NBA 2K22: The Highlights of Season 8

Jul 01, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

New seasons always surprise us, and 2K revealed what we'll be seeing in Season 8. Starting July 1, for the next six weeks, players will chase glory and brilliance, constantly improve their dream team, and enjoy great rewards along the way.In the meantime, one of the biggest highlights of the season is that Shaquille O'Neal will be a full-time player, showing us his storied basketball career. On top of that, Season 8 contains a slew of great content.

1.MyTeam brings powerful End Game cards.

The End Game will bring some very worthwhile End Game cards with stat scores of 99, all 80 possible badges at the Hall of Fame level, and the best jumpers, dribbles, and finishing animations you could ask for. This means They're pretty much all-rounder and can give your team a very substantial boost.

The End Game cards we know so far include:

End Game James Harden

End Game Chris Webber

End Game Nikola Jokic

2. MyCareer introduces a new golden suit.

NBA Finals-themed gear sets will be introduced, and players will be able to get a range of gold skins. Meanwhile, players who reach level 30 can swap out the Slime Skin for their zippy ride; those who reach level 40 can don a new pair of Dash2K I Shoes.

3. The W brought in former WNBA stars Sheri Sam and Taj McWilliams-Franklin.

Players can build on their basketball expertise and knowledge in Season 8 to reach the Hall of Fame level and earn great rewards, including a Takeover Perk Picker. You can also earn 2K Breakthrough Gear, an Extra Point Badge, 4,000 total VC, a Seasonal Clothing Bundle, and exclusive W Gear. will continue to bring you first-hand NBA 2K22 and NBA 2K23 information. At the same time, you can not only get useful information here but also get NBA 2K22 MT, we will serve you wholeheartedly, so stay tuned.

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