How To Maximize Stubs In MLB The Show 24? - 10 Ways How To Maximize Stubs In MLB The Show 24? - 10 Ways

How To Maximize Stubs In MLB The Show 24? - 10 Ways

Mar 18, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

In this guide, we will explore the top 10 methods for earning stubs in MLB The Show 24. Regardless of your experience level with the game, you will gain valuable insights from this comprehensive overview.

How To Maximize Stubs In MLB The Show 24? - 10 Ways

1. Battle Royale

Our first strategy focuses on the Battle Royale online mode, which has become notably easier to achieve a Flawless 10-0 record this year compared to the previous requirement of 12-0. Additionally, the rewards for achieving 8 wins have been adjusted from the previous 9-win threshold, and the 5-win reward has been lowered from 6 wins. Despite the seemingly modest silver rewards, the program currently offers significant profitability.

Exploring the program further reveals potential rewards, including Silver, Gold, and Diamond packs. Suppose we reach the milestone of 100 points within the program, which is achievable in a relatively short time frame, possibly within a day. In this case, we would earn 4 player packs from each tier, all of which are tradable. It’s advisable to sell these players promptly, as their value tends to decrease over time. Selling each player from every pack would yield approximately 13,000 stubs from Diamonds, 6,500 from Golds, and 2,500 from Silvers.

Furthermore, there’s the possibility of “double dipping” by earning points through winning games and succeeding in Battle Royale, while simultaneously completing missions to earn additional stubs. Victories grant points, with a Flawless 10-0 record offering 20 points, while seven wins upon entry provide 10 points. Other achievable missions, such as accumulating 40 strikeouts in games, contribute to your progress. The median and average values of player rewards are also displayed on your screen, indicating a degree of profitability.

Notably, the 10-0 players are currently valued at around 100,000 MLB The Show 24 Stubs in the marketplace.

MLB The Show 24 Battle Royale

2. Ranked Seasons

My second recommendation focuses on the Ranked Program as a means to generate stubs.

In the Pennant Race, reaching 500 points grants you access to a diamond player worth over 15,000 stubs, representing a significant value. Progressing to the Division Series provides one or two opportunities to acquire a valuable diamond player item. Moreover, achieving the World Series tier presents the chance to obtain either Ernie Banks or Randy Johnson, both of whom can be sold for over 100,000 stubs each, offering substantial earnings.

Within the Ranked Program, numerous packs and stubs are rewarded as you advance through its tiers. Upon reaching 75 tokens or points, you unlock Andrew McCutchen, valued at over 150,000 stubs.

Acquiring McCutchen involves completing various stat missions, which, despite their volume, are manageable, particularly when compared to tasks like accumulating 50 hits over 250 innings in ranked play. Achieving 250 innings may seem daunting, but it’s feasible within a week by playing approximately 28 games. This approach makes obtaining McCutchen and completing the associated stat missions more attainable.

3. Events

As my third recommendation, I suggest exploring another online mode where significant stubs can be earned through events, particularly during their initial release.

Regarding the win rewards, achieving a win streak offers varying rewards. Notably, at 10 wins, securing entry and allowing for 2 losses grants an 85 to 89 Live Series Diamond player.

Let’s delve deeper into the rewards, particularly for this mode. Achieving 10 wins awards an 85 overall Grayson Rodriguez, while reaching 20 wins rewards an Anthony Rendon, valued at approximately 30,000 stubs. Consequently, achieving 20 wins yields a total of 45,000 stubs, translating to roughly 2,250 stubs per game won.

Alongside rewards from other programs, repeatable tasks, and packs obtained throughout, significant earnings can be amassed simply by playing and succeeding in these three-inning matches.

4. Team Affinity

For my fourth recommendation, consider engaging with Team Affinity or activities contributing to its progression.

Team Affinity often offers passive avenues for advancement, such as XP repeatable tasks and Multiplayer Missions. Even without direct effort, certain actions, like pitching eight innings with any pitcher in Diamond Dynasty mode, contribute to your progression within the affiliated division, albeit with immediate clarity.

Exploring Team Affinity unlocks various benefits, including Live Series players, packs for player acquisition and resale, as well as valuable rewards like millionaire items and stubs. I highly advocate for participating in Conquest mode, as it offers a substantial influx of packs that can be leveraged for player sales.

MLB The Show 24 Team Affinity

5. Programs

For my fifth recommendation, prioritize completing any Programs that you haven’t yet finished. This suggestion may be more relevant later in the year.

Consider the Spring Breakout Program as an example. I’m emphasizing its significance because it offers limited rewards, comprising only 5 packs and 1 Ballin pack, alongside approximately 4,000 stubs in total. While the players obtained from this program are non-sellable, completing the associated moments can still earn you stubs.

