichick.

    Although he is most known for his versatile defense and efficient offense, one of his philosophies really stuck out to me. In this article, Belichick talks about finding your strengths and utilizing them to attack the weaknesses of your opponents. 

    But how will you incorporate this in the Madden? 

    Let’s say, for instance, that your best strength is passing the ball. Your goal should be to utilize and find passing plays that can attack defenses in multiple amount of ways through passing. 

    Using plays like RPOs to make the defense have to respect the run while also being able to give the ball out to your playmakers in the perimeter, by passing. Then going to play action to lure defenders in, then hitting shots downfield and you may have to set certain plays up to be able to use your strengths. 

    Let me show you what I mean. Most of the time, you may not want to just immediately run your best plays. If you are great at passing, try running the ball at the beginning of the game. If you do this efficiently, you’ll be able to call play action passes to lure the defense towards the line because they will think that you are running the ball and then you can hit huge plays down the field because you lured the defense in, which opens up more windows in the passing game. 

    So real football and Madden is a chess game between your strengths and your opponent’s strengths. If you arrange good players, even better! If you have extra Madden NFL 24 Coins, hurry up and buy or improve your top players!

    Tip 2 

    Tip number two is from Joe Montana, talking about pocket presence. 

    You’d be surprised how important pocket presence is in Madden. But what is pocket presence? 

    Pocket presence is not only the ability to stay calm and collected while getting blitzed, but it is also being able to step up in the pocket, which in Madden will help O-line stay engaged with blocks and give you more time to throw the ball. 

    But in football and in Madden, stepping up in the pocket can feel unnatural. Joe Montana has talked about this too. He states that there are other things you need to do, despite what the logical side of your brain is telling you to do. Step up. Remain calm. Don’t give up on the play. In the face of outside pressure, you need to move forward. Stepping up in the pocket. It’s an unnatural reaction. But you have to do it.

    Now, many people, when playing Madden, have a habit of moving back as the QB, right when the ball is snapped. But what this actually does is give the D-ends an easier route to the QB and will prevent the offensive tackles from being able to block for a longer period of time and will disengage with the rusher. 

    So, you want to start practicing is staying in the pocket for as long as possible. When you feel that the rush is coming from the ends, step up in the pocket and you’ll get better blocking animations from your O-line for more time in the pocket to find open receivers and throw lasers. 

    Tip 3 

    The third tip is a page taken out of Tom Brady’s philosophy on how to read coverages. 

    An old backup QB for Tom Brady explained that using motions gave Tom Brady a tell on whether the defense was in a man defense or a zone defense. This would dictate what Tom Brady would audible to every snap and use it to exploit the defense. 

    This tactic works extremely well in Madden too. All you want to do is motion a receiver to the opposite side. And if the defender that is over him follows, then it is most likely a man defense. If the defender stays where he is, when you motion, it is most likely a zone defense. Then, based off what the defense is in, you can call your plays accordingly.

    Here's an example. When I motion this player, you see that the defender follows, which is a tell that it is a man defense. So now that you know that it is man to man, you can set up man beaters and isolate favorable matchups.

    Since I motion the outside wide receiver, the slot receiver is isolated in a 1v1 situation with no defensive help. So, what I may do here is put him on a zig route. This type of route creates a lot of separation against man. So, when you snap the ball, you will see he is able to create separation and with no defensive help around. All he has to do is catch the ball and get up field for a huge play. 

    This is a prime example of how motioning players can give you tells on what the defense is in and adjusting to exploit the defense. And you can use these tactics in every game that you play. 

    Sep 15, 2023

  • Top 24 Highest-Rated Players In EA FC 24 Has Been Revealed! Top 24 Highest-Rated Players In EA FC 24 Has Been Revealed!

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    Top 24 Highest-Rated Players In EA FC 24 Has Been Revealed!

    EA Sports have revealed the top 24 players in EA Sports FC 24. If you are considering your team members recently, you may wish to take a look at the following rankings.

    Starting at the 24 is Olympique Lyonnais’s Ada Hegerberg, rated at 89 overall.

    Ranked 23rd is Liverpool’s Goalkeeper Allison, who stays at 89 rated.

