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    Details You Can Not Miss on NBA 2K23 MyTeam Season Three

    Season Three in NBA 2K23 MyTeam is said to offer up all-new rewards, including Free Agent Damian Lillard as the Level 1 reward for simply entering the Season menu, and Trae Young as the mode's first Galaxy Opal Level 40 reward of the year. Additionally, for the first time in 2K23, Beyond Level 40 has returned with more agendas and opportunities for players to further improve their teams. There is said to be a second player available through the Beyond Level 40 agenda groups, but players are urged to focus on earning Trae Young in the meantime as more details on this mystery player will be revealed later on in the season.

    Delving deeper into the rewards up for grabs in Season 3, all five of the existing 99 Star Domination Rewards are said to have received Evolution updates. Amethyst Julius Randle, Diamond Mitch Richmond, Diamond Mike Bibby, Diamond Bill Walton and Pink Diamond John Havlicek will become more powerful through increased attributes and badges by meeting their evolution requirements.

    For those who have collected the entire Eastern or Western Conference's Trophy Case, the first Dark Matter players have hit the court in MyTeam, as 99 overall Tim Duncan and Julius Erving with tons of NBA 2K23 MT are now available. In Season 3, 15 more Centerpieces and other rare Trophy Case event cards will become available, allowing for the most dedicated community members to add Dark Matter Larry Bird to their collection.

    Moving on to the updates that have been made in MyTeam for Season 3, the Ascension board in the Draft mode is said to have been updated with a new aesthetic with a neon-infused look across all three levels. This update is not only going to show up in Draft, but also the Ascension picks earned from Season Level Rewards. Starting in Season 3, the position packs in Draft have now been updated to contain cards from a single gem color, making players' preferences the most important factor in selecting players for their lineups. Each card can still be flipped to view attributes and badges before selecting, so choose wisely. To maintain balance across all drafts, each position pack will contain a unique gem color. Additionally, reward player cards will now be available to select from the position packs in addition to the latest card releases.

    Lastly, the 3.0 patch for NBA 2K23 is said to have included an update that has removed the ability to use Position Lock in Unlimited multiplayer games due to "anti-competitive trends impacting the wider experience of Unlimited players." Players will still be able to compete in other multiplayer and single-player modes with Position Lock enabled, but going forward they will need to use Team Control while competing in Unlimited.

    Dec 05, 2022

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    Outstanding Finishing Badges for Slashers in NBA 2K23

    In NBA 2K23, Slasher is basically a player who scores points in bunches by driving to the basket. It's oftentimes a shooting guard or small forward that prefers driving to the basket for a layup or dunk and who may not have the most reliable jump shot. However, they tend to be stout with their perimeter defense. A Slasher is someone that relies more on receiving and does not have much to offer when creating for teammates.

    If you want a build of a slasher like Anthony Edwards or Russell Westbrook, you'll need to be an excellent finisher while being able to survive on the perimeter. It all lies in your badge game to make this happen.

    The best Finishing badges for a Slasher in NBA 2K23

    This section focuses on the Finishing badges that are best for the Slasher archetype. Because of the Slasher's goal is to make it to the basket and hit easy layups, dunks, and close shots, there is more NBA 2K23 MT requirements if you want to invest on it.

    Aerial Wizard
    Since you’ll have no choice but to start with a Tier 1 badge, the Aerial Wizard badge is the way to go. A Slasher should be well equipped to cut to the basket and throw down an alley-oop pass from a teammate, or soar in for a putback finish. Having a long wingspan will help in this regard. You’ll need good timing here as this badge helps successfully connect with the  alley–oop passes and putback dunks.

    Fearless Finisher
    After getting the necessary Tier 1 badges, you’ll need to prioritize the Fearless Finisher badge next.  It’s hard making shots when met with defenses and hit with contact. As a Slasher, you will be making a lot of contact down low as you attack the basket. This badge will improve your ability to convert contact layups. It also reduces the energy you lose from contact layups.

    Pro Touch
    The Pro Touch is a Tier 2 badge that gives an additional boost for having good layup timing. You’ll need to excel at both layups and dunks as a slasher as a dunk won’t always be available to you. This also means you may have to adjust your layup timing to account for defenders.

