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  • FIFA 22: It’s Time For EA To Bring Back Relegation

    FIFA 22: It’s Time For EA To Bring Back Relegation

    EA decided to remove the relegation feature from "Division Rivals" in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. However, just a few weeks after the new game was launched, trapped gamers began to expect it would return. UTNICE has also seen some complaints from fans on the Internet.

    Compared with the previous year, the online modes of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has been greatly improved, making them more suitable for average FIFA players. Both FUT Champions and Division Rivals have been adjusted, and now it takes less time to get valuable packs every week. However, in FIFA 22, the decision to remove the relegation from the Division Rivals is draining the fun of some fans.

    A few years ago, Division Rivals developed a skill rating system where you can move up and down based on the results after each game. The skill rating of FUT users will determine which division they would up in. If it is high enough or low enough, they will be promoted or relegated.

    In FIFA 22, EA uses a ladder system, that is, the player moves up one position each time they win and moves down each time they lose. The developer also added checkpoints at the beginning of each new division so that no matter whether the game is lost continuously or not, it will not slip below the point.

    Although this seems to be a plus for FUT players, because they can no longer drop the lower division after a bad performance, many people said that they are trapped in the high divisions, which prevents them from winning more games and affects the game experience.

    Players lost the fun of playing rivals because they were defeated in every game, this ranking is too high for them. When you are crushed in every game, it is difficult to find fun.

    At the end of each season, the Division Rivals will reset, and each user will be dropped back to Division 10 to start again. But for now, fans are dissatisfied with their inability to secure 7 victories and get rewards because they are stuck in too high a rank.

    We do not yet know whether EA will respond to this, UTNICE will continue to pay attention to it. But before they respond, the gamers can only stay in their current situation. If you still cannot win, you need to try better players, so it is important to have sufficient FIFA 22 Coins, which can ensure a pleasant gaming experience for you. You can come to UTNICE to buy FIFA 22 Coins at any time, because FIFA 22 is now in full swing, UTNICE will also publish the latest discount information on Twitter from time to time, you can choose to follow UTNICE.

    Oct 26, 2021
  • FIFA 22: Some Classic Features Need To Be Removed From Ultimate Team!

    FIFA 22: Some Classic Features Need To Be Removed From Ultimate Team!

    One of EA's most successful stories is FIFA Ultimate Team, so FIFA 22 still returns to this mode with new features and concepts. However, some gamers think it's time to make some changes, and they want to put to bed some of the long-term features that the series is based on.

    Since FIFA Ultimate Team debuted in FIFA 09, the series has made considerable progress. Just the expansion of the base game has expanded into a veritable wealth growth, and this trend continues.

    Many of the excellent elements of Ultimate Team still exist in the game, such as its pack opening and making custom teams featuring the best players in the world.

    But in recent years, EA decided to remove the concept of fitness and fitness card from FUT, and gamers are now calling for more classic functions to follow suit.

    In the early games, maintaining your FUT is the key to ensuring that you have a fully fit and uninjured squad.

    FIFA 21 ends the concept of team fitness because it just unnecessarily distracts the more interesting aspects of the game mode. Players now also feel that it is time to show the contract and healing items the door. Similarly, before the game mode is eliminated, fitness is an important element, contracts and healing are also developing in a similar direction, and the past Compared with the iterations, the big difference of FIFA Ultimate is its rich packs.

    The early version of FUT did not have FUT Champion, Div Rivals, SBCs, or all the interesting variants now. This means you have fewer packs to open, fewer fitness consumables, contract cards, and healing items. In FIFA 22, FUT provides a large number of ways to obtain free packs, which means that once scarce items are now an afterthought. Times are changing, so some classic features will eventually be phased out in popular game modes in the future.

    Gamers also expect the FIFA series of games to become better and better, until getting close to perfect. Once FIFA 22 has any new content, UTNICE will also update the news in time and publish relevant information on Twitter.

    Now FIFA 22 Coins is also a hot sale on UTNICE, and now as long as you come to UTNICE to buy FIFA 22 Coins, you will automatically enjoy 30% off, so if you are looking for cheap FUT 22 Coins, then come to UTNICE.

