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    FIFA 23: Are These New Mixed Campaign Player Pick Packs Worth It?

    Some players in the campaign chose Thief, hoping for a cheap and reliable way to make an amazing breakthrough in that Ultimate Team. Mixed Campaign Player Pick Packs are now also an alternative choice for players.

    What we ended up with was actually a Mixed Campaign Player. Could also be one of the three Future Stars players on the road to the final Centurions. Here will show if it’s worth it today.

    I don’t think this is a good start. But Michael Langer needs 80k FUT 23 Coins. So here, he is just a candidate for our number two. Here we have to take it to a good level.

    We need Ebro Nemo or Calabria. Because I already have Jamie Vardy. But it is very risky to choose these, so I will choose another one. They are very adventurous here. We’re ready to pick brand new players again. I want to see something cool like we didn’t see any player rated over 88 here even in the 90s. It’s March, so I’d really like to start meeting these talented players.

    We’ve got Lucas to know more about Spurs around Champions League, but we’re still not at 90 games, and we’re still without Neymar ibra or Salah. By the way, we got Raul in an icon pack from nowhere. Well, the fourth pack actually looks a bit like an icon.

    We’ll keep going, we have another player option. Here are five more Packs, and we get Emil Forsberg as we wished. I’m not kidding, it really takes a lot of FUT 23 Coins. As you can see on the official website, I really can’t believe this is so expensive.

    Apparently because of the high prices for players above 85s. But this may be the highest priced SPC this year. We’re not getting a profitable return right now. However, if they are tradable, then this is a crazy prize.

    Next, we got Lucas Mora or Felipe Anderson again, and you’ll see the former West Ham player again. Then there’s Felipe Anderson, who was also a former Liverpool player and a former PSG player. By the way, Lucas Mora has maintained a solid rating in this Ultimate Team for six years. We could actually get some really outstanding players here. You know there’s an interesting player option here, like Chesney or James Milner at the right price.

    What I’m going to show you is the highest priced SBC. So far it has released them. For the price, we’re making a very controversial choice. Don’t know if Trent is worth it.

    Honestly, why am I interested in Raspadori? Because he is a Live card, compared to Trent’s price, it is more suitable to choose him. In the meantime, we also really needed something good to show you that these Mixed Campaign Player Pick Packs are actually starting to get better.

    I really think there’s only Liverpool, that’s what we have to have, anyway. He is such a pure football player. But players need to use at least 437k FUT 23 Coins to get it. But I also think he deserves it.

    There’s only one choice here, and then we’re the final pick player for the day to get more of this stuff. What exactly do we get from these Pick Packs? It’s still expensive. I think it should be in the range of 134.4k FUT 23 Coins. In any case, it’s still crazy how players could get legendary players like Trent or Felipe Anderson this way.

    Although I don’t use Trent very often, he seems useful anyway. What do you guys get from this new Mixed Campaign Player Pick Packs? Do you think it’s worth it? Of course, I still think it’s important to save some coins and stuff. You can save more with this and use it in better ways than I expected. Hope these will help you.

    Mar 23, 2023

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    FIFA 23: Some Information About Crack The Net SBC

    In FIFA 23, as part of Fantasy Fut, Crack the Net SBC refers to the new daily pack Squad Building Challenge. For Ultimate Team, there are also single-quest utility challenges much like this one that has become their staple. In addition to those goals and exclusive challenges, they also provide you with a constant steady stream of content.

    The Fantasy FUT promo from of a previous game has returned in FIFA 23. However, there is a chance that this card's stats will get a boost due to their upgrade path. They have also revised the upgrade path to take into account the competitive outcome of future games for those designated domestic clubs.

    As the game progresses, many powerful items are released. And you, as a loyal FIFA 23 fan, will definitely want to get some of these items and open as many good packs as you can. And the Fantasy FUT promo has been pretty active lately, so if you're an Ultimate Team enthusiast, you'll have to make those cheap daily content. Below, I have prepared for you an important guide on how to complete Crack the Net SBC in FIFA 23, as well as a short analysis of the challenges. I hope it will help you.

