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NBA 2K23

As a new generation of Visual Concepts, NBA 2K23 not only adds a new visual experience for players, but also adjusts the ratings and ability values ​​of most players in time with the NBA dynamics. Players on Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Apple Arcade, Microsoft Windows can all start enjoying intense basketball and other new additions in NBA 2K23. Complete a nice dunk now!

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When we talk about NBA 2K23 MT, those familiar with NBA 2K games may be clear that it refers to the game currency available in NBA 2K23 MyTeam.

Indeed, we can earn some NBA 2K23 MT by

  • Complete More Challenges
  • Sell ​​Idle Cards
  • Auction House
  • Locker Codes

Players can complete challenges of different difficulty according to their own strengths in this mode. The reward level of the game is proportional to the difficulty. As long as the players are powerful enough, then they may end up with rare player cards or very useful items or many NBA 2K23 MT points.

But for those players who are pursuing the best results and building the strongest teams, 2K23 MTs obtained by those means is not enough for their huger needs. Therefore, if you're the kind of ambitious player, may be you would better choose safe NBA 2K MT suppliers to buy NBA 2K23 MT a lot to support your long-term and stable development in the game.

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How NBA 2K23 Players Green More Shots With Guard Up Badge? How NBA 2K23 Players Green More Shots With Guard Up Badge?

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How NBA 2K23 Players Green More Shots With Guard Up Badge?

Today we will share with you how to use Guard Up Badge to green more shots and boost the different Badge levels. The long definition of Guard Up Badge is that it increases the ability of Jumpshots when Defenders can’t theoretically compete properly.

That sounds good, but for Badge to activate, you have to get a Defender in enough play, and their hands have to be down when the ball is released. These are essentially what we call “Neighborhood” contests.

This Badge can now be activated occasionally in Open matches. But when all of these conditions are met, it’s more likely to activate on a 5 to 20 match. We should note that in order to activate Badge correctly, it is essential to understand the basics of Badge. At the same time, players often need to invest enough NBA 2K23 MT to upgrade their Badge level to play the best effect.

We took 100 shot samples at five different points across the green window using our retrofit controller. At the same time, we had a Defender standing close enough for a low yellow race. The whole test was 2500 shots. Turns out looking like this strictly doesn’t seem to give you much of an advantage.

But on the late fringe of the green window, a move up to Silver Tier 8 is significant. Gold rank sees a steady 6% to 9% boost throughout Hall of Fame’s green window. We expect players to improve the most at levels 12-14 throughout the green window.

So you can see Badge actually it gives the player a nice boost. But its downside is that the way it activated Badge is not very consistent, which is why you won’t see many people using this Badge.

Many people play raise hands defense online, which would completely negate Badge’s utility. Often it takes a certain mature playstyle to actually use this Badge, and generally someone who needs a lot of movement for mid-range shots or Post Fades may benefit from it.

Of course, that’s fine in a pick-and-roll situation, too, since three guys might be chasing a center, or it might catch Defender behind a screen. But still be able to conduct Neighborhood contests in all realities.

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Since this Badge is mainly for controversial shots, even though the Badge is good, the shots generally don't work very well. We don’t recommend this Badge over others that have more realistic use cases.

What’s more, it’s also a Tier 2 Badge for players of 6A and above, which is a stressful investment for most players. I would say that if you are an aggressive shot creator and want to shoot these types of shots, Badge is probably worth using.

If you see it activating, check your core progress and see if it’s full. Because if not, now might be the time to switch to a more useful Badge that better suits your playstyle.

Of course, it still depends on your game style. Maybe Guard Up Badge can help you green more shots. I hope this will help you with your shooting practice. If you have any other ideas, you may wish to discuss them in the community. I wish you a merry game.

NBA 2K23: MyCAREER Daily Spin Guide NBA 2K23: MyCAREER Daily Spin Guide

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NBA 2K23: MyCAREER Daily Spin Guide

Many NBA 2K23 MyCAREER players usually only need to log in to the game every day to get rich rewards. This is mainly due to NBA 2K has been keen to provide players with a better MyCAREER gaming experience. So much so that players can usually easily get free items, upgrades, and NBA 2K23 MT.

What some players may not know is that Daily Spin is just a bonus location for each day, and you can discover its location in this NBA 2K23 community. However, you will still need to log in to the game each day to redeem a free MyCAREER reward that day. 

Therefore, players believe that Daily Spin is one of the easiest ways to get free rewards, and Daily Spin is also very popular among players.

But where exactly are these Daily Spins? What does a player have to do to successfully earn rewards in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER? What are the rewards? Below, we will answer your doubts in detail.

