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    NBA 2K22: Take your chance to get more MyTeam cards

    NBA 2K22 Season 8 is in full swing, and more and more MyTeam cards are gradually entering our field of vision. Just yesterday, the Best Of MyTEAM set was officially released, and for now, we have ample opportunity to acquire a plethora of useful player cards.

    1. Best of MyTeam Super Pack

    NBA 2K22 Season 8 is bringing more surprises, and more and more MyTeam cards are gradually entering our field of vision. Just yesterday, MyTEAM's best suits were officially released, and right now, we have ample opportunity to get a ton of useful player cards.

    2. End Game Pack

    The End Game Pack includes some invincible cards that definitely deserve your attention. They've also been added to the Best of MyTeam Super Pack, featuring popular players Tacko Fall and JR Smith.

    All in all, there are a lot of cards in this series with impressive data, including:

    DM Derrick Rose (Invincible) - PG/SG

    DM Terrence Ross (MyTEAM Anniversary) - SG/PG

    DM Michael Jordan (Invincible) - SG/SF

    DM Kobe Bryant (Invincible) - SG/PG

    DM Shaquille O'Neal (End Game) - C/PF

    DM LaMelo Ball (End Game) - PG/SG

    DM Tony Parker (MyTEAM Anniversary) - PG/SG

    DM Ralph Sampson (MyTEAM Anniversary) - C/PF

    DM Giannis Antetokoumpo (Invincible) - PF/SF

    DM LeBron James (Invincible) - SF/PF

    Players can buy these packs according to their needs. Meanwhile, the NBA 2K23 MyTeam Challenge is still waiting for you to complete, and you can beat the cover athlete team in Triple Threat, including Devin Booker, Michael Jordan and Luka Doncic. After successfully completing the challenge, you can get in NBA 2K22 and NBA 2K23 a Diamond Jordan Shoe, 5 Attributes, 23 Tokens and HOF Badge.

    If you want more information about the NBA 2K series, a visit to will be of great help. You can also buy NBA 2K22 MT here to get your favorite Dark Matter cards.

    Jul 14, 2022

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    NBA 2K22: The Highlights of Season 8

    New seasons always surprise us, and 2K revealed what we'll be seeing in Season 8. Starting July 1, for the next six weeks, players will chase glory and brilliance, constantly improve their dream team, and enjoy great rewards along the way.In the meantime, one of the biggest highlights of the season is that Shaquille O'Neal will be a full-time player, showing us his storied basketball career. On top of that, Season 8 contains a slew of great content.

    1.MyTeam brings powerful End Game cards.

    The End Game will bring some very worthwhile End Game cards with stat scores of 99, all 80 possible badges at the Hall of Fame level, and the best jumpers, dribbles, and finishing animations you could ask for. This means They're pretty much all-rounder and can give your team a very substantial boost.

    The End Game cards we know so far include:

    End Game James Harden

    End Game Chris Webber

    End Game Nikola Jokic

    2. MyCareer introduces a new golden suit.

    NBA Finals-themed gear sets will be introduced, and players will be able to get a range of gold skins. Meanwhile, players who reach level 30 can swap out the Slime Skin for their zippy ride; those who reach level 40 can don a new pair of Dash2K I Shoes.

    3. The W brought in former WNBA stars Sheri Sam and Taj McWilliams-Franklin.

    Players can build on their basketball expertise and knowledge in Season 8 to reach the Hall of Fame level and earn great rewards, including a Takeover Perk Picker. You can also earn 2K Breakthrough Gear, an Extra Point Badge, 4,000 total VC, a Seasonal Clothing Bundle, and exclusive W Gear. will continue to bring you first-hand NBA 2K22 and NBA 2K23 information. At the same time, you can not only get useful information here but also get NBA 2K22 MT, we will serve you wholeheartedly, so stay tuned.

    Jul 01, 2022

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    NBA 2K22: New Limited Event will bring the ultimate reward

    NBA 2K22 Season 7 has come to an end, and all we have to do now is to seize the moment and complete events and challenges in Week 6 to earn great rewards.