    The Acrobat badge is another Tier 2 badge. Acrobat specifically adds a boost to spin, hop step, euro-step, cradle, reverse, and change shot layup attempts. Further, you receive an added boost to beating defenders with a gather.

    A Slasher needs to have smooth drives to the basket and it’s easier to gather through traffic with the Slithery badge. Slithery is a Tier 3 badge, requiring ten points invested in Tiers 1 and 2 before unlocking the ability to purchase Tier 3 badge points.

    Fast Twitch
    Slashers tend to miss easy layups when defenses are well-timed. However, many are quick off of the dribble and bounce. The Fast Twitch badge is crucial to convert those first and second chance points as this badge helps speed up standing layups or dunks around the rim. This can affect the defense’s timing, making them react just a fraction of a second too late.

    The Bully Badge is optional when you are a Slasher. Still, it helps to power through with your drives to the basket. As a Slasher, hitting the lane quick and with power is important to success.

    Limitless Takeoff
    With some of the post defenders in the league, it may be best to target a badge that increases your takeoff distance so that you can avoid them or disrupt their timing. The Limitless Takeoff badge favors dunks and layups from a distance.


    Once you’ve adjusted your takeoff range, another Tier 3 badge you're going to need as a slasher in 2K23 is the Posterizer badge. It simply improves the likelihood of posterizing your opponent, but can also translate to easy two points with a highlight. Remember, Remember, "Highlight Plays" increase your "Teammate Grade" meter and leads to more fans.

    Dec 02, 2022

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    How to Creat an Invincible Build in NBA 2K23

    In the modern NBA, the role of the big man has been redefined thanks to players like Brook Lopez, Kristaps Porzingis, and bubble season Anthony Davis being monstrous presences inside the paint and viable shooting threats outside of it. While the days of the paint monster are far from over, the best way for players at the four or five spot to make their mark is by being versatile scorers, and the same is true for NBA 2K23.

    Let's go over all the details you need to know to create the best stretch big build possible in NBA 2K23. Our guide will include the desired physical stats and some top tips on how to make the most of your MyPlayer on the court. Without further ado, let's get to building the next Dirk Nowitzki.

    Recommend Stat Build:
    Position: C or PF (preferably C)
    Height: 6’10”
    Weight: 239 lbs.
    Wingspan: 7’5”

    A height of 6’10” has been the go-to for agile centres in 2K games for the past few years. It provides enough length to be a pest inside the paint, especially on rebounding and dunking, while also keeping the speed/attribute caps relatively high.

    The weight could be exploited with ease and lowered to its minimum to make your player faster. We can’t do that in 2K23, however, as the strength stat is a necessary weapon to have in your back pocket for offence and defence. We find that 239 lbs. provides a decent boost to speed without sacrificing too much strength.

    The wingspan is always a tough one to judge. Lankier arms make for a better rebounder and inside presence but are less than ideal for a shooter. The opposite may make you a sharpshooter but will severely limit how effective you can be in and around the paint. 7’5” is a perfect setting, as it will only take away one point from shooting stats but add big bonuses to the layup and dunk skills.

    Firstly, and this cannot be stressed enough, set screens! Screens are the lifeblood of any big man. Not only do you get a boost to your teammate grade when setting a good one, but it also opens up the opportunity for a pick-and-roll score or even a pick-and-pop shot attempt. Screens are vital to impacting the game before you have a chance to upgrade your stats and should be deployed as much as possible.

    Focus on defending and rebounding early to maximise your impact on the court and earn some badges quickly. Rebounding is quite simple even when your stats are low, simply keep an eye on the other team's big man, get between him and the basket, and box out for dear life when the shot goes up. It won't always work but you should find yourself grabbing a few rebounds per game which will earn you some defensive badges to improve your play.

    Pay attention to the defender tasked with guarding you and learn their patterns. Like real-life players, NBA 2K players have their own habits and weaknesses. If you find yourself being left alone often then move outside the arc and call for a pass to create an open shot. If someone is sticking to you like glue then move them away from the paint to open up space for a teammate to score a high-efficiency basket.

