How To Use German Cross To Score Easy Free Goals In FIFA 23? How To Use German Cross To Score Easy Free Goals In FIFA 23?

How To Use German Cross To Score Easy Free Goals In FIFA 23?

Feb 14, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

Today, let's look at how to consistently score these free goals. I have already wrtite an article to explain this trick but still some of you guys have a big challenge to create chances using this trick. We're going to look at some mistakes you might be doing. So, let's jump into further details.

German Cross

This chance creation trick is almost a glitch because it's hard to defend. These are free goals and I think it may be patched.

FIFA 23 German Cross example 1

As you see, my opponent can't figure out the way to stop this overpowered crossing trick. Every time my player receives the ball in the perfect position to cause danger, lot of Pros use this trick to create chances and score many jails. So, if you still struggle to pull it out, this is the article you are going to read.

But still, don't be stuck in just using only this trick. You should mix up as we said these are free goals, but still it's a hard process to master how to perform it. The good news is if you follow these steps by the end of the article, you will go into a match having at least one free goal.

The first step to perform this trick is to send your player forward the player you want to receive the cross forward. And, I oftenly send my Midfielder, Toni Kroos, who is a strong player you can get by using FUT 23 Coins. He can control the ball without any problem and his finishing abilities are outstanding.

The first way to send your player forward is to use the pass and move technique where you press both the L1 plus the pass button and X, your player after passing the ball will begin running forward. The second way is to send the player without the ball. You just need to point the left analog towards that player then tap the L1. Your player will immediately begin running forward. Now, you know how to send your player forward.

The next step is to wait for him to reach the last man point. But, when you're waiting, your opponent can easily press the ball holder and tackle away the ball. That's why you need to position your ball holder in the position where the opponent can't tackle the ball and at the the same time watching your running player to time your pass well.

FIFA 23 German Cross example 2

And most of the time, I take the ball to the wing here. The opponent has less players to challenge the ball. So, now you have timed your player. And it's time to pull out the pass, hold the crossing button Square, hold full power while aiming towards the running player. Aim to the player and load full power. You will be surprised how this pass travels to your player accurately.

FIFA 23 German Cross example 3

Three Tips

The first tip is to try abuse it whenever you get a chance. A lot of opponents don't expect this pass. It's like a surprise to them when you pull it out and even if they realize that you're gonna pull it out, it needs high skill of right stick switch to that Center back and track the runner. So, keep this in mind that only few players can defend this German Cross.

The second tip is to be more composed. Some players tend to rush and hit the ball first time though it may work sometimes. But you're risking your chances though sometimes you need to strike it first time, if you see the Goalkeeper running out of the goal. But still, you need to control the ball first a lot of the times you will have many passing options. Control the ball and have high chances to put the ball in the net.

The next tip is to send you Midfielder. If you send your Striker, the center-back will automatically track him. But if you send the Midfielder, he will run freely without any player tracking him down and he will receive the ball without any player marking him. Even if you send Strikers, it can work but it's much better with Midfielders.

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