    Ways To Complete Crack The Net SBC

    Next, you must complete an individual quest with requirements to be able to complete Crack the Net SBC.

    • Number of players in the squad: Exactly 11
    • Leagues represented in the squad: At least 2
    • Nationalities represented in the squad: Up to 2
    • Rare cards in the squad: At least 1
    • Squad Rating: At least 50
    • Required chemistry points: At least 14
    • Reward: 1x Two Rare Gold Players Pack

    Estimated cost: 2,000-2,500 FUT 23 Coins Across platforms

    Is Crack The Net SBC Worth Completing For You?

    In FIFA 23, because the Showdown series offers much of the same, dynamic upgradeable cards are nothing new. Compared to RTTF or Showdown cards, Fantasy Fut items are different from them. RTTF or Showdown cards are upgraded in relation to their team's results in international club competitions or specific fixtures. The upgrade of the Fantasy Fut items will take into account the performance of the entire team and players on the pitch.

    In addition to the above, through the Fantasy Fut, some Heroes cards in the game also have special versions. In their respective domestic leagues, if some of their previous clubs can perform well in the upcoming competition, there is a possibility that these projects will be upgraded in the future.

    If you want to get some new cards, these packs are going to be great value, as there will be plenty of valuable cards being released into FIFA 23 next. Squad building challenges like the Crack the Net SBC I just showed you, while it doesn't necessarily guarantee you will get a Fantasy Fut card, it's possible to get one.

    An Analysis Of Crack The Net SBC

    The list of requirements for Crack the Net SBC might seem long to you. But after you take a brief look at it, they're all pretty easy to satisfy. Even if you're one of those casual gamers who don't have a lot of fodder, it's easy to meet those requirements.

    As a FIFA 23 player, if you want to build an eligible team that meets these requirements, you'll need to have a fodder of 2,200 coins, based on the current market prices for these items. And this SBC's low cost is a result of its squad rating requirements and lenient chemistry points.

    If you complete the challenge, it will yield a pack of Two Rare Gold Players, and this will always be a card for the ongoing promo. With Fantasy FUT bringing some great cards to FIFA 23, Crack the Net SBC is indispensable for FIFA Ultimate Team enthusiasts like you considering their high reward potential and relatively low cost.

    Mar 07, 2023

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    FIFA 23: Harvey Elliott Vs Wout Weghorst, Who Will Win?

    Tomorrow, we will witness one of the oldest and biggest rivalries in English football when underperforming Liverpool takes on ambitious Manchester United. For this, FIFA 23 has released another Showdown SBC to celebrate this exciting game. And you'll have your choice between Liverpool youngster Harvey Elliot and Manchester United's Wout Weghorst.

    In order to get the player you want, you need to complete the corresponding SBC. If their team wins, they get a +2 on their rating. If their team loses, there is no change to their rating. If their team draws, then they get a +1 on their rating. For the two cards, we will conduct a study to help you decide if you need to complete 0 to 2 cards before both cards expire.

    Harvey Elliott – CAM – 88 Overall

    Of these two cards, the most flexible is definitely Harvey Elliot. This is because not only can he play four different positions on the court, namely CAM, CM, LW, and RW, but he also has five-star skill moves. In addition to those just mentioned, this card has one of the biggest attractions, and that is dribbling. If Harvey Elliott is on the wing, he can open up more space for you with his talent and tight control.

    However, you might think that Manchester United would have a better chance of winning the game, and that's because they've been in really crazy form lately. At home, it appears Liverpool will not phase Ten Hags men.

    Wout Weghorst – ST –88 Overall

    In this match, Harvey Elliot will face 6’6” giant Wout Weghorst, who later joined Manchester United. If you think back to FIFA 22, Wout Weghorst received a similar card back then. He was still at Burnley at the time, and the card was eventually cracked in a shocking way. This card is a big problem for defenders, especially in the corners. If Wout Weghorst were to attack from a corner, it would be a well-determined goal.

