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  • Follow These Prep Tips To Get A Head Start On The Upcoming EA FC 24 TOTS Promo! Follow These Prep Tips To Get A Head Start On The Upcoming EA FC 24 TOTS Promo!

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    Follow These Prep Tips To Get A Head Start On The Upcoming EA FC 24 TOTS Promo!

    With most domestic leagues approaching the end of their seasons, EA FC 24 Ultimate Team has also announced the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Team of the Season Promo Event.

    As one of the largest and best promo events in Ultimate Team, TOTS will reward the best players in world football with significant stat boosts. It’s worth noting that its promotion will be bigger than ever this year, so expect more squads and new TOTS changes in the coming weeks.

    In this guide, we’ll talk about how to prepare for this upcoming TOTS promo event and share ways to increase your chances of getting blue player items. If you want a head start when entering this event, don’t miss this guide.

    Keys To Prepare For TOTS

    Currently, TOTS Warmup Series has been launched, and players can complete a series of challenges to obtain generous rewards before TOTS promo event is officially released.

    A fan vote is also expected to be held by Ultimate Team community soon. Players can vote for players they think should be selected for Community TOTS, Premier League TOTS, Bundesliga TOTS, La Liga TOTS and a number of other TOTS squads.

    In fact, the keyway to prepare for TOTS promo is to be patient and stock up on enough packs. No matter how tempted you are, save as many packs as you can and don’t be tempted by any released and overpriced Player SBCs. Because you need to save these fodders for when TOTS starts.

    But I’m not saying go spend your hard-earned FUT 24 Coins to buy all the packs when TOTS launches, as there are plenty of other ways to get packs without spending a penny.

    Participate In TOTS Warmup Series

    Since TOTS Warmup Series is now living in Ultimate Team, this event is all about helping you prepare for the official TOTS start date.

    The developers will release daily SBC challenges and Objectives for players to complete over the next week, and in return you will receive packs and player picks that can be saved to TOTS. Additionally, daily login upgrades will also be returning in TOTS Warmup, so be sure to take advantage of this. 

    But remember, no matter what rewards you get, don’t try to open them! There are only a few days left until TOTS goes live, so try to avoid temptation.

    Avoid Wasting Fodder

    Currently, there are multiple Icon, Hero and special item player picks SBCs that can be completed, but it has to be said that they are not cheap.

    You only have a slight chance of pulling a huge multi-million icon. But more likely than not, your original player picks cost less than the amount of fodder you put into your SBC, and you’ve wasted useful resources by the time TOTS shows up.

    Each TOTS promo event arrives, EA Sports releases a series of TOTS-themed SBCs, TOTS players, guaranteed TOTS packs, and more SBCs that will make it even better for you than you already are. So when they drop, save as many fodders as possible just in case.

    If you really want to complete some SBCs, the low-requirement upgrade packs are still very useful, as long as you save the upgrade packs for when TOTS arrives.

    Spend More Time Completing Game Objectives

    The last and easiest way to prepare is to spend more time playing the game before TOTS promo arrives. Rewards in Rivals and Champions in particular have been improved before TOTS, so make sure you play as much as possible to accumulate as many pack rewards as possible.

    This way, not only do you complete some objectives, but you also gain access to additional packs. So, this is also another effective way to earn free rewards for TOTS in a timely manner.

    It’s important to note that none of these methods guarantee you a TOTS player item, as the items you get in a pack are entirely dependent on luck. But thinking about it another way, if you save more packs, it means you have more chances to get those coveted blue player items! So, hurry up and join in!

    Apr 17, 2024

  • What Makes Defensive Depth A Significant Factor In EA FC 24 Defense? What Makes Defensive Depth A Significant Factor In EA FC 24 Defense?

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    What Makes Defensive Depth A Significant Factor In EA FC 24 Defense?

    In EA FC 24, the defensive depth carries more weight than anticipated, profoundly influencing defensive strategies in real-time situations. This key aspect has the potential to significantly improve your defenses. However, determining ideal defensive depth depends on a variety of factors, including our individual playstyles and the specific opponents we face in each game.

    Defensive Depth Of 71

    The defensive depth of 71 is something that almost everyone was using when EA FC 24 first dropped. As we remember, because when you put your depth higher than 44, the auto Overload Ball Side comes in, and the team does an auto press.

    When you put it higher than 70, the team does auto press plus auto Offside Trap, which makes it very suffocating for your opponent to build up because you are constantly pressing him, there is the auto Overload Ball Side, and you won’t lose as much stamina. And you’re also doing auto Offside Traps, which made 71 depth almost unbeatable.

    Defensive Depth Of 44

    After EA significantly nerfed the auto press feature, many players reverted to using their preferred defensive depth settings. Now, some experts suggest using a depth of 44 for defensive tactics. They argue that at this depth, there is no auto press, allowing the team to maintain shape without auto Overload Ball Side. This can lead to better defensive organization, making it appealing for less skilled players who struggle with positioning and quick switches.

    However, whether this approach is effective depends on various factors. While it may offer defensive stability, a depth of 44 results in a static defensive line with no pressing. This means that players who lack the ability to manually press may struggle to disrupt opponent attacks effectively.

    Without pressure on the ball, opponents have more time to build up play, making it challenging to defend against even moderately skilled players. Therefore, while using a depth of 44 may seem like a safe option, it can also expose defensive vulnerabilities, especially against opponents who can exploit space and time on the ball.

