Possitive or Negative? Impact from World Cup on FIFA 23 Possitive or Negative? Impact from World Cup on FIFA 23

Possitive or Negative? Impact from World Cup on FIFA 23

Nov 12, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

Each new FIFA game launches in the fall, not long after the soccer season begins. It's a release window that it has occupied for years, and has no reason to change as the franchise has dominated the soccer simulation genre through the last three generations of home consoles. The World Cup arrives every four years, and promises a display of international soccer that is unrivaled, with the likes of France, Germany, Spain, and Italy claiming victory over the last few tournaments. The World Cup used to provoke stand-alone FIFA games from EA, but FIFA 18 streamlined the experience and made the event available as DLC. FIFA 23 is adopting a similar philosophy, implementing it into the game when it begins in November.

Usually taking place in the Summer, the World Cup does well to plug the gap between domestic seasons, providing a competition at a time when soccer isn't usually airing. This year, however, the tournament takes place in Qatar. To dodge the heat in this country, it commences in the fall, which puts it in the middle of the soccer season, and just weeks after the release of FIFA 23. This is an anomaly, and has been polarizing to fans of the sport, but could prove to be more difficult for FIFA players as well as EA itself.

Possitive or Negative? Impact from World Cup on FIFA 2336541

The Effect of the World Cup on FIFA 23
FIFA typically releases in September or October, and the player count generally wanes as the months tick by. Summer is a time that soccer isn't played much professionally, aside from a few international tournaments, so the thirst to experience in the virtual space will dwindle. The FIFA World Cup's popularity provides a reason to get excited for the sport while other sports dominate the headlines, however the tournament's November 20th start this time could mean that there's no reason to get excited to play FIFA in the 2023 summer. A FIFA game is usually only relevant for one year, as the franchise's turnaround is fast, and the World Cup would have been a perfect way to ensure it has a strong and dedicated audience all year round.

The World Cup's Influence on Player Ratings
The separation of domestic and world soccer has always been beneficial, not just to the design of FIFA, but the player ratings as well. Each tournament brings out the best in some top talent, as players like Mesut Ozil, Federico Chiesa, James Rodriguez, and Milan Baros have all found success on the international stage. Summer competitions allow EA to gather information and rate the players according to their performances for both club and country, but with a fall World Cup, it's a tough ask to adjust scores based on their tournament performance while in the middle of a domestic season. Player ratings in FIFA are very important, and fans will be quick to notice if they aren't indicative of performance.

Generally speaking, the effect of World Cup on FIFA 23 this year still needs observation. If you want to know more you can go to check the UTnice and also find some cheap FUT 23 Coins here.

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