    He hasn't been promoted, but he's been great as a striker and much like Harvey Elliott is easy to connect. But there is a problem, that is, the tall strikers are often not as popular as the shorter but quick players. While Wout Weghorst might be the perfect target guy, it's all about whether you enjoy playing that way. One more thing you need to be aware of: he's about to be one of the favorites for an upgrade.

    Final Judgment

    For the FIFA 23 Showdown Series, this final is another close call. Since Wout Weghorst is unique and many of the excellent Premier League wingers are in FIFA 23, Wout Weghorst is an even more exciting option.

    However, you'll need over 300,000 FUT 23 Coins to get these two cards. So, I recommend you complete them when your club has enough fodder. Harvey Elliott isn't much different from the Gordon card you get through objectives, so it's not worth much and I wouldn't recommend getting it.

    Finally, if you want to know the latest news about this final, you can follow

    Mar 04, 2023

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    FIFA 23: Some Information About Prime Icon John Barnes SBC

    In the Showdown Series promo of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, EA Sports has continued the theme of competition. Recently, it released two new Icons who have represented opposing teams in the past, one of them being Liverpool's John Barnes.

    In the Merseyside club, as an English forward, he is very famous now. Currently, you can get his Prime Icon version through SBC, which is pretty incredible.

    On the Icons, there are not only the main content of Ultimate Team, but also some of the most powerful items you want in the game. For specific versions of these legendary football players, EA Sports often releases them as SBCs. This time, not only John Barnes joined, but also his Manchester United opponent, Nemanja Vidic.

    1. Unlock Prime Icon John Barnes By Completing The SBC

    At Liverpool FC, John Barnes is a legend. And his outstanding performances over the years have also solidified his status as a Premier League legend. Previously, he has appeared in the Icon roster of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. In the roster, although the Icons of his cards are not the highest rated, the stats he has in the game are amazing.

    2. Specific Content Of Prime Icon John Barnes

    John Barnes, an English legend, has an 89-rated Prime Icon variant. Next, I will show you his important attributes:

    • Defending: 45
    • Passing: 85
    • Physicality: 85
    • Shooting: 87
    • Pace: 90
    • Dribbling: 91

    Not only does he have four-star weak feet and four-star skill moves, but he can also play as a left midfielder, left winger or central attacking midfielder. Because of his strengths, his viability in FIFA 23's current meta has improved, making you more likely to include him in your FUT squad as well.

    3. How To Unlock The Card

    In SBC, there are four parts. Among them, each part has corresponding requirements and pack rewards. Next, I'll show you the specific requirements for each segment:

    Born Legend

    • Rare players: Exactly 11
    • Player level: Exactly Bronze

    Rising Star

    • Rare players: Exactly 11
    • Player level: Exactly Silver


    • Number of players from Liverpool: At least one
    • FUT Champions players or Team of the Week: At least one
    • Squad Rating: Minimum 84

    The Three Lions

    • Number of players from England: At least one
    • Squad Rating: Minimum 85

    The overall expected cost of SBC this time is around 170,000 FUT 23 Coins, which is very close to the price of the tradable version of the FIFA 23 transfer market. If you like buying tradable variants, this price might prevent you from doing so. However, over time, you can gradually craft the SBC. And, you can also reduce its price by using untradeable assets of FUT clubs.

    4. Is The SBC Worth Completing For You?

    Considering John Barnes's replacement position, attributes and the fact that he is an Icon, I think the cost to unlock Prime Icon John Barnes is relatively low. In the game, he also has some kind of aura, which makes his performance and stats better than what you see. So, in my opinion, the SBC is worth completing. If you're a Liverpool fan, it's more worth completing.

    Cards like Flashback Smalling, Showdown Bynoe-Gittens, and TOTY Jude Bellingham can be difficult to integrate into your FUT squad due to their chemical connection. So, I think an English legend like John Barnes would be a great choice for you.

    Mar 02, 2023

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    FIFA 23: Who Will Feature In Fantasy FUT

    FIFA 23 is coming to Fantasy FUT. Around the time FIFA 22 released it, the promo was a big success. Moreover, EA recently launched a very popular football simulator, and Fantasy FUT will return here.

