Come And Choose The Best Cards In Make Your Mark Event Of EA FC 24! Come And Choose The Best Cards In Make Your Mark Event Of EA FC 24!

Come And Choose The Best Cards In Make Your Mark Event Of EA FC 24!

Jun 25, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

Because 2024 European Cup Championship is in full swing, EA FC 24 has also launched a Make Your Mark Event for many fans. You can upgrade some European player cards in your Ultimate Team in it. As the attributes of these players are improved, your Ultimate Team will become stronger and stronger.

It should be reminded that Make Your Mark cards are adjusted based on each player's performance in this 2024 European Cup Championship. Every time a player scores a goal, the overall score will increase by one point. Similarly, winning five consecutive games will also add one point to the overall score of this card.

Come And Choose The Best Cards In Make Your Mark Event In EA FC 24!

If you want to improve the strength of Ultimate Team, the following Make Your Mark cards will be your best choice. This will allow you to spend the least FC 24 Coins but achieve the greatest achievements!

Mykhailo Mudryk

  • Overall rating of base card: 91
  • EVO rating: 95
  • Position: LM

This Ukrainian player has been awarded a Make Your Mark card with an overall rating of 95. With this stat, this midfielder will definitely be a great addition to your Ultimate Team! This inexperienced player, who is only 23 years old, has excellent explosive speed down the left flank. Additionally, his dribbling will facilitate your team's easy entry into the opponent's field.

This new card has a significant improvement in pace, passing, shooting, and dribbling, which makes this a very popular card among players. If you are looking for a player who moves very fast on the pitch, then Mykhailo Mudryk is a great choice!

In addition to his 95 rating, his superb playing styles can help your Ultimate Team win games more easily.

Aurélien Tchouaméni

  • Overall rating of base card: 91
  • EVO rating: 95
  • Position: CDM

Aurelien Tchouaméni from Real Madrid is undoubtedly one of the best Make Your Mark picks. This card also has a 95 rating like Mykhailo Mudryk. But unlike Mykhailo Mudryk, this midfielder focuses on defense. He will use his calm head to help you control the midfield area and create counterattacks, even when the situation is not good.

In addition to the overall rating, his various stats have also been significantly improved, and he can be called a “hexagonal warrior”. With these excellent stats, you don't have to worry about your defense at all. Besides these stats, his playing style - slide tackle, aerial, relentless, incisive passes, etc. is also unique.

Federico Dimarco

  • Overall rating of base card: 93
  • EVO rating: 96
  • Position: LM

Federico Dimarco has been called one of the best left midfielders in EA Sports FC 24 by players. If you have this card, your Ultimate Team will be invincible.

His overall rating of the base card has increased by 3 points, mainly because he has a new style of play recently. He is also constantly exploring the style of play as a left back or a center back. In the near future, you may put him in these two positions in Ultimate Team to maximize his effect.

Dimarco's card has been fully upgraded in terms of speed, passing and defense. For example, he now has a speed of 97 points, and it is a piece of cake for him to bounce on the left half of the field. His 95-point pass will not give the opponent any chance and can create excellent counterattacks.

His style of play is also steadily improving, such as whipped passes, power shots, dead ball, incisive passes, etc.

Rafael Leão

  • Overall rating of base card: 95
  • EVO rating: 96
  • Position: LW

In addition to Federico Dimarco, there is another outstanding left winger - Alexandre da Conceição Leão. The player who plays for AC Milan has an overall rating of 96 and is a player with rich experience on the field, so he can keep calm and play his best in any situation.

His Make Your Mark card has very impressive stats - 99 pace, 99 dribbling, and 96 shooting. These attributes also indicate that Rafael Leão will one day become one of the best left winger players in the game.

EA FC 24 Rafael Leão

His card shows that his playing style is also unique - long ball passes, whipped passes, quick step, and relentless.

Kolo Muani

  • Overall rating of base card: 90
  • EVO rating: 96
  • Position: ST

Just now I have been talking about left-wing players. Don't forget that you also need a strong striker to open the situation for you. Kolo Muani will be a good choice. This striker from France has an extremely fast speed and unique skills on the court, which also makes his card get an overall rating of 96 points.

If you have this card, you will be very assured about the state of rushing into goals. Because his various data, especially in speed and shooting, have been greatly improved.

In addition, his card play includes talent, quick steps, skill shots, powerful shots, passes, quick passes, anticipation, technology, pressure proof and aerial.

Cole Palmer

  • Overall rating of base card: 94
  • EVO rating: 96
  • Position: CAM

Speaking of the player who scores the most goals in Chelsea, it is definitely Cole Palmer. Because of his outstanding performance in Premier League and European Championship, his Make Your Mark cards have various attributes improved, including but not limited to passing, shooting, penalties and other attributes.

These excellent attributes make this a must-have attacking midfielder card in your Ultimate Team, no matter how many FC 24 Coins you spend. With 96 speed and medium attacking work rate, your Ultimate Team will easily surpass opponents during dribbling.

His play in the midfield position includes anticipation, tackling, aerial, ruthless, sharp pass, long pass, rider, interception and slam.

Virgil van Dijk

  • Overall rating of base card: 96
  • EVO rating: 97
  • Position: CB

The Liverpool player, Virgil van Dijk, is the undisputed number one player in Euro Make Your Mark Event. Not only does he have a 97 overall rating, but he is also one of the best center backs in the game. But it's worth your consideration that this card will cost you a lot of FC 24 Coins, but it will bring you a lot in return.

EA FC 24 Virgil van Dijk

Virgil van Dijk's defensive attributes have been increased to 96, which, combined with his 94 physical fitness, makes him a solid defensive player in your Ultimate Team. He is also working on new play styles, such as power header, jockey, intercept, bruiser, and aerial.

After learning about these excellent Make Your Mark cards, have you already made your favorite choice? I hope you have fun throughout the event and wish your favorite team wins the trophy you want in European Cup!

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