NBA 2K23: Michael Jordan and Devin Booker Featured on Cover NBA 2K23: Michael Jordan and Devin Booker Featured on Cover

NBA 2K23: Michael Jordan and Devin Booker Featured on Cover

Jul 09, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

With the arrival of hot summer, new titles in the NBA 2K series continue to lead the way. This year's NBA 2K23 is still hot, and 2K Games has finally disclosed more information. Just yesterday NBA 2K23 finally revealed its long-awaited cover athlete.

This year's NBA 2K23 will bring five different editions in digital and physical form, they are Standard Edition, WNBA Edition, Michael Jordan Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, and Champion Edition.

Star guard Devin Booker from the Phoenix Suns will be featured as the cover athlete for the Standard and Digital Deluxe Editions of NBA 2K23. The teenage promising player was a three-time NBA All-Star and led the Suns to the NBA Finals in 2021.At the same time, it is not difficult to see from the name of the edition that Michael Jordan serves as the cover athlete of the Michael Jordan Edition and Champion Edition. Michael Jordan, a six-time NBA MVP legend, has been hailed as the greatest basketball player of all time. At the same time, he is not only a world-renowned athlete, but also he also created a myth in the business field.

It is worth mentioning that the Pre-order of "NBA 2K23" has been started at this stage, and players can place orders in advance to get more rewards in future games. For loyal fans, the Champion Edition has cost-effectives highly and is well worth buying. Its Pre-order bonuses not only include additional XP, Michael Jordan-themed karts, and NBA 2K23 MT, a slew of impressive content, but also a one-year NBA League Pass.

In terms of content, NBA 2K23 also brings back the Jordan Challenge, which was introduced in NBA 2K11 and adds optional challenge types. Players can recreate 15 milestone moments in Michael Jordan's basketball career in different ways.

NBA 2K23 will be officially released on September 9, and players will meet it soon and get a new experience. If you want to know more about it before its release, be sure to follow, we will bring you the latest NBA 2K23 information and NBA 2K23 MT for sale in time to help you take the lead in the game.

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