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Madden 22 Ultimate Team Coins for Sale

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  • Madden 22 Ultimate Team: What To Expect About Thanksgiving Promo

    Madden 22 Ultimate Team: What To Expect About Thanksgiving Promo

    Nov 09, 2021

    The next MUT 22 promotion is coming soon, especially with Thanksgiving around the corner. Last year, we saw Autumn Blast and look forward to seeing similar content in Madden 22.

    Regarding the upcoming MUT 22 Thanksgiving promotion, UTNICE will list some important information.

    MUT 22 Thanksgiving Promo Release Date

    We can look forward to downloading this game in the next update of Madden 22. MUT 22 TOTW 9 should be announced soon, as well as an update that may lead to the promotion of game modes. We expect it to premiere on November 10.

    What to expect?

    With the promotion of Madden 22 Fall in the next few days, we can expect certain scenes from previous years to appear again. One of them is Autumn Masters, which was featured last year by Tony Romo of 94 OVR. We may see the return of the master series.

    There are also scenes like Autumn Aces and Fallen Leaves. We can look forward to these scenes when the Madden 22 Ultimate Team Thanksgiving promotional event.


    The complete list of players for the Madden 22 Ultimate Team Thanksgiving Promotion has not been released yet, but UTNICE will keep track of it.

    Players who have performed well in the past few months should be included, and some legends from the past few years will also be involved.

    Before everything is confirmed, you can make adequate preparations to welcome its arrival. For example, come to UTNICE to buy Madden 22 Coins. Once you find a player card you like, you can get it as soon as possible, because sufficient MUT 22 Coins are an important guarantee. UTNICE will often publish Madden 22 Coins discount information on Twitter, so if you want to get cheap MUT 22 Coins, you can pay more attention to UTNICE.

  • Madden 22: WRs Receive Wild Attentions On This Roster Update

    Madden 22: WRs Receive Wild Attentions On This Roster Update

    Oct 29, 2021

    Madden 22’s latest roster ratings have been released, and UTNICE has collected some information that gamers are concerned about. In this update, the ratings of some players have dropped, while others have improved. These are normal phenomena in the roster update.

    According to the player rating update of Week 7, there are a total of 4 players whose Madden 22 rating has been improved. There are 2 players whose overall ratings have dropped, and they are both wide receivers.

    Players whose ratings get improved

    After the Madden 22 player rating adjustment, some key players have undergone some significant changes, and this time it is mainly focused on Wide Receivers. After Nick Chubb got injured, a running back stepped forward and his Madden 22 rating has been improved after the update.

    We have listed a few key players who have seen ratings boost in Madden 22:

    * D'Ernest Johnson (HB)-Cleveland Browns-71 OVR (+3)

    * Ja'Marr Chase (WR)-Cincinnati Bengals-81 OVR (+2)

    * Michael Pittman Jr. (WR)-Indianapolis Colts-77 OVR (+2)

    Players whose ratings dropped

    Of course, there are also some players whose ratings have dropped, but they have a chance to return to their original positions or even better, as long as they perform well in Week 8.

    Here are the main players in Madden 22 whose ratings have dropped:

    * Odell Beckham Jr. (WR)-Cleveland Browns-85 OVR (-3)

    * Robby Anderson (WR)-Carolina Panthers-81 OVR (-3)

    UTNICE will also continue to pay attention to Madden 22 related news, so you can get more news about Madden by subscribing to UTNICE.

    And you can also come to UTNICE to buy Madden 22 Coins. Because Halloween is around the corner, UTNICE will post more relevant discount information on Twitter, or start giveaway. If you can catch it up, then you will have chances to get free Madden 22 Coins.

  • Madden 22: Franchise Mode Introduces Revamped Player Scouting

    Madden 22: Franchise Mode Introduces Revamped Player Scouting

    Oct 13, 2021

    The new player scouting feature finally appeared in Madden 22. With the update of the game, the long-awaited feature is now available, so you can also start enjoying the new system and start your Franchise. UTNICE will also introduce relevant information about the scouting system.

