Tips For Getting Into The Elite Division In FIFA 23 Easily Tips For Getting Into The Elite Division In FIFA 23 Easily

Tips For Getting Into The Elite Division In FIFA 23 Easily

Jan 07, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

Hey guys, so in this article, we're going to be sharing with you some of our best tips and tricks on how you can work towards getting into the Elite Vision in FIFA 23 very easily. This article is going to offer you some things that you can do to put yourself in better situations to do so and also some things that you might be doing currently that are putting you a massive disadvantage.

Let's jump straight into it now. Of course, your skill as a player is the most important factor in actually getting to the Elite Division. For example, if you're someone who sits at Ddivision 7 or Division 8, you cannot expect to just click your fingers apply a few tips and just change some magical custom tactics. And all of a sudden, you'll be in the Elite Division. That's not how it works. You need to work hard on actually improving your game and improving as a player.

*Now, let's move on to the first thing and that is your team. Now, this is arguably the most important tool that you have at your disposal. When you want to work your way into the higher end of the game, unfortunately you have to abuse the meta at the end of the day. Meta Abusing is more common in the higher Divisions. And the higher and higher and higher you go, the more you'll see it. It is an unfortunate reality of playing FIFA, especially in the last few years. Abusing the meta has been the best way to play the game. So, what do we define as Meta Abusing now? What we mean is custom tactics players and in-game mechanics?

So, when we look at a team. There are some better players in it, such as Mendy Dembele and Valverde. However, players such as Cruz Carvajal and kimik are not meta and what this means is that a lower Division you can get away with using these sorts of players because the quality of opposition is less and your skill will get you through. However, in the higher Division, you can't afford to have these players is everybody will have full meta squads along with their skill as a player. This means you're going to struggle to win many games at all with a team like this. Therefore, as you progress up the Divisions, you need to make sure that you're improving your squad sufficiently to at least match other players. Now, you have the best chance possible. For us, this is the disappointing reality of playing FIFA as it does get a bit boring to use meta all the time. But, if your goal is to reach the Elite Division, it is a necessary thing.

*The next thing that you need to have is a reliable Formation, but also a really detailed game plan of Formations so that you can combat all situations in all games. Here is what we use as our full game plan now. You don't need to copy this exactly as you should use Formations and tactics that you feel most comfortable with. But, these are the ones that we like using because they suit our play style. So, we have our Ultra Defensive setup, which is obviously for hanging on to a lead in the last five to ten minutes of the game. And then we have our two Formations in the Defensive and Attacking slots that we flip between during games. So, if one isn't working for whatever reason, we have the other one ready to go and ready to swap into to try and get things going. And then finally we have our Ultra Attacking Game Plan, which is for when we're down late on in a game and we need to get that goal to get back into the game to try and force extra time or potentially win the game.

my Formations in fifa 23

Now, the reason why these are important is because as you climb the Divisions, managing games becomes a lot more of a focus because most of the games you play in will be quite tight and frankly. They're more stressful games where you may be up or down late on in a game and you might need to switch into a Formation into the relevant Formation in order to get a positive result. So, we see a lot of people that are up by two goals, for example at the 70th minute and they'll still continue to play in their high pressure aggressive starting Formation when what they need to do is to manage the game by switching into a Formation where they can control the rest of the game and see the result out. Managing the game is super important and is massively overlooked by a large quantity of players. And if you really want to get to the Elite Division, it is something you're going to have to master.

*Let's take a look at our third tip. Moving on into in-game mechanics. This is another thing that we personally don't like to do and we actually don't do this enough ourselves. But abusing broken in-game mechanics is what all of the best players in the game do. It's why the pros are pros not necessarily because they're incredible at playing football but because they abuse the broken game mechanics better than the rest of us. These are things that you need to master if you want to hang around in the Elite Division now.

What are Broken Game Mechanics? Well, these will inevitably very as the game evolves throughout the year with new exploits being found and posted about but also certain patches that will be designed to fix current Broken Game Mechanics and then they'll no longer be broken. But right now, everyone likes to use the lengthy players as they are the quickest in the current iteration of the game. As we said this potentially could get patched very soon and then something else becomes the new meta. I'm sure all of you have seen on Twitter examples of people posting corner kick routines to score directly from corners. If your opponent brings their keeper out, these are all examples of broken in-game mechanics. And these are the little nuances that you have to have in your Arsenal and just be aware of. Because you also don't want to get full fallen foul of these things. You don't want to be in a position where these things can come back to bite you. And you want to be using these things yourself, in order to give yourself the best chance of winning as many games as possible. And these are the things that you'll have to master when you get into the Elite Division. Because these things will get used against you.

FIFA 23 Elite Division

*Now, let's move into our last tip and this is when it is the best time for you to play rivals in order to get the most favorable matchmaking. For the purpose of Division Rivals, Thursday morning slash afternoon are always the best times to play as there's a large number of casuals on the game at this time. Due to the fact that they've just collected their rival rewards and then the majority of those players will just jump straight back into games. So, it's when you have the biggest pool of casual players playing. Now, as a rule Wednesday evening is the hardest time to play Rivals as people that haven't had the chance to get their eight wins in are all rushing on to play. And often we find that late evenings in general are tougher to play because the player pool is a lot lower at that time of night because of the time of the evening, thus making it more likely you're going to get a lot of harder games. So, we definitely recommend not playing in the evenings.

We also like to try and get some Rivals games in at the weekend because most of the high level players are going to be playing Foot Champs. So, most likely all of the top level players are going to be playing there and you're going to be playing people, who either didn't qualify for Champs or are not good enough to qualify for Champs or they haven't obtained enough points yet again potentially giving you easier matches.

Now, we truly believe if you follow these tips and these examples in this article. You'll be well on your way towards the Elite Division. Of course, if you want to win more games, you still need to prepare enough FUT 23 Coins to improve your players.

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