    Ranked 22nd is Liverpool’s Defender Virgil van Dijk, who’s gone down 1 from 90 to 89 overall in EC 24.

    Ranked 21st is FC Barcelona’s Marc-André ter Stegen, given a rating of 89 overall.

    Ranked 20th is San Diego Wave’s Alex Morgan, again rated at 89 overall.

    Ranked 19th is Al Hilal’s Neymar Jr, given a rating of 89 overall.

    Ranked 18th is Manchester City’s Rodri. His ranking is the first major upgrade and has gone from 87 overall to 89 overall.

    The overall of the player ranked 17th also improved significantly. This time is for Vinicius Jr. of Real Madrid. He’s gone up from 86 to 89 in EA FC 24.

    Ranked 16th is Rúben Dias of Manchester City. He’s been given a slight bump from 88 to 89.

    Ranked 15th is Mapi León of Barcelona at 89 overall.

    Ranked 14th is Kadidiatou Diani of Olympique Lyonnais, rated at 89 overall.

    Ranked 13th is Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah, who’s somehow gone from 90 to 89. In the EA FC 24, that’s a big downgrade.

    Ranked 12th is Robert Lewandowski of Barcelona. He’s gone down from 91 to 90.

    Ranked 11th is Caroline Graham Hansen of Barcelona at 90 overall.

    And now we get into the top 10, where things get really exciting.

    Fresh after his move to Germany, it’s Harry Kane coming in at number 10 for Bayern Munich at 90 overall.

    At number nine, we have Thibaut Courtois of Real Madrid, again rated at 90 overall.

    At eight, we have Karen Benzema, who was 91 in FIFA 23 as joint highest rated, but has now dropped to 90 overall after he’s moved to Saudi Arabia.

    At number seven, we have Chelsea’s Striker Sam Kerr at 90 overall.

    At six, it’s the goat himself, Leonel Messi of Inter Miami, who’s dropped from 91 to 90 in EC 24. And he’s not one of the highest rated players in an EA Sports title for well forever.

    And number five, it’s Aitana Bonmatí of Barcelona at 90 overall.

    Now, this is where things get really interesting. In EA FC 24, we’ve got four players who share the top spot with ratings of 91 overall.

    At number four, it’s Manchester City’s Midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, who retains his 91 rating from FIFA 23 and is again among the highest rated players in the game.

    And number three is Erling Haaland of Manchester City, who is 91 overall. That’s a huge upgrade from FIFA 23 where he’s rated 88 overall.

    Coming in at number two, Alexia Putellas of Barcelona, who’s just won the Women’s FIFA World Cup.

    And coming in at number one, it’s Kylian Mbappé of Paris Saint-Germain, who retains his rating of 91 overall.

    Above is the top 24 player ratings in EA FC 24. If you want outstanding players to join your team, you can refer to this ranking directly. But there is a prerequisite here, that is, you must prepare sufficient FC 24 Coins. Only this way, you can more easily select your favorite players and improve them quickly.

    Sep 14, 2023

  • The Best Way To Green Every Shot In NBA 2K24! - Settings & Tips The Best Way To Green Every Shot In NBA 2K24! - Settings & Tips

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    The Best Way To Green Every Shot In NBA 2K24! - Settings & Tips

    Do you often struggle with shooting after breaking through the opponent’s defense? In NBA 2K24, players will often find themselves in trouble, unable to score due to poor shot timing despite their best efforts with the ball.

    It’s partly a matter of skill though, and it takes practice to get every shot to go green in NBA 2K24. But there are some settings and tips that can help players improve the stability of their shot timing in NBA 2K24. So, here I show you how to make more shots in NBA 2K24! Become a better shooter in the game as quickly as possible!

    How Does Green Shot Work?

    The term Green Shot is defined as a shot that is perfectly released and has a 100% chance of scoring. It has to be fast, precise, and done within milliseconds. You can see your Green Shot in the green meter on the right side of the screen. And Shot Timing Stability is related to the presence and fatigue of players that affect jump shot timing.