    In this weekend's limited events, as always, you'll need to beef up your roster to be competitive. However, the following limitations must also be met:

    1. Use up to 1 PD, 1 Diamond, & 1 Amy.

    2. Remaining players must be Ruby or lower.

    3.No Free Agent or Heat Check cards.

    In fact, these conditions do not bring too many limitations, and players can still create a strong MyTeam. And the most exciting thing to look forward to is what rewards we can get from it. Fortunately, the rewards this time around are quite impressive, players can collect six championship rings by completing the game and redeem the following optional rewards:

    HOF Badge

    DM Boban Marjanovic

    DM OG Anunoby

    S6 Limited Exchange Reward

    We can turn our attention to DM OG Anunoby, the long-awaited 99OVR card with all its advantages, and it's perfect for players to give it a shot. It is worth noting that if players also hold the Limited Exchange card for Season 6, they can also get an additional 15K XP in the upcoming Season 8.

    UTnice will continue to bring you first-hand NBA 2K22 information, and in order to help you build MyTeam, we will also provide NBA 2K22 MT for sale, you can place an order here at any time, and we will be there for you. You bring great service.

    Jun 25, 2022

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    NBA 2K22: SWISH 5 Packs Bring Hero Robert Horry

    Similar to last week, this week's NBA 2K22, as always, brings a slew of new cards worth owning. Although not as good as the player configuration of SWISH 4 Packs, you can't go wrong with getting it.

    This week's SWISH 5 Packs contain five cards, which are:

    Invincible & Hero Robert Horry

    DM Shooting Ben Wallace

    DM Shooting Josh Smith

    GO PG/C Domantas Sabonis

    GO Shooting Andre Drummond

    Among them, we need to pay the most attention to Hero Robert Horry. As the final part of Championship Mural, players can earn it to complete the Mural and earn the Wilt Chamberlain End Game card.

    Of course, as the SWISH series always does, you have two free chances to get this new bundle. The first is to complete the SWISH Skill Challenge. It's not a hard challenge, and you just need to win a Triple Threat game to 30 points and record at least 1 steal and 3 blocks as a team.

    Another opportunity is the Locker Code that players love to see. Enter "SWISH-5-NY-STARKS-OR-ROBINSON" to receive a SWISH 5 Pack, 10 Tokens, Diamond Shoe Pack, Dark Matter John Starks, or Galaxy Opal Mitchell Robinson. It is valid for one week.

    UTnice is committed to bringing a better experience to your MyTeam journey. We have NBA 2K22 MT for sale as your support if you want to get more packs and get rewards. Feel free to place an order here, we will provide you with quality service.

    Jun 22, 2022

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    NBA 2K22: Premiere Packs and New Rebounding Agendas are Live Now

    While we wait for NBA 2K23 and NBA 2K22 Season 8, this week's NBA 2K22 MyTeam will continue to deliver great content. In addition to the currently still available Gamma Packs containing Invincible Kevin Durant to surprise players, the new My Team Premiere Packs will also bring you some great player cards.

    Players will be able to get single-card Pink Diamond, Galaxy Opal, or Dark Matter Packs from today's Premiere Packs. While we don't know exactly which stars are included, spending some VC will give you a chance to get a good Dark Matter card.

    Players may need to accumulate as much VC as possible before buying Premiere Packs. Although they don't cost you NBA 2K22 MT, they are not cheap either. Here are the prices of Premiere Packs:

    Pink Diamond Premiere Pack - 3,750 VC

    Galaxy Opal Premiere Pack - 10,000 VC

    Dark Matter Premiere Pack - 20,000 VC

    At the same time, New Rebounding Agendas also opened this week. Players who need to hit 25 40s with a center will receive a HOF Brick Wall Badge to enhance your favorite players and teams. This event will last for a week, and players can arrange their time reasonably to achieve this goal. will continue to bring you the latest news on NBA 2K22 and NBA 2K23, so you are welcome to follow us. Not only that, but we are also committed to bringing you a better MyTeam experience, you can buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT here, and we will deliver the products you ordered as soon as possible.