    Other Defensive Depths

    There are some other depths to consider, typically ranging between a depth of 45 to 65, or even extending up to 69. When setting your defensive depth above 45, you'll still experience some level of auto press. However, once you surpass 44, the auto press and auto Overload Ball Side functions are activated. The higher the depth setting, the more aggressive the press and Overload Ball Side tactics become.

    Gameplay Example

    Choosing the appropriate depth ultimately depends on your preferences and playstyles. Let's delve into an example to better illustrate this concept. In the Weekend League, you will encounter opponents of considerable skill. Enhance your players by investing some EA FC 24 Coins and then you will choose to opt to employ a defensive depth setting of 71.

    However, you may soon find that this aggressive approach left too many defensive vulnerabilities. Many adversaries exploited this by consistently employing lobbed through passes, long passes, and ground through passes, creating significant challenges for the defense.

    Recognizing the need for a tactical adjustment, you then experimented with reducing defensive depth in subsequent matches. Setting it to values such as 65, 68, or 67 allowed you to maintain a higher defensive line while avoiding the pitfalls of an overly aggressive auto Offside Trap.

    Tips & Tricks

    Recognizing the signs of ineffective defensive depth is critical to adjust tactics during games. If your opponent consistently finds too much space to take Long Shots or execute finishing moves, it may indicate that your defensive depth is too low. In such cases, increasing your depth can help to tighten up your defense and limit your opponent's scoring opportunities.

    Similarly, a lack of Counter Attacks in FC 24 may signal that your defensive depth needs adjustment. If your opponent can counter you too frequently, it suggests that your defensive line may be too high, allowing them to exploit space behind your Defenders. Lowering your defensive depth can help to address this issue and prevent your opponent from capitalizing on counterattacking opportunities.

    Apr 16, 2024

  • Why 4-3-3(4) Formation Can Lead To Winning Games In EA FC 24? - Custom Tactics & Player Instructions Why 4-3-3(4) Formation Can Lead To Winning Games In EA FC 24? - Custom Tactics & Player Instructions

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    Why 4-3-3(4) Formation Can Lead To Winning Games In EA FC 24? - Custom Tactics & Player Instructions

    Hi, players! The 4-3-3(4) formation I am going to talk about is designed for swift build up play and counter attacks in EA FC 24. It offers the versatility to execute tiki taka style football with the right custom tactics. Without wasting times, let's dive in!

    Custom Tactics

    Defensive Tactics: When it comes to Defensive Style, you can opt for a balanced approach. Regarding Width, I set it to 4, while for Depth, there are 2 viable options. The first involves a depth of 65, resulting in an effective high press during gameplay. However, employing a high press without a CDM in the formation poses risks. If you are against counter attacks, consider a depth of 60.

    Offensive Tactics: In terms of Build Up Play, I recommend sticking to a balanced approach. When it comes to Chance Creation, Direct Passing is the best choice, especially effective with a formation featuring a Center Attacking Midfielder. Regarding the others, you can opt for 4 Players in Box, and then set 6 for Corners and Free Kicks.

    Player Instructions

    Then let's move on to the player instructions. Get ready to boost your players' abilities with some EA Sports FC 24 Coins.

    Center Back: In defense, maintain default settings for the Right and Left Center Backs. Focus on keeping the Right Back in a defensive role, instructing them to Stay Back While Attacking. Conversely, encourage the Left Back to Overlap, facilitating both defensive cover and offensive support.

    This strategic move ensures that your Left Back contributes to both ends of the pitch. Despite already having a Left Winger in attack, employing the left wing as a forward adds depth to your offensive maneuvers.

    CM: Starting with the Left Center Midfielder, who assumes the role of CDM in this formation. You'll find that he operates in a defensive capacity, focusing on intercepting passes, making tackles, and thwarting counter attacks.

    Therefore, it's crucial to have a midfielder with exceptional defensive abilities and physical prowess in this position. In EA FC 24, he'll primarily function as a CDM. As for his instructions, set them to Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center.

    Right Center Mid: For the Right Center Mid in the 4-3-3(4) formation, you're looking at the box-to-box role. This player needs well-rounded stats to contribute both offensively and defensively. For the instructions, prioritize Stay On Edge Of Box For Cross and Cover Center to optimize his contributions to the team.

    If you are letting your Right Back to help you on the attack and help you on the defense, and your Left Back to Stay Back While Attacking, that time you have to use your Right Center Mid as the CDM on this formation, and your Left Center Mid as the box-to-box.

    CAM: Moving on to the Central Attacking Midfielder, the pivotal playmaker in this formation, arguably the most crucial player. Whether it's providing assists, executing precise passes, or initiating attacks, this player will always be at the heart of the action.

    Wingers: For the Right Winger and Left Winger, what I recommend using with them is Come Back On Defense, Get In Behind, Cut Inside, and Get Into The Box For Cross. If you want to play it wide, you don’t need your Right Winger and Left Winger to play it narrow.

    Striker: For the major player, the Striker, what I’m using with is Get In Behind, Stay Central, and Stay Forward. With these custom tactics, you need a striker who can easily get in behind. This formation is absolutely perfect for counter attacks and fast build up, and with these player instructions, you’re going to see him always trying to get in behind and break the defense line.

    Apr 11, 2024

  • Grasp These D-Pad Tactics To Stay Invincible In EA FC 24 Weekend League Grasp These D-Pad Tactics To Stay Invincible In EA FC 24 Weekend League

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    Grasp These D-Pad Tactics To Stay Invincible In EA FC 24 Weekend League

    I’m here to walk you through everything you need to know about D-pad tactics. Many players may not be familiar with D-pad tactics, but they do work because they allow you to give instructions to players without pausing the game. These D-pad tactics are crucial for becoming a pro player in the EA FC 24.

