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    Free DLC for FIFA 23 of the World Cup and Even More

    As a big fan of FIFA series, it is really exciting to hear one of the biggest news about FIFA 23 this year, free World Cup DLC.

    Yes, We will be getting free DLC. Now technically EA is going to have free DLC all the time, and those are added to the game at no cost to you, you just need to be extremely lucky to be able to pack one of these items. Meanwhile, at any point within the game, you're able to buy into them if you build up enough coins, this somewhat technically counts as DLC.

    Actually what everyone really care about is of course, the World Cup mode. EA holds the rights and licenses to host World Cup content and his content isn't just speculation, it has already been confirmed now with this DLC. It's likely we're going to get something similar to what we had within FIFA 18.

    FIFA 18 also had some free DLC based around the world cup, it added new game modes with kickoff game modes as well as head to head, and there was also an ultimate team based around the world cup. It had no transfer market and you can only buy players from the store or at the end of every game. As there's no trans market instead, you will be rewarded with a pack, and depending whether or not you won or lost. That means the pack content will give you an even bigger reward if you can win a game.

    Now this game mode typically doesn't last too long, it's normally just a hype of whilst the World Cup is going, but normally we used to get it towards the end of the year. This year it's slightly different, we will be able to play this at some point within November, even though there is no official release date yet.

    The new DLC which is entirely free to download as well as you will be able to buy into different world cup cards. But it doesn't just stop there, it also appears that we will also be getting a second World Cup mode towards the end of the year, and this has been around the Women's World Cup which starts in July of 2023.

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    Sep 19, 2022

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    FIFA 23: Amazing Updates on Cross-platform Mode

    The updates of FIFA 23 is crazy this year, one of the reason to be excited is cross-platform gameplay, now we did experience this within FIFA 22 as EA was starting to test it out, but within FIFA 23 it's taken to a whole another level, including going over into Ultimate Team. Cross-platform this year will be based on the exact same generation of console, for example PlayStation 5, Xbox series X and S, PC and Google studio will be able to play against each other, whereas PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are completely separate.

    If you don't want to go through cross-platform, you have the option to out within your settings, but more or less I think it will be a good thing.

    Your location will determine the game matchmaking that you received, those of you that in Europe may have good game matching experience, but for those of you out in America there's certain periods or certain times of the year where it can be very difficult to find a game. This being based on your location as well as the amounts of players playing within that location. There will be times especially coming towards the end of the year, where if you went through FUT champions because it is based on your record as well as your location, it can be a struggle to find a game. And if you do find a game, is likely a player that you did play earlier within the exact same competition.

    This has been a complaint for years, with cross-platform it doesn't 100% solve the issue, there will still be less players in certain locations than others, but it does certainly help you're no longer restricted to just your platform, you are now able to play on other platforms if you choose to do.

    If you're a PlayStation player, it's likely that you won't see too much of a difference, because PlayStation tends to be the more popular console when it comes to play an Ultimate Team. It is always had three four maybe even five times as many live transfers as the other platforms. Cross-platform will certainly help those that are Xbox PC or Google studio players, especially on PC and studio, where you have next to no players.

    Overall, this will certainly help for you to find a game a lot quicker and be able to play different opponents, so you're not just playing the same person over and over again. As you do have the option for cross-play when going through these matches, it also means that a lot of the game modes with their rewards.

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    Sep 14, 2022

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    FIFA 23: The Biggest Change in Chemistry System Ever

    FIFA Ultimate Team is more or less the exact same every single year, EA make a few slight changes and even though they are very slight changes, it always gets me super excited, and one of the biggest changes this year must be the Chemistry System Updates in FIFA 23.

    So the complete overhaul to the chemistry system must be the priority thing that I am most excited for, now for a lot of people it does sound confusing that's just because we're used to the old way. We're used to the chemistry system that we've had since the very beginning, but I've always said you can't create your ultimate team because of the chemistry system in place.

    If you did want to have Ronaldo and Mbappe up front on their maximum chemistry so that they are performing the best in game, you can't just put any random players around them, you need to start thinking about links within the Premier League with Manunited or even with Portugal, just so that you can get into chemistry and they're playing at their very best. It would result in you needing to bring in a player like Messi it's linked to Mbappe or a player like Bruno Fernandez to link to Ronaldo. Even though they're pretty decent players within game, it may not necessarily be the route that you want to take, especially when there could be so many more better players with all the promos that get released.

    Now the new chemistry system allows you to put whatever players you want, and there is still chemistry in there but you only really need it if you want to get player stats boosted. Because everyone, even if they're on zero chem will be playing at least at their base attributes. Thus if you did want to have both Ronaldo and Mbappe up front, you can, and you don't need to link to other players around them. But if you did, you would be rewarded with extra boosted stats on those players, as well as the players that they link to.

    Actually already this year I'm starting to put together ideas for two different teams, one team that gets the maximum chemistry with very good players, so that I can be competitive within Division Rivals as well as going through FUT champions.