    Jun 14, 2022

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    NBA 2K22: New Evo Cards Preview

    May has come to an end, and the NBA playoffs are in full swing. In the meantime, NBA 2K22 MyTeam is still bringing new content. Tomorrow, players can realize the evolution of a new batch of player cards by participating in the Evolution Exchange. What is now knownNew Evo Cards in MyTeam include:

    Allan Houston GO can evolve to DM

    Tyler Hansbrough PD can evolve to GO

    Jerry Stackhouse GO can evolve to DM

    Bob Sura Diamond can evolve to PD

    Gary Payton DM can evolve to DM

    In addition, NBA 2K22 also released a preview of the Galactic Packs. The currently released cards include Dark Matter Kevin Garnett, Dark Matter Tacko Fall, Dark Matter T-Mac and Dark Matter Lebron James, players will be able to use these Invincible stars to Build a strong lineup.

    As of now, NBA 2K22 Season 7: Return of Heros has been released for more than a week, and the playability of the game has been significantly improved. The latest Jrue Holiday Agenda is also great to challenge, with a lot of excellent event cards for Dark Matter Jrue Holiday waiting for players to get their hands on it. It's not hard to get them, and players can earn the cards they want by completing agendas or from Triple Threat boards and the Vault.

    UTnice will be a good helper for you to build your favorite MyTeam lineup, you can buy NBA 2K22 MT for sale here and get more useful information. Please stay tuned.

    May 27, 2022

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    NBA 2K22: Highlights of the upcoming Season 7

    With the NBA playoffs underway, 2K Games is finally bringing the long-awaited new season of NBA 2K22. The Season 7: Return of Heroes will be officially released on May 20.

    The NBA 2K22 Season 7 season will run for five weeks and features 76ers star Joel Embiid as the headline athlete. Echoing the first All-League heroes on display in NBA 2K21, Season 7 continues the theme of the era of superstars ushering in more new players and games for fans.

    According to the description, season seven contains the following highlights:

    1. MyCareer update

    To allow players to experience a richer basketball career, Season 7 brings more new missions and new rewards in City and aboard the Cancha Del Mar.

    New-Gen players reaching Season Level 30 and 40 will receive the NBA Mascot outfit and Jetpack respectively; Current-Gen players reaching Season Level 30 and 40 will receive the Affiliation Mascot outfit and NBA Mascot outfit respectively.

    2. New TKO Event

    This is an unprecedented boxing event. TKO supports the confrontation between players and shows the ranking, bringing you exciting competitive challenges. Event rewards include 10000VC, skill upgrades, boxer shorts, etc. Players who keep the winning streak can get up to 4XP rewards!

    3. MyTeam Heroes Assemble

    A new playoff agenda is on the way, and Season 7 will bring together thirty Champions and Challengers. The Mural is also back, Hero Galaxy Opal Zion Williamson as a Level 1 reward and Invincible Joel Embiid as the Challenger Mural’s collection complete reward.

    4. The W Online

    This is the New Gen exclusive mode. Season 7 brings new WNBA regular season and Hall of Fame rewards: Tamika Catchings and Chamique Holdsclaw, but not only that, but players can also earn Takeover Perk Pickers, 2K Breakout Gear, extra badge points, and more.

    In addition to the above highlights, the seventh season will also bring new dark matter rewards and 2K Beat, players will be able to get a new experience in the seventh season.

    UTnice will continue to update NBA 2K22 and NBA 2K23 news, and we will help you get a head start in Season 7: Return of Heroes, you can buy NBA 2K22 MT for sale here to advance the progress in the game.

    May 19, 2022

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    NBA 2K22: Season 6 has come to an end

    The Season 6:Zero Gravity of NBA 2K22 is nearing its end, and the seventh season of NBA 2K22 is only a few days away, and players still have a lot of content to complete during this time.

    In preparation for the upcoming seventh season, the most worthy of player participation at the moment is the Beyond Level 40 Agenda and the Playoffs Agenda. Completing the quest matches on these agendas can yield plenty of rewards and Dark Matter to give Season 7 a head start.

    Players can get new player cards and rewards in the following ways. First of all, players can choose to get Gobert REB by collecting 17 rebounds in multiple games with any Rudy Gobert. Second, making 8 3-pointers with a Heat player in the game will earn the Heat 3's. Win a match with 5 Warriors players to earn a Warriors Win. Get 2 double-doubles with 76ers players in multiple games at the same time to get 76ers DD's players. In addition to these, Zero Gravity has more content waiting for players to experience.