    Let's begin by discussing all the available options. Initially, there are 8 different choices for D-pad tactics, comprising four D-pad up tactics and four D-pad down tactics. We'll commence with the D-pad up tactics first.

    D-Pad Up (Attacking Tactics)

    Extra Striker: The first one is to press your D-pad up and down. It means that one of your Center Backs goes up front, but I don’t really think this happens.

    Hug Sideline: This tactic is to press up and to the right. This one is really useful this year because if you play a formation with only Full Backs, for example, the 4-3-2-1, your Full Backs will hug the sideline, which makes it significantly easier to build up and to find them in the overlap when you’re building up.

    You may want to create the run with your Full Backs in that formation. They will always be on the sideline, so they will create a lot of width in your attack. Don’t forget to allocate some FC 24 Coins to enhance the abilities of your Full Backs and improve your overall gaming experience.

    Attacking Full Backs: For this one, you need to perform by pressing your D-pad arrow up and to the left. This means you can put your Full Backs on joining the attack, which you can also do in the instructions. So that’s something that could be really effective.

    Get In The Box: This tactic only works if you need to go all out without attacking. All the players need to go forward. When you will probably lose, chasing a game with 1 or 2 goals, 10, 15 minutes left, you can just put them in Get in the Box. In any other situation, I would not recommend using this.

    D-Pad Down (Defending Tactics)

    Then, the next 4 tactics are defensive tactics when you press down on the d-pad.

    Team Press: Team Press this year isn’t really effective. But you perform that by pressing your D-pad arrow down and then to the left. This will make all your players push up on the pitch and try to pressure the opponent in situations where this can be useful.

    For example, in the 75th minute or 80th when your opponent has a goal kick and you didn’t install your press tactics, make sure to have this tactic where you have constant pressure.

    Overload Ball Side: Avoid using that because it drains your player's stamina. But if you want to know how to perform it, you perform it by pressing your D-pad arrow down and then to the right.

    Striker Drop Back: The tactic I always use is Striker Drop Back. You can perform this tactic by pressing your D-pad arrow down and then up. It will make your Striker drop back more, so it will be more compact in defense.

    Offside Trap: The tactic is the most important one. You can perform this tactic by pressing your D-pad arrow down 2 times. The Offside Trap is a dangerous one as well because this really makes you a good defender in the EA FC 24.

    If you mistime this, you will allow your opponents to have a lot of chances out of nowhere. If you practice this and master it, it will make you an insane Defender in the EA FC 24. This won’t allow your opponent to reach your box easily.

    For example, if your opponent passes back, you pull off an Offside Trap that makes your last line push up higher, which will make it harder for him to break you down. And every time your opponent is turning back or passing back, just make use of this.

    The Importance Of Full Backs

    The Hug Sideline and Attacking Full Backs are amazing in combination in EA Sports FC 24 this year. Full Backs are really important in this year’s game, especially if you play a 4-3-2-1. They might be the most important players in that formation.

    When they hug the sideline and go high up, so you play them on Hug Sideline and Attacking Full Backs, they will be high up on the sideline every time. So the switch will be open every single time, and this makes it so hard for your opponent to defend because you can just switch to the side, and you will get into a 2v1 situation on the wing every single time.

    Apr 10, 2024

  • The 4-2-1-3 Formation You Can Not Miss In FC 24 Ultimate Team! The 4-2-1-3 Formation You Can Not Miss In FC 24 Ultimate Team!

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    The 4-2-1-3 Formation You Can Not Miss In FC 24 Ultimate Team!

    Welcome to our new formation guide! Today, we’ll delve into the 4-2-1-3 formation in EA FC 24. These tactics will help you get more wins in FUT Champs and Division Rivals! Let’s explore its potential for creating a distinctive gameplay experience.

    Now, when we’re defending with this formation and this setup, how we have it is basically going to make it so that you are defending with 5 in midfield and make it essentially a 4-5-1. When you are attacking, you have the benefits of that Center Attacking Mid, Left Wing, Right Wing, and the Striker.

    Custom Tactics

    Defensive Tactics: First, we go into Defensive Style of balanced. There are so many people running balanced defensive style. This is a formation that we’re going to start the game with. Balanced gives us just the most neutral setup.

    For our defensive Width, I go 45. This just means that when the opponent has the ball, we’re tucked in ever so slightly. So, the 45 width just means that basically when the opponent’s moving in around the 18-yard box, we’re a bit more compact.

    I’m using a Depth of 64. If you go for 46 depth or higher, you trigger an automatic AI press, which was introduced in FC 24. If you’re prefer a depth of 45 to 50, that’s perfectly fine. However, I find 64 depth to be ideal for the 4-2-1-3 formation.

    Offensive Tactics: In our Build Up Play, we stick with balance. While slow Build Up allows for methodical play, it leaves you vulnerable to counters. I also tried a long ball for a counter-attacking approach with the wingers, but it felt too one-dimensional. Balance offers a mix of both, which I find ideal.

    For Chance Creation, I opted for forward runs instead of possession. Forward runs spread the play, creating 1v1 battles across the field, giving us numerous attacking options in the final third. However, this approach requires caution, as it can leave us exposed to counter attacks.

    In terms of Width, I prefer a narrow setup with a width of 35. The 4-2-1-3 formation naturally provides width, and with player instructions, it creates a unique defensive and attacking structure.

    We commit numbers forward with 7 Players in Box, allowing for attacking opportunities. While this might leave the Center Attacking Midfielder occasionally forward, it’s balanced out by defensive instructions. Regarding set-pieces, it’s a matter of personal preference. I opt for 1 player on Corners and Free Kicks, but choose what works best for you.

