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FUT Mobile 'Seasoned Athlete' Gullit milestone reportedly doesn't complete even after unlocking 'Rooney', fix in works

May 13, 2021 Source: UTNICE

FUT Mobile introduced a new legend into the game – Ruud Gullit in early April. This is combined with the launch of Gullit Event comprised of nine milestones waiting to be completed.

And upon the completion of all the milestones, you will be able to claim Prime Icon Gullit in a position of your choice.

These nine milestones are as follows: Academy Graduate, Goal-Iath, Seasoned Athlete, FUT Masters, League Legend, Rising Star, Legendary Career, Triple Digits, and Management Material.

There is one milestone in particular though that is turning out to be quite a pain for those trying to complete the event. This is pretty clear from a bunch of complaints on the EA forums as well as on social media.

The Seasoned Athlete achievement does not get marked as completed even after unlocking the Seasons Legend player 'Rooney'. And no amounts of restarts, clearing app data, and re-installs seem to help.

This is a huge cause of bother for players, especially for those that have already completed all other eight milestones only to be held back by an incomplete Seasoned Athlete.

Some now even believe that Rooney is one of those players that doesn't count towards Gullit Milestones.

Fortunately, Rooney does count, and Seasoned Athlete isn't getting marked as complete upon unlocking him as there indeed is a bug in FUT Mobile.

This is pretty clear from an official acknowledgment by a Community Manager on the EA forums. The mod stated that that the issue is being looked into.

Therefore, if all goes well, the FUT Mobile Gullit glitch will finally be fixed with either a bug fixing update or through a server-side fix. So for now, all you have to do is sit tight and wait.

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