    From there, all we can say is: play smart. While it may be fun to play like Lebron James, no MyPlayer build is going to replicate his abilities. Stick to what makes this build so strong: shooting ability, dunking at the rim, and defensive prowess. If you can master those fundamentals and learn when to pick your spots then you'll be contributing to winning basketball in no time. If you want to know more about the NBA 2K23 news and cheap NBA 2K23 MT, please always following our site.

    Nov 30, 2022

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    Latest Patch on NBA 2K23 with Massive Updates In the Game

    Another NBA 2K23 patch is available today on multiple platforms. We have the patch notes below for the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. Notes for older generation consoles and PC will be available soon.

    Significant Updates
    *Preparations for NBA 2K23 Season 3, launching this Friday, December 2nd, at 8AM PT/11AM ET/4PM BST. Stay tuned for what we have in store!

    *The Bill Russell "6"logo has been added to the court apron for all 28 alternate floors

    *The Black Lives Matter logo has been added to the court floor for all WNBA teams

    *The 2021-22 championship banner has been added to the Golden State Warriors arena

    *George Mikan's retired #99 jersey has been added to the Los Angeles Lakers arena

    *Baseline team wordmarks and corner championship trophy graphics have been added to the Chicago Sky arena

    *The mascots for the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers have been updated to reflect real-life design changes

    Gameplay Updates
    *Addressed an issue that was preventing custom difficulty levels from working as intended

    *Increased the frequency of putbacks to bring them more in line with expected levels

    *Adrenaline boost usage has been disabled when sprinting off-ball when on offense

    *Adjusted the logic for body-up animations to improve their reliability in expected circumstances

    *Fixed some issues with Coach's Clipboard to allow ACE Tempo and Rebound settings to work properly

    Jordan Challenge

    *The additional blue three-point line on the Cleveland Cavaliers court in “The Shot” and “69 Points” games has been added

    *Continued improvements to performance and stability have been made to enhance the overall experience in the City

    *Resolved some issues with Daily Pick ‘Em to ensure results appear correctly and rewards are given when earned

    *Various visual improvements and updates have been made to Pro-Am and Event related menus

    *Fixed a rare disconnect that could occur during the intro of some City and Ante-Up games

    *Squad invite notifications will now correctly appear when received

    *Players in a squad will now properly leave Pro-Am Walk-On together

    *Addressed an issue that could prevent VC rewards from being received in certain Theater events

    *The player matchup overlay will now appear as expected during Rec game intros

    *Foam fingers will now properly appear in the City when equipped

    *Continued fixes and adjustments have been made to improve the overall quest experience and ensure proper progression throughout the mode

    *Resolved a hang that could occur when attempting to enter the 2K Beats menu after recording a new custom track

    *Addressed an issue that caused certain seasonal quests to not track correctly between saves

    *Made some adjustments to improve tracking for vehicle related quests

    *Fixed a rare timing conflict that could prevent progression on certain J. Cole music quests

    *The quests to create custom music tracks with Bas and Elite should now move forward correctly

    *Various updates and improvements have been made to the Leadership feature

    *Resolved an issue with endorsements to ensure proper progression as contracts are completed

    *The Marketability and Fans values on the Personal Brand menu will now update correctly

    *Fixed an issue with certain drills in Brickley's Gym that could cause long hangs during dead balls

    *Addressed an issue with the XP progress bar that could incorrectly reflect current progress

    If you want to know more details or the impact from those updates, please keep following our site and UTnice twitter. Cheap NBA 2K23 MT is also on sale, make sure do not miss it.

    Nov 29, 2022

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    Who Can Be the King of Three Points Shooter in NBA 2K23

    Over the past few years, we've seen three-point shooting become an integral part of the NBA. NBA 2K23 has followed a similar trend as well, with shooting beyond the arc going from a difficult specialty to a core part of the game currently. Given its growing importance, it is always ideal to scope out the best three-point shooters in each game, and NBA 2K23 is no different.

    It is especially important to grab strong floor-spacers in the latest edition of NBA 2K23, as the jump shot has been reworked to make it quite difficult to knock down shots with any consistency. For that reason, we've put together this list of the king of three-point shooters in NBA 2K23.