    Player Instructions

    Goalkeeper: If you want to run sweeper-keeper, who comes across to deal with over-the-top through balls and to handle the opponent's ability to cross the ball, feel free. I haven't run it as much this year, to be honest with you, but it can really work when you have the right sort of keeper with it, who's confident coming out to claim and confident kind of being quick off their line.

    Right Back & Left Back: The strategy differs. The Right Back stays up while attacking, while the Left Back adopts a balanced approach with Overlap. It's a matter of personal preference. The side doesn't matter. Whichever player you prefer to push forward more will work fine.

    I opt for Destiny Udogie to advance more aggressively. I do this because I believe having all defenders stay back can hinder our attacking potential. By committing slightly more defensively, we maintain balance. 

    Defensive Midfielders: Both of our Defensive Midfielders are instructed to Stay Back While Attacking, Cut Passing Lanes, and Cover Center. This setup allows us to maintain defensive solidity while still committing numbers forward.

    One of our Defensive Midfielders, advance because of a triggered run, Ugar remains to hold, providing us with an additional layer of defensive cover and preventing the opponent's center attack from breaking through.

    Mar 30, 2024

  • Don’t Miss These Challenges To Make Your EA FC 24 Career Mode Even More Fun! Don’t Miss These Challenges To Make Your EA FC 24 Career Mode Even More Fun!

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    Don’t Miss These Challenges To Make Your EA FC 24 Career Mode Even More Fun!

    Career Mode is an important part of EA Sports FC 24 and has been popular with many players since the game’s launch. However, many players complain that playing Career Mode in the normal way for a long time often feels boring.

    If you want a more interesting gaming experience, incorporating unique challenges is the best way to do it. These challenges give you specific goals to achieve. Besides, you can add stipulations to make them more difficult.

    Over the years, the gaming community has come up with challenges that change the way Career Mode is completed. In this guide, we’ll introduce some exciting challenges to make your gameplay even more fun.

    Win World Cup

    World Domination is one challenge you can try in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode. But many players often overlook managing international teams.

    The focus of this challenge should be winning World Cup, the most prestigious trophy in the history of the sport. You can try performing challenges with your country’s national team or a team that has yet to win a World Cup to further enhance the experience.

    It’s important to note that this challenge takes place every four years in Career Mode, which means you can only win the challenge a few times in a specific save. So it is crucial to invest more FC 24 Coins to build the best team.

    Lead A Lower Tier Team To Become UCL Champions

    Another thing you can try in Career Mode is to pick an underdog team from the lowest tier and help them become UCL champions. It’s basically a path to glory where you have to go through multiple horrific seasons to build a team from the ground up.

    You can choose any lower division team, but it’s best to start with the fourth division in England as this is the most challenging. Completing this challenge will be easier if you end up signing a young core of high-potential players.

    However, this is still time consuming as winning UCL takes at least 6-7 seasons. So, be prepared to play the long game.

    Win The Treble

    Winning the treble is one of the most important challenges in FC 24, which includes winning the league title, domestic trophy and UCL in one season. A handful of clubs have only accomplished this feat in real life, so the difficulty of the challenge is self-evident.

    Given that you have to win these trophies in one season, you need to make sure your team remains competitive throughout the calendar year. Also, don’t forget to prepare substitutes, otherwise one injury to any player could ruin your dream of winning the treble.

    Financial Constraints Challenge

    Since many clubs in real life are subject to financial constraints, it’s also a fun variation to try the same scenario in Career Mode. You can completely blow out your budget for a few seasons and build a team with the players you already have. This is probably one of the hardest challenges to complete in the game, as you won’t be able to upgrade your team with better players.

    Rebuilding The Team With Players From The Same Country

    Another interesting challenge is to rebuild the team using only players from the same country. This adds an extra level of difficulty and makes winning trophies even more difficult.

    The difficulty becomes even greater when you add in the requirement to sell players who do not belong to a specific country. It might take you several seasons to assemble a team of excellent football players representing the same country.

    Build The Best Youth Academy Team

    Youth Academy is an important part of EA FC 24 Career Mode, helping you develop the next exceptional talent and help your team become better.

    You can only use players from Youth Academy within your team in this challenge. Also, you can try to complete this challenge using those football clubs that are known for producing brilliant talents from their Youth Academy.

    Considering it can take several seasons to develop Youth Academy players, you’re in for a fun ride. Don’t forget to hire the best scouts as this will help you find better talent more easily.

    In short, trying these challenges will make your Career Mode gameplay more diverse and have a more interesting gaming experience. So, come and give it a try!

    Mar 28, 2024

  • These Are The Best Female Icon Cards Available In FC 24 Ultimate Team! These Are The Best Female Icon Cards Available In FC 24 Ultimate Team!

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    These Are The Best Female Icon Cards Available In FC 24 Ultimate Team!

    While women’s soccer has been a part of EA Sports’ annual soccer releases since FIFA 16, EA Sports FC 24 marks the first inclusion of women in the popular Ultimate Team (UT) mode, necessitating the recognition and introduction of retired legends from the women’s game as powerful Icon cards

    These Icon cards are highly coveted by UT players for their exceptional in-game stats, and despite FC 24 featuring only 5 female players, the various versions of these Icons make it challenging for players to decide where to begin integrating them into their teams. However, the significant variance in prices ensures that a female icon from this list remains accessible to all players, with only currently accessible icons being considered.

