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  • FIFA 23 may bring new Chemistry System

    May 30, 2022

    The Chemistry of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is a special way to improve the attributes between player cards, and it is also an important mechanism that players must master. As long as they are in the same team, the same league and the same nationality player card, you can see that their chemical reaction connections are highlighted. At the same time, there will be special attribute bonuses when going out.

    With the release of FIFA 23 getting closer and closer, players are also expecting more news about new content in the coming months. And according to insider WeaverImBMW4er, FIFA 23 will bring major changes to the Chemistry System.

    FIFA 23 Ultimate Team country- or league-based connection will be removed, all players appear to be able to connect with each other, and the Chemistry System will likely be replaced by Stars. Additionally, teams can reach up to three Stars for the team. This is good news for most players, as there has been some abuse of Chemistry before, and the new Chemistry System can reduce that to some extent.

    Although it remains to be seen whether these leaks can come true, at present, FIFA 23 is most likely to be officially released at the end of September this year if it follows the release rules of its predecessors.

    We should continue to look forward to the arrival of a new Chemistry System and a slew of new FIFA 22 content. UTNICE.com will follow up with you on FIFA 23. Until its release, we can continue to enjoy FIFA 22 Ultimate Team's various activities.We will also provide you with FUT 22 Coins for sale to support your overall gaming experience.

  • FIFA 22:TOTW 35 will be revealed soon

    May 17, 2022

    FIFA 22 Ultimate Team's best team of the week is about to be revealed, and players will be able to basically predict whether their favorite player is in the TOTW 35 based on their Premier League performances.

    The first likely to be selected is Kevin De Bruyne, who as a Manchester City main player is likely to launch as the 94 OVR card for TOTW 35 as he thumped Wolves 5-1 in the Premier League's 33rd supplementary match on Wednesday. Next is Harry Kane, who led the Spurs back to the top four with a penalty, showing great strength in the Spurs' 3-0 win over Arsenal. He is also very likely to be in the TOTW 35.

    In addition to the above two superstars, the following players are expected to be selected:

    Lukasz Fabianski (OVR 82 – IF 84)

    Pau Torres (OVR 82 – SIF 86)

    Jonathan Clauss (OVR 77 – TIF 87)

    Theo Hernandez (OVR 84 – FIF 89)

    Jonas Hofmann (OVR 79 - SIF 86)

    Andres Iniesta (OVR 80 – SIF 85)

    Vinicius Jr. (OVR 80 – TIF 88)

    Jamie Vardy (OVR 86 - IF 87)

    Georgios Giakoumakis (OVR 74 - TIF 85)

    The official launch time for TOTW 35 will be on May 18th at 1 pm ET. As before, the best teams' cards will be released in packs for a week.

    UTNICE will keep you updated with FIFA 22 related news, you can stay tuned to us. We also offer you FUT 22 Coins for sale to support your football career experience.

  • FIFA 22: Premier League TOTS player line-ups are out now

    May 07, 2022

    Yesterday, EA Sports officially released FIFA 22 Team of The Season. Salah, C.Ronaldo and De Bruyne have been included in TOTS as the main players, which is big news for the long-awaited players. Looking at the overall roster, the Premier League series has a good chance of being the best lineup of the year.

    There are 15 well-known stars in TOTS Premier League this year, they are:


    C. Ronaldo

    De Bruyne

    Van Dijk


    Ruben Dias


    Joao Cancelo


    Bernardo Silva

    Bruno Fernandes

    Alexander Arnold


    Diogo Jota


    Alongside the Premier League TOTS player, lineup comes a slew of new promotions. New packs have been added to the promo codes, and EA has also launched over 92 new Icon Moments and 5, 7 and 10 rare Premier League players packs. At the same time, players will also be able to use the new token exchange system in the promotion calendar to get more rewards.

    Although there are differences from the list leaked by Fut Sheriff, many of the predicted stars were not actually shortlisted, but this FIFA 22 TOTS is still a very strong lineup. UTNICE.com will keep you updated with the latest FIFA 22 news, and you can also buy cheap FUT 22 Coins here to boost your squad.

  • FIFA 22: Premier League is on the eve of closing

    Apr 25, 2022

    Every year, the FIFA competition will increase the lineup of excellent players. The players selected for the TOTS team will represent their stable and good performance and have broad development prospects.

    Every time the Premier League is held, it attracts tens of thousands of fans to discuss. At the same time, in FIFA 22, Premier League players are often representatives of excellent lineups, and players often choose Ultimate Team cards to improve their game strength. Therefore, EA attaches great importance to the selection of the final lineup and fully listens to the opinions of players.

    FIFA Team of the Year will be released on April 29th, in response to this event, EA has now released the FIFA Premier League nominations and opened the TOTS FIFA2 voting channel, players can choose to support their favorite players to advance their teams to the Premier League.

    There are 40 candidates in the lineup nominated by the Premier League this time, all of which are famous players with both strength and popularity. Player votes are very important to strengthen your roster, as acquiring a TOTS player will change the fate of the Ultimate Team. This year, the title race will be between Liverpool and Manchester City, so there are plenty of candidates from both teams in the nominations.

    Players can browse the list of nominees on EA's official website and choose an 11-man team as a vote, which will be valid after submitting the results. The Premier League TOTS voting will close later today, fans who did not vote don't miss this opportunity.

    EA will open the Bundesliga voting on April 27th after this vote.

    As a professional third-party game service provider, UTNICE will continue to update FIFA 22 news for everyone, you can continue to pay attention. At the same time, we will also offer you cheap FUT 22 Coins for sale to support your game progress.

