The Most Recommended Players In MLB The Show 24 - Top 11 The Most Recommended Players In MLB The Show 24 - Top 11

The Most Recommended Players In MLB The Show 24 - Top 11

Mar 11, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

MLB The Show 24 introduces the latest installment of its annual baseball simulation, bringing along roster updates and refreshed player ratings, including a brand new batch of players boasting a prestigious 99 overall rating. Only 5 individuals achieved this esteemed rating, while an additional six players earned ratings of 95 or higher. For avid followers of professional baseball, most of these top-rated players won't be unfamiliar names. These are definitely nice players to choose if you have enough MLB The Show 24 Stubs.

But that's not the extent of the enhancements in MLB The Show 24. This year's release expands upon the storyline mode introduced in MLB The Show 23, offering more narrative-driven experiences centered around the real-life stories of Negro League players. Among these notable figures is Toni Stone, recognized as the first female professional baseball player. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to create a female character in the "Road to the Show: Pave Their Way" mode, a special edition of the traditional gameplay mode that focuses on a woman's journey in the world of professional baseball.

The Most Recommended Players In MLB The Show 24 - Top 11

1. Mike Trout

  • Team: Los Angeles Angels
  • Rating: 99 Overall

Though no longer paired with Shohei Ohtani, who has joined the Los Angeles Dodgers, Mike Trout remains one of the premier players in professional baseball. 

Despite occasional injury setbacks, the three-time MVP continues to demonstrate exceptional skills both in the outfield and at the plate, solidifying his status as one of the game's elite talents.

2. Aaron Judge

  • Team: New York Yankees 
  • Rating: 99 Overall

Despite missing some games last season, Aaron Judge, the towering 6' 7" right fielder for the New York Yankees, still managed to blast 37 home runs. 

In 2022, Judge established a new single-season home run record for the American League by smashing 62 homers. His impressive track record includes accolades such as Rookie of the Year and MVP honors.

3. Shohei Ohtani 

  • Team: Los Angeles Dodgers 
  • Rating: 99 Overall

It's expected that the current American League MVP would earn a 99 overall rating, but many may find it surprising to see Shohei Ohtani donning a Los Angeles Dodgers jersey. 

Ohtani secured a monumental 10-year, $700 million deal with the Dodgers, ensuring his presence as a two-way talent for the foreseeable future. Despite his real-life absence from pitching this season due to injury, Ohtani remains a force to be reckoned with in MLB The Show 24.

4. Mookie Betts 

  • Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Rating: 99 Overall

Mookie Betts, widely regarded as a top contender for the National League MVP in 2023, earns a 99 overall rating as he prepares for what is likely his inaugural full season as a second baseman. 

Transitioning from his previous position in right field, Betts impressively amassed 39 home runs while maintaining a batting average of .309.

5. Ronald Acuña Jr. 

  • Team: Atlanta Braves 
  • Rating: 99 Overall

Ronald Acuña Jr., the current National League MVP, secures a 99 overall rating, likely attributed to his distinction as the inaugural member of the 70/40 club. 

This designation stems from his remarkable tally of 73 stolen bases and 41 home runs achieved in 2023. Additionally, he amassed 106 RBIs while maintaining an impressive .337 batting average.

Best Players In MLB The Show 24

6. Corey Seager

  • Team: Texas Rangers 
  • Rating: 98 Overall

Corey Seager played a pivotal role in guiding the Texas Rangers to their inaugural World Series Championship, securing his second career World Series MVP accolade. 

Despite sitting out a few games at the start of the season, the Rangers' shortstop showcased his prowess by belting 33 home runs and driving in 96 runs.

7. Spencer Strider

  • Team: Atlanta Braves
  • Rating: 97 Overall

Due to his exceptional strikeout rates and fastball, Atlanta Braves starting pitcher Spencer Strider got a 97 overall rating. 

In 2023, Strider recorded 281 strikeouts off 186.2 innings pitched, which is an amazing statistic given his final 20-5 record and 3.86 ERA.

8. Austin Riley

  • Team: Atlanta Braves
  • Rating: 96 Overall

After a stellar season at the plate, the Atlanta Braves third baseman continues to improve, earning a 96 overall. 

In addition to his outstanding hot corner glove work, Austin Riley racked up 37 home runs and 97 RBIs.

9. Matt Olson

  • Team: Atlanta Braves
  • Rating: 95 Overall

Matt Olson, the last player from the Atlanta Braves on this list, scored a 95 overall. 

The Braves first baseman had an incredible 2023 year, hitting 54 home runs and totaling 139 RBI. The Atlanta Braves tied the single-season team home run record of 307 runs with those 54 home runs.

10. Yordan Álvarez 

  • Team: Houston Astros
  • Rating: 96 Overall

Because of his outstanding hitting statistics, the designated hitter for the Houston Astros was able to score 96 runs overall. 

Despite missing nearly a third of the season due to injuries, Yordan Álvarez managed to hit 31 home runs and accumulate 96 RBIs. He played a part in the Astros' run to the American League championship, which they ultimately lost to the Texas Rangers.

11. Gerrit Cole

  • Team: New York Yankees
  • Rating: 95 Overall

Gerrit Cole, the ace of the New York Yankees, achieved a 96 overall rating with an astonishingly low ERA. 

With 33 starts in 2023 and 222 strikeouts, Cole finished 15-4 in 2023.

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