    Ranked 6: Birgit Prinz

    Birgit Prinz’s overall rating of 92 does not fully reflect her individual statistics, with notable attributes such as 83 in Pace, 92 in Shooting, and 82 in Dribbling.

    At first glance, Birgit Prinz may appear as a significant acquisition for players who obtain her. However, her in-game performance doesn’t align with her given an overall rating of 92. Notably, her relatively low Pace and Dribbling attributes are compounded by weak stats in critical areas such as Agility and Balance, registering at 60 and 66, respectively.

    For players intending to utilize Prinz effectively, it’s advisable to position her aggressively in the opponent’s half to capitalize on her excellent finishing skills. Nonetheless, it’s disappointing that one of the greatest female players in history doesn’t have her real-life abilities accurately reflected in the game.

    Ranked 5: Kelly Smith

    Kelly Smith, rated 89 overall, stands out as the most affordable choice, boasting impressive attributes including 88 in Pace, 90 in Shooting, and 89 in Dribbling.

    Kelly Smith’s 23-year career is commemorated with multiple Icon variations across the game, with her 92 Finishing and 4-star Weak Foot attributes aptly mirroring the skills of England’s second-highest all-time goal scorer. 

    Additionally, players should prioritize Smith for set-pieces due to her Dead Ball+ playstyle. Despite the availability of superior choices, Smith remains a feasible option for newcomers, given her current price tag of approximately 80k FC 24 Coins on Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

    Ranked 4: Camille Abily

    Camille Abily, rated 90 overall, excels as a deep-arriving expert with impressive skills in Shooting (89), Passing (90), and Dribbling (89).

    Renowned for her goal-scoring prowess as a midfielder, Camille Abily’s knack for timely box arrivals stands out as one of her prime attributes in EA Sports FC 24. Moreover, bolstered by formidable defending and Physicality statistics, she emerges as an exceptional all-around midfielder capable of both offensive and defensive contributions.

    The prevailing approach among players involves applying a backbone chemistry style to her, augmenting her Passing, Defending, and Physicality attributes. This adjustment enhances her versatility, although players seeking a more offensive emphasis can opt for an attacking chemistry style to prioritize her attacking prowess over defensive capabilities.

    Ranked 3: Homare Sawa

    Homare Sawa, rated 91 overall, exhibits versatility across midfield positions with exceptional attributes including 91 in Passing, 91 in Dribbling, and 83 in Defending.

    Homare Sawa possesses the versatility to assume virtually any midfield role, owing to her outstanding statistics across nearly every attribute. In addition to the previously noted attributes, her 91 Dribbling and 84 Pace enable her to adeptly navigate through midfield players, while also excelling in intercepting the ball from opponents.

    Moreover, Sawa’s ability to score goals, a trait evident in her real-life performance, is mirrored by a Finishing statistic of 92. Hence, it would be prudent for players to utilize a Shadow chemistry style to emphasize enhancing her Pace and Defending attributes.

    Ranked 2: Kelly Smith

    Kelly Smith, boasting a rating of 91 overall, presents a significant upgrade, particularly evident in her attributes with notable improvements in Pace (90), Shooting (92), and Dribbling (92).

    As part of the Future Stars promotion, Kelly Smith underwent an upgrade alongside several other icons like Zidane and Ronaldinho. Demonstrating a balanced pace, she boasts 90 in both Acceleration and Sprint Speed, while her Finishing statistic of 93 underscores her clinical precision in front of goal.

    Players can further enhance her effectiveness by applying a Hunter chemistry style, elevating her Pace to 98 and Shooting to 97. Although her upgraded card is pricier, costing around 500k, the investment is undoubtedly worthwhile given her exceptional performance.

    Ranked 1: Mia Hamm

    Mia Hamm, rated 95 overall, stands as the best, showcasing outstanding attributes with 94 in Pace, 95 in Shooting, and 94 in Dribbling.

    Regarded as arguably the greatest female player in history, Mia Hamm proved to be a prolific goal scorer for both the USA National Team and any fortunate club she represented. Her statistics are consistently exceptional, complemented by a 5-star Weak Foot and a range of skills.

    As a TOTY variant, she boasts not just one but two additional playstyles: Rapid+ and Powershot+. Hamm not only stands out as the premier female icon in EA Sports FC 24 but also ranks among the most coveted cards ever featured in any FIFA/FC installment.

    Mar 15, 2024

  • How To Play The Unbeatable 4-2-4 Formation In EA FC 24? - A Step-By-Step Guide How To Play The Unbeatable 4-2-4 Formation In EA FC 24? - A Step-By-Step Guide

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    How To Play The Unbeatable 4-2-4 Formation In EA FC 24? - A Step-By-Step Guide

    Today, I’m excited to introduce you to a game-changing formation in EA FC 24 - the 4-2-4 formation. This formation is designed to apply immense pressure on your opponents, ultimately increasing your chances of securing wins in games. So, without wasting time, let’s dive right into it!

    Custom Tactics

    To begin with, let's delve into the tactics which include the defensive tactics and offensive tactics:

    Defensive Tactics: The Defensive Style remains as balanced as ever. Then set the Width on 45 and Depth on 65. Remember that with depth, just play whatever you are most comfortable with. If you like 60, you can just play 60. It's all depends on your preference. Use whatever you feel most comfortable with.

    Offensive Tactics: Balanced on Build Up Play. and Direct Passing on Chance Creation. It’s just the best way to get wins in this game. Then set Width on 50. We really want to be stretching the play with those left Wings and right Wings. Even though 50 is not too crazy, it may leave them out in those wide areas.

