Which Pitcher Is You Most Optimistic About In MLB The Show 24 Season 2? Which Pitcher Is You Most Optimistic About In MLB The Show 24 Season 2?

Which Pitcher Is You Most Optimistic About In MLB The Show 24 Season 2?

Jun 27, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

In MLB The Show 24, starting pitching felt like a mediocre start throughout the year, and even in Season 2, it didn’t stand out enough. This means that of the 99 pitchers you have, most of them will be sitting on the bench.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have any pitchers available on the field. This guide will introduce you to several talented pitchers for you to choose from in the early stages of Season 2, who can help you win bigger games.

Which Pitcher Is You Most Optimistic About In MLB The Show 24 Season 2?

Roy Halladay Plays For Toronto Blue Jays

  • 95 Overall

Most of Season 2 cards so far have been in the paid packs, but Doc Halladay - a great pitcher even though he’s passed away - can be unlocked with XP in Season 2.

While Halladay would be better at #99 overall, no one had gotten him yet, so we’re going with this one. You can unlock this card in Season 2 once you reach 420,000 XP. Check your XP now. Are you getting there?

While Roy Halladay’s overall rating is 95, it’s not entirely accurate. He’s hitting 82% of his nine at-bats, so he could be a very effective hitter.

Halladay is elite because of his unique combination of pitches, cutter and sinker. So if you can use him to help you get the ball right, you can keep batters off balance and win games.

Charlie Morton Plays For Atlanta Braves

  • 92 Overall

The latest Codename pack in the store features several pitchers who have performed very well in the early stages of Season 2. But Charlie Morton’s Incognito card continues the trend of the best players requiring MLB The Show 24 Stubs to unlock, which may cost you a bit.

But his 92 Hits/9 rating and his very strong pitching combination make your stubs worth it. Just to remind you, there is a Charlie Morton Incognito card available on the market and in the game right now, and if you want to make sure this card is in your Codename pack, you'll need at least 40,000 stubs.

Mike Mussina Plays For Baltimore Orioles

  • 91 Overall

This pitcher with a sinker-cutter combo can improve his low Hits/9 ratings and K/9 ratings in the late game—86 and 76, respectively. But in the arena, you can use his rich movement and speed to reduce contact with opposing players so that you can win games.

If you want to get him in Battle Royale, you just need to complete a 10-0 record in Battle Royale or 100 BR points in Battle Royale. If you are pressed for time and can’t complete the above tasks, you will need to spend 60,000 MLB The Show 24 Stubs to unlock Mike Mussina.

Hunter Brown Plays For Houston Astros

  • 90 Overall

Hunter Brown’s Season Awards card has an excellent combination of hits/9 rating and pitching. But you need to be aware that if you use him as your starter, his physical strength and control are what you need to pay attention to. So you should try to put him in the first half of the normal game to ensure that he throws a high number of balls.

Hunter Brown is also part of the paid Season Awards Drop 2 pack, but now that pack has expired, you can only get it from Vault pack - only 35,000 MLB The Show 24 Stubs.

In the second season, his strength attribute will increase. If you choose Brown’s card directly in the store, you will need to spend more than the above method.

Juan Marichal Plays For San Francisco Giants

  • 91 Overall

If you want to improve your reserve players now, Juan Marichal will be a superb choice. It’s not that he can’t start, but because his current data is not stable, Ranked Seasons will have some difficulties.

But you can safely consider him as a good seed, as he has a good Hits/9 of 87, plus he has a lot of skills such as curveball, screwball, and changeup. In addition, Juan Marichal likes to mix up the speed of the ball, which can confuse your opponent.

He is also the most affordable player in the entire guide, only 7,000 MLB The Show 24 Stubs, and you can only get him on the market if you want to.

Luis Castillo Plays For Seattle Mariners

  • 88 Overall

The regular Luis Castillo card is not on the list, but it is the Captain card that really makes him a leap forward. If you choose Luis Castillo as your captain in Season 2, he will be the overall player of any Live Series player on your active roster.

If you have completed Live Series collection, Cornerstone Captain is also a no doubt. Once you reach Tier 3 boost, he will provide super boosts to some cards, such as Yordan Alvarez, Corey Seager and other outstanding players. And Castillo Cornerstone Captain only requires you to exchange it with your Season 2 Cornerstone Captain.

Do you like any of these pitchers? I hope you have fun playing MLB The Show 24 Season 2 and get more wins.

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