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FC 24 Players Intro

FC 24 Players are virtual cards that can be used in the game and represent different real-life football players. Each card displays a football player's photo, name, nationality, club, skills, ratings and other information. There are different types of FC Players, such as Rare, Heroes, Icon, Road to the Knockouts, Squad Foundation,Trailblazers, UEL RTTF, Champions League RTTK, Conference League RTTK, Nike Mad Ready, ect.

Commons Ways To Get FC 24 Player Cards

  1. By participating in various competitions and events in Ultimate Team mode, you can earn FIFA 24 Coins or reward packs, which can then be used to buy or sell player cards on the Transfer Market, or open reward packs in the store.
  2. By completing Squad Building Challenges (SBC), you can trade your unwanted player cards for higher-level player cards or reward packs.
  3. By participating in competitive modes such as FUT Champions, Division Rivals and Squad Battles, you can improve your ranking and level to obtain more reward packages and FC 24 Players.
  4. By purchasing FIFA Points, you can use real money to open reward packs in the store, or participate in Draft mode for a chance to win more reward packs and player cards.
  5. By following EA Sports FC 24's official social media accounts, you can learn about special events and offers, and sometimes give away free player cards or bonus packs.

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Latest Game Settings To Give You The Edge In EA FC 24 TOTS Latest Game Settings To Give You The Edge In EA FC 24 TOTS

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Latest Game Settings To Give You The Edge In EA FC 24 TOTS

Today I'm going to show you the best game settings for EA FC 24 for shooting, passing, defending and others, updated to ensure you get the fastest inputs and the least reaction time, just in time for Team of the Season! These settings will give you a competitive edge, enhancing your gameplay experience and helping you reach your full potential on the virtual pitch.

The Preset is always going to be on Competitive.

Shooting Settings

For Shot Assistance, I always recommend choosing Assisted. While Precision is good and you can practice it if you want, there's more risk and less reward compared to Assisted. So, I suggest keeping it on Assisted.

For Timed Finishing, this option needs to be turned On. I have found that out of 10 people, at least 6 aren't using Timed Finishing. This is one of those features that can immediately take your game to the next level. I highly recommend you learning and mastering Green Time Finishing.

Passing Settings

When it comes to passing, you can set Through Pass Assitance to Semi. For Lobbed Through Pass and Ground Passe Assitance, I also prefer Semi. Ground pass assistance, however, can vary between Semi and assisted. The choice depends on individual experiences.

Some players encounter issues with assisted passing, like passes going off target, lacking power, or facing direction problems. In such cases, switching to Semi may be beneficial, especially during bad gameplay. Ultimately, the decision between Semi and assisted passing depends on the quality of gameplay you're experiencing.

Then the Cross Assistance and Lob Pass Assistance are going to be on Assisted. Assisted is the best crossing setting in EA FC 24. Now, if you almost have players who have the Long Ball PlayStyle or PlayStyle+, it is best to utilize with Assisted.

When it comes to Pass Receiver Lock, if you're experiencing a poor gameplay, you might consider adjusting to the Animation Start. With this option, you can adjust your direction at the last moment, mitigating potential problems caused by gameplay delay. However, under normal circumstances, Late is preferable as it allows you to make directional changes at the last possible moment.

For the Precision Pass Sensitivity, you can typically keep it set to normal.

Defending Settings

When choosing the defending Clearance Assistance, I lean towards the Directional option. Regarding the Defending, I've observed that numerous players stick to Tactical Defending. However, I believe that Advanced Defending provides notable benefits. It enables shoulder barge, a technique widely employed by top professional EA FC 24 Players.

Then the Pass Block Assistance is going to be On, and if you have players with the Intercept PlayStyle+, you'll cut a lot of balls. For the Auto Switching Move Assistance, most players use None, but I reommend use Low. Both of them are correct settings. High is something I would never recommend.

Next, the Right Stick Switching is going to be on Classic. EA Sports have added them for the sake of adding them. Right Stick Switching Preference is going to be on Player Relative.

For the Right Stick Switching Sensitivity, I recommend starting from 0. While switching won't be overly slow, this setting provides more control and reduces the margin of error. It enables better right-stick switching initially. As you progress and improve, gradually increase from 0 to 1, 1 to 2, and so on.

For Next Player Switching, you have the option to choose between Closest to Ball and Classic. Classic is the traditional method seen in previous versions of the game. Closest to Ball automatically selects the player nearest to the ball. While both options have their advantages and drawbacks, I find Closest to Ball to be the most consistent.

