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FIFA 23 may bring new Chemistry System

The Chemistry of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is a special way to improve the attributes between player cards, and it is also an important mechanism that players must master. As long as they are in the same team, the same league and the same nationality player card, you can see that their chemical reaction connections are highlighted. At the same time, there will be special attribute bonuses when going out.

With the release of FIFA 23 getting closer and closer, players are also expecting more news about new content in the coming months. And according to insider WeaverImBMW4er, FIFA 23 will bring major changes to the Chemistry System.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team country- or league-based connection will be removed, all players appear to be able to connect with each other, and the Chemistry System will likely be replaced by Stars. Additionally, teams can reach up to three Stars for the team. This is good news for most players, as there has been some abuse of Chemistry before, and the new Chemistry System can reduce that to some extent.

Although it remains to be seen whether these leaks can come true, at present, FIFA 23 is most likely to be officially released at the end of September this year if it follows the release rules of its predecessors.

We should continue to look forward to the arrival of a new Chemistry System and a slew of new FIFA 22 content. UTNICE.com will follow up with you on FIFA 23. Until its release, we can continue to enjoy FIFA 22 Ultimate Team's various activities.We will also provide you with FUT 22 Coins for sale to support your overall gaming experience.

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