    Last year, we had some really good cards that were exciting. We also have a lot of star names, such as Eduardo Camavinga, Marcus Rashford, Ousmane Dembele and more. Just by seeing the names, you must be excited about who will be on the team this year. If you want to get these excellent players, you can use FUT 23 Coins, then you can improve your team.

    According to reliable FIFA source FUT Sheriff, the promo will run for around two weeks, which means you'll receive a lot of items. So we made a prediction to see who will feature in Fantasy FUT in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Note: this is just a concept card from the FIFA roster, not the final card.


    • Position – RW
    • Nationality – Brazilian
    • Club – Manchester United

    The first player we predict is Antony. Previously, in FIFA 23, he had the OTW. Besides that, the very tricky winger has yet to get a special card in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Therefore, he would be the perfect candidate for an upgradable and dynamic card. Based on the current situation at Manchester United, the value of this card will definitely increase. It will also cost a lot if you want to get it in the transfer market.


    • Position – CM
    • Nationality – Italy
    • Club – Arsenal

    Before, EA used up a lot of January transferred cards. So, for this promo, Jorginho will be a great addition. The Gunners have been very good this season. We could see the Jorginho card targeting a really ridiculous Gullit gang member.

    Evan Ndicka

    • Position - CB
    • Nationality – France
    • Club – Eintracht Frankfurt

    In this year, Evan Ndicka has no special card. However, EA likes to rotate him in their promos. In FIFA 23, Evan Ndicka has lightning speed as a great centre-half, which makes him very useful. And a very fast centre-half was also known to reign supreme. I think he'll be a great addition to Fantasy FUT, and will definitely be a card you'll get when you are lucky.

    Arnaut Danjuma

    • Position – LM
    • Nationality – Netherlands
    • Club – Tottenham Hotspur

    Arnaut Danjuma has the potential to be a very interesting project for a Premier League January transfer. In FUT, as a new winger, Arnaut Danjuma has been a very reliable player. If you could put a special card in his new home, it would be a great choice. With a lack of good LMs in England's top flight, then Arnaut Danjuma must be a winner.

    Manuel Neuer

    • Position – GK
    • Nationality – Germany
    • Club – Bayern Munich

    An iconic goalkeeper during his time at FIFA, Manuel Neuer has always been excellent. But there is one thing that is very shocking, that is, the German only has his based card this year. So, for the veteran, this year has the best chance of getting a promotion. If the card does level up, he'll be playing with the best keepers around.

    Mar 01, 2023

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    FIFA 23: Some Information About Marcel Halstenberg UCL MOTM SBC

    On February 24, Marcel Halstenberg UCL MOTM SBC went live in FIFA 23. It's in the same series as the Rodrygo Squad Building Challenge and offers you exciting projects that you can add to your team if you want. By doing this, you can effectively improve your team and the overall strength without relying on the market of game.

    The ongoing RTTF promo features unique players with European club competitions, but special SBCs are not themed for the RTTF promo. So, at this point you will be disappointed because you have fewer players to choose from. However, there is one thing that makes people happy, that is, EA Sports' UCL MOTM series has been released. Moreover, a special card has been added inside, which is the card of the player who performed the best in the knockout stage of the European club competition.

    To let you know how many FUT 23 Coins you need to use to get the fodder and if this special card is worth the resources and time you need to complete all of its challenges, I'll introduce you to all tasks of Marcel Halstenberg UCL MOTM SBC.

    EA Sports have made things relatively easy with Marcel Halstenberg UCL MOTM SBC, so you shouldn't have too much trouble completing these challenges. Moreover, since this special card has two tasks, each task has its own corresponding conditions, and you must meet these conditions and complete these two tasks to unlock this special card. You don't have to worry about this because the conditions are simple and you can easily meet them.

    Task 1 - Germany

    • # of players from Germany: Min 1
    • Squad rating: Min 82
    • # of players in the squad: 11

    Task 2 - Bundesliga

    • # of players from Bundesliga: Min 1
    • Squad Rating: Min 83
    • # of players in the squad: 11

    As a FIFA 23 player, Marcel Halstenberg UCL MOTM SBC is one of the most affordable options you can complete. Normally, you would need to spend around 45,000 FUT coins to get this card if you don't have the required fodder. If you use such items from your collection, you can reduce the completion cost of some SBCs and increase the overall value of the rewards.