    Then, for the Players in Box, set on 5. We don’t want those central Midfielders over-committing. The Corners should be on 3. We like to score those front post headers and with Free Kicks. So at last, we set Free Kicks on 2.

    Player Instructions

    Next, we are going to start talking about player instructions.

    Strikers: The 2 Strikers for us both need to Stay Central. That is all very basic. You don’t have to put much on them. However, they aren’t the most agile Strikers in the game, but you can have a lot of fun with the power shots.

    You can make the most of incredible shooting with that power shot. If you’re still using Mbappé and Eusébio's, they’re perfect for this Striker. Eusébio's on Left Striker and Mbappé on Right Striker and it is perfect.

    Wingers: The Wingers are both on the same instructions, they’re just both on Come Back On Defense and Come Short. So, they’re going to support the play, they’re not going to get in the box all the time. They are going to pop up with their work rate, but the idea is that they’re going to be showing feet.

    So, I recommend you have players that are all good at dribbling, like Claudia Pina and Ansu Fati. Pina doesn’t really have that much pace, but she gets away with it because she has the Finesse Shot Playstyle+. You can get this outstanding player using EA Sports FC 24 Coins.

    You have those variables if you’re using someone who has got the Finesse Shot Playstyle+. Then, having them cut in on their right foot on the left-hand side and on their left foot on the right-hand side is quite desirable. But for the most part, we’re looking for those cross-body shots. Just treat them like your Strikers because they are just as important.

    Midfielders: The 2 central Midfielders Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center. They are staying back, but they will pop up now and again with the goals. I recommend that you have midfielders that can score. Team of the Year Rodri, who is the perfect player for having that out-and-out CDM feel, but he can score goals. The Gündoğan is also recommended. He is insane and super undervalued.

    If you’re struggling defensively, have an out-and-out CDM and then at least one box to box. But if you are comfortable with the way your team defends and you don’t feel too weak defensively, you could go with having 2 box-to-box Midfielders. They definitely have some defensive stats and playstyles in these positions.

    Goalkeeper: The Goalkeeper is just on Balanced. We just leave him as is. Besides, we try to limit the AI involvement.

    Fullbacks: Our one fullback is to Stay Back While Attacking and Overlap, and the other one is on Balanced and overlap. All the instructions are the same. It doesn’t matter what Fullback you have to go forward. Just have whichever one your most attacking Fullback is.

    That concludes the presentation of the 4-2-4 formation, which is truly remarkable. You'll find it enjoyable and employ this formation to apply pressure on your opponents. I'm confident that it will lead to more victories for you!

    Mar 14, 2024

  • The 4 Top Tips To Beat Your Opponents In EA FC 24 Mental Duel! The 4 Top Tips To Beat Your Opponents In EA FC 24 Mental Duel!

    Check the detail

    The 4 Top Tips To Beat Your Opponents In EA FC 24 Mental Duel!

    If you want to win every game in FC 24, it’s crucial to keep learning new techniques. But this alone is not enough, as your opponents can often read your play style very well. That’s when you’ll need to make a completely different choice to defeat him.

    In this guide, we’ll share 4 key tips to show you how to consistently beat your opponents. Of course, before trying these tricks, it's crucial to spend some FC 24 Coins to boost your player's overall stats.

    Break Down Your Opponent’s Defense

    First, let’s start by analyzing the opponent’s defense. Just like any other player, you have your own offensive patterns and habits that you may use at the start of a game. But you also need to see how your opponent reacts to it.

    Because they probably have a strong understanding of it, which is why you need to analyze their defensive tendencies in the first few minutes of the game. If you can understand their strengths and identify their weaknesses. Then you can find the right ways to expose and counter them.

    Let me use an example to show my idea. When we started the game, my opponent insisted on pushing his players high up the field and applying heavy pressure on the pitch. And I’m a player who likes to have the ball, but if I do that, I’m going to lose possession unnecessarily.

    Understanding the opponent’s intentions also gave me a solution, which was to use side passes to counter the pressure once I realized it was time to execute.

    Because his defense is very aggressive. As long as he keeps passing the ball forward and does not change his defensive mentality, he will use side passes to move the ball forward. I can beat him by analyzing his weaknesses that are exposed early on, like that could be a game-changer.

    Adjust Attack Methods

    However, opponents may also adjust their attack patterns, which is why you need to change your attack rotation every once in a while, as you can’t always do the same thing to trick your opponent.

    Let’s say you score twice in the same way against the same opponent. You pass the ball into the box from the side angle and then cut inside to create your own scoring chance. You managed to score, which is good. But the next time you step into the box, your opponent may be ready.

    But this is also your chance to defeat him again. Because you pulled back twice, he will expect you to do it again. But this time, if you’re ready to get to the goal line, everything is completely open to you.

    Decoy Opponents

    But the mind game isn’t limited to analyzing your opponent’s defensive behavior. In some situations, you may have to temporarily outwit your opponent. The most effective way to achieve this is to trick your opponent. And dribbling with the left stick is the perfect tool to lure out those aggressive defenders.

    I received the ball in the penalty area, but I knew my shot was going to be blocked because the defender was in such an excellent position that I needed to panic him. That’s why I use the sprinting button to push the ball forward, as if I’m creating space for the shot.

    Because I was over-committed to that shot angle, he was over-committed to the slide tackle. But shooting was never my intention, so I turned around and made a Fake Shot, passed the ball to my now-open teammate, and scored a nice goal.

    Anticipate The Opponent’s Attack

    Finally, as a defender, let’s take a look at the opponent’s attack. If we can safely analyze the opponent’s offensive behavior, this may also give you an advantage.