    Stable hitting during the game is very important to hit Green Shot. The mechanics are complex, but it all depends on your speed and precision. Therefore, for Green Shot, Shot Timing Stability must be considered.

    However, if your character has higher Shot Timing Stability, then don’t worry as this won’t affect your chances of hitting the shot. What really matters is the accuracy of the shot during Green Window.

    How To Green Every Shot?

    There are multiple factors that go into whether your shot timing is within the green window meter. Most of them are related to game settings. The following tips will help you easily land Green Shot in NBA 2K24.

    Use Jump Shot Boosts

    Using Jump Shot Boosts is very important in the game. Not only does it help you increase your Jump Shot chances, it also improves accuracy. So it’s important to have them. However, it is a paid item, costing 1500 NBA 2K24 VC per game. But it’s worth spending as it will bring you enormous benefits.

    Turn On Shot Feedback

    Shot feedback is used to tell you whether shots are more effective early or late in a game. It will help you time your next shot perfectly. But by default, it turned this feature off in the game. So, you need to open it. The specific method is as follows:

    First open the menu and go to “Options/Quit tab.” Then we click on “Settings,” and scroll down to “Shot Feedback,” and then find “All Shots.” At this point, you can complete your Shot Timing Visual Cue Settings.

    Shot Timing Visual Cue Settings

    But this NBA community emphasizes that Shot Timing Visual Cue Settings are somehow related to your early or late releases.

    Don’t worry. You can find and fix this issue by going into settings and clicking “Controller Settings.” By default, your Shot Timing Visual Cue Settings remain Pushed.

    However, we can’t recommend specific settings for this. You’ll have to experiment by changing it to Jump, Release, or Set Point to find what works best for you.

    Close Jump Shot Meter

    Finally, don’t forget to turn off Jump Shot Meter. You can turn off Jump Shot Meter by going into Controller Settings and changing Jump Shot Meter to off.

    Since Jump Shot Meter is on by default, it can really mess up your shot. Turning off your Jump Shot Meter will improve your Green Shot status. And shooting feedback can help you a lot, so turning this feature off can lead to a lot of improvements.

    The above are some of my tips and tricks for Green Shot and maintaining a higher Shot Timing Stability for your character. Hopefully, these strategies will help you become the top scorer when you compete!

    Sep 14, 2023

  • How To Improve Your User Ability In Madden NFL 24? - Defensive Tips How To Improve Your User Ability In Madden NFL 24? - Defensive Tips

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    How To Improve Your User Ability In Madden NFL 24? - Defensive Tips

    Imagine one of the most dangerous players on the field is the user Defender because of how good or bad, you can make them, going beyond what the computer can realistically do for you. And it’s a spot where every moment of indecisiveness or aggressiveness is rewarded accordingly. 

    So, with this guide, I’m going to go over a few things you need to start doing to become a menace to your opponent in the passing game and maybe get up off of that defensive line to start causing more turnovers and take your game to the next level in Madden 24. Of course, if you have enough Madden 24 Coins, you’d better pick some good players to join your team. This way, you can win the game more easily.

    Peripheral Vision

    One of the first things you need to do after the snap is you want to use your peripheral vision to take as much information as possible about the play and who’s coming into your area that you may not see it.

    Now, for those unaware your peripherals, your vision outside of what you’re directly looking at. So, if I’m looking at the middle of the field, I also want to be able to see things outside of the middle of the screen without moving my eyes. This is important.

    Basically, you want to extend your field of vision so you can see more things. And by looking at the middle of the field instead of at a specific receiver, it’s easier to do.

    The purpose of this is to spot things developing faster than again, just focusing on the tight end or wide receiver. So, using your peripheral vision, you start to see how routes are being distributed and who’s coming into your area wide open as an immediate threat that you might want to engage with.

    You can bait people doing this, leaving the middle of the field wide open so they think they can attack it. And you’re able to jump on whoever wants to uncover themselves into that area. Although I didn’t get it, you see the thought process behind it.

    Take Good Angles 

    Now, imagine you can see the guy coming open, but if you take a terrible angle, it was all for nothing. So, taking proper angles covering receivers is the second most important thing you can do as a user.

