FIFA 23: The Biggest Change in Chemistry System Ever

Sep 13, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

FIFA Ultimate Team is more or less the exact same every single year, EA make a few slight changes and even though they are very slight changes, it always gets me super excited, and one of the biggest changes this year must be the Chemistry System Updates in FIFA 23.

So the complete overhaul to the chemistry system must be the priority thing that I am most excited for, now for a lot of people it does sound confusing that's just because we're used to the old way. We're used to the chemistry system that we've had since the very beginning, but I've always said you can't create your ultimate team because of the chemistry system in place.

If you did want to have Ronaldo and Mbappe up front on their maximum chemistry so that they are performing the best in game, you can't just put any random players around them, you need to start thinking about links within the Premier League with Manunited or even with Portugal, just so that you can get into chemistry and they're playing at their very best. It would result in you needing to bring in a player like Messi it's linked to Mbappe or a player like Bruno Fernandez to link to Ronaldo. Even though they're pretty decent players within game, it may not necessarily be the route that you want to take, especially when there could be so many more better players with all the promos that get released.

Now the new chemistry system allows you to put whatever players you want, and there is still chemistry in there but you only really need it if you want to get player stats boosted. Because everyone, even if they're on zero chem will be playing at least at their base attributes. Thus if you did want to have both Ronaldo and Mbappe up front, you can, and you don't need to link to other players around them. But if you did, you would be rewarded with extra boosted stats on those players, as well as the players that they link to.

Actually already this year I'm starting to put together ideas for two different teams, one team that gets the maximum chemistry with very good players, so that I can be competitive within Division Rivals as well as going through FUT champions.

Meanwhile, the second team that I'm probably going to be playing with the most is just going to be a fun team, it's likely that all players within this team will be on zero chem but it really doesn't matter, it is really funny for me.

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