Daily Spin Location - The City

If you’re playing NBA 2K23 on a next-gen console, you’ll easily find Daily Spin location at The Block in The City. At the same time, you can also use the corresponding color of Affiliation in the game community to mark the position of this Daily Spin.

Daily Spin Locations - G.O.A.T. Boat

If you’re near a G.O.A.T. Boat, you’ll be able to spot Daily Spin in no time. It’s on Promenade Floor on the Silver Deck. You’ll see two prize chests around 1v1 Galleon Ship. You just need to set your spawn location to Promenade, and you’ll be ready.

How To Use Daily Spin

Whether you’re on The City or a G.O.A.T. Boat, activating Daily Spin is exactly the same. After you find Daily Spin, facing the two buttons of the treasure chest, you need to be clear, press “X” for PlayStation, press “A” for Xbox, the system will randomly distribute daily rewards according to the button you press.

The only difference between Console Generations is the way players earn their rewards. For Next-Gen Console players, once you’ve located Daily Spin, you’ll see a horizontal page of colored chests where you can choose a reward of your choice. 

Players on a G.O.A.T. Boat will see a pop-up directly within the prize chests they see, showing the rewards they have earned.

Daily Spin Rewards

Daily Spin rewards are very rich, and players can get different rewards here every day. Here are the prizes players can get in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER:

  • Virtual Currency
  • Apparel Items
  • Gatorade Boosts
  • Skill Boosts
  • Tattoos

As you may have noticed, these rewards are very random and may only change as you pan for gold. But when your Daily Spin logins reach a stable level, your chances of getting wonderful rewards will increase accordingly.

In short, these rewards will be of great benefit to your equipment upgrades, so hurry up and try them out.

NBA 2K23: Quick Online Matchmaking Guide NBA 2K23: Quick Online Matchmaking Guide

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NBA 2K23: Quick Online Matchmaking Guide

NBA 2K23 features pretty much the same in-game features on almost every platform. However, New-Gen patches are often very different from Old-Gen patches. Especially this year, the City that New-Gen offers players to explore is much smaller than last year. Meanwhile, Old-Gen’s cruise ship called GOAT Boat was repatriated.

Many players often form a team to play NBA 2K games. However, there will also be many players who prefer to complete the game alone or randomly match players into the game.

However, random matching is a bit troublesome for some single players. When you’re in a spot waiting for other random players to join you, there’s a good chance that an already formed party will jump into the squad position and start the game before you’ve managed to form a party. This means that you will have to wait longer to start the next game.

From time to time, you may encounter players who don’t want to play with you because they are not happy with your overall Season ranking. If you can do what MyPlayer Blacktop does as a solo player, you probably don’t need to worry about not being able to join a squad.

However, most players may need to try to join some matchmaking activities to ensure that you can play more games. Luckily, there are a few ways here in NBA 2K23 that can help you jump into some online matchmaking as quickly as possible on The City or GOAT Boat.


As we said before, The City’s territory is small, but its content is more compact and easier for players to navigate. At the same time, they have added some new scenes to The City, and Theater is one of them. Here you can randomly match players from all over the world to start the game.

There are four venues in Theater, where you can choose to start waiting for pairing. However, not every Friday has a 3-on-3 game. You may have a 3-on-3 at one venue and a 1-on-1 at another.

Plus, there are some weird things going on here, too. For example, in a Caffeinated event, the player’s speed suddenly increases rapidly during the game, scurrying around the court like ants.

The Rec

If you don’t like these contingencies, don’t worry. In general, there are slots available for regular 3-on-3 games, and you can join them whenever you want.

Of course, if you’re looking for Hardwood 5-on-5 basketball games, you can also check out The Rec. The Rec is like The City. You can join the game directly. Of course, if you win the game, you can also get some XP, MyPoints and NBA 2K23 MT rewards.


The first time GOAT Boat appeared was in NBA 2K22. At that time, the setting was very simple, with only 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 playing fields.

However, now the developers have given the GOAT Boat a facelift. There are now two Permanent Matchmaking Courts available to players in GOAT Boat. Of course, there are also 3-on-3 and 1-on-1 courts, which I believe single players will like very much.

The 3-on-3 venue is commonly known as The Bridge and is in Control Room of GOAT Boat. Another 1-on-1 court is set inside Pirate Ship. Players can quickly get XP, MyPoints and NBA 2K23 MT rewards by playing here, just like in Theater.

These updates will be permanent, so you don’t have to worry about changing the style of play in Theater. If you want to experience indoor basketball, then I believe you will love Old Rec.

Here, you can use the above three methods to enjoy online matchmaking in NBA 2K23. There is also a tip: if you want to upgrade as soon as possible, please be sure to choose as many high-scoring teammates as possible to help you. Hope you have fun.

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