Player Lock should be On. If you're unfamiliar with how to use Player Lock, I highly recommend learning it. Like Timed Finishing, it's a mechanic that can provide a crucial advantage in tight matches. Icon Switching should be disabled as it serves no practical purpose.

Other Settings

As for dribbling, Orbit Dribbling should also be turned off as it's a redundant feature. For the setting of Goalkeeper, Save Assistance don't apply to online matches, so they can be disregarded. Additionally, all Controller Preference settings should be turned off.

Learn These 3 Meta Defensive Tips To Become A Shield Wall In EA FC 24 TOTS! Learn These 3 Meta Defensive Tips To Become A Shield Wall In EA FC 24 TOTS!

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Learn These 3 Meta Defensive Tips To Become A Shield Wall In EA FC 24 TOTS!

With Team of the Season Promo Event underway, the best attackers are out and they are more dangerous than ever. So now is the time to learn how to stop them. With these 3 powerful defensive tips, you will defend like a pro and stop even the best opponents!

Anticipate Defensive Decisions When Opponent Touches The Ball

Let’s start with the defensive decisions you make based on your opponent’s touches on the ball. When your opponent is dribbling, every touch on the ball indicates what your opponent might do in the next step. So there are a few things you need to do before making an aggressive defensive move.

First, watch your opponent’s movements, try to analyze what he is doing, and at the same time, put yourself in a suitable position. If you want to be in an excellent position, stand in front of your opponent and then look for the best opportunity to make a tackle. You can do this by using Jockey and Sprint Jockey mechanics to stay in front of your opponent and then press L2 button.

By just holding L2 button, you can put your player into a defensive stance, slowing him down. But this will make his defensive presence stronger to recover the ball, which we call a Jockey.

Combined with R2 button, you can increase your speed while maintaining this Jockey stance, so that you can cover a wider space in a shorter time, which we call Sprint Jockey.

In this position, the pass is coming towards the attacker. Since he has a teammate on the left, he can actually pass the ball there, or he can try to pass it to me multiple times at a moment with his currently selected player. This is also where I have to see what he does next, and this will be visible the next time he touches the ball.

Either way, I have to put my selected player in an excellent position. So after seeing him touch the ball, I jockey towards his running lane. His behavior indicates that he will sprint forward, so I will not hesitate to make an aggressive tackle to him and recover the ball.

Determining the opponent’s true intentions will allow you to make appropriate challenges. So, whenever you see your opponent sticking to an idea, don’t hesitate to respond to it with your own defensive moves.

Another important decision is not to get stuck on one player. When defending, the opponent cannot play with you for a while, and you can easily lose the advantage with one of her defenders. This is where you have to use Player Switching mechanic, using L1 or the right analog stick, and switch to the player who can defend your opponent’s next move. Therefore, it is crucial to spend some FC 24 Coins to upgrade your players.

Advanced Defending

After learning how to watch your opponent touch the ball, you can use special methods to stop your opponent and steal the ball back.

FC 24 introduces a new defending option that you can enable in the settings, called Advanced Defending. Now you can use X button in defense to make more intense physical challenges against attackers.

Note that it is very important not to hold down X button all the time. You only need to use it at the right time to make the best challenge.

You have to be slightly ahead of your opponent and need a chance to put yourself between the ball and the attacker walking towards the running lane, and then pressing X button can do this. Your positioning is very important. Before executing this mechanic, make sure you are close enough to your opponent and have a direct physical challenge opportunity.

In this example, I see that the opponent is moving up the side, and the important thing here is to use Sprint button to get close to him. When we get close to him, hold down the X button and try to make a physical impact on him. He will continue dribbling after recovering, but after the second touch, I hold down the X button again, which completely makes the attacker disappear.

Slide Tackle

Last but by no means least is Slide Tackle. It is severely underrated, in my opinion. If you know how to use Slide Tackle, you can grab the ball in extreme situations before you get to the tricky parts.

I must warn you that using Slide Tackle casually is not the right way to go. Sliding from behind or not catching the ball at the best angle will mostly make you fail and you will end up receiving an unnecessary card.

The way I use Slide Tackle is simple. I will keep an eye out for opportunities that are created when the opponent over-commits to running. There is a specific rule, once you realize that the opponent is over-committing to an opportunity, always set your feet first and position yourself. You can then quickly change your approach and perform a light tackle.