    Oct 20, 2021
  • FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: How To Complete PTTK Benjamin André’s Objectives 

    FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: How To Complete PTTK Benjamin André’s Objectives 

    EA Sports has added Benjamin André's 83-rated version of Roan to the Knockouts (RTTK) to the objectives menu of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. UTNICE will introduce it in detail.

    This is André's first special card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The RTTK promo will give upgrades based on the group stage performance of teams in the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League.

    EA has upgraded all of André’s skills to some extent, increasing his Passing, Dribbling, Defending and shooting. When you compare this new card with his 81-rated gold version.

    However, the team retained him with his three-star weak foot and skill moves. If you use the chemical style, then you can further improve his Pace (+10) and Defending (+6), which will make his statistics more balanced, making all skills between 76 and 91, except for his 66-rated shooting.

    You can complete all OTW André’s objectives in Live FUT Friendly: Group Stage Glory mode. There are 4 objectives in the game, and you only need to complete one of them.

    After completing the objectives, you will get a 75+ rated rare player pack, a gold pack, 2 player packs and a small electrum player pack. You will complete 4 objectives and get the cards by 12 pm CT on October 27th.

    In FUT, you need to complete the following 4 objectives in the Live FUT Friendly: Group Stage Glory to get the Road to the Knockouts Benjamin André SBC:

    * Lille Link-up: Assist using French players in 11 separate matches

    * Fine Form: Score 10 finesse goals using Ligue 1 players

    * Attacking Anchor: Assist 6 goals using CDMs

    * Way to win: Win 9 matches

    If you have a favorite player card in FUT mode, you can prepare sufficient FIFA 22 Coins in advance. If you don’t have extra time to grind FUT 22 Coins in the game, you can come directly to UTNICE to buy FIFA 22 Coins. And, now FIFA 22 is in full swing, UTNICE will often post some discount information on Twitter, and will start giveaway activities from time to time, and will randomly select some followers to give free FIFA 22 Coins. So if you need, you can follow UTNICE on Twitter.

    Oct 16, 2021
  • Madden 22: Franchise Mode Introduces Revamped Player Scouting

    Madden 22: Franchise Mode Introduces Revamped Player Scouting

    The new player scouting feature finally appeared in Madden 22. With the update of the game, the long-awaited feature is now available, so you can also start enjoying the new system and start your Franchise. UTNICE will also introduce relevant information about the scouting system.

    How to experience a new scouting system?

    If you already have a franchise, the update will not apply the new scouting system to the ongoing one. If you want to experience all the new features, then you need to restart.

    EA has provided deep into the new player scouting function, and they also provide an in-depth strategy to allow fans to better know about the new features.

    When starting a new Franchise, you will now see a complete scouting department. This includes 4 area scouts and 1 national scout. In the first week, you can hire, fire, and assign your 5 scouts to 4 areas on the map.

    How Scouting system works?

    Each scout has positions and a tier from1-3. When you replace a scout, you need to replace another scout of the same tier. Your scouts will start working in the preseason, collecting all the information you can collect about every player in the upcoming draft this year. In the first week of the regular season, you will see the top 450 players.

    Throughout the season, you will be notified of the scouting action items. There are many types of scouts at your disposal to help you learn more about the players in the draft. General scouting collects information on all players from the scout’s assigned region. Positional focused scouting collects detailed information on specific positions in each region. You can learn more about specific players through super-focused and private workouts.

    The more specific the scouting process, the more detailed player information you will get. When you scout a player, you will find their traits and archetypes, athletic ability ratings and technical skills ratings.

    In the offseason, you can see the combined and professional performance of every prospect in the current draft. When a player is 100% scouted, you will find their true draft talent.

    To be more immersed in Madden 22, you may need Madden 22 Coins. UTNICE is a game service website focusing on providing ball currency. Now Madden 22 Coins is a hot sale on UTNICE Considering its popularity, UTNICE also will often hold giveaway activities on Twitter. We will randomly select some followers to give away free MUT 22 Coins, so if you have already followed UTNICE on Twitter, then you may have a chance to become one of the lucky ones.

    Oct 13, 2021





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