    Meanwhile, the second team that I'm probably going to be playing with the most is just going to be a fun team, it's likely that all players within this team will be on zero chem but it really doesn't matter, it is really funny for me.

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    Sep 13, 2022

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    FIFA 23: EA makes a price mistake, pre-orders for six cents

    FIFA 23 opened for pre-order last month, and many fans will choose to pre-order FIFA 23 on their platforms in order to be one step ahead of others to start the latest FIFA 23 journey. Downloading FIFA 23 for the first time will also bring a lot of considerable in-game rewards.

    But such a common pre-order mechanism brings a bug. Last month, consumers in India discovered that the standard edition of FIFA 23 was priced at Rs 2,499 ($44) on the Epic Games Store, but the Ultimate Edition, which was supposed to be priced at Rs 4,799 ($60), was only priced at Rs 480. (about six cents).

    This mistake is obviously the wrong place for the decimal point by the store staff, but it is good news for players, so users flocked to complete the pre-order of FIFA 23 at this price, and shared their accounts on social media.

    Undoubtedly, EA Sports suffered a certain loss because of this, but it also made a lot of hype. From the perspective of FIFA 23's publicity, it may not be a bad thing. What's more, EA can still achieve good profits when players use microtransactions and cards to form teams in the future.

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    Aug 18, 2022

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    FIFA 23: Pro-Clubs and VOLTA Football will bring numerous gameplay changes

    As the end of the cooperation between EA and FIFA, fans' expectations for FIFA 23 are naturally higher than before. Whether it's visual evolution or improvements to game mechanics, we have plenty of opportunities to witness the end of the FIFA era. Recently, FIFA 23 developer, Richard Walz, revealed new changes to Pro-Clubs and VOLTA Football, and many interesting new features will enrich our football career experience.

    Pro-Clubs and VOLTA Football are both game modes that can be played with friends. Pro-Clubs are more focused on bringing an authentic football experience, while VOLTA Football brings a casual co-op experience. But in particular, this year FIFA 23 will introduce a new feature that merges the two modes, and players can enjoy more content in it.

    1. Players can upgrade to Pro through Skill Games and VOLTA Football Matches.

    Developing Pro is the core goal of the Pro-Clubs mechanism. Players can obtain Player Growth XP through 66 Skill Games to improve player skills and level up; they can also obtain Pro Clubs Player Growth XP by completing VOLTA Football Matches. An efficient way to Pro-Clubs.

    2. Shared seasons progress.

    One of the charms of the game is customization. In the new gameplay, players can advance and share the unique Seasons Progress in various game types in VOLTA Football. The season will run on a six-week cycle, which means Each season, players can earn unique Pro-Clubs and Avatars. Players will also earn a certain amount of VOLTA Coins based on performance to buy shareable items.

    At the same time, in Pro-Club, players can unlock Tattoos, Facial Accessories, Boots, Hair Styles, and Facial Hair customization options; VOLTA Football will bring a full set of unique designer cooperation clothes to increase the fun of dressing up for players.

    The changes brought by FIFA 23 are obvious to all, in addition to the main ones mentioned above, we will also see various improvements in many areas such as HyperMotion 2 + Matchday Experience and Perks. I believe that when FIFA 23 is released on September 30, players will be pleasantly surprised by the new experience.

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    Aug 10, 2022

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    FIFA 23: Sam Kerr becomes the first female cover athlete

    As the release of FIFA 23 draws closer to us, more and more information has been leaked. Just yesterday, the highly anticipated FIFA 23 cover athletes were revealed and we'll see PSG superstar forward Kylian Mbappe and Chelsea forward Sam Kerr as this year's cover stars.

    In the cover preview released by EA, Kylian Mbappe and Sam Kerr are both wearing their home jerseys, sitting confidently together. Kylian Mbappe is still leading the way. He made 35 Ligue 1 appearances for Paris Saint-Germain last season, scoring 28 goals and providing 17 assists, leading Paris to an eighth league title in the past 10 years.This year is the third year in a row that he has been on the cover of FIFA.

    Sam Kerr is a player well worth showing on the cover. Known for her 'speed, skill, tenacity, and backflip goal celebrations', she won eight trophies with Chelsea and helped the team reach their first UEFA Women's Champions League final in 2021. Since the Women's Ballon d'Or was established, Kerr is shortlisted every year and is widely regarded as one of the best women's football players and strikers in the world.

    It is worth mentioning that Sam Kerr is the first female athlete to appear on the Ultimate Edition cover. Throughout the cover tradition of the FIFA series, female athletes have only been featured on regional covers, such as the North American editions of FIFA 16 featuring the United States international Alex Morgan and Canada's Christine Sinclair. So, Sam Kerr on the cover is representative, and female athletes deserve more respect.

    While talks between EA Sports and football's global governing body FIFA broke down this year, and FIFA 23 is the final installment in the FIFA series, it still promises to be the biggest and best football sim to date.

