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  • FIFA 23: Complete the Pre-Season event to earn rewards

    Jun 24, 2022

    FIFA 23 has entered the countdown, and we will soon be able to enter FIFA 23 Ultimate Team to build our squad in our new football career. And at this stage, we can prepare for the transition before FIFA 23 release, looking forward to Pre-Season Bring us more surprises and rewards to give you a smoother start to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

    Although the game official has not released relevant news yet, but if there is no unexpected situation, Pre-Season will start at the end of August as always. The entire event will last for three weeks, and players will have plenty of time to complete the challenge.

    During the preseason, we'll see more SBC releases, as well as the return of packs. It is worth noting that the event is not only a great opportunity for you to prepare for the upcoming FIFA 23 but also a celebration of the FIFA 22 cycle. So fans can reap various rewards in the current game and FIFA 23 Ultimate Team by completing SBC and objectives and possibly get some strong players in the FUT 22 promotion.

    Accumulating FUT 23 coins is the surest way to help you get early access to new content in Ultimate Team. There's more than just a Pre-Season event to get them.

    You can also look to UTnice.com. As a professional third-party game service provider, UTnice is committed to helping you build a dream team. You can get secure FUT 23 Coins for sale anytime here.

    You can get more news and useful information on UTnice, so stay tuned.

  • FIFA 23 leaks: Cross-play and more possibilities

    Jun 11, 2022

    As summer approaches, EA Sports is also about to bring us a brand-new sequel to the FIFA series. But this collaboration will be the last, so many things will change.

    Looking back at the existing FIFA series games, we will find that players' voices for cross-play seem to be getting louder and louder, which is one of the few regrets about FIFA 22. For FIFA 23, which has not yet come out, we naturally poured the same expectations.

    And excitingly, FIFA 23 appears to be bringing true Cross-play, which according to the leaker will fit all game modes, including the most popular Ultimate Team. At the same time, Next-Gen gameplay will no longer be limited to Xbox Series S/X and PS5, it will also be available on PC.

    In addition, the new Player Career Mode is coming, players will be able to manage players' social media and tattoos, and conduct match interviews.

    EA says they will bring the best FIFA Franchise in the final year. And they will bring back the World Cup mode includes a DLC. Next summer, EA will launch EA Sports FC, which is a new football simulation video game.

    For the specific release time of FIFA 23, we have not yet known. But based on past experience, the first official trailer will meet you later this month. FIFA 23 will be accessible in late September or early October, barring major changes.

    Cross-play and a host of new ways to play will give you even more fun playing the fun Ultimate Team, and getting enough FUT 23 Coins ready to help you build your desired squad faster than anyone else. You can keep your eyes on UTNICE.com, because we not only bring you the latest information but also provide you with FUT 23 Coins for sale, you are welcome to place an order at any time.

  • FIFA 23 may bring new Chemistry System

    May 30, 2022

    The Chemistry of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is a special way to improve the attributes between player cards, and it is also an important mechanism that players must master. As long as they are in the same team, the same league and the same nationality player card, you can see that their chemical reaction connections are highlighted. At the same time, there will be special attribute bonuses when going out.

    With the release of FIFA 23 getting closer and closer, players are also expecting more news about new content in the coming months. And according to insider WeaverImBMW4er, FIFA 23 will bring major changes to the Chemistry System.

    FIFA 23 Ultimate Team country- or league-based connection will be removed, all players appear to be able to connect with each other, and the Chemistry System will likely be replaced by Stars. Additionally, teams can reach up to three Stars for the team. This is good news for most players, as there has been some abuse of Chemistry before, and the new Chemistry System can reduce that to some extent.

    Although it remains to be seen whether these leaks can come true, at present, FIFA 23 is most likely to be officially released at the end of September this year if it follows the release rules of its predecessors.

    We should continue to look forward to the arrival of a new Chemistry System and a slew of new FIFA 22 content. UTNICE.com will follow up with you on FIFA 23. Until its release, we can continue to enjoy FIFA 22 Ultimate Team's various activities.We will also provide you with FUT 22 Coins for sale to support your overall gaming experience.

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