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  • EA extends UEFA exclusivity, working on multiple FUT mobile games

    May 13, 2021

    Electronic Arts has secured a licence extension with UEFA, and unveiled a number of projects designed to further solidify FUT's position as market leader in football games.

    The publisher has signed a multi-year agreement with the European football association which gives it the exclusive rights to the Champions League, as well as the Europa League and Super Cup.

    EA took this opportunity to also announce that FUT will make its debut on Google's Stadia streaming service this year, with FUT 21 launching on March 17.

    Stadia is in need of some positive news after Google announced yesterday that it had closed the internal studios responsible for developing exclusive titles, instead focusing on third-party titles and outsourcing its tech to publishers.

    EA also announced a number of other expansions for the FUT franchise, including the addition of 15 markets -- including Russia, Poland and Turkey -- to free-to-play PC offering FUT Online 4.

    The publishing claims this extends the online game's reach to potentially 80 million players across the new territories.

    Finally, EA said it has six mobile FUT titles in development, ranging from simulation to "unique arcade formats offering new ways to play for everyone."

    The FUT franchise has now sold more than 325 million units over its lifetime, with player count for FUT 21 already tracking ahead of the record-breaking FUT 20.

  • Here's how to download FUT Mobile

    May 13, 2021

    We take a look at EA's mobile version of the game

    With some fans fed up with FUT 21 Ultimate Team, attentions have turned towards the mobile version of the game, so here's how much it will cost you.

    Is FUT Mobile free?

    FUT Mobile is completely free to download and offers optional in-app purchases.

    FUT Mobile is available for download now via Google Play and the Apple App Store.

    You can download EA's mobile game on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

    You can now create an in-game friends list and keep track of your head-to-head record for ongoing bragging rights in FUT Mobile!

    You can also now take part in playable live events that correspond with real-world tournaments throughout the season to earn exclusive UCL and UEL Players.

    When can you buy FUT 22?

    Although the official release date for FUT 22 has not yet been confirmed, we can have a pretty accurate guess as to when EA will drop their next football sim.

    FUT 22 will likely be released between Friday, 24 September and Friday, 8 October 2021, judging by the release date in previous years.

    If you are desperate to get your hands on FUT 22 then pre-ordering the game will be your best bet.

    FUT 22 is predicted to be available to pre-order from late June 2021.

    Anyone who pre-orders FUT 22 will possibly get the chance to play the game 3 days in advance.

    Plus, pre-ordering the game will entitle you to free pre-order packs which will help kick start your Ultimate Team.

  • FUT Mobile 'Seasoned Athlete' Gullit milestone reportedly doesn't complete even after unlocking 'Rooney', fix in works

    May 13, 2021

    FUT Mobile introduced a new legend into the game – Ruud Gullit in early April. This is combined with the launch of Gullit Event comprised of nine milestones waiting to be completed.

    And upon the completion of all the milestones, you will be able to claim Prime Icon Gullit in a position of your choice.

    These nine milestones are as follows: Academy Graduate, Goal-Iath, Seasoned Athlete, FUT Masters, League Legend, Rising Star, Legendary Career, Triple Digits, and Management Material.

    There is one milestone in particular though that is turning out to be quite a pain for those trying to complete the event. This is pretty clear from a bunch of complaints on the EA forums as well as on social media.

    The Seasoned Athlete achievement does not get marked as completed even after unlocking the Seasons Legend player 'Rooney'. And no amounts of restarts, clearing app data, and re-installs seem to help.

    This is a huge cause of bother for players, especially for those that have already completed all other eight milestones only to be held back by an incomplete Seasoned Athlete.

    Some now even believe that Rooney is one of those players that doesn't count towards Gullit Milestones.

    Fortunately, Rooney does count, and Seasoned Athlete isn't getting marked as complete upon unlocking him as there indeed is a bug in FUT Mobile.

    This is pretty clear from an official acknowledgment by a Community Manager on the EA forums. The mod stated that that the issue is being looked into.

    Therefore, if all goes well, the FUT Mobile Gullit glitch will finally be fixed with either a bug fixing update or through a server-side fix. So for now, all you have to do is sit tight and wait.

  • Over 10,000 FUT Mobile players banned just before TOTS promo

    May 13, 2021

    EA SPORTS has banned over 10,000 FUT Mobile players in the lead-up to the biggest promotion of the year: Team of the Season (TOTS). The developers allege players were caught cheating in AI matches.

    Team of the Season is rolling out across FUT 21, and that includes Mobile.

    The Community TOTS promotion in the mobile game is set to start on April 29 — using the same players as the traditional console and PC version — but a fair chunk of players will miss out on it entirely.

    EA SPORTS announced on April 28 they have banned over 10,000 players for cheating just before the promotion was meant to drop.

    The suspensions will last for three weeks, meaning players who were caught up in the ban wave will miss the promotion entirely, and one last chance to bolster up their teams before the game runs its cycle.

    "We've temporarily suspended over 10,000 players that have cheated in PvE/AI matches," they said in the statement.

    Exactly what cheats the players used were not disclosed.

    According to EA's rules, "cheating can include but isn't limited to, using external tools, performing in-game exploits, and abusing glitches or bugs."

    "Games are at their best when everyone can play on a level playing field. Cheating, phishing, hacking, or anything else that gives you a competitive advantage ruins the experience for everyone and impacts the game balance."

    The TOTS promotion is set to include powered-up squads from the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and more, and are often the strongest cards in a FUT game's lifecycle.

    More cards are rolling out in FUT 21 and FUT Mobile in the next two weeks. Keep your eyes peeled on UTnice for all the updates as they happen.

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