FIFA 23: How To Attack for Scoring More Goals? FIFA 23: How To Attack for Scoring More Goals?

FIFA 23: How To Attack for Scoring More Goals?

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The tip I want to go over is long shots. They are still very effective and work well. To execute this move, apply more power than you think is necessary when you get the ball. If you're further away from the goal, the best time to hit it is from around this distance. The reason is that you have enough time for the shot to go up and then dip towards the goal.

As you can see, the goalkeepers don't really react much and just watch the ball go in. The key thing is to hit the ball with about three bars of power when you're at this distance, not closer. Most of the time, the ball will go into the back of the net and then we win this game easily to get cards and FUT 23 Coins.

Another top tip is to use the new type of shots called Traveler shots or outside of foot shots. Many pro players use these shots because they work very well. The reason is that when you shoot the ball, it goes around the goalkeeper and into the back of the net. To execute a Traveler shot, use the outside of your foot to shoot the ball.

When shooting the ball, sit a bit further away and apply more power if you want to hit a hanging left power. Remember, hitting below 40 power will result in a low shot, so make sure to hit the ball above 40 power.

Hold the L2 button as you shoot, and if you watch Ronaldo, you will see the outside of foot Trevello shine animation. This gives your shot spin and makes it more difficult for the goalkeeper to save. It's important to hold the L2 button when you shoot and use a lot of power. Otherwise, the shot will either be too low or the game will think you want to do a skilled or fancy shot.

One effective way to score in soccer is by using the Traveler shot animation, even with players who may not have strong shooting abilities like Dan Bella. Apply about three bars of power when taking a shot and aim for the Green timing if possible.

The player lock feature can also be useful because it lets you control where your attacking player moves after passing the ball. For example, if the opponent is running inwards, have your player run wider to make space down the wing. Look at other examples to see how you can use this function to effectively pass the ball to other players on your team.

FIFA 23: How to Attack for Scoring More Goals

In the example, I demonstrated how to use the player lock feature to switch the player and control their movement to get into a key position. To use player lock, ensure that it is turned on in your settings, and then press the L3 and R3 buttons inward. Next, flick the right stick to choose the player you want to use.

Once activated, you can control the chosen player's movement to get into a better position. For instance, if you have the ball in a certain area, activate the player lock feature and select the player you want to control. Then, move them towards the open space to give yourself a better chance of scoring.

In FIFA, when you see an icon above Neymar's head, it means player lock is on. To switch players, press L3 and R3 while flicking the right analog stick to choose the new player you want to control. The new player will have an icon over their head, indicating that you are now controlling them without needing to use the left analog stick.

This feature helps you direct the movement of that player and guides them towards open spaces. By using this function, you can avoid defenders, follow a specific run, or choose which player to control easily, without worrying about the movements of other players on the pitch.

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To move inwards or outwards on the pitch, use the player lock feature to control a specific player's movement, choosing the player to lock onto with the right analog stick. You can request the ball by pressing the triangle button, or choose a regular pass by simply passing normally. To perform specific types of passes, such as a driven through ball, press a combination of buttons, such as R1 plus triangle.

This technique is particularly effective for breaking through the enemy defense when attempting to move down the wing or penetrate enemy lines. Defensively, you can also use the player lock feature to control a specific player's movement and position them to intercept passes or block shots.

In the example, I chose daily fee to control his movement using the player lock feature, allowing me to run wherever I want on the pitch. By positioning daily fee wide, I was able to request an R1 plus triangle pass and break through the defensive line easily.

There are more examples where I used Neymar to make a pass, using them belly to control the ball and push the defender away. Additionally, if you want to improve your FIFA skills, I offer a FIFA score series. I am confident in its effectiveness and offer a money-back guarantee if you don't see improvement within one month.

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