FIFA 23 Leaks: Zico and Gerd Muller will be Icons FIFA 23 Leaks: Zico and Gerd Muller will be Icons

FIFA 23 Leaks: Zico and Gerd Muller will be Icons

Jul 12, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

Icon, as a unique mechanism in FIFA Ultimate Team, has always been sought after by a large number of fans. Because Icon is an extremely valuable card at all times and is not subject to the strict constraints of forming an Ultimate Team. And they not only have very impressive stats, but they can also connect with other players on the team and have a variety of chemical reactions.

The list of Icons for FIFA 23 has also caused a lot of speculation as always, and just recently, according to the information released by leaker DonkTrading: Zico and Gerd Muller will also be in FIFA 23 as the new-added Icons.

Zico is no stranger to devoted fans of the FIFA series. He is hailed as one of the greatest players in Brazilian football history. We expect his free-kick ability to give FIFA Ultimate Team a very good stat boost. Gerd Muller, an elite goalscorer in football history, has set new records multiple times in his career, and the great player has never been in the FIFA installment once, so he will likely appear as Icons in the upcoming FIFA 23.

There are a total of 105 Icon Cards in FIFA 22, so for FIFA 23, we can continue to look forward to seeing more of our favorite players on the official roster. Here are the players we predict will appear on the roster:

Sergio Aguero

Jermaine Defoe

Carlos Tevez

Laurent Koscielny

Aleksandar Kolarov

Javi Garcia

Bruno Alves

That's all we know about FIFA 23 Icon so far. UTnice keeps collecting the latest FIFA 23 and its Ultimate Team news for you. In addition, you can also accumulate FUT 23 Coins at UTnice from now on to get a head start in the game.

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