    In order not to leave regrets, there are still many tasks players can complete in the sixth season, and the seventh season is also preparing exciting new content. Season 7 of NBA 2K22 will be "Full Throttle" with the official release date on May 20. Players eager for new content will soon be able to meet it.

    UTNICE will be able to prepare you for the start of Season 7. You can buy cheap NBA 2K22 MyTeam for sale here to strengthen your roster and get an advanced position in the new season.

    May 11, 2022

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    NBA 2K22 Predicts the Outcome of the Playoffs

    The NBA playoffs began on April 16 and are still underway. But unlike real-world situations where the outcome of the playoffs is unknown, players may have a preview of how each round of NBA 2K22 is going and get a sneak peek at the outcome of the game. In the NBA 2K22 mid-playoffs, championship predictions have been made.

    NBA 2K22 gives players a preview of the NBA 2021-2022 playoffs and finals of the exciting game process and final results: the most-watched NBA championship this season by fans, the playoffs will end with the Suns defeating Milwaukee Bucks 4/3, Phoenix Suns shooting guard Devin Booker was crowned Finals MVP and led the Suns through the playoffs. His team beat New York. New Orleans Pelicans (4-1), Dallas Mavericks (4-2) y Memphis Grizzlies (4-2). It will also be the first time in the history of NBA 2K22 that Arizona will be crowned world champion.

    Although NBA 2K22 has received mixed reviews after its release, it is undeniable that the ability of the simulator and players can show who the final champion of the game is and which player has contributed the most. Although the results cannot be guaranteed to be accurate, they can also give some reference to some fans who can't wait.

    If you are also following NBA 2K22 events, please follow UTNICE for more news, and we will also provide cheap NBA 2K22 MT for sale to support your game progress.

    Apr 21, 2022

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    NBA 2K22: MyTeam Mystic Packs Have Arrived

    The NBA 2K22 MyTeam Mystic packs have been released and feature many stars, as well as 3 Pink Diamond items and 3 NBA 75 cards. UTNICE has collected some of the latest details, including the latest 2K Locker Codes and Season Agendas.

    MyTeam Mystic Packs add Giannis, T-Mac Pink Diamonds

    Two-time MVP and NBA Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo got a brand new Pink Diamond in the NBA 2K22 MyTeam Mystic packs. He has 2 different PD items, one of which is the NBA 75 edition card.

    Giannis' attributes include his new item features 93 offense and 99 defense. The most important attributes include his 90 for interior and perimeter defense, 89 speed, 88 stamina, and 93 Driving Layup.

    Tracy McGrady is another pink diamond in the new packs. The other two players received NBA 75 diamond cards, including guards James Harden and John Stockton.

    * Giannis Antetokoumpo - 95 OVR Pink Diamond

    * Giannis Antetokoumpo - 95 OVR Pink Diamond (NBA 75)

    * Tracy McGrady - 95 OVR Pink Diamond

    * James Harden - 94 OVR Diamond (NBA 75)

    * James Harden - 94 OVR Diamond

    * Drazen Petrovic - 93 OVR Diamond

    * John Stockton - 92 OVR Diamond (NBA 75)

    * John Stockton - 92 OVR Diamond

    * Dino Radja - 91 OVR Amethyst

    * Eddie Jones - 91 OVR Amethyst

    * Dejounte Murray - 90 OVR Amethyst

    * O.J. Mayo - 89 OVR Ruby

    * Wang Zhi Zhi - 89 OVR Ruby

    * Dell Curry - 88 OVR Ruby

    * Jonathan Isaac - 86 OVR Sapphire

    Locker Codes

    * The code is good for one week. Redeem it by entering “MYSTIC-TMAC-AND-GIANNIS” into the Community Hub area or 2K mobile app.

    * Use the code “THANKS-BKN-BOS-2K22” for a Deluxe Mystic Pack and 2XP Coin. Available for one week.

    If you have a player card you like but you have not been able to get, you can buy NBA 2K22 MT from UTNCIE in advance, and now buy 2K22 MT on UTNICE, you will automatically enjoy 30% off, so the cheap 2K22 MT is available here.

    Nov 25, 2021

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