    In the first few minutes of a game, they may show you what they actually like to do with the ball rather than the skill moves that are really necessary. It’s probably more of a habit on his part than passing the ball.

    So the next time I saw him running, I decided to go in directly. Because I sensed he was going to continue to run rather than pass, and switching to my defender allowed me to challenge defensively before he touched the ball again.

    But I also have to keep other scoring chances safe, which brings us to the next point. We need to prioritize their trends, but still position yourself at points that cover multiple directions so that your focus is on the more dangerous and obvious opportunities.

    You won’t lose position if your opponent decides to take another action. This way, you can pre-select and move your defender into dangerous spots because you know your opponent’s tendencies.

    But be careful not to over-expect because, as we mentioned in the first half, there are different attack methods available to players. Analyze multiple positions of the opponent when we commit to one of them, but it may have undesirable consequences.

    In short, in FC 24, whether it is offense or defense, defeating your opponent is an art! It will give you the power to defeat your opponents in a mental duel and turn the techniques you’ve learned so far into deadly weapons. Hopefully, this guide will expand your knowledge and help you become a better player!

    Mar 08, 2024

  • Unveiling The Ultimate 10 Career Mode Teams: FC 24's Exciting Lineup For Football Enthusiasts! Unveiling The Ultimate 10 Career Mode Teams: FC 24's Exciting Lineup For Football Enthusiasts!

    Check the detail

    Unveiling The Ultimate 10 Career Mode Teams: FC 24's Exciting Lineup For Football Enthusiasts!

    Embark on an epic journey with us through EA FC 24 Career Mode as we shine a spotlight on the top teams for an unforgettable adventure. From legendary titans like Manchester United to inspiring underdog stories with Leicester City, explore the diverse challenges and triumphant moments that lie ahead. Ideal for football enthusiasts eager to carve their own path to greatness discreetly. Are you prepared to guide your team to victory?

    Team 1: Leverkusen

    Under the guidance of Xabi Alonso, Leverkusen has won over hearts this year, mine included. They embrace football in its purest form, boasting an immensely enjoyable team dynamic.

    Their style of play in-game mirrors this enjoyment, making Leverkusen a top pick for those craving an authentic and captivating football experience.

    Objectives With Leverkusen

    • Uphold Xabi Alonso's legacy by clinching the German title and triumphing in the Europa League this season.
    • In the subsequent season, retain the squad, reinforce where necessary, and set sights on reaching the Champions League semifinals and reclaiming the German Championship.
    • By the third year, aim for the treble.

    Replicating this triumph in the following year poses a significant challenge for Leverkusen, given the potential departure of their coach and key players next summer.

    The most thrilling task with Leverkusen is to sustain this success in the near future, maintaining their esteemed standards and progressing from their achievements.

    Team 2: Manchester United

    Manchester United, often revered as the greatest club, poses a distinctive challenge owing to their inconsistent performance, even in the current season. Their ongoing struggle for stability adds an enticing dimension to management, offering an opportunity to reshape the fortunes of one of football's most iconic teams.

    Objectives With Manchester United

    • Restore Manchester United's former glory by securing the Champions League title this season with a modest squad.
    • In the following season, revamp the team by removing underperformers and strive to contend for the Premier League title until the final match.
    • By the third season, aim to elevate United to the level of success seen in the late '90s, achieving the treble and captivating the hearts of football fans once again.

    It's imperative to acknowledge Manchester United's longstanding commitment to its Youth Academy. In addition to constructing a formidable team, ensuring a seamless transition for young talents is paramount.

    The objective isn't to mimic Manchester City but to rekindle United's distinctive identity, reaffirming its central position in football with its unique approach and traditions.

    Team 3: Liverpool

    Turning our attention to Liverpool, the fierce rival of United, we encounter a club steeped in history and eager for fresh achievements. With Klopp's departure and key players aging, Liverpool finds itself at a pivotal juncture, presenting an intriguing challenge of navigating uncertainty while striving for continued success.

    Objectives With Liverpool

    • In Klopp's final season, Liverpool must secure the English Championship, staying faithful to his philosophy.
    • Post-Klopp, preserving the club's identity is paramount.
    • With Salah and Virgil van Dijk advancing in age, the quest for new icons possessing similar flair is imperative, ensuring Liverpool's enduring legacy and competitive edge.

    Liverpool, a legendary club, confronts significant future uncertainties, offering a prime opportunity to usher them into a new era. It's a thrilling moment to assume leadership and shape the forthcoming chapter of their illustrious history.

    Team 4: Aston Villa

    Aston Villa, a historic English club situated in one of the largest cities, has seldom clinched major trophies. However, this year, they've demonstrated excellence, emerging as formidable contenders in the Conference League despite potential shortcomings in the Premier League. It's a pivotal moment for Aston Villa to rise and leave a significant mark.

    Objectives With Aston Villa

    • This season, strive for Champions League qualification and secure at least a semifinal berth in the Conference League.
    • In the following year, vigorously compete for the Premier League title until the final match.
    • By the third year, aim to become the champions of England and reach the Champions League semifinals, signifying Aston Villa's resurgence to prominence.

    Established in 1874, Aston Villa ranks among the world's oldest football clubs, having called their current stadium home since 1897. Despite boasting a rich history of achievements, they have yet to secure a Premier League title since its inception and suffered relegation in 2016. Nevertheless, their trajectory is now upward. It's time to fulfill this fairy tale by restoring Aston Villa to its former glory.

    Team 5: Athletic Club De Bilbao

    Athletic Club de Bilbao, often a beloved choice, commands attention. Their distinctive approach of exclusively recruiting players with local heritage sets them apart in contemporary football, presenting a remarkable challenge and a club we cannot ignore due to their dedication to regional talent.

