FIFA 23: What we know so far about World Cup mode

Jun 29, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

The launch of FIFA 23 is exciting because it will bring new content that players want to see. This year's FIFA 23 will soon be released by EA, and there have been numerous leaks about it recently.

Among the game mechanics that will be updated in FIFA 23, the most important one is the World Cup mode. Due to the high voices before, it caused an immediate sensation after it was confirmed that the World Cup mode would return in the second half of this year. So far, we have the following information about World Cup mode:

1. Introduced in the form of DLC.

In the same format as FIFA 18, this year's World Cup mode is also presented to fans in the form of DLC.

2. Its release time is in sync with reality.

Since the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar on November 21 this year, and the World Cup mode in FIFA 22 will be played simultaneously with the real-world time, so we will experience the fun of World Cup mode in mid-November.

3. Expect a World Cup FUT.

As the most popular modes and mechanics, the fusion of World Cup and FIFA Ultimate Team is simply paradise for fans. Referring to the experience of FIFA 18, EA is likely to bring this special World Cup Ultimate Team add-on again, players can use the new cards in the World Cup mode to build their team, complete challenges and get a lot of rewards.

I believe that the World Cup mode can bring us surprises. Although this year may be the last FIFA series developed and produced by EA, what we need to do at this stage is to maintain our original intention and prepare for exciting new modes and contents.

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