Completing Programs is essential for building a strong team, reducing the need to spend stubs on acquiring other players.

6. Sell High Valued Players

My sixth recommendation involves thoroughly reviewing your inventory to identify duplicates or players that may be overpriced at specific times.

For instance, the Athletics team is currently experiencing inflated prices due to the high demand for completing collections. Bronzes are being sold for 250 stubs, but instead of selling them immediately, consider creating sell orders. This involves undercutting the highest bidder by one place and setting the order, resulting in acquiring 225 stubs for a player like Paul Blackburn. By patiently selling off Bronzes and creating sell orders for each one, you can accumulate a significant number of stubs.

For example, within a minute, you could potentially place orders and earn around 1,000 stubs. It’s noteworthy that even a player with a low overall rating like Jordan Diaz, rated at 66, is valued at 300 stubs, which is unusually high. This price surge, particularly noticeable for teams like the Athletics and the Rockies, which are relatively inexpensive to complete collections, tends to inflate the prices of Bronzes and Silvers.

Therefore, I recommend refraining from immediately pursuing their collections and instead focus on selling off those players before repurchasing them later.

MLB The Show 24 Sell High Valued Players

7. Flipping

For my seventh recommendation, let’s delve into the practice of flipping, utilizing Elly De La Cruz as an example.

Currently, Elly De La Cruz has a spread of 450 stubs and is experiencing significant market fluctuations. Here’s the strategy: I’ll set a buy order slightly above the current price, and once I acquire his card, I’ll sell it for 1,769 stubs.

After just 20 seconds, we’ve obtained the card and promptly set a sell order at 1,769 stubs. While waiting for it to be sold, we’ll also place another buy order to maintain control of both sides of the market.

Stopping at the three-minute mark, we’ve successfully bought and sold Elly De La Cruz twice, yielding approximately a 300 stub profit on each transaction. However, as more players inflate the price, the profitability diminishes, prompting us to shift focus to a different card.

8. Collections

For my eighth recommendation, let’s explore Collections. Currently, the collections may not be extensive, but I’ll guide you on how to manage them effectively for now.

If you’re engaged in Team Affinity, you’ll acquire numerous additional uniforms, which can contribute to earning some stubs along the way. You’ll notice the stubs listed for each uniform on the right side, providing an opportunity to accumulate them while pursuing Team Affinity.

Additionally, there are some Unlockables available, although they tend to be relatively costly. Therefore, I suggest selling them at this time.

Another option is to complete all your Starter Collections, which will yield a substantial amount of currency and provide plenty of packs to sell your items from.

MLB The Show 24 Collections

9. Don’t Buy Packs

As my ninth recommendation, I advise against purchasing packs and suggest selling the contents you receive from them instead.

Packs consistently offer a negative return on investment, essentially resembling gambling within the game but using in-game currency, albeit glorified. Consider the typical outcome: you open a pack only to find items of little value. Is it reasonable to spend 1,500 stubs on each pack?

For instance, Corey Julks sells for 36 stubs, Nasim Nunez for 60, Alika William for 5, and Sam Huff for 25. These items are essentially worthless. However, by selling them in the marketplace, you can earn a decent sum. Alika William fetches 25 stubs, Sam Huff 40, Nasim Nunez 196, and Corey Julks 55. In total, you can make around 300 stubs from selling the contents of this pack. Therefore, it’s advisable to always sell the items received from packs.

Additionally, fall in packs often contain valuable items that can be sold for profit. For instance, Nico Hoerner sells for 1,300 stubs. You may also consider placing a sell order for an additional 300 stubs since he is currently listed for 1,648 stubs on the marketplace.

As for Headliners packs, refrain from purchasing them, as they typically offer little of value. However, you can still profit by selling the items found within them.

10. Conquests

As my final recommendation, I strongly advocate for completing every single Conquest, as I believe it’s always a worthwhile endeavor. Earlier, I emphasized the importance of completing the Conquest for Team Affinity, which will also aid you in acquiring packs.

Now, I’d like to highlight the benefits of batter up packs. These packs offer valuable rewards, notably the Nation of Baseball, which is exceptionally valuable. Completing the objectives on the right side alone is worth 15,000 stubs, in addition to receiving 20 The Show Packs and numerous players. This grants you items for your collection as well. In fact, you can obtain a total of 39 The Show Packs solely from completing the goals displayed. It’s remarkable how much you can gain from this mode, especially considering you only need to play 90 innings if approached correctly.

MLB The Show 24 Conquests

Bonus Tip: How To Not Get Broke?

As a bonus recommendation, I urge you to adhere to a principle when trading players in the game: always consider the buy now and sell now differential, which currently stands at 400 stubs.

By consistently opting to sell immediately rather than setting orders for potential buyers, you risk losing out on stubs over time, ultimately depleting your resources.

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