Pick The Greatest Of The Game Cards That Suit You Best In EA FC 24! Pick The Greatest Of The Game Cards That Suit You Best In EA FC 24!

Pick The Greatest Of The Game Cards That Suit You Best In EA FC 24!

Jul 03, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

With 2024 European Championship and Copa America in full swing, EA Sports FC 24 has followed suit and released the second edition of Greatest Of The Game (GOTG) event, which features some of the world’s most famous legendary players. These legendary players not only perform well in real life but also have amazing attributes in this virtual football game.

This event will focus on football icons who have made a tremendous impact on their country. As a reward, EA will also give back some iconic cards to the community. These icon cards will increase the overall, shooting, passing, dribbling, defending, physicality, play styles and other stats that are essential in Ultimate Team.

This guide will provide you with detailed stats on these cards, but it is up to you to decide whether to spend FC 24 Coins to obtain them and whether these cards make it into your team starting lineup.

Pick The Greatest Of The Game Cards That Suit You Best In EA FC 24!


  • GOTG rating: 94
  • Location: CM

When we talk about the game’s greatest players, we can’t talk about Xavier “Xavi” Hernández Creus. This outstanding midfielder is among the best players ever to play in the midfield position, and his passing, vision, ball retention, technique, body feint, agility, and positioning skills have made him famous worldwide.

Xavi’s FC 24 Greats of The Game Icon card is also very impressive in terms of statistics - 99 passing, 98 dribbling, 91 shooting, and 91 pace. On top of that, you can get his various play styles, such as pinged passes, tiki and intercept, for only a few FC 24 Coins.

Alessandro Del Piero

  • GOTG rating: 95
  • Location: CF

Alessandro Del Piero is also classified as a very good card in GOTG event, not only because of his very high attributes but also because of his upgraded goal scoring ability. This means that Italian goal-poacher will give your team a greater confrontation in the forward position.

In addition to forward, you can also let him play as a center forward, striker or even left winger, and he will surprise you in every position. Alessandro Del Piero’s FC 24 Greats of The Game Icon card will have 95 dribbling, 95 shooting, 92 passing and 92 pace. In addition, his 82 physicality will make your game even more exciting to watch.

Paolo Maldini

  • GOTG rating: 96
  • Location: CB

Paolo Maldini is one of the greatest center backs of all time. If you have this card, it will help your team block any attack on the field.

This excellent player started his career in AC Milan and ended his career in AC Milan. In his 647 games, he scored 29 goals. In his GOTG card, the defensive and physical stats have been improved to a certain extent, granting him the ability to keep up easily with the fast and physical players on the field today.

His play styles are also very good, including long ball passes, jockey, anticipation, bruiser, relentless, and long throw. This also makes this card worth two million FC 24 Coins.

Roberto Carlos

  • GOTG rating: 96
  • Location: LB

In left backs on the field, Roberto Carlos can never be ignored. This Brazilian is one of the most well-rounded players in Ultimate Team. He is a “hexagonal warrior”! With these stats, your left half of the pitch will be unstoppable.

Roberto Carlos is world-renowned for his dribbling, shooting power, and free kick accuracy. If you want to add a versatile defender to your Ultimate Team, Roberto Carlos is the perfect choice. His excellent playstyle - anticipation, bruiser, quick step, and relentless - will make you unstoppable on the pitch.

Wayne Rooney

  • GOTG rating: 97
  • Location: ST

Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney has one of the highest-rated cards in Ultimate Team, and his excellent attributes, especially range of passing and teamwork, make him unstoppable on the pitch.

Wayne Rooney got a really great card in Greatest Of The Game event, with an overall rating of 97 which is already very high, not to mention his 92 passing, 95 dribbling, 95 physicality, high attacking work rate. Combined with his unique play style, he will be one of the best strikers you can choose.

Zinedine Zidane

  • GOTG rating: 96
  • Location: CAM

It’s no surprise that Zinedine Zidane is among the greatest players in the world, as the legendary star once received an overall rating of 97 in Ultimate Team. The football icon from Real Madrid not only played for the club but also coached it. Under his leadership, Real Madrid also won many championships, such as Champions League, LaLiga title, and UEFA Super Cup.

However, in Greats of The Game Icon card, his data as a player is taken into account. Besides the previous very comprehensive 82 defense, 88 physicality, 5-star skill moves, and 5-star weak foot accuracy, many unique playing styles have been added, making him a player who can take on the responsibility of midfield.


  • GOTG rating: 98
  • Location: ST

Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima is arguably the most popular legendary player among many fans, and he also won Greatest Of The Game event in FC 24, ranking first with a total rating of 98 points.

Ronaldo is also known as the best striker in EA Sports FC 24, not only has excellent shooting ability but also has a keen insight into the enemy’s goals.

If you get his Greats of The Game Icon card, you will have a player with very comprehensive statistics. With this data, it will be difficult for opponents to keep up with this Brazilian legend in Ultimate Team.

Personally, I really like Ronaldo's Greats of The Game Icon card. Do you have a favorite player card? I hope you will achieve unprecedented victory in Ultimate Team and have fun playing!

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