Madden 22: WRs Receive Wild Attentions On This Roster Update Madden 22: WRs Receive Wild Attentions On This Roster Update

Madden 22: WRs Receive Wild Attentions On This Roster Update

Oct 29, 2021 Source: UTNICE More News

Madden 22’s latest roster ratings have been released, and UTNICE has collected some information that gamers are concerned about. In this update, the ratings of some players have dropped, while others have improved. These are normal phenomena in the roster update.

According to the player rating update of Week 7, there are a total of 4 players whose Madden 22 rating has been improved. There are 2 players whose overall ratings have dropped, and they are both wide receivers.

Players whose ratings get improved

After the Madden 22 player rating adjustment, some key players have undergone some significant changes, and this time it is mainly focused on Wide Receivers. After Nick Chubb got injured, a running back stepped forward and his Madden 22 rating has been improved after the update.

We have listed a few key players who have seen ratings boost in Madden 22:

* D'Ernest Johnson (HB)-Cleveland Browns-71 OVR (+3)

* Ja'Marr Chase (WR)-Cincinnati Bengals-81 OVR (+2)

* Michael Pittman Jr. (WR)-Indianapolis Colts-77 OVR (+2)

Players whose ratings dropped

Of course, there are also some players whose ratings have dropped, but they have a chance to return to their original positions or even better, as long as they perform well in Week 8.

Here are the main players in Madden 22 whose ratings have dropped:

* Odell Beckham Jr. (WR)-Cleveland Browns-85 OVR (-3)

* Robby Anderson (WR)-Carolina Panthers-81 OVR (-3)

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