Today FIFA: Analysis Of Football Matches On January 6 Today FIFA: Analysis Of Football Matches On January 6

Today FIFA: Analysis Of Football Matches On January 6

Jan 06, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

Eredivisie: Twente VS FC Emmen

Start time: 7 PM GMT on January 6th, 2023Twente VS FC Emmen

Since Twente's offensive combination of Ruiz, Nkufo, and Stoch has shined in the Eredivisie, the team has also experienced a period of trough. This season, after the introduction of strikers such as Laurietson, Rockylo, and Bream, the team has also regained its glory, and the offensive end is even more threatening. The team coach Ron Jens especially likes to use the 4-3-3 anti-reverse formation. After the 1-1 away draw with Sparta Rotterdam in the last round of the league, the team has remained unbeaten for 5 rounds and is in a very good state. At present, the team's home performance is extremely strong, and the home game must be full of intentions to grab points.

Emmen, as the champion of Eerste Divisie last season, after returning to the Eredivisie this season, the overall strength is still difficult to gain a foothold in the Eredivisie. Poor offensive and defensive performance has kept the team in the relegation zone of the league. Fortunately, the recent performance has picked up. After a 3-3 draw with AFC Ajax at home in the last round of the league, the team has remained unbeaten for three rounds. Forward Romani's outstanding performance has helped the team save the day many times. Facing Twente as a guest in this game, I don't know if we can continue to maintain the previous good state.

They met in the past 8 times,Twente got 5 wins, 1 draws and 2 losses, being the upper hand. In the last match between the two sides, Twente won the opponent 4-1 in the away game, coupled with their excellent combat ability at home. Personally, I am optimistic that Twente will add another three points at home.

FA Cup: Man United VS Everton

Start time: 8 PM GMT on January 6th, 2023.

Man United VS Everton

With the addition of Casemiro and the departure of Ronaldo, Manchester United's overall pressing rhythm is also better and more dynamic. Forward Rashford is also completely released, and 7 goals have been accounted for so far. And with the addition of Casemiro, the problem of the team's weakness in the midfielder has been solved, and it has given the midfielder more ability to create opportunities. However, the current team has already entered the top four in the league, maintaining the UEFA Champions League promotion place, which is what coach Erik ten Hag is more fancy about. In this home game, all the main players may not be sacrificed.

Everton is currently facing the pressure of relegation. The successive failures after the World Cup made the team also spread the news that the coach Lampard will leave get out of get out of class. Although the team spent huge sums of money to introduce many players this summer, the team's main defensive tactics do not seem to have a very good effect. It is reported that this time Lampard will change his previous tactics and focus on offense. In the face of the powerful Manchester United, I don't know whether it can achieve effective success.

In nearly 10 historical confrontations between the two teams, Manchester United dominated the game with 4 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses. In the team's many home games against Everton, there was only one defeat. Although the team's focus is not on this, the dignity of the home court still needs to be defended. Coupled with the recent improvement in the team's state, I am still more optimistic about Manchester United winning the game at home.

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