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Madden 22: Which Campus Hero To Choose?

With the start of the Campus Legends event, you have the opportunity to add some of the big names to college football stars to the fantasy team of Madden 22. Some of them are free rewards, and if you are lucky enough, you can upgrade your current list by participating in the event. The question that follows is who is the best Campus Hero?

Gamers’ entanglement is conceivable, so UTNICE will share its views, if this is helpful to you, it will be better.

Who is the best Campus Hero?

At this point, the best Campus Hero is the Buccaneers wide receiver, Joey Galloway. His specific statistics include:

* SPD: 91

* JMP: 88

* CTH: 85

* CIT: 83

* SPC: 84

* SRR: 82

* MRR: 85

* DRR: 87

Galloway is a Deep Threat in Madden 22. He has the potential to become the fastest player in the game, thanks to his Power-Up. You can directly boost him to speed without using any strategic cards or themed decks. Once you add him, he will become the backbone of your team and is unstoppable.

Other candidates include Roy Williams and Phillip Buchanon. Roy is an excellent substitute for Galloway, except for some clutch catches, in terms of speed and height. The Raiders cornerback Buchanon greatly improved the team's overall defense, filling in the niche players that may be found to be empty before the event.

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