How Pro Players Read Defense In Madden 24? How Pro Players Read Defense In Madden 24?

How Pro Players Read Defense In Madden 24?

Aug 29, 2023 Source: UTNICE More News

In Madden NFL 24, if you can know how to read defense like a professional player, then your offense will definitely be greatly improved. This is because you can read the opponent’s tactics and spend more time on your own layout.

So, I’ve made a special guide on how to read defenses pre-snap, allowing you to move up and down the field with ease.

How Pro Players Read Defense In Madden 24?

Step 1

Here is the step 1.

When you break the huddle, you want to immediately look at the safeties. If it’s a single high safety, it’s either Cover 1 or Cover 3. If you’re not 100% sure, you can take your slot receiver and motion him across the formation. If the Defensive Back follows him, it’s man-to-man Cover 1. If he does not, it’s a Cover 3 zone.

Single high is pretty easy to read. Two high safety looks are a little tougher.

Step 2

If you see a two high safety look, you want to move on to step 2, which is reading the alignment of the outside corner.

If he’s leveraged inside, it’s man-to-man. If he’s not, it’s a Zone Coverage This is when the pro tip comes in.

If he’s a line eight yards off, it’s either a Cover 3 or a Cover 4 defense. And if it’s Cover 2, the corner will be aligned five yards off with outside leverage.

Important Tips

Here’s another big tip here. Look at the picture below. It appears to be Covered 2, right? Because the cornerback is five yards off with an outside leverage. But if you look at the other corner, he’s aligned eight yards off, like a Cover 4. It is a very simple math here.

Madden 24 Important Tips Example 1

You have a Cover 2 look on one side and a Cover 4 look on the other side. So, what’s 2 plus 4? Six. This means a Cover 6 defense.

Now, think about this. What if it was reversed? What if you see Cover 4 on one side and Cover 2 on the opposite side, but it’s flipped? Think of what’s a six flipped upside down? A ‘9’. So, that’ll mean it’ll be a Cover 9 defense.

Pro players recognize this type of stuff immediately and that really plays a factor into the plays that they call on offense.

Here’s something else. This is how you know when somebody’s sending heat. Do you still remember step 1? It was to look at the safeties, right? Look at where they line up. You can manually adjust it yourself, as I said. Then look at the layout of Cover 2, Cover 4 and Man To Man.

Now, this is a Cover 0 Man Blitz. Notice how the safeties are closer inside the Box than all the other coverages.

Madden 24 Important Tips Example 2

There’s a lot of tales in this game, but paying attention and taking these steps will instantly make you a better Madden 24 player. Of course, learning these tactics can only help you win the game easily. It is very necessary for you to reserve a large amount of MUT 24 Coins. Because this way you can buy more excellent players to improve your team. Hurry up and act now!

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