    It’s so important because it delays the receiver using their speed advantage against you and blowing right by. And to do this, you simply want to run to where the receiver is going and not where they currently are. You’re looking to cut them off because running directly at them, you’re hoping the quarterback throws it immediately.

    If he doesn’t, you’ll burn instantly and all the quarterback had to do is wait a second or so for him to come open again. If you take a proper angle, you delay the possibility of them burning you, which less be real they will if you’re chasing them for long enough.

    But the goal is to delay this as long as possible by keeping yourself in the best possible position as long as you can. And you’re also able to still defend the Quick Pass if they throw it now.

    Don’t Take The Ball

    Sometimes, you’re not going to be playing. The angles in the routes are simply designed to test your patience.

    Quick underneath the routes are usually bait unless it’s third or fourth and short or you’re blitzing or if you notice every single route is going short. So, you might as well attack it.

    Because otherwise its purpose is to get you to bite up, so they can hit something behind you. And this is where using your peripherals while semi-committing short can help you get back in time to create turnover opportunities.

    A simple rule to follow is anytime your instinct is telling you to start chasing something, ask yourself is this a trap.

    How To Bait Your Opponent?

    Another skill you must develop is if they somehow have two guys open against your style defense is baiting. Basically, this means you cover one guy to load it into their mind that he’s covered and peel off to the next read and get yourself a pick. 

    The better the player, the less likely this is to work. But you can get a good amount of people with a basic covering peel, depending on the route combo.

    You don’t even have to be covering anybody initially just coming into the picture laid from a Fake Blitz or you wait until the last possible second to react to the receiver and the quarterback not seeing you can create big plays as well.

    Usering Paired With The Blitz

    And lastly, I briefly mentioned, but Blitz is where the flats are open can lend you plenty of interceptions or near ones if your opponent isn’t careful.

    You can undercut a lot of these passes to the flats if you take off from the start by just getting in between the receiver and the ball. It’s all about the angles, y’all.

    To be an impactful use, you, as a defender, have to see recognize what’s happening, and an attack taking the proper angle to make the most impactful play on the ball.

    Sep 13, 2023

  • How To Create An Unstoppable Offensive Scheme In Madden 24 Chiefs Playbook? How To Create An Unstoppable Offensive Scheme In Madden 24 Chiefs Playbook?

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    How To Create An Unstoppable Offensive Scheme In Madden 24 Chiefs Playbook?

    Here, I’ll break down the offensive scheme that dominates the passing game with unique route concepts and a run game that’s fun and hard to stop. Let’s start.

    Audibles And Formations

    First, we need to set up audibles. Because we’re going to be audibling down between two different formations in Chiefs Playbook, Tight Open and Trio HB Weak.

    Audibling down means you are changing the pre-captured formation by pressing X or Square. Then pressing right or left on the d-pad to change the formation. This will constantly force the defense to adjust to your offense.

    Now, here are the audibles for each formation we’re going to discuss. In Trio HB Weak formation, all you need to do is make sure you have RPO Alert Bubble among the audibles. Then, for Tight Open, you need Slot Post, Bench Z Spot, Read Option, and Speed Option.

    1st Play

    So, to start the offense, you need to appear in RPO Alert Bubble in Trio HB Weak formation. This play is tough to stop because you can throw the ball to the bubble or give it to the perimeter.

    Now, the readings in this tactic are very simple. You need to understand numerical advantage by calculating the ratio between the number of players on the tripping side and the number of defensive players lined up on the receiver side. 

    In this play, you will see only 2 defensive players lined up over the 2 wide receivers. The only defensive player with the ball was the safety, who was 12 yards out. The linebacker is too slow to defend the bubble from his inside position.

    Now, once you throw the ball, all you have to do is beat your 1v1 duel, and then you can easily catch the ball to move the chains. But if your 3 receivers have a defensive player surrounding them, you may want to look at the backfield.

    If you find that most defenders are shifting to the tripping side, give it to the running back. You’ll have enough time to complete the mission to earn a huge Madden 24 Coins payout.

    The reason we started using RPO Alert Bubble was so that we could hear Tight Open formation audibles. You just need to press X and then press the D right until you reach Tight Open.

