5 Tips To Level Up Your Wingplay In FIFA 23 5 Tips To Level Up Your Wingplay In FIFA 23

5 Tips To Level Up Your Wingplay In FIFA 23

Jan 12, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

Have you been getting stuck too much in the center while building up your attack and hesitant about exploring the opportunities on the wings? Well, in ths article, we are going to put an end to that problem.

Purpose Of Wingplay

Wingplays are so important and why we need it in some cases? Players don't realize that they are only using one area of the pitch to get themselves forward getting stuck in the center is the most significant indicator. For this, you get the ball towards the center and try to break through. But, it really gets hard, whenever you face a player, who tends to defend really narrow and covers the center.

Well, this is the main reason why you need a wider approach. You don't limit yourself with the central area but also use the size on both left and right, when you're attacking. Whenever you get the ball towards either one of the sides, the opponent will also need a Defender there. So, you either force him to drag one of his Defenders, which will break his defensive shape or get open space to get even more dangerous in front of the goal players on the wings can also penetrate the defense with their runs.

Always pay attention to their movements as they can rapidly break the shape of the defense and receive the ball in a dangerous spot or shift the opponent's defensive focus to themselves, while you go for another opportunity in the center see seems like the Wingplay is actually quite more useful than you thought.

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Important Aspects For The Wingplay

We are going to take a look at five different aspects to how to set up the attack and create a chance on the wing.

1. Initiating A Movement

First off, you will need a movement since we previously talked about Wingers penetrating the defense, their runs behind the defensive line is crucial. You can either use the L1, LB button to make your window run, while you are pointing him out with the left analog stick or passable with the Winger himself while holding on to the L1, LB button to initiate the One-Two Pass and send them behind the defensive line.

2. Drawing Defenders Towards The Side

Make sure you watch the Wingers run. Take a look at the defense and time to pass correctly to get the most out of it. Once you create the movement on the wing and the danger with it, the opponent will have to react to it. This means that he will get at least one of his Defenders there to confront you by dragging Defenders towards that side. He might give up openings for you in the center or on the other side. So, passing the ball back and then quickly switching sides could open up crucial opportunities for you.

fifa 23 example 1

In this example, as I pass the ball towards the wing, the opponent brings two Defenders to prevent the potential danger while also cutting the passing lane to the Striker. This is exactly what I expected from the position and I passed straight back towards my Midfielder, who can connect the ball with the unmarked Striker inside the box just because the opponent dragged too many Defenders towards the side.

3.Cutting Back Towards Inside

If you want to create the danger directed with the Winger himself and take it to a one-on-one with the defender, you will have two options. The first one is to cut the ball back to get past the Defender. This will mostly come in handy when the opponent has the tendency to run too much in his defense. Especially towards the goalline, these players won't expect you to change direction and you can either create the goal scoring opportunity for yourself or for a teammate, who is in or around the box.

fifa 23 example 2

Here, I initiate a move with a One-Two Pass, wait for my wing back to get in optimal spot, while covering the ball and passable to him. Next, I need to analyze where the opponent is going. So, watching him rush towards my running lane helps me decide that I should cut back inside and use the space he opens up. So, with a simple ball roll, I get rid of the pressure possible to the open teammate turn around and score the goal.

4. Exploring The Goalline

The second option is to get your Winger straight towards the goalline again. The defensive tendency plays a huge role here, if the Defender thinks that he will turn around and consistently stops to control the cutback line.You can use the element of surprise and accelerate towards the goalline, which can create a very effective passing chance and can end up with an easy goal.

As I once more take a look at the Defender's behavior, I see that he is consistently trying to cover and control the passing lane, as if I was to turn back and passable towards my teammate. That is where I decide to explore the goalline and passable to the same teammate, who goes into that direction with a through ball. I have multiple passing options, but I need to see what the Defender does next. So, he takes another Defender and gets closer to my Douglas left side to cover the pass to that direction. And I take the ball once more towards the goalline go for a strong driven pass and find the empty net.

Remember this method and cutting back are exactly opposite. So, make sure you use both of them and consistently switch between them to become unpredictable and not let the Defender get into your head.

5. Crossing The Ball In

Last but not least, crossing the ball is sometimes very effective especially on the counter. If the defense is not set properly in the box and you have an open player or  if you see an unmarked player inside the box, don't hesitate and power up the cross regarding the distance.

fifa 23 example 3

Here, on the brake, I have the advantage over the Defender and he needs to cover multiple opportunities. I could try to dribble further or passable towards a closer player, but he seems to control both chances. However, on the other side, there is a tiny little gap that my other Striker can fill and I decide to go for a far post cross with a power between 2 and 3 Power Bars in the perfect cross and finish off the attack.

Anyway, if you want to win more games then using FUT 23 Coins to boost the strength of the players in your team is a good choice!

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