    To complete challenges, you can use weekly rewards from different game modes. Among them, the game mode includes Division Rivals and Squad Battles. And in a given week, you can get various in-game packs based on your performance during that period and other items. Some of these cards are helpful for you to complete Marcel Halstenberg UCL MOTM SBC, which can reduce your cost.

    Please keep in mind that the deadline for the said Squad Building Challenge is March 2nd. Therefore, you must complete all challenges before that time, and complete both tasks to receive the special reward.

    In FIFA 23, the stats of Marcel Halstenberg's special card have been greatly improved, which shows that his MOTM-worthy performance. But what makes this card even more special is that Marcel Halstenberg isn't playing in his natural position.

    • Overall: 87
    • Position: CB
    • Shooting: 75
    • Pace: 81
    • Passing: 82
    • Dribbling: 82
    • Defense: 86
    • Physicality: 89

    This special card might not appeal to you enough, but it's going to cost you very little. So, if you don't have conditions to get expensive SBCs, this card is perfect for beginners like you.

    Feb 28, 2023

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    FIFA 23: Some Useful Information About Wissam Ben Yedder Ligue 1 POTM SBC

    After the rewards were officially announced, FIFA 23 Ultimate Team finally had Wissam Ben Yedder Ligue 1 POTM SBC. In fact, leaks hinted at the card that was about to be released. At present, you can unlock this new card for your Ultimate Team.

    This latest card is not only one of the excellent cards, but also released as part of the Ligue 1 POTM SBCs. There are some challenges here that they allow you to unlock the corresponding special cards for the best football players in a specific month. Moreover, if you want to get these items, you can only finish corresponding challenges to get them.

    Next, I will introduce all the challenges in Wissam Ben Yedder Ligue 1 POTM SBC. Through these challenges, you can estimate how many coins are needed for fodder. And estimating costs can also make you evaluate the value of this SBC.


    The setup of EA Sports for Wissam Ben Yedder Ligue 1 POTM SBC has been pretty straightforward. Only by completing the given three tasks can you get all the rewards. In addition, all tasks have conditions you must meet, and they will also provide you with in -game packs. You can unlock that special card only at a limited time. The following are those three tasks:

    Task 1 - France

    • # of players from France: Min 1
    • Squad Rating: Min 85
    • # of players in the Squad: 11

    Task 2 - Ligue 1

    • # of players from Ligue 1: Min 1
    • IF Players: Min 1
    • Squad Rating: Min 87
    • # of players in the Squad: 11

    Task 3 - Top Form

    • IF Players: Min 1
    • Squad Rating: Min 83
    • # of players in the Squad: 11

    How To Reduce Costs

    Completing Wissam Ben Yedder Ligue 1 POTM SBC requires you to use 300,000 FUT 23 Coins. Initially, although this cost looks a bit high, you can use the fodder from your collections to reduce the price of completions. In this regard, you can complete it in many different ways, and in the end, it will increase the valuation of the last reward.

    From yesterday, on February 21, you have 27 days to complete Wissam Ben Yedder Ligue 1 POTM SBC. If you want to collect materials from weekly rewards, this time is enough. You can do this by winning as many games in Division Rivals and Squad Batter. One thing you need to pay attention to here is that your reward is based on your final position. And, if you have other purposes, this can also help you save some coins.


    On the whole, the POTM version of Wissam Ben Yedder is the same as his Fut Centurions, but the price may be lower. However, if it is compared with stats on his basic card, it has some major improvements in some aspects. Seeing this, I believe you must be very happy. The following are some attributes of this special card:

    • Overall: 89
    • Defense: 44
    • Physicality: 74
    • Passing: 85
    • Pace: 87
    • Shooting: 89
    • Dribbling: 93

    The latest card has a strong motivation and 4* Skills, which is a wonderful choice for veterans. Moreover, it also has an impressive 89 Shooting and the good supplement of 5* Weak Foot. After analyzing its rewards, I think Wissam Ben Yedder Ligue 1 POTM SBC is worthy for you.