Slide Tackle is a more aggressive move, and therefore, you need to be accurate in the direction of the ball. But this play style may have a slight impact because it allows you to animate at a faster speed.

In this example, I tried to catch the opponent from behind. However, if I Slide Tackle too early, I won’t be able to succeed and my opponent will either get rid of me or I will commit a foul. So after seeing that he didn’t change direction, we need to run to the same level. I point to the ball and press the square button, which not only allows me to intercept my opponent, but also recover the ball and start my attack.

In short, analyzing the opponent and defending against specific meta mechanisms are crucial to completely defeating the opponent. So, are you ready to become a shield wall with these methods? Good luck!

Avoid Making These Mistakes During EA FC 24 TOTS Weekend League Avoid Making These Mistakes During EA FC 24 TOTS Weekend League

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Avoid Making These Mistakes During EA FC 24 TOTS Weekend League

As the Team of the Season event commences, players in EA FC 24 are gearing up to push their limits and climb to higher ranks. To succeed, it's imperative to shed bad habits and rectify mistakes. In this guide, we'll highlight 4 critical errors you may have been making and provide easy solutions to fix them.

Push Defenders Out Of Position

Heading into the discussion of pushing Defenders out of position, let's address a critical mistake in defense: pulling Defenders out of their positions. When you recklessly push out with your wing back, you create an open space that the Winger can exploit, potentially leaving your defense vulnerable. It's essential to recognize when you could have defended a dribbler with your Midfielder instead of breaking the defensive shape.

While it may seem tempting to confront the opponent by bringing your Defender closer and standing in front of them, it's a high-risk move, especially if the Defender is the last line of defense. A simple pass can exploit the gap created, leading to a conceded goal. To avoid this, assess the situation and consider if you have a Midfielder available to defend. If not, maintain a safe distance from the attacker and use the jockey button to stand firm.

By staying disciplined and not rushing out for a challenge, prevent the opponent from exploiting the man's advantage. Instead, you can anticipate the pass and position yourself to intercept or mark potential receivers. By analyzing the situation and moving the Defender back without breaking the defensive shape, you can effectively cover the potential threat.

In contrast, when the opponent carelessly pushes forward, it gives you an advantage. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, focus on defending strategically, anticipating the opponent's moves and positioning the Defender to mitigate the threat effectively. This disciplined approach minimizes the opponent's chances and enhances the team's defensive solidity.

Pay Attention To The Defender

One of the most common mistakes is failing to pay attention to the selected Defender. If you overlook their defensive intentions, you risk losing possession easily. It's crucial to monitor them and avoid forcing plays in the direction they're defending. Even if you believe they're covering one side, you must stay focused because their intentions can change rapidly. By neglecting to observe and react, they'll gain the upper hand with each touch on the ball.

You need to recognize the FC 24 Player with the icon above their head and anticipate their next move. For instance, when preparing to pass, you notice that the opponent has selected a Defender in front of us. As the ball travels, we need to keep an eye on them. Seeing that they persist in defending with the player rather than switching, you can anticipate a defensive challenge because of the acceleration.

Instead of advancing the ball, which would lead to interception, pull it back, evade the challenge, and create space ahead. As you push the ball forward, the opponent switches to a new Defender, advancing step by step. Anticipating either a tackle or jockeying, retract the ball again, exploit the failed tackle, and easily bypass them to score. Outplaying the opponent's anticipation becomes effortless when you're confident in your approach.

Understand The Intention Of Opponent

Understanding the opponent’s intention of attacking is one of the best traits you can learn. Instead of throwing your Defenders to random spots. So, observe the opposition's body language, use early player switches, and cover potential targets without breaking your shape.

Consider this example: You find space behind the defensive line and is about to enter the box. The opponent covers both passing lanes towards the Striker and controls the running lane. He should look out for the third option: passing the ball back. Instead, he ignores it, pushes towards the line with the selected Defender, and with 2 passes, you can score a goal.

Another example: if you defend one area well, the opponent will switch direction intentionally. After a side pass, understand the shift towards the other side. Spot the next passing stations and switch to either Defender there. Failure to anticipate will result in conceding a goal. You can use early and efficient player switches, controlling the closest Defender to potential targets.

Factors like the direction the opposite player faces or controls the ball serve as indicators of the game's direction. Once you see a side-switching pattern towards the left, you can take the Winger from the center towards the wing. By knowing the game's direction, you deny the pass, creating a man's advantage and getting the ball back.

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