  • FIFA 22: How to complete the Marquee Matchups SBC?

    Feb 25, 2022

    EA Sports added a new set of Marquee Matchups to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, which you can complete by visiting the game's Squad Building Challenge (SBC) menu.

    Marquee Matchups are weekly challenges based on real football key matches. EA selects some matches and creates SBCs to reward players with tradable FUT packs. This week, players will be rewarded with Future Star Tokens from the first challenge. This type of SBC is different from a special player item. In addition to the well-known minimum scores and chemistry, each squad needs to meet a different set of conditions. For example, some of these SBCs require players from specific leagues or clubs.

    Each solution also offers different rewards, from small mixed player packs to premium electronic player packs. You have until next Thursday 3 March to complete four teams:

    * AZ vs Feyenoord

    * Sevilla vs Betis

    * Lazio vs Napoli

    * Chelsea vs Liverpool

    For example, the AZ vs. Feyenoord team requires a series of conditions to be met. You need to turn in a team with a rating of 75, a minimum of 70 chemistry plus a rare card, a maximum of four players from the same country, at least four different leagues, and one player from the Eredivisie player. Whoever completes it will be rewarded with the Gold Player Pack. In addition to the official rewards, EA will also grant you a Gold Player Pack as a reward for completing all four SBCs. Even if you build all SBCs from scratch, you will spend around 39,150 to 54,150 FIFA 22 Coins in total for each part. According to a website specializing in FIFA content, this is currently the cheapest solution to complete the February 24 Marquee Matchups. However, this is still a large number for most players. To make your game progress and complete relatively smoothly, UTnice still adheres to the concept of serving players, providing you with safer and cheaper FUT 22 Coins hoping to help you level up and get better.

  • FIFA 22: How To Complete The Rulebreakers Dante SBC?

    Nov 01, 2021

    Dante FIFA 22 Rulebreeakers SBC is the second SBC item in the promotion period released on October 31. Rulebreakers debuted in FIFA 21 as the fall theme promotion. This promotion will greatly change the statistics of players, and they will not provide them with new ways to play. This is an opportunity for EA Sports to create new meta items.

    Following the Christopher Nkunku SBC launched on October 29, Dante, the Brazilian defender of OGC Nice is the new Rulebreakers card. UTNICE will guide you to complete this Rulebreakers SBC.

    How to complete the Rulebreakers Dante SBC?

    Segment 1

    * Gold Players: Min. 11

    * Team Chemistry: 30

    * # of Players in the Squad: 11

    * REWARD: Two Rare Gold Players Pack

    Segment 2

    * Gold Players: Min. 11

    * Rare Players: Min. 11

    * Team Chemistry: 30

    * # of Players in the Squad: 11

    * REWARD: Two Rare Gold Players Pack

    Segment 3

    * # of Players from Ligue 1 Uber Eats: Min. 1

    * Squad Rating: 82

    * Team Chemistry: 80

    * # of Players in the Squad: 11

    * REWARD: Small Electrum Players Pack

    Segment 4

    * # of Players from Brazil: Min. 1

    * Squad Rating: 83

    * Team Chemistry: 75

    * # of Players in the Squad: 11

    * REWARD: Small Prime Mixed Players Pack

    Segment 5

    * Squad Rating: 84

    * Team Chemistry: 70

    * # of Players in the Squad: 11

    * REWARD: Small Prime Electrum Players Pack

    Segment 6

    * Squad Rating: 85

    * Team Chemistry: 65

    * # of Players in the Squad: 11

    * REWARD: Mixed Players Pack

    Dante is an interesting SBC because he is hard links to Marquinhos, one of the best players in the game. This is also a fairly expensive SBC, so you need to prepare in advance, but the card is generally good and it is worth your FIFA 22 Coins. He has 4-star weak foot, low/high work rates, well-rounded pace, dribbling, defense, and physical, so it is worth the investment. Rulebreakers Dante will expire on November 7.

    Now come to UTNICE to buy FIFA 22 Coins, you can automatically enjoy 30% off, so if you are looking for cheap FUT 22 Coins, just come to UTNICE.

  • Is FIFA 22 Cross-Platform?

    Jun 26, 2021

    The UEFA European Championship is in full swing, and many football fans are also excited. And recently, many fans all over the world are excited about FIFA 22 released in September. They want to know if this is a cross-platform game.

    This will be the first FIFA after the release of the new generation of consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series), so fans will have a lot of expectations. This is arguably the best football game. Their only competitor is Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer. This game was very successful 10 years ago, but since then, FIFA has become more and more popular.

    One thing FIFA has never done is to allow gamers to play games on different consoles, that is, Playstation users cannot compete with Xbox users. This is what many other games perform and what fans want and enjoy.

    Currently, whether EA will integrate cross-platform games into FIFA 22 has not been confirmed.

    FIFA 21 does not support cross-platform, even after the release of the new generation of consoles, this also means that fans may still not be able to cross-play in FIFA 22.

    Even in the e-sports world, gamers compete on different consoles, Xbox and Playstation also have different competitions. Normally, more details will be released in the summer, so at that time we will know more specific information and whether it will be cross-platform.

    This may not be a priority for EA Sports, because this game is more successful without cross-play. They will focus on more important gameplay and new ideas to ensure that fans remain interested in the game.

    UTNICE will continue to track FIFA 22 related news. Once FIFA 22 is released, you can come to UTNICE to buy FUT 22 Coins.

    But for now, fans can only focus on FIFA 21. If you need FUT 21 Coins, come to UTNICE is also a good choice. UTNICE always launches many discount activities, so if you can seize the opportunity, you can always buy cheap FUT Coins.

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