    Then, once you’re in formation, you’ll be able to choose from any of our selection of audible plays: Slot Post, Bench Z Spot, Read Option, and Speed Option.

    2nd Play

    Now, if you see the defense in blitz mode, you can hear the audibles of Slot Post in Tight Open formation. The way to tell if a blitz is coming is to look at the safety. If they’re within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage, usually you’ll see a blitz unless it’s fake.

    But to beat the blitz, we will place 2 shorter routes on the right that beat the opponent. But on the left side, we’re going to keep the same route. You can then block RB to add an extra blocker against the blitz, so we have more time to attack.

    Now, when we spike the ball, you’ll see that the blitz is blocked. This gives us time to get the laser out of the pocket and throw touchdown passes to elite players.

    But one thing I want to make you wary of is the original defender covering RB. Because RB didn’t go out and run the route, the defender who was guarding him is now a zone defender.

    Therefore, when dealing with a blitz, it’s important to understand route spacing and beat personnel covering routes. If you don’t space your routes well, you’ll have a hard time keeping enough distance from your defender. And you can allow defenders or users to guard both routes at the same time.

    3rd Play

    Another way you can beat the defense on this play is to create a bunch look by signaling the slot receiver on the post. You can then put B on the zig, A on the slant, and put the running back on the outside table route.

    The goal here is to read the corner route. If he creates enough distance to guide him away from the defender, he can score an easy touchdown. If he doesn’t open, you will check via the zig route.

    Another thing that makes this game so exciting, though, is route spacing. Because we have too many routes that pose a threat to human defenses. If the user only guards one route, other routes away from the user will inevitably be opened.

    4th Play

    Outside of Bench Z Spot, we’ll create a flood concept by moving the outside receiver and placing him vertically. Then on the back, we place Y in the tilt position and X in the zig position.

    Now, in this flood concept, my interpretation is safety, the corner, and the slot corner. You’ll see the corner stay in his flat to defend the running back. And the corner route, which leaves the vertical route open in the back of the end zone, occupies the deep safety.

    Because if the flat defender stays low, the deep half safety won’t be able to guard two routes that are spaced apart from each other. Therefore, route spacing is equally important for zones and players.

    5th Play

    Another way to execute this play is to move the Y receiver over, put B in the slant position and X in the zig position. If your opponent is in man coverage mode, see which cutting routes will be open.

    Here, it’s a slant with yards of open space. If you have to get rid of the ball quickly, you’ll have zig and flat route to watch the check.

    6th Play

    Now let’s talk about speed options. The speed option forces the defense to cover two players, QBs and running back. If you see the D end rushing QB, press LB to throw it to the running back and try to get to the outside. That’s where you can make big runs and touchdowns.

    7th Play

    In this play, you can choose to have QB have the ball, or hold A and give the ball to RB. If no anchors are available, look at the backside linebackers furthest away from the outside and slot corners. If they fall toward the outside, get the ball to the running back to improve your running game.

    You need to read your blocks correctly by understanding where your blockers are and what influence they have. So, when the running back gets the ball, the left guard blocks the linebacker.

    We now have two holes to choose from. But what you want to choose is the hole where the left back pushes the defender away. So, I took the space in the middle and made a cutout on the outside. That’s why I cut to the outside, away from the defender, and get an easy touchdown.

    This is the offensive scheme I provide you in Chiefs Playbook today. Let me know what you think of this offensive scheme and how it works for you. See you next time.

    Sep 12, 2023

  • 4 Epic Career Modes You Can Run In The Upcoming EA FC 24 4 Epic Career Modes You Can Run In The Upcoming EA FC 24

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    4 Epic Career Modes You Can Run In The Upcoming EA FC 24

    With the upcoming release of EA Sports FC 24, we have four epic Career Mode journeys for you to hit the ground running once it releases. The aim of these will be to reach the prestigious Champions League final. But it’s not just about the destination, it’s about the thrilling ride. From quick ascents to long-term, we’ve got it all.

    Manchester United

    Our first journey begins with a club that’s no stranger to glory, Manchester United.