    Feb 22, 2023

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    FIFA 23: Is It Necessary To Get Pivot Pack?

    There are two special content packs added to FIFA 23, one of which is Pivot Pack. This special pack is a celebration of the ongoing Road to the Final promo. In terms of content, these packs are different from regular packs, and even that guaranteed promo items are included in some of them. In this way, I think they should be more attractive to you.

    However, there is also a nice catch here. As one of the most expensive packs to add to the game, Pivot Pack also has many cards.

    Before you get the pack, I think you need to analyze the real value of the pack. For this, you can check the odds of each reward and see what return you will get from this investment. Since this pack requires you to spend 300,000 FUT coins, it is especially important to analyze the pack.

    About Pivot Pack

    Whatever the pack, its value is determined by these three main factors in FIFA 23:

    • As rewards, the nature of items that you may get.
    • What you can get is determined by the odds associated with each item.
    • The cost of the pack is expressed in FUT coins or FIFA Points.

    From Pivot Pack, you can get a mammoth 56 cards, including 55 Rare Gold items. Moreover, the minimum total score of two of them is 86, and there may be similar items in the final reward.

    Additionally, you can rent a Prime Icon Player Pick from Pivot Pack. Although loan items only last for 20 games, if you use them in friendly mode, there are unlimited opportunities to use them.

    Next, I will tell you the odds of the rewards offered by Pivot Pack:

    • Gold 75+ Rated Player - 100%
    • Gold 82+ Rated Player - 100%
    • Gold 90+ Rated Player - 15%
    • Team of the Week Player - 68%
    • UCL Road to the Final Player - 20%
    • UEL Road to the Final Player - 17%
    • UECL Road to the Final Player - 4%

    As you can see, with the release of the FIFA 23 promo comes, RTTF Foundations Pack comes with it. However, if you compare them, although RTTF Foundations Pack costs less, it is also less rewarding.

    In Pivot Pack, you have a high chance of getting TOTW cards, and you have a good chance of finding these items in your pack. However, you may not be able to get RTTF items. But in the recent in-game packs, the chances of getting them are the highest.

    The same goes for the 90+ Gold Rated Player odds. Although the odds are high, you need to know that 300,000 FUT 23 Coins is a lot of money. In the beginning, it is unlikely that you will have so many coins, and all rewards are not tradable.


    In the game, if you're willing to spend a lot of coins and take a risk, Pivot Pack is a great pack for you. If you're the type to go to friendlies a lot, this pack is worth it for you too, as you'll have unlimited opportunities to use loan items.

    If your coins are not enough, then you need to look elsewhere. Although the odds of TOTW and RTTF are high, they are not guaranteed in a statistical sense. Eventually, you may spend too many coins for little concrete return.

    Feb 21, 2023

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    FIFA 23: Some Information About Benzegoal SBC

    In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, the Road to the Final promo can bring you different themed content, including packs, goals and SBCs. In recognition of one of the most iconic individual performances in UEFA Champions League history, the latest pack-based SBC is named Benzegoal.

    In FIFA 23, as one of the most watched promos, RTTF launched several super cards. And, depending on the team's performance in UEFA club competitions, these cards can be further upgraded. To celebrate some of the sport's legendary moments, EA Sports has released a variety of European competition-themed SBCs.

    Benzegoal SBC Has Joined FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

    In the UEFA Champions League knockout stage last season, Real Madrid achieved very good results, which is like a legend. However, against some of the best teams in Europe, Los Blancos staged several stunning comebacks. In the final title-winning competition, Karim Benzema took the lead. He was brilliant against Chelsea in the quarter-finals. And, in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, the performance was commemorated by Benzegoal SBC.

    Not only was this the latest Daily SBC released during the RTTF event, but it was also part of Road to the Final goal. A total of 6 parts make up the goal, and each goal represents Daily SBCs of this period.