    Objectives With Athletic Club De Bilbao

    • The overarching aim is to elevate this Basque club to the apex of Spanish football. Despite their consistent proximity to the summit, there's room for ascent.
    • Invest in and continuously enhance the squad, aiming to clinch the title of Spanish champions by the conclusion of the third season, showcasing the prowess of local talent.
    • Embarking on a career with this club entails strict adherence to their unique policy: only players with Basque roots are eligible for signing. However, players with Spanish roots are permissible for the Youth Academy.

    This intricate approach adds complexity to the game, necessitating meticulous talent scouting, thereby rendering the management of Athletic Club de Bilbao a deeply immersive experience.

    Team 6: Real Sociedad

    Staying within the Basque region, we turn our attention to Real Sociedad, the fierce adversary of Athletic Club de Bilbao. Much like their counterparts, Real Sociedad consistently secures a position in Spain's top tier and is currently performing admirably in this season's Champions League, making them an enticing option for those seeking to challenge conventional norms.

    Objectives With Real Sociedad

    • The primary objective for this season is to outperform Athletic Club de Bilbao.
    • In the following season, aim to elevate your performance to vie for the Spanish League title.
    • By the third year, the aim is to clinch LaLiga, marking a significant milestone for Real Sociedad and establishing a new standard for success.

    The challenge with Real Sociedad lies in achieving acclaim while diverging from the strict Basque-only policy adhered to by their primary rival. Prioritize the development of young players and invest in promising talents, a strategy that Real Sociedad has historically embraced. Strive to transcend the sub-top level and leave a lasting impression on the global stage, demonstrating that success can be attained through a combination of tradition and innovation.

    Team 7: RB Leipzig

    Returning to Germany, we journey to the east, where Red Bull has been on a transformative path since '09, propelling RB Leipzig from the depths of German football onto the global stage. The rise of RB Leipzig resembles a fairy tale, yet the narrative awaits its climactic conclusion in the form of significant silverware.

    Objectives With RB Leipzig

    • This season, set your sights on securing the title with Leipzig, ensuring a minimum fourth-place finish.
    • In the subsequent season, the goal is to seize the Bundesliga crown and inevitably confront Manchester City in the Champions League, emerging victorious against them.
    • By the third season, pivot the focus entirely towards clinching the Champions League, thereby crowning RB Leipzig's remarkable journey from the lower leagues to the pinnacle of European football.

    Irrespective of perspectives on Red Bull's involvement, RB Leipzig's ascent is undeniably remarkable, warranting a fairy tale conclusion to their pursuit of glory.

    Team 8: PSV Eindhoven

    This year, PSV Eindhoven shines under the guidance of Peter Bosz, renowned for leading rivals Ajax to the Europa League final in 2017. Bosz's teams employ a blend of defensive and adventurous football, with varying degrees of success. However, this season, PSV appears poised for victory, embodying the quintessential underdog narrative in international football.

    Objectives With PSV Eindhoven

    • Setting aside the Eredivisie, where PSV consistently contends, the aim in commencing a career with PSV is to establish the club among the global elite. This ambitious goal can only be realized by achieving Champions League glory as the ultimate underdog, solidifying PSV's standing on the world stage.
    • Embrace an attacking and adventurous style of play with a youthful squad.

    The challenge with PSV lies in the annual departure of key players to larger clubs. This player turnover intensifies the difficulty of winning the Champions League, necessitating astute management and strategic planning to navigate the loss of vital talents while pursuing European success.

    Team 9: Olympique Lyonnais

    In France, Olympique Lyonnais, once a powerhouse, now finds itself in mid-table obscurity. Historically, they've been renowned for nurturing numerous French talents who reached the pinnacle of football. However, financial struggles in competing with PSG have dimmed their former glory. Despite bidding adieu to Stade de Gerland, Olympique Lyonnais still holds a special allure for us, epitomizing the spirit of an underdog with a storied past.

    Objectives With Olympique Lyonnais

    • This season, work with the resources available and strive for the highest attainable finish.
    • Over the next two seasons, bolster the squad and establish a youth academy.
    • Secure a top-six finish in Ligue 1 in the second season and contend for the French title in the third, reinvigorating the club's competitive spirit.

    In France, every club grapples with the financial might of PSG, intensifying the challenge of surpassing them. While Olympique Lyonnais and AS Monaco have recently made strides, PSG's dominance in eight of the last ten seasons presents a formidable obstacle.

    Team 10: Leicester City

    Returning to England, Leicester City is currently in the Championship, aiming for a Premier League comeback. Their journey from a heartbreaking playoff defeat to Watford in 2013 to an improbable English title triumph under Claudio Ranieri in 2016 is akin to a fairy tale. After last year's relegation, it's time for a new chapter in the illustrious history of this beloved club.

    Objectives With Leicester City

    • Year 1 is dedicated to securing a return to the Premier League, utilizing Leicester's talented squad. In 2016, Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez, and N'Golo Kanté transformed from relative unknowns into legendary figures. Strive to replicate their success with the resources available for promotion.
    • Year 2 involves constructing a system reminiscent of Ranieri's era, ensuring survival in the Premier League.
    • By year 3, with targeted reinforcements, aim to once again vie for the English title, echoing the fairy tale triumphs of Leicester's past with a rejuvenated squad.

    Leicester City's remarkable tale stands as one of the most extraordinary narratives in European football over the past two decades, offering ample opportunity for reenactment in the realm of digital football.

    Mar 02, 2024

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