Unveiling MLB The Show 24's Pitching Mechanics And Strategic Approach To Pitching Unveiling MLB The Show 24's Pitching Mechanics And Strategic Approach To Pitching

Unveiling MLB The Show 24's Pitching Mechanics And Strategic Approach To Pitching

Mar 12, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

As the release of MLB The Show 24 approaches on March 19, Sony is gradually unveiling new information, including pre-order bonuses, early access details, supported platforms, and more. However, some fans are eager to learn about the gameplay.

MLB The Show 24 retains various gameplay mechanics seen in previous editions, ranging from intricate actions like stealing home or diving, to fundamental mechanics like hitting and pitching.

For those who haven't yet mastered pitching, here's a comprehensive guide on pitching mechanics in MLB The Show 24. Also, keep in mind the importance of gathering sufficient MLB The Show 24 Stubs early on in the game. By doing so, along with honing your gameplay abilities, you'll undoubtedly establish a significant advantage over other players.

Unveiling MLB The Show 24's Pitching Mechanics And Strategic Approach To Pitching

Mastering Pitching Mechanics In MLB The Show 24: A Three-Step Strategy

Pitching mechanics in MLB The Show 24 involve players taking control of a pitcher and executing pitches to opposing batters throughout a match.

The pitching mechanics in MLB The Show 24 are structured into 3 steps, though the overall process remains relatively straightforward. Players must first select the pitch type, then determine its location within the hitting zone, and finally adjust the pitch's power.

Here's a breakdown of each step:

1. Select The Pitch Type

The pitching interface displays the inputs for all available pitch types, which players can choose using the action buttons on their controllers:

  • A, B, X, Y & RB for Xbox
  • X, Circle, Square, Triangle & R1 for PlayStation

2. Target The Hitting Zone

Once the pitch type is chosen, the hitting zone becomes visible. 

Using the L Stick, players can designate where the pitch will be thrown and press A/X to confirm the location. 

Note that selecting a breaking ball will display arrows indicating the ball's trajectory path to assist in aiming.

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3. Adjust Pitch Power

Afterward, a power bar will emerge, indicating the pitch's force. 

Pressing A/X once more will establish the strength, after which the bar will descend again to ascertain pitch accuracy. 

Here, aim to align the bar as closely as possible with the accuracy line to ensure the ball travels straight to your intended location.

Bear in mind that mastering pitching mechanics requires comprehending the various pitch types and their respective movements, along with dedicated practice to attain optimal power and accuracy.

MLB The Show 24 Pitching

Exploring Pitch Variety In MLB The Show 24: Fastballs, Breaking Balls And Off-Speed

In MLB The Show 24, pitchers have 3 main types of pitches to choose from: Fastballs, Breaking Balls, and Off-Speed throws. Each category encompasses various pitches distinguished by the movement they exhibit during flight.

Here are the pitch types available in MLB The Show 24:

1. Fastball

  • Four Seam
  • Two Seam
  • Cutter
  • Splitter

Fastballs follow a straight trajectory, are exceptionally swift, and lack deviation. Primarily aimed at securing strikeouts, they are best thrown anywhere within the hitting zone, excluding the center, where batters find them easier to hit.

2. Breaking Ball

  • Curveball
  • Screwball
  • Slider
  • Slurve

Breaking Balls are rapid pitches with subtle movement intended to induce swings. Proper ball placement, coupled with its trajectory's movement, typically results in a strike. Alternating Breaking Balls with Fastballs can further confound batters.

3. Off-Speed

  • Changeup
  • Circle Changeup
  • Forkball
  • Knuckleball

Off-speed pitches, as the name implies, aim to disrupt batters' timing. These pitches, akin to Fastballs in trajectory but with reduced velocity, are slower. Aim for the upper corners of the hitting zone to prevent the ball from dropping below the lower bounds and to introduce uncertainty with the possibility of a Fastball.

All in all, those are the fundamentals of pitching in MLB The Show 24. To master the above skills, you need to practice frequently.

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