    Ways To Complete Benzegoal SBC

    SBC consists of a single segment and the following 5 rules:

    • Number of players from Premier League: At least two in the starting 11
    • Leagues: Up to 5
    • Nationality/Region: At least 2
    • Team Chemistry: At least 14
    • Squad Rating: At least 64

    For the overall expected cost of SBC, it is no higher than 3,000 FUT Coins. There's a requirement here, and that's a low rating threshold. If you submit your bronze and silver cards then it allows you to enter the challenge. And, in FUT 23 Transfer Market, the prices of these two cards are very low. FUT 23 Coins are available if you want to get these cards. If you finish the SBC at the end, you'll be rewarded with the Three Premier League Players pack.

    What Are The Rewards For Completing Benzegoal SBC?

    Part of the goal of FUT 23 Road to the Final is Benzegoal. As a final reward, this goal will give you a Ten 84+ Players pack. During the RTTF promo period in FIFA 23, each section represents Daily SBCs for that period. And, this can increase its overall importance. In order to get those final rewards that cannot be bought, you must complete all challenges within the limited time.

    In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, one of your most desired items should be RTTF cards. And, you'll want more and more packs to get one of these special variants. In the current version, these cards are already very powerful. Also, they are dynamic in nature, so they are constantly being updated over time.

    As for the total cost of the SBC, you can ignore it. But in FUT 23, since it's part of Road to the Final goal, this one is a worthwhile venture.

    Feb 20, 2023

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    FIFA 23: Wissam Ben Yedder POTM SBC Will Be Released Soon

    Recently, EA Sports announced that the January Ligue 1 Player of the Month is Wissam Ben Yedder. Soon, in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, he will be able to get a SBC. During this season, the French striker performed very well. Judging by his excellent performance against the best sides in the league, he did win the award.

    When it comes to Ultimate Team, you think of Wissam Ben Yedder, and he's probably one of your favorite players. Since FIFA 19, he has been named among the most powerful strikers in the game. Also, he is famous for his five-star weak foot and deadly shot. Although many years have passed from FIFA 19 to FIFA 23, his special version is still very attractive, and I believe you are no exception. He's also featured in the newest POTM variant in FIFA 23. There is no doubt that this version of him will be welcomed by players around the world.

    One thing to note here is that attributes and overall ratings are speculative and they may have some differences from the cards released in FIFA 23.

    Ben Yedder Will Get A POTM SBC

    In three games in January, Ben Yedder scored four goals and beat the players like Alexis Sanchez and Przemysław Frankowski to win the POTM award. Seeing this, you must be eager to know more about the latest special version of Ben Yedder. Currently, in FIFA 23, he already has a very powerful FUT Centurions card. And, in the game, his POTM will get better.

    Release Time Of SBC Card

    Currently, Ben Yedder's POTM card has not been released in FUT. Because in the current Ligue 1 POTM SBC game you can still use Kylian Mbappe. However, EA Sports has good news for you. That's when Ben Yedder's SBC card will go on sale on February 21st. Seeing this, you must be very happy and excited at the moment.

    Overall Rating And Stats Of The Card

    While the card's stats and exact overall rating aren't revealed to you, as a FUT veteran, you can make an educated guess at his attributes based on his previous special versions. Currently, Wissam already has a FUT Centurions version and a TOTW version in FUT 23. So, you can assume a situation where his POTM card might have a rating between these two variants.

    If this hypothesis holds true, POTM Wissam Ben Yedder could be a 88-rated card with the following stats:

    • Pace: 86

    • Shooting: 88

    • Dribbling: 92

    • Passing: 84

    • Defending: 43

    • Physicality: 74

    If he has stats like that, coupled with his trademark five-star weak foot, there's no doubt he'll be a very important force in the game.

    As a FUT fan, you must know how powerful the AS Monaco shooter is in the game. His base gold version is very popular at the beginning of the game cycle. And his special version has allowed him to maintain his popularity. In the transfer market, his Centurions card costs over 400,000 FUT 23 Coins to get. And his ability is very good, so there will be many players wanting to get his POTM card.

    Feb 15, 2023

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