Master These Tips To Unleash The Full Potential Of Left Stick Dribbling In EA FC 24! Master These Tips To Unleash The Full Potential Of Left Stick Dribbling In EA FC 24!

Master These Tips To Unleash The Full Potential Of Left Stick Dribbling In EA FC 24!

Jun 22, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

Left Stick Dribbling has always been one of the hardest mechanics in FIFA/FC series. If you know how to exploit it, it becomes a powerful weapon that will help you easily defeat your opponents. With this short tutorial, we will show you how to use it efficiently.

Left Stick

First of all, you must understand one thing: constantly changing the direction of the ball will confuse your opponent immediately after each touch. You can avoid Sprinting by giving it another Left Stick input to change the direction.

Master These Tips To Unleash The Full Potential Of Left Stick Dribbling In EA FC 24!

Remember, only use Left Stick and try to adapt to this input change. If you change Left Stick input immediately after touching the ball, you will complete the first step of Left Stick Dribbling and start dancing with your players.

The next step is to learn how to lure the opponent. Because Left Stick Dribbling allows you to change direction quickly, you can easily force the opponent to attack again on one of the sides. This is especially effective against players who have no patience at the back and like to press up high here.

My opponent is really impatient when defending. That’s why I want to lure him. I turned slightly to the top, and I knew he would switch as well and tried to make him move there. That’s why I pushed Left Stick again to the lower side immediately after the first touch.

Catch this right moment! Left Stick allows us to quickly pull the ball in two different directions in a matter of milliseconds. I could lure the opponent in the way I really wanted, and doing it the second time allowed me to get past another defender. Then we got a very easy chance to score!

Building Up From The Back

This method can be very useful in certain situations, especially when building up from the back, sometimes you realize that you don’t have many options in terms of passing, and the opponent will put pressure on you, and you can easily lose the ball here if you rush to pass.

I tried very hard to get out of the defense, so after receiving the ball for the second time, I tried to look for a pass, but found myself trapped between the opponent’s defenders again. So, I had to lure the opponent and get past him.

We pushed the ball to the lower side first and then took it back after the first touch so that we could cover the ball. Then I took the opponent by surprise and did not play the obvious open pass, but turned to the lower side with more cover. This will trigger the opponent, who will press up high again, lured into my trap.

With the power of Left Stick, I will quickly touch the ball twice, which not only allows me to evade my opponent but also opens up Passing Lanes to Wing Back, who can pass the ball upfield. It’s fun to trick your opponent by showing false intentions like this. But more importantly, it’s very effective, even inside the box.

EA FC 24 Left Stick Dribbling Explained In-Detail

1v1 In The Box

To score an easy goal, let me show you an example of a 1v1 situation right in front of the box.

When the ball is passed to Paulo Dybala, I intentionally lure my opponent past him. This is when the importance of knowing your players comes into play. Because Paulo Dybala is known for his Finesse Shots with his left foot.

So, the idea is to control the ball to his left foot and then turn to his right foot. However, I have to make it more convincing, which is why I control the ball to the lower side first and then turn to the right side.

After First Touch, I will turn the touch to the upper side, as if I am preparing for a distance shot with my left foot. At this point, the turning animation begins, and I see it, and my opponent sees it, too. I’m pretty sure he’ll react to this, so after the first touch, I’ll move Left Stick towards the lower side so the defenders move away and we can 1v1 in the box. Sure enough, we score again!

Double Touch Lane Change

If you like this mechanic, I’m sure you’ll also like the new Skill Move that came in the recent patch. They work really well together.

This new Skill Move is called Double Touch Lane Change. As you can understand from the name, you touch the ball twice, the first time towards either side, and the second time towards the front, which pretty much changes the angle of Dribbling Lane.

To perform it, you need FC 24 players with at least 4-star Skill Move, and you need to hold down L2/LT button and push Right Stick to the left or right of your player.

EA FC 24 New Skill Move: Double Touch Lane Change

The idea of ​​this Skill Move is very similar to La Croqueta, but the main purpose of this Skill Move is to push the ball forward, rather than changing sides. When the opponent is defending a certain side, watching the opponent’s movements and knowing where he’s defending will help you identify the free space. If you perform this Skill Move towards it, you’ll easily dodge the opponent.

Here, the opponent moves his defender diagonally towards me, thinking of covering both Dribbling and Passing Lanes. However, by looking at the direction of his run, I know that he will not cover my left side, but if I run directly there with the ball, I might fall with the defender, so I need a Quick Lane Change. That’s why I perform the skill move by holding L2/LT and pushing Right Stick precisely to the left of my player.

The first touch pushes the ball to the side to evade the defender, and the second touch pushes the ball forward, giving me a short speed boost to speed up. Since the second touch pushes the ball forward, it can also trigger certain PlayStyles. Players with Rapid or Quick Step PlayStyle+ will get a tremendous boost if you use Sprinting button right after the execution.

Do you think you have what it takes to master this nifty mechanic? Do you have any better ways to get more out of Left Stick Dribbling? Anyway, don’t forget to keep practicing. See you in the game!

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