FIFA 23: Some Information About Benzegoal SBC FIFA 23: Some Information About Benzegoal SBC

FIFA 23: Some Information About Benzegoal SBC

Feb 20, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, the Road to the Final promo can bring you different themed content, including packs, goals and SBCs. In recognition of one of the most iconic individual performances in UEFA Champions League history, the latest pack-based SBC is named Benzegoal.

In FIFA 23, as one of the most watched promos, RTTF launched several super cards. And, depending on the team's performance in UEFA club competitions, these cards can be further upgraded. To celebrate some of the sport's legendary moments, EA Sports has released a variety of European competition-themed SBCs.

FIFA 23 Road to the Final

Benzegoal SBC Has Joined FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

In the UEFA Champions League knockout stage last season, Real Madrid achieved very good results, which is like a legend. However, against some of the best teams in Europe, Los Blancos staged several stunning comebacks. In the final title-winning competition, Karim Benzema took the lead. He was brilliant against Chelsea in the quarter-finals. And, in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, the performance was commemorated by Benzegoal SBC.

Not only was this the latest Daily SBC released during the RTTF event, but it was also part of Road to the Final goal. A total of 6 parts make up the goal, and each goal represents Daily SBCs of this period.

Ways To Complete Benzegoal SBC

FIFA 23 Benzegoal SBC

SBC consists of a single segment and the following 5 rules:

  • Number of players from Premier League: At least two in the starting 11
  • Leagues: Up to 5
  • Nationality/Region: At least 2
  • Team Chemistry: At least 14
  • Squad Rating: At least 64

For the overall expected cost of SBC, it is no higher than 3,000 FUT Coins. There's a requirement here, and that's a low rating threshold. If you submit your bronze and silver cards then it allows you to enter the challenge. And, in FUT 23 Transfer Market, the prices of these two cards are very low. FUT 23 Coins are available if you want to get these cards. If you finish the SBC at the end, you'll be rewarded with the Three Premier League Players pack.

What Are The Rewards For Completing Benzegoal SBC?

Part of the goal of FUT 23 Road to the Final is Benzegoal. As a final reward, this goal will give you a Ten 84+ Players pack. During the RTTF promo period in FIFA 23, each section represents Daily SBCs for that period. And, this can increase its overall importance. In order to get those final rewards that cannot be bought, you must complete all challenges within the limited time.

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, one of your most desired items should be RTTF cards. And, you'll want more and more packs to get one of these special variants. In the current version, these cards are already very powerful. Also, they are dynamic in nature, so they are constantly being updated over time.

As for the total cost of the SBC, you can ignore it. But in FUT 23, since it's part of Road to the Final goal, this one is a worthwhile venture.

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