These Are The Best Female Icon Cards Available In FC 24 Ultimate Team! These Are The Best Female Icon Cards Available In FC 24 Ultimate Team!

These Are The Best Female Icon Cards Available In FC 24 Ultimate Team!

Mar 15, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

While women’s soccer has been a part of EA Sports’ annual soccer releases since FIFA 16, EA Sports FC 24 marks the first inclusion of women in the popular Ultimate Team (UT) mode, necessitating the recognition and introduction of retired legends from the women’s game as powerful Icon cards

These Icon cards are highly coveted by UT players for their exceptional in-game stats, and despite FC 24 featuring only 5 female players, the various versions of these Icons make it challenging for players to decide where to begin integrating them into their teams. However, the significant variance in prices ensures that a female icon from this list remains accessible to all players, with only currently accessible icons being considered.

These Are The Best Female Icon Cards Available In FC 24 Ultimate Team!

Ranked 6: Birgit Prinz

Birgit Prinz’s overall rating of 92 does not fully reflect her individual statistics, with notable attributes such as 83 in Pace, 92 in Shooting, and 82 in Dribbling.

At first glance, Birgit Prinz may appear as a significant acquisition for players who obtain her. However, her in-game performance doesn’t align with her given an overall rating of 92. Notably, her relatively low Pace and Dribbling attributes are compounded by weak stats in critical areas such as Agility and Balance, registering at 60 and 66, respectively.

For players intending to utilize Prinz effectively, it’s advisable to position her aggressively in the opponent’s half to capitalize on her excellent finishing skills. Nonetheless, it’s disappointing that one of the greatest female players in history doesn’t have her real-life abilities accurately reflected in the game.

Ranked 5: Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith, rated 89 overall, stands out as the most affordable choice, boasting impressive attributes including 88 in Pace, 90 in Shooting, and 89 in Dribbling.

Kelly Smith’s 23-year career is commemorated with multiple Icon variations across the game, with her 92 Finishing and 4-star Weak Foot attributes aptly mirroring the skills of England’s second-highest all-time goal scorer. 

Additionally, players should prioritize Smith for set-pieces due to her Dead Ball+ playstyle. Despite the availability of superior choices, Smith remains a feasible option for newcomers, given her current price tag of approximately 80k FC 24 Coins on Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

Ranked 4: Camille Abily

Camille Abily, rated 90 overall, excels as a deep-arriving expert with impressive skills in Shooting (89), Passing (90), and Dribbling (89).

Renowned for her goal-scoring prowess as a midfielder, Camille Abily’s knack for timely box arrivals stands out as one of her prime attributes in EA Sports FC 24. Moreover, bolstered by formidable defending and Physicality statistics, she emerges as an exceptional all-around midfielder capable of both offensive and defensive contributions.

The prevailing approach among players involves applying a backbone chemistry style to her, augmenting her Passing, Defending, and Physicality attributes. This adjustment enhances her versatility, although players seeking a more offensive emphasis can opt for an attacking chemistry style to prioritize her attacking prowess over defensive capabilities.

FC 24 Women's Ultimate Team

Ranked 3: Homare Sawa

Homare Sawa, rated 91 overall, exhibits versatility across midfield positions with exceptional attributes including 91 in Passing, 91 in Dribbling, and 83 in Defending.

Homare Sawa possesses the versatility to assume virtually any midfield role, owing to her outstanding statistics across nearly every attribute. In addition to the previously noted attributes, her 91 Dribbling and 84 Pace enable her to adeptly navigate through midfield players, while also excelling in intercepting the ball from opponents.

Moreover, Sawa’s ability to score goals, a trait evident in her real-life performance, is mirrored by a Finishing statistic of 92. Hence, it would be prudent for players to utilize a Shadow chemistry style to emphasize enhancing her Pace and Defending attributes.

Ranked 2: Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith, boasting a rating of 91 overall, presents a significant upgrade, particularly evident in her attributes with notable improvements in Pace (90), Shooting (92), and Dribbling (92).

As part of the Future Stars promotion, Kelly Smith underwent an upgrade alongside several other icons like Zidane and Ronaldinho. Demonstrating a balanced pace, she boasts 90 in both Acceleration and Sprint Speed, while her Finishing statistic of 93 underscores her clinical precision in front of goal.

Players can further enhance her effectiveness by applying a Hunter chemistry style, elevating her Pace to 98 and Shooting to 97. Although her upgraded card is pricier, costing around 500k, the investment is undoubtedly worthwhile given her exceptional performance.

Ranked 1: Mia Hamm

Mia Hamm, rated 95 overall, stands as the best, showcasing outstanding attributes with 94 in Pace, 95 in Shooting, and 94 in Dribbling.

Regarded as arguably the greatest female player in history, Mia Hamm proved to be a prolific goal scorer for both the USA National Team and any fortunate club she represented. Her statistics are consistently exceptional, complemented by a 5-star Weak Foot and a range of skills.

As a TOTY variant, she boasts not just one but two additional playstyles: Rapid+ and Powershot+. Hamm not only stands out as the premier female icon in EA Sports FC 24 but also ranks among the most coveted cards ever featured in any FIFA/FC installment.

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