    First up, we’re heading to the heart of England to the iconic Old Trafford, The Theater of Dreams. This is the home of Manchester United. This is a club steeped in rich history and tradition and a club that has seen the highs of unparalleled success and the lows of struggle.

    The past decade has been a roller coaster ride for the Red Devils. But now, with 10 hag at the helm, there’s a glimmer of hope.

    The goal for this journey is to reach the Champions League final within two years. A lofty ambition, but with the right guidance, it’s within reach.

    But this journey isn’t about quick fixes or easy routes. This journey is about authenticity and staying true to the core values that have defined Manchester United over the years.

    It’s about rebuilding a legacy about restoring the glory days of this illustrious club. So, here are your guidelines and your rules of engagement.

    Stay within the rules of Financial Fair Play. This is a game of strategy, not extravagance. We’re sticking to the budget, making smart strategic signings that add value to the team without spending lots of FC 24 Coins.

    Remember every penny counts.

    United has been struggling with its owners and for now, this is still a problem. This isn’t a fantasy. It’s a challenge.

    We’re not looking for billionaire takeovers or instant fixes. This is about building a team, nurturing talent, and creating a squad that can stand the test of time.

    Manchester United has a proud history of developing young talent. Think of the class of 92 players, like Beckham and Giggs, who came through the ranks and left an indelible mark on the club’s history.

    Your challenge is to continue this tradition to bring through at least one player from the academy to the first team each season.

    In their glory days, United was all about youth and energy. We’re sticking to that ethos, no signing players over the age of 30.

    This is about building for the future and creating a team that can sustain success over the long term. This journey is about more than just winning. It’s about rebuilding a legacy. It’s about taking a club that has been through a decade of struggle and leading them back to the top. It won’t be easy. But then again, the best things in life rarely are.

    Borussia Dortmund

    Next, we’re heading to Germany to the buzzing Signal Iduna Park, the home of Borussia Dortmund.

    This is a club that’s no stranger to success but has often found itself in the shadow of the mighty Bayern München. Last season they came agonizingly close to the league title, only to lose it on the final day.

    The goal for this journey is to step out of Bayern’s shadow to win the league and to reach the Champions League final in three to four years. This is a daunting task. But with the right strategy, it’s achievable.

    But this journey isn’t about shortcuts or easy wins. It’s about building a team that can consistently compete at the highest level and a team that can finally bring the league title back to Dortmund and make a mark in Europe.

    Dortmund is known for its smart Financial Management. We’re sticking to the budget, making shrewd signings that add value to the team without overspending every Euro count.

    Again, this isn’t a fantasy. It’s a challenge. We’re not looking for billionaire takeovers or instant fixes. This is about building a team, nurturing talent, and creating a squad that can stand the test of time.

    Dortmund has a proud history of developing young talent. Think of players, like Pulisic, Sancho, and Bellingham who came through the ranks and made a name for. Your challenge is to continue this tradition to bring through at least one player from the academy to the first team each season.

    Dortmund is all about youth and energy. We’re sticking to that ethos, no signing players over the age of 30. This is about building for the future and creating a team that can sustain success over the long term. This journey is about stepping out of the shadow about and creating a legacy of success. It’s about taking a club that has often been the bridesmaid in leading them to the altar.

    It won’t be easy, but then again, the best things in life rarely are.

    Also Read: EA FC 24 Playstyles Explained - Shooting Themed, Passing Themed, Defensive Themed, Ball Control Themed, Physical Themed & Goalkeeper Themed Playstyles

    Celta De Vigo

    Next, we’re heading to Spain to the beautiful Balidos, the home of Celta De Vigo.

    This is a club with a long history of Spanish football and a little in European football.

    The goal is a long-term project to take Celta De Vigo to the top of Spanish and European football in five to six years. This is a long journey, but one filled with potential and excitement.

    Once again, this isn’t a fantasy. It’s a challenge we’re not looking for billionaire takeovers or instant fixes. This is about building a team, nurturing talent, and creating a squad that can stand the test of time.

    Celta De Vigo isn’t a club with a massive budget, so every signing counts. Your challenge is to scout for hidden gems to find players who can add value to the team without breaking the bank. That means you need to distribute your FUT 24 Coins reasonably.

