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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: How To Complete PTTK Benjamin André’s Objectives 

EA Sports has added Benjamin André's 83-rated version of Roan to the Knockouts (RTTK) to the objectives menu of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. UTNICE will introduce it in detail.

This is André's first special card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The RTTK promo will give upgrades based on the group stage performance of teams in the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League.

EA has upgraded all of André’s skills to some extent, increasing his Passing, Dribbling, Defending and shooting. When you compare this new card with his 81-rated gold version.

However, the team retained him with his three-star weak foot and skill moves. If you use the chemical style, then you can further improve his Pace (+10) and Defending (+6), which will make his statistics more balanced, making all skills between 76 and 91, except for his 66-rated shooting.

You can complete all OTW André’s objectives in Live FUT Friendly: Group Stage Glory mode. There are 4 objectives in the game, and you only need to complete one of them.

After completing the objectives, you will get a 75+ rated rare player pack, a gold pack, 2 player packs and a small electrum player pack. You will complete 4 objectives and get the cards by 12 pm CT on October 27th.

In FUT, you need to complete the following 4 objectives in the Live FUT Friendly: Group Stage Glory to get the Road to the Knockouts Benjamin André SBC:

* Lille Link-up: Assist using French players in 11 separate matches

* Fine Form: Score 10 finesse goals using Ligue 1 players

* Attacking Anchor: Assist 6 goals using CDMs

* Way to win: Win 9 matches

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