The UTnice team has been recognized and trusted by players since its establishment, and we have launched a VIP system. By becoming a VIP member, all players who have a long-term demand for in-game Coins can continue to place orders and spend to get higher discounts. Simply put, it's a great way to save money. All you need to do is to register on!

  • Minimum requirements for different VIP levels
  • Please note that only the consumption of the account itself can increase the VIP level
  • VIP 1: You can be VIP1 discount after registration, and get a 1% discount when paying
  • VIP 2: Your spending above 500 USD will become VIP2 and get 2% discount on payment
  • VIP 3: Your spending above 1500 USD will become VIP3 and get 3% discount on payment
  • VIP 4: Your spending above 3000 USD will become VIP4 and get 4% discount on payment
  • VIP 5: Your spending above 5000 USD will become VIP5 and get 5% discount on payment
  • The Max VIP level is VIP5, VIP discount cannot be used at the same time as Coupon Code
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