Things You Might Have Overlooked In The EA FC 24 Gameplay Deep Dive Things You Might Have Overlooked In The EA FC 24 Gameplay Deep Dive

Things You Might Have Overlooked In The EA FC 24 Gameplay Deep Dive

Jul 26, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

Here are some things you might have missed regarding FC 24’s gameplay, especially if you didn’t read the Deep Dive article.


Penalties look like they could be harder to save.

Previously, you had the choice of left, right, or center. But now, you’re going to have to decide between staying down the middle or going top left, bottom left, top right, or bottom right.

So, maybe we’ll see more penalties converted in the upcoming game.

It’s also worth noting there have been some new penalty kick animations added, too.

Things You Might Have Overlooked In The EA FC 24 Gameplay Deep Dive

Advanced Shot Cancels

Now, you may have noticed some new skill moves in the trailers.

But in the Deep Dive article, something else stood out to us and that is the new Advanced Shot Cancels, in particular the Shot To skill move, which looks like it will be incredibly effective in 1v1 situations.

AcceleRATE 2.0

AcceleRATE 2.0 is here and could we just see the return of the lengthy meta? There are four new AcceleRATE types:

  • Controlled Explosive - 50% Explosive, 50% Controlled.
  • Mostly Explosive - 70% Explosive, 30% Controlled.
  • Controlled Lengthy - 50% Lengthy, 50% Controlled.
  • Mostly Lengthy - 70% Lengthy, 30% Controlled.

Explosive Run Types will have the lead early on. Later on, Lengthy Run Types will catch up the Explosive Types.

Kinetic Physical Play

Kinetic Physical Play looks interesting.

There are plenty of new shielding animations and there’s also a feature called Pushback Shield, which allows us to create space by pushing the opponent away from the ball.

Do you ever cross the ball into the box, hoping for a diving header and the attacker does or something else? With headers on demand, that should no longer be an issue.

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True Fight AI

Artificial Intelligence powers AI True Fight ball physics, according to the article. So, we should see a lot more ball movement when either passing or shooting in FC 24.

Shooting Improvements

How about this? Have you ever been annoyed by how slow your player is taking to produce a shot?

Well, there’s been some shooting improvements. And if you’re near the goal within 18 yards, you can tap the shoot button to produce a quick release shot.

Speaking of shooting by using different combinations, you can now go from the Power Shot animation into a chip or a finesse shot.

Skill Moves

There are some new skill moves for FC 24 and we begin with the Ball Roll Drag. The drag back 10 is up next and then we have Flair Nutmegs, which looks really cool. All of these are four-star skill moves and then we’ve also got the Flair Rainbow, which is, of course, a five-star skill move.

The attacking positioning up there should see players move more actively to find space and the Diagonal Runs sound great. There is also a section on a dynamic defensive line. This Means players will adjust their positioning to accommodate Wing Backs, making attacking runs. They will shift or drop to cover their space while the Wing Back is out of position.

Goalkeepers will now attempt to push shots into safer areas or out of player when they cannot catch the ball. And a bunch of new animations have been added for Goalkeeper shot stops.

EA FC 24 is now confirmed to be officially released on September 29th. There is still some time until the official release, and you can use this time to stock up on FC 24 Coins. In this way, you can buy more excellent players to join your team.

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