    Celta De Vigo has a proud history of developing young talent. Your challenge is to continue this tradition to bring through at least one player from the academy to the first team each season.

    A strong defense is the foundation of any successful team. Your challenge is to build a solid backline that can withstand the pressure from the top teams in the league.

    This journey is about more than just winning. It’s about creating an identity for Celta De Vigo. Your challenge is to develop a style of play that is uniquely Celta, one that the fans can be proud of.

    This journey is about the long haul. It’s about taking a club that has often been overlooked and leading them to the top. The journey continues. Let’s take Celta De Vigo to the top.


    Finally, we’re heading to Wales to the historic Racecourse Ground, the home of Wrexham AFC.

    This is a club that has seen its fair share of ups and downs. But with new owners and actors, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, there’s a new sense of hope and excitement.

    The goal: a Fairytale Journey from the lower leagues to the Premier League and ultimately to the Champions League. This is a daunting task, but one filled with potential for an incredible story.

    This journey isn’t about quick fixes or easy routes. It’s about building a team that can rise through the ranks and compete with the best. It’s about creating a legacy of success for a club that has often been overlooked.

    Wrexham AFC is under the steady ownership of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney and they’re not selling. This is about building a team, nurturing talent, and creating a squad that can stand the test of time.

    Wrexham AFC is in a club with a massive budget, so every signing counts. Your challenge is to scout for hidden gems to find players who can add value to the team without breaking the bank.

    Your challenge is to navigate the tough battles for promotion in the lower leagues to secure a place in the Premier League and then to establish Wrexham as a stable club in the top flight.

    Wrexham AFC is all about the love for football. Your challenge is to ensure that the way you manage the club aligns with this play attractive football, engage with the fans, and make sure that every game is a spectacle.

    This journey is about the long haul. It’s about taking a club with a beautiful history that has often been overlooked and leading them to the top.

    Sep 05, 2023

  • 5 Unique Super Bowl Challenges in Madden 24’s Franchise Mode 5 Unique Super Bowl Challenges in Madden 24’s Franchise Mode

    Check the detail

    5 Unique Super Bowl Challenges in Madden 24’s Franchise Mode

    We know that for many of you, especially the Franchise Mode fans, the Madden series from past years have been a bit of a letdown. But we’re here to make the most out of it. After all, Madden 24 is the only NFL simulation football game we have right now. 

    Here, we’re going to guide you through five unique journeys to the Super Bowl, each with a different team and timeline. We aim to squeeze every bit of fun, joy, and challenge out of this mode, despite its shortcomings.

    Short Term Project 1 

    First up, we have the New York Jets with the signing of Veteran Aaron Rodgers

    The jets are in a prime position to make a run for the championship. But the clock is ticking. Rogers is still in top form, but for how long? If you’re looking for a short-term challenge, the Jets are your team.

    The goal: win the Super Bowl in the 2023 season or the next.

    To keep things realistic and in line with Madden 24’s new trading rules, you’re not allowed to make any Blockbuster trades in your first season. Instead, focus on developing a strong connection between Rogers and sophomore receiver, Garrett Wilson. He’s a young talent with a lot of potential and developing a strong connection between him and Rogers could be the key to your success.

    And let’s not forget about the defense. Under head coach Robert Saleh, your challenge is to build a team that can capitalize on Roger’s skills and Saleh’s defense of prowess.

    In terms of gameplay, your focus should be on maximizing Roger’s passing abilities. Build a strong offensive line to protect him and develop a deep threat to take advantage of his arm strength.

    And remember, Rogers isn’t getting any younger. Managing his health and stamina will be the key to your success. But you need to spend a lot of Madden 24 Coins to adjust these data.

    Short Term Project 2 

    Next, we have the San Francisco 49ers.

    This team has all the pieces for a championship run, but injuries, especially at the quarterback position, have been their downfall. With three capable quarterbacks on the roster, this could be their year.

    Your mission should you choose to accept it is to take the 49ers to the Super Bowl in the 2023 or 2024 Season.

