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FUT 22 Coins for Sale

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  • Will FIFA 22 Be Cross-Platform?

    Will FIFA 22 Be Cross-Platform?

    Sep 16, 2021

    FIFA 22 is about to be released, and now many fans are doing some preparations. Gamers all over the world are curious about whether FIFA 22 will be cross-play on different platforms. This feature is not available in the previous game version, but it is exactly what fans want most, and has been calling for cross-play to be available in future versions.

    But FIFA 22 may disappoint gamers again, because it does not support cross-platform play like FIFA 21. You can only compete with other players based on the version of FIFA 22 you are playing.

    If you are playing the PS4 version of FIFA 22, then you can only play against FIFA 22 gamers on the same version. Whether they are on PS4 or PS5, as long as they are in the same version, you can play together.

    But if you are playing the PS5 version of FIFA 22, then you can only play with other PS5 users.

    This also applies to the Xbox One version, where you can compete with other gamers who are playing the same version on Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X.

    To put it simply, PS4 and PS5 users can match online games only if they use the PS4 version at the same time, and Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S gamers can match. This is very limited and not what fans expected. We hope that real cross-play may appear in the future, but the expectations of FIFA 22 players will once again fail.

    If FIFA games can support cross-play in the future, UTNICE will inform you as soon as possible. As for the current focus, it should be the new content of FIFA 22, and UTNICE will also follow related news.

    Once FIFA 22 is officially released, gamers in need can directly come to UTNICE to buy FIFA 22 Coins. This is the fastest way to help you get the player cards you like!

  • FIFA 22: Man City Trailer Shows Ruben Dias and John Stones Ratings

    FIFA 22: Man City Trailer Shows Ruben Dias and John Stones Ratings

    Sep 14, 2021

    With the upcoming release of FIFA 22, fans are also curious about FIFA 22 player ratings. EA Sports and Manchester City started posting content and player ratings on social platforms this week.

    A FIFA 22 video was posted on Manchester City’s social platforms, highlighting Ruben Dias and John Stones’ initial reaction to their base ratings, the two men in an impressive season that helped the club win for the third Premier League title in four seasons.

    Ruben Dias, who signed with the club a year ago, received 87 ratings, which was his rise from 81 OVR in FIFA 21. As for John Stones, his rating in the last version of the FIFA franchise was 80. The England international's rating rose by 3 points to 83 OVR.

    The reaction of Manchester City fans on social media is one of the confusion about the latter's rating. Many people believe that he deserves a higher base rating after last season.

    UTNICE will continue to follow the FIFA 22 player rating news and will give a detailed list, which is very meaningful for gamers. Although we all know that in FIFA, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are all sought after, not all gamers have enough FIFA 22 Coins to get their player cards. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in some potential players in the early stage of the game. This requires you to have foresight. If you make the right investment, this will help you save a lot of FUT 22 Coins.

    Once FIFA 22 is officially released, you can pay more attention to UTNICE, because we will not only update FIFA 22 related content but also provide cheap FIFA 22 Coins, as long as you need, you can come here to buy anytime.

  • FIFA 22: How To Unlock Loan Icon Player In FUT?

    FIFA 22: How To Unlock Loan Icon Player In FUT?

    Sep 06, 2021

    In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, EA Sports provides a free loan icon player for people who sign up to receive FIFA news, videos and offers, and other EA products.

    You can choose baby version Pelé, Johan Cruyff, or Ferenc Puskás. They will be used for three Division Rivals, Squad Battles, or FUT championship games. But if you only have one match left, you can use the items as many times as you want in Friendlies. These items will be particularly good at first because Pelé and Cruyff have one of the best base icon cards in the game.

    However, this promotion does not apply to all platforms. The loan icon player is only available on PS4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, and Steam. You are entitled to a loan Icon player per EA account, you use to log in to FIFA. This offer will last until March 31, 2022, and you also need to redeem the content before then.

    How to unlock the loan Icon player?

    If you don’t have an EA account:

    * Access EA Sports FIFA’s official website.

    * Fill in the three fields with your email, birthdate, and country.

    * Click on sign up

    If you already have an EA account:

    * Click here and log in to your EA account.

    * Check your email preferences, agreeing to receive emails about news, events, and promotions.

    If you are interested, you can try the above method. As the release date of FIFA 22 approaches, UTNICE will pay attention to more new content and update to let you know, and once FIFA 22 is officially released, UTNICE will also provide cheap FUT 22 Coins and we will randomly select some followers on Twitter from time to time to give them giveaways. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to get free FUT 22 Coins.

  • FIFA 22: How To Earn FUT 22 Rewards In FIFA 21 Pre-Season

    FIFA 22: How To Earn FUT 22 Rewards In FIFA 21 Pre-Season

    Sep 03, 2021

    FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is getting closer inch by inch, and now fans can complete FIFA 21's pre-season promotion objectives, UTNICE will show the details.

    Only a few weeks away from the arrival of FIFA 22, the new season of the most popular Ultimate Team mode is coming. Although there are many ways to build a successful team, quickly mastering the game mechanics is always a good start, plus enough FUT 22 Coins, you will be unstoppable.

    With the end of FIFA 21, EA's latest pre-season promotion gives you a chance to get rewards. This will also help you dive into the new game on October 1st.

    What is FIFA 21 Pre-Season?

    Pre-season is a promotion launched by EA last year. Fans can use the last few weeks of the Ultimate Team to make early progress in the new game. The latest pre-season promotion has been launched and will continue until the release of FIFA 22.

    All pre-season promo items are non-tradable and will be set to be released to FIFA 22 gamers on October 12. So you need to log in to FUT 22 before November 12 to redeem your rewards.

    How to get FUT 22 rewards in FIFA 21 Pre-season?

    There will be a new batch of objectives appearing in FIFA 21 every week, and you can get rewards for completing them. More Daily Building Challenges can also be unlocked and use up some of the leftover players lingering around the club.

    And Position Packs, kits, and loan items will all appear in the game.

    If you can get as many rewards as possible, this will help you start your FUT 22 journey faster. UTNICE will also pay attention to FIFA 22 news the next time and will update relevant tips and guides in time. Once FIFA 22 is officially released, you can come to UTNICE to buy FUT 22 Coins you need.



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