    Desmond Bane

    Bane is the perfect number 2 option to Ja Morant in Memphis thanks to his excellent scoring efficiency. Despite being in the league for just two years, the 30th pick in his draft class has established himself as one of the league's elite shooters. Bane's all-around game is strong, which makes him the perfect knock-down shooter to add to your team.

    Derrick Walton Jr.

    If you're scratching your head reading the name Derrick Walton Jr. then fear not because you aren't alone. Despite having the second-highest outside scoring rating in the entire game, Walton is a free agent who has rarely played in the NBA. Why is that, you may ask? Well, he's not very good at anything else but three-point. His overall rating in NBA 2K23 is just 69 with his defending and inside scoring being notable liabilities. Nevertheless, he deserves a spot on this list.

    Klay Thompson

    No list of the best three-point shooters in NBA 2K23 could be complete without the member of the Splash Bros. Curry's partner Thompson has been slowed down due to injuries in recent years, but he remains one of the strongest shooters in all of basketball. Like his teammate, he has a whole host of shooting badges that make him a lock to score from range.

    Steph Curry

    There's no better player to complete this list than the man who changed basketball forever. Curry, along with the Golden State Warriors, is a huge reason for the growth in popularity of the three-point shot in the past decade. As another member of Splash Bros, he is rewarded with the highest possible rating in the game and comes equipped with a whole host of shooting badges, that should have him dominating all three-point games.

    More in-game content and Cheap NBA 2K23 MT are always up here in UTnice.

    Nov 17, 2022

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    How to Use Locker Codes in NBA 2K23

    In NBA 2K23, Locker Codes are redeemable phrases that provide players with in-game rewards for free, a feature prevalent throughout the series and continuing in November 2022. A significant focus in NBA 2K23 revolves around gaining cards of superstar basketball athletes in MyTeam modes. Additionally, Locker Codes allow players to increase the size of their collection without the somewhat tedious grind that can plague the later stages of NBA 2K23. The introduction of Locker Codes from NBA 2K13 has seen continual monthly updates to these special earnings, bringing a constant incentive for players to utilize this system.

    As of November 2022, only one Locker Code in this month, HAPPY-HALLOWEEN-IN-MYTEAM, tied to Halloween-related card packs in NBA 2K23 but it is out of expiration dated. Following NBA 2K23's available Locker Codes for October, this code may only be redeemed within a certain amount of time before expiring. The next Locker Code will be released according to the offical announce about next month, maybe related with the Christmas.Although NBA 2K23 does not seem to have a regular schedule of Locker Code releases just yet, the popularity of this feature guarantees more numerous rewards like NBA 2K23 MT in the future.

    Players can access Locker Codes in NBA 2K23 by selecting the "Options" menu in MyCareer mode or through the "MyTeam Community Hub" menu from the MyTeam main page. Entering the Locker Code correctly with no errors in grammar grants players the associated athlete cards, free VC in NBA 2K23, or whichever prize happens to be on the lineup for the current month.

    The developers of NBA 2K23, Visual Concepts, will post updates on social media accounts such as Reddit and Twitter that inform players of the upcoming Locker Codes arriving in the game. Expired codes in the past have granted players extremely useful items, so players that want to get ahead should keep an extra focus on this source of information, especially if they want to garner specific athletes like the best guards in NBA 2K23.

    Moreover, players that use this Locker Code for November 2022 in NBA 2K23 earn a Card that exchanges old and out-of-use athletes on their myTeam for bigger and better stars, creating an even stronger team to use in competition.

    Nov 14, 2022

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    New Celebrity Cards Have Been Released in NBA 2K23

    I do believe that almost everyone has their dreams on basketball, even the rap stars included. Now this time J. Cole and Jack Harlow can officially make their video game hoop dreams come ture, EA has already revealed on Wednesday (November 9) that the rappers will be available to be used in MyTEAM mode's Crossover series this week, but for a limited time only. Then they've both been added as playable characters in NBA 2K23 in the latest update on Novermber 10 and both Cole and Harlow were given solid 89 overall ratings in the game.

    The NBA 2K23 also teased that fans can earn other celebrity player cards as characters inside different game mode in the future. So maybe we can look forward to Travis Scott, Post Malone or even Eminem celebrity cards in the future version?  