    Your challenge here is to trade one of the three quarterbacks, Purdy, Darnold or Lance. This should bring good value to draft picks or players. Use these assets to get a good third-string quarterback and invest in the team to win it before the set deadline. 

    And don’t forget about the new Training Camp feature. Use it to ensure your quarterbacks are in top shape for the season.

    In terms of gameplay, your focus should be on managing your quarterback situation effectively. This means making smart decisions about when to rest your starters and when to push them to their limits.

    And remember, injuries are a part of football. Having a solid backup plan will be key to your success. Also, keep an eye on linebacker Fred Warner. He’s one of the best in the league at his position, and managing his development performance will be crucial to your defensive success.

    Mid Term Project 

    Moving on to our midterm challenge, we have the Los Angeles Chargers. This team is well-rounded with a great quarterback, but inconsistency and repeated mistakes have held them back.

    With no postseason win since Herbert took over at quarterback, there’s work to be done. 

    Your challenge: turn the Chargers into a consistent mistake-free team and aim for a Super Bowl win in the next two to three years. 

    You’re not allowed to fire your head coach for the first three seasons and you must focus on developing your current roster rather than relying on Free Agency. However, you are allowed to make one Splash in Free Agency each off season. 

    Remember, Madden 24 allows for contract restructuring, so use this feature wisely to manage your team’s salary cap.

    In terms of gameplay, your focus should be on minimizing mistakes and maximizing efficiency. This means making smart decisions on both sides of the ball, managing the clock effectively and taking advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses.

    And remember, consistency is key. A strong regular season is nothing without a strong postseason. 

    Also, keep an eye on running back Austin Eckler. He’s a dual threat player who can make a big impact on your offense. Balancing his workload to maximize his Effectiveness without risking injury will be a key part of your strategy.

    Long Term Project 1 

    From the Indianapolis Colts, your challenge is to develop Anthony Richardson into a top tier quarterback.

    You’re not allowed to trade Richardson or sign a new starting quarterback for the first four seasons. Your focus should be on building a team that complements Richardson’s strengths.

    And don’t forget about the new XP progression tools. Use them to ensure Richardson develops at the right pace. Your deadline to reach the Super Bowl is the final year of Richardson’s Rookie Contract.

    Make use of the advantages of having a Star Quarterback on his Rookie Deal and set up the team for the Super Bowl in this window. This means investing in a strong offensive line, developing a reliable running game, and finding reliable targets for Richardson to throw to.

    And remember, development takes time. Patience will be the key to your success. But with the right moves and a little of luck, you could be hoisting the Lombardi trophy with the Colts in just a few short years.

    Outside of Richardson, Wide Receiver Michael Pittman Jr is a player to watch. He’s shown flashes of brilliance in his young career. And developing him into a reliable target for Richardson could be a game changer for your offense.

    Long Term Project 2 

    With the Houston Texans, your challenge is to turn the team around from its current state.

    You’re not allowed to make any Blockbuster trades and you must put your faith in the young stars they have drafted. These players are off limits for trades. 

    However, you should focus on signing top Free Agents while ensuring you have the cap room to make a Splash. Once your team is ready, your focus should be on making smart draft picks and developing your young players.

    Remember, the Rookie Scouting and Draft system in Madden 24 will have more variety in the auto-generated draft classes, so use this to your advantage. This means investing in young talent, developing a strong defense, and building a reliable running game.

    And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Turning the Texans around will be a long-term project, but the payoff will be worth it. With patience and smart management, you could be leading the Texans to the Super Bowl.

    On defense, keep an eye on Jonathan Greenard. He’s a young player with a lot of potential. Developing him into a dominant pass rusher could be a key part of turning the Texans defense around.


    There you have it - five unique challenges with the New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Chargers, Indianapolis Colts, and Houston Texans. Each team presents a unique journey to the Super Bowl, whether you’re looking for a short-term sprint or a long-term rebuild.

    Remember, Madden 24’s Franchise Mode gives you the tools to shape your team’s destiny. So, whether you’re developing a Rookie QB, managing a veterans health or building through the Draft, the power is in your hands. 

    Sep 02, 2023

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