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    Jul 20, 2022

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    FIFA 23 Leaks: Zico and Gerd Muller will be Icons

    Icon, as a unique mechanism in FIFA Ultimate Team, has always been sought after by a large number of fans. Because Icon is an extremely valuable card at all times and is not subject to the strict constraints of forming an Ultimate Team. And they not only have very impressive stats, but they can also connect with other players on the team and have a variety of chemical reactions.

    The list of Icons for FIFA 23 has also caused a lot of speculation as always, and just recently, according to the information released by leaker DonkTrading: Zico and Gerd Muller will also be in FIFA 23 as the new-added Icons.

    Zico is no stranger to devoted fans of the FIFA series. He is hailed as one of the greatest players in Brazilian football history. We expect his free-kick ability to give FIFA Ultimate Team a very good stat boost. Gerd Muller, an elite goalscorer in football history, has set new records multiple times in his career, and the great player has never been in the FIFA installment once, so he will likely appear as Icons in the upcoming FIFA 23.

    There are a total of 105 Icon Cards in FIFA 22, so for FIFA 23, we can continue to look forward to seeing more of our favorite players on the official roster. Here are the players we predict will appear on the roster:

    Sergio Aguero

    Jermaine Defoe

    Carlos Tevez

    Laurent Koscielny

    Aleksandar Kolarov

    Javi Garcia

    Bruno Alves

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    Jul 12, 2022

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    FIFA 23: What we know so far about World Cup mode

    The launch of FIFA 23 is exciting because it will bring new content that players want to see. This year's FIFA 23 will soon be released by EA, and there have been numerous leaks about it recently.

    Among the game mechanics that will be updated in FIFA 23, the most important one is the World Cup mode. Due to the high voices before, it caused an immediate sensation after it was confirmed that the World Cup mode would return in the second half of this year. So far, we have the following information about World Cup mode:

    1. Introduced in the form of DLC.

    In the same format as FIFA 18, this year's World Cup mode is also presented to fans in the form of DLC.

    2. Its release time is in sync with reality.

    Since the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar on November 21 this year, and the World Cup mode in FIFA 22 will be played simultaneously with the real-world time, so we will experience the fun of World Cup mode in mid-November.

    3. Expect a World Cup FUT.

    As the most popular modes and mechanics, the fusion of World Cup and FIFA Ultimate Team is simply paradise for fans. Referring to the experience of FIFA 18, EA is likely to bring this special World Cup Ultimate Team add-on again, players can use the new cards in the World Cup mode to build their team, complete challenges and get a lot of rewards.

    I believe that the World Cup mode can bring us surprises. Although this year may be the last FIFA series developed and produced by EA, what we need to do at this stage is to maintain our original intention and prepare for exciting new modes and contents.

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    Jun 29, 2022

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    FIFA 23: Complete the Pre-Season event to earn rewards

    FIFA 23 has entered the countdown, and we will soon be able to enter FIFA 23 Ultimate Team to build our squad in our new football career. And at this stage, we can prepare for the transition before FIFA 23 release, looking forward to Pre-Season Bring us more surprises and rewards to give you a smoother start to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

    Although the game official has not released relevant news yet, but if there is no unexpected situation, Pre-Season will start at the end of August as always. The entire event will last for three weeks, and players will have plenty of time to complete the challenge.

    During the preseason, we'll see more SBC releases, as well as the return of packs. It is worth noting that the event is not only a great opportunity for you to prepare for the upcoming FIFA 23 but also a celebration of the FIFA 22 cycle. So fans can reap various rewards in the current game and FIFA 23 Ultimate Team by completing SBC and objectives and possibly get some strong players in the FUT 22 promotion.

    Accumulating FUT 23 coins is the surest way to help you get early access to new content in Ultimate Team. There's more than just a Pre-Season event to get them.

    You can also look to As a professional third-party game service provider, UTnice is committed to helping you build a dream team. You can get secure FUT 23 Coins for sale anytime here.

    You can get more news and useful information on UTnice, so stay tuned.

    Jun 24, 2022

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    FIFA 23 leaks: Cross-play and more possibilities

    As summer approaches, EA Sports is also about to bring us a brand-new sequel to the FIFA series. But this collaboration will be the last, so many things will change.

    Looking back at the existing FIFA series games, we will find that players' voices for cross-play seem to be getting louder and louder, which is one of the few regrets about FIFA 22. For FIFA 23, which has not yet come out, we naturally poured the same expectations.

    And excitingly, FIFA 23 appears to be bringing true Cross-play, which according to the leaker will fit all game modes, including the most popular Ultimate Team. At the same time, Next-Gen gameplay will no longer be limited to Xbox Series S/X and PS5, it will also be available on PC.

    In addition, the new Player Career Mode is coming, players will be able to manage players' social media and tattoos, and conduct match interviews.

    EA says they will bring the best FIFA Franchise in the final year. And they will bring back the World Cup mode includes a DLC. Next summer, EA will launch EA Sports FC, which is a new football simulation video game.

    For the specific release time of FIFA 23, we have not yet known. But based on past experience, the first official trailer will meet you later this month. FIFA 23 will be accessible in late September or early October, barring major changes.

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    Jun 11, 2022

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