    In September, J. Cole was unveiled as the cover star for the DREAMER Edition of NBA 2K23, becoming the first rapper to grace the cover of the video game franchise.

    "NBA 2K has long been a place to discover new musical talent through their game and continues to be a gold standard for showcasing all things basketball culture," Cole said in a statement. "It's been an amazing journey to not only appear on a cover of this year's game, but to be part of the My Career storyline, soundtrack and bring the DREAMER brand into NBA 2K."

    In addition to the cover, Cole plays a major role in this year's My Career game mode alongside fellow Dreamville artists Bas and Elite. He even serves up a never-before-heard verse in the studio in one scene in the storyline.

    Jack Harlow has plenty of basketball connections of his own. The Louisville, Kentucky native participated in the 2022 NBA All-Star Weekend and is set to star in a reboot of the classic 90s hoop flick White Men Can't Jump, for which he received some coaching tips from Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard, thus I think that is the reason him can become a part to celebrity cards.

    Alright let's back to the game content, along with those two interesting cards, the Moon Ball is also another thing that worth to collect. But how to get those three items?

    Actually it very easy, for the J. Cole celebrity card, you need to complete the Spotlight challenges in a limited time. Just play a few rounds games without any NBA 2K23 MT requirements, you can get him for free.

    Jack Harlow is the same stuffs as well, very easy to obtain. But there is one thing I would like to mention is you can not use those cards in the online mode, your firends can not witness Cole dunk over MJ's head any more, sad story.

    The Moon Ball would be a little bit complicate, but still easy to get it. First of all, you have to obtain J. Cole and Jack Harlow cards and complete their challenges. Then you have to complete challenge against Booker, MJ, and Ja Morant via using J. Cole and Jack Harlow.

    Nov 11, 2022

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    How to Get Free Moment Card Jeremi Grant in NBA 2K23

    Trail Blazers forward Jeremi Grant had a wonderful night on November 4, racking up 30 points with a big win against the Phoenix Suns. To commemorate Grant's performance, a new Moments challenge is now available in NBA 2K23 MyTeam. Users can complete Agendas, in order to grind toward a 91 OVR Moments card of Grant. However, this is a time-limited challenge. So, how can you get the 91 OVR Grant? Let's go over what you will need to do.

    In order to get the Moments Jerami Grant in MyTeam, players must complete six separate Agendas. These Agendas include cumulative objectives that need to be completed by playing across MyTeam's various online and offline modes.

    Score 30 points with NBA: Series 1 Jeremi Grant in a game (reward is Moments Trophy Case Pack)

    Get five assists with NBA: Series 1 Jeremi Grant in a game (reward is Badge Award Pack)

    Get two rebounds with NBA: Series 1 Jeremi Grant over multiple games (reward is Current Trophy Case Pack)

    Make nine free throws with NBA: Series 1 Jeremi Grant over multiple games (reward is Basketball Award Pack)

    Get one block with NBA: Series 1 Jeremi Grant in a game (reward is 20 tokens)

    Make one 3-pointer with NBA: Series 1 Jeremi Grant in a game (reward is Shoe Award Pack)

    All of the Agendas are pretty straightforward, much like with the past Moments Jalen Brunson and Keldon Johnson challenges. Just use NBA: Series one Jeremi Grant in games, whether it be online or single-player, to get these achievements done. The latter is probably your best bet because the games are generally much easier.

    Johnson is obtainable by way of acquiring the Series one Trail Blazers Starters Option Pack. This pack can be obtained through the Token Market, and it costs 20 Tokens to get. Meanwhile, you can also get him from the auction via the NBA 2K23 MT Coins, which is affordable for most of players.

    There is a one thing you need to attention is this challenge is set to end on November 10, so you better kick off completing it as soon as possible, but the challenge is not that much difficult, generally speaking do not miss any chances to obtain good player cards in NBA 2K23.

    Nov 09, 2022

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    Latest Updates on NBA 2K23 with Pioneers Pack

    One of the most exciting updates in NBA 2K23 must be the Pioneers Pack hits the Pack Market with a set of new cards soon. A few of the cards from the set have been revealed and we're going to take a look at them below.

    NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Pioneers Pack:

    The latest pack coming to NBA 2K23 MyTEAM is the Pioneers Pack which features several Pink Diamonds including the Pink Diamond DeMar DeRozan.

    Along with him comes the Diamond Dejounte Murray and the Diamond Amar'e Stoudemire. These cards have released on November 4, 2022, so with those new cards, I believe that the trend of market will have a big change in the future. The Diamond Dejounte Murray is definitely a card that we want to add quickly into our lineup. He's a great point guard with impressive speed and has a good shoting ability in NBA 2K23 this season.

    Glitched Packs:

    The Pioneers Pack will join the Glitched Packs that are still available in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM, so don't miss out on those.

    The Glitched Packs delivered the Pink Diamond Ray Allen, perhaps one of the best cards to hit the MyTEAM market so far.

    Here are the prices for each of the available packs:

    Glitched 2 Pack (Single) - 7.5 VC or 10.5 MT

    Glitched Kelly Olynyk - 15K VC

    Glitched Jarred Vanderbilt - 15K VC

    Glitched Jordan Clarkson - 15K VC

    Glitched Option Pack - 15K VC

    Glitched 10-Pack Box - 67.5K VC

    Glitched 20-Pack Box - 135K VC

    These packs also offer NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Evolution cards, cards that you can upgrade from Ruby-grade to Diamond-grade. If you looking for cheap NBA 2K23 MT, UTnice is your best choice.

    NBA 2K23 Ratings Update:

    A huge NBA 2K23 ratings update has been introduced on November and players can now see who's gone up and who's gone down after a few weeks of basketball.

    Players including Luka Doncic and Jayson Tatum saw an increase in their ratings while Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid were hit with penalties.

    We will breke down the ratings update by the team in the future, perhaps with some of the way these players have performed, they'll get a new NBA 2K23 MyTEAM card in the future.

    Please fellow the for more latest updates.

    Nov 07, 2022

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    Top Skills You Should Know in NBA 2K23 Season Two

    With the releasing of NBA 2K23 Season Two, I believe that there are some beginners may struggle in MyNBA mode, thus today I would like to give you some quick guides on how to perform better in NBA 2K23 MyNBA.

    Keep Your Players Positive

    The MyGM mode focuses on this a bit more than MyNBA because you can actually interact with the players and build relationships with them. However, MyNBA still has things like player morale that need to be treated with concern.

    You'll notice a player's overall rating drop by a point or two because they're unhappy. Maybe they aren't getting enough minutes or maybe they want a starting job, which negatively impacts team chemistry. 

    Also, if someone is adamant that they won't re-sign, you can know that they should be traded instead.

    Utilize Balanced Badges

    The various badges that NBA players get in this game are often overlooked by a lot of players but they shouldn't be. 

    If you don't know a ton about a specific player, a look at their badges would reveal if they were a lockdown perimeter defender or if they are a great finisher at the rim.

    While it would be nice to stock up on players with the most badges, it's good to have a balance. Try to get a roster that makes sure you have players who can perform well in almost every aspect.

    Make The Most Of Small Moves

    Getting the chance to be a general manager is enticing and so many gamers will look to make a huge splash. You might find a way to land a major star who can change the course of your franchise's success and that's always fun but it can't be everything.

    Those smaller moves that are made are just as important. Maybe your team is good but could use an upgrade in one or two areas. Use the trade deadline or a small free agent signing to get a three point specialist or a big man to help defend the interior. It will go a long way toward a championship.

    Get A Balanced Roster

    Loading your team with the best players is a good way to go but it's not always possible. That's why figuring out a balancing act for your team is important. 

    A good example to look at for this is the 2001-2002 Sacramento Kings squad that won 61 games, buy how they did this?

    They had the franchise star in Chris Webber to build around, while every other player had a key role. Doug Christie was the defensive stopper, Peja Stojakovic was the shooter, Vlade Divac was the wily veteran, and Mike Bibby was the clutch shooter. Using this formula can lead to plenty of success.

    That is every thing about this guide, hope your game experiences could be much better than before after reading. If you want to buy NBA 2K23 MT, is your best choice.

    Oct 26, 2022

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