    How to experience a new scouting system?

    If you already have a franchise, the update will not apply the new scouting system to the ongoing one. If you want to experience all the new features, then you need to restart.

    EA has provided deep into the new player scouting function, and they also provide an in-depth strategy to allow fans to better know about the new features.

    When starting a new Franchise, you will now see a complete scouting department. This includes 4 area scouts and 1 national scout. In the first week, you can hire, fire, and assign your 5 scouts to 4 areas on the map.

    How Scouting system works?

    Each scout has positions and a tier from1-3. When you replace a scout, you need to replace another scout of the same tier. Your scouts will start working in the preseason, collecting all the information you can collect about every player in the upcoming draft this year. In the first week of the regular season, you will see the top 450 players.

    Throughout the season, you will be notified of the scouting action items. There are many types of scouts at your disposal to help you learn more about the players in the draft. General scouting collects information on all players from the scout’s assigned region. Positional focused scouting collects detailed information on specific positions in each region. You can learn more about specific players through super-focused and private workouts.

    The more specific the scouting process, the more detailed player information you will get. When you scout a player, you will find their traits and archetypes, athletic ability ratings and technical skills ratings.

    In the offseason, you can see the combined and professional performance of every prospect in the current draft. When a player is 100% scouted, you will find their true draft talent.

    To be more immersed in Madden 22, you may need Madden 22 Coins. UTNICE is a game service website focusing on providing ball currency. Now Madden 22 Coins is a hot sale on UTNICE Considering its popularity, UTNICE also will often hold giveaway activities on Twitter. We will randomly select some followers to give away free MUT 22 Coins, so if you have already followed UTNICE on Twitter, then you may have a chance to become one of the lucky ones.

  • Madden 22: A Huge Franchise Mode Update Is On The Horizons

    Madden 22: A Huge Franchise Mode Update Is On The Horizons

    Sep 18, 2021

    It has been several weeks since the release of Madden 22, and the game is constantly evolving, with many things on expanding Franchise Mode. However, what players are most looking forward to is the Scouting Update. Now UTNICE has finally learned about the relevant news, so it will update the news as soon as possible.

    Scouting Update 

    The initial news was that the Scouting Update will be in September, but it has not appeared in the game. Now there is news that it will come in mid-October as part of the title update.

    This news was also revealed in the Gridiron Notes on the 17th, which detailed some adjustments of Scouting. In the details, it explains some functions after restarting Franchise:

    * A full scouting department

    * In-depth scouting reports including player physicals, traits, and ratings

    * News content that will move players up or down the media big board, impacting draft stock

    As early as when EA announced that Franchise Mode would introduce the Scouting Update, fans were very excited. Although the developer had already stated that this update would be new content after the release of the game before the release of Madden 22, it has not yet appeared, which makes players feel anxiety.

    Will the Scouting Update be delayed?

    Madden 22 has had a lot of actions since its release, including some powerful MUT 22 sets, with the return of the Team of the Week, a huge September Title update, and the upcoming roster update and rating adjustments. So before the rating adjustment, you can invest in some potential players, once their ratings are improved afterward, this will help you save a lot of Madden 22 Coins.

    All of this implies that the Scouting Update will be delayed. No matter when it is released, fans will be nervous about the future of Franchise Mode.

    September Title Update

    EA regularly adds small updates in the monthly major game updates. September Title update is one of them. This update has fixed some major Franchise Mode bugs.

    Once the Scouting Update is released, you can also come to UTNICE as soon as possible to find relevant mechanics introduction or guidance, because we will publish relevant articles in time to help you quickly understand the game. In addition, you can also choose to buy Madden 22 Coins here at any time, because we know its importance and know that gamers urgently need them, so we guarantee a large amount of inventory to welcome buyers.



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