How To Create An Unstoppable Offensive Scheme In Madden 24 Chiefs Playbook? How To Create An Unstoppable Offensive Scheme In Madden 24 Chiefs Playbook?

How To Create An Unstoppable Offensive Scheme In Madden 24 Chiefs Playbook?

Sep 12, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

Here, I’ll break down the offensive scheme that dominates the passing game with unique route concepts and a run game that’s fun and hard to stop. Let’s start.

Audibles And Formations

First, we need to set up audibles. Because we’re going to be audibling down between two different formations in Chiefs Playbook, Tight Open and Trio HB Weak.

Audibling down means you are changing the pre-captured formation by pressing X or Square. Then pressing right or left on the d-pad to change the formation. This will constantly force the defense to adjust to your offense.

Now, here are the audibles for each formation we’re going to discuss. In Trio HB Weak formation, all you need to do is make sure you have RPO Alert Bubble among the audibles. Then, for Tight Open, you need Slot Post, Bench Z Spot, Read Option, and Speed Option.

Madden 24: How To Create An Unstoppable Offensive Scheme In Chiefs Playbook?

1st Play

So, to start the offense, you need to appear in RPO Alert Bubble in Trio HB Weak formation. This play is tough to stop because you can throw the ball to the bubble or give it to the perimeter.

Now, the readings in this tactic are very simple. You need to understand numerical advantage by calculating the ratio between the number of players on the tripping side and the number of defensive players lined up on the receiver side. 

In this play, you will see only 2 defensive players lined up over the 2 wide receivers. The only defensive player with the ball was the safety, who was 12 yards out. The linebacker is too slow to defend the bubble from his inside position.

Now, once you throw the ball, all you have to do is beat your 1v1 duel, and then you can easily catch the ball to move the chains. But if your 3 receivers have a defensive player surrounding them, you may want to look at the backfield.

If you find that most defenders are shifting to the tripping side, give it to the running back. You’ll have enough time to complete the mission to earn a huge Madden 24 Coins payout.

The reason we started using RPO Alert Bubble was so that we could hear Tight Open formation audibles. You just need to press X and then press the D right until you reach Tight Open.

Then, once you’re in formation, you’ll be able to choose from any of our selection of audible plays: Slot Post, Bench Z Spot, Read Option, and Speed Option.

2nd Play

Now, if you see the defense in blitz mode, you can hear the audibles of Slot Post in Tight Open formation. The way to tell if a blitz is coming is to look at the safety. If they’re within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage, usually you’ll see a blitz unless it’s fake.

But to beat the blitz, we will place 2 shorter routes on the right that beat the opponent. But on the left side, we’re going to keep the same route. You can then block RB to add an extra blocker against the blitz, so we have more time to attack.

The Most Explosive Offensive Scheme in Madden NFL 24 Gameplay - Tips & Tricks

Now, when we spike the ball, you’ll see that the blitz is blocked. This gives us time to get the laser out of the pocket and throw touchdown passes to elite players.

But one thing I want to make you wary of is the original defender covering RB. Because RB didn’t go out and run the route, the defender who was guarding him is now a zone defender.

Therefore, when dealing with a blitz, it’s important to understand route spacing and beat personnel covering routes. If you don’t space your routes well, you’ll have a hard time keeping enough distance from your defender. And you can allow defenders or users to guard both routes at the same time.

3rd Play

Another way you can beat the defense on this play is to create a bunch look by signaling the slot receiver on the post. You can then put B on the zig, A on the slant, and put the running back on the outside table route.

The goal here is to read the corner route. If he creates enough distance to guide him away from the defender, he can score an easy touchdown. If he doesn’t open, you will check via the zig route.

Another thing that makes this game so exciting, though, is route spacing. Because we have too many routes that pose a threat to human defenses. If the user only guards one route, other routes away from the user will inevitably be opened.

4th Play

Outside of Bench Z Spot, we’ll create a flood concept by moving the outside receiver and placing him vertically. Then on the back, we place Y in the tilt position and X in the zig position.

Now, in this flood concept, my interpretation is safety, the corner, and the slot corner. You’ll see the corner stay in his flat to defend the running back. And the corner route, which leaves the vertical route open in the back of the end zone, occupies the deep safety.

Because if the flat defender stays low, the deep half safety won’t be able to guard two routes that are spaced apart from each other. Therefore, route spacing is equally important for zones and players.

Madden 24: Unstoppable Offensive Scheme - Score Every Drive!

5th Play

Another way to execute this play is to move the Y receiver over, put B in the slant position and X in the zig position. If your opponent is in man coverage mode, see which cutting routes will be open.

Here, it’s a slant with yards of open space. If you have to get rid of the ball quickly, you’ll have zig and flat route to watch the check.

6th Play

Now let’s talk about speed options. The speed option forces the defense to cover two players, QBs and running back. If you see the D end rushing QB, press LB to throw it to the running back and try to get to the outside. That’s where you can make big runs and touchdowns.

7th Play

In this play, you can choose to have QB have the ball, or hold A and give the ball to RB. If no anchors are available, look at the backside linebackers furthest away from the outside and slot corners. If they fall toward the outside, get the ball to the running back to improve your running game.

You need to read your blocks correctly by understanding where your blockers are and what influence they have. So, when the running back gets the ball, the left guard blocks the linebacker.

We now have two holes to choose from. But what you want to choose is the hole where the left back pushes the defender away. So, I took the space in the middle and made a cutout on the outside. That’s why I cut to the outside, away from the defender, and get an easy touchdown.

This is the offensive scheme I provide you in Chiefs Playbook today. Let me know what you think of this offensive scheme and how it works for you. See you next time.

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