Don’t Miss These Challenges To Make Your EA FC 24 Career Mode Even More Fun! Don’t Miss These Challenges To Make Your EA FC 24 Career Mode Even More Fun!

Don’t Miss These Challenges To Make Your EA FC 24 Career Mode Even More Fun!

Mar 28, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

Career Mode is an important part of EA Sports FC 24 and has been popular with many players since the game’s launch. However, many players complain that playing Career Mode in the normal way for a long time often feels boring.

If you want a more interesting gaming experience, incorporating unique challenges is the best way to do it. These challenges give you specific goals to achieve. Besides, you can add stipulations to make them more difficult.

Over the years, the gaming community has come up with challenges that change the way Career Mode is completed. In this guide, we’ll introduce some exciting challenges to make your gameplay even more fun.

Don’t Miss These Challenges To Make Your EA FC 24 Career Mode Even More Fun!

Win World Cup

World Domination is one challenge you can try in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode. But many players often overlook managing international teams.

The focus of this challenge should be winning World Cup, the most prestigious trophy in the history of the sport. You can try performing challenges with your country’s national team or a team that has yet to win a World Cup to further enhance the experience.

It’s important to note that this challenge takes place every four years in Career Mode, which means you can only win the challenge a few times in a specific save. So it is crucial to invest more FC 24 Coins to build the best team.

Lead A Lower Tier Team To Become UCL Champions

Another thing you can try in Career Mode is to pick an underdog team from the lowest tier and help them become UCL champions. It’s basically a path to glory where you have to go through multiple horrific seasons to build a team from the ground up.

You can choose any lower division team, but it’s best to start with the fourth division in England as this is the most challenging. Completing this challenge will be easier if you end up signing a young core of high-potential players.

However, this is still time consuming as winning UCL takes at least 6-7 seasons. So, be prepared to play the long game.

EA FC 24: Lead A Lower Tier Team To Become UCL Champions

Win The Treble

Winning the treble is one of the most important challenges in FC 24, which includes winning the league title, domestic trophy and UCL in one season. A handful of clubs have only accomplished this feat in real life, so the difficulty of the challenge is self-evident.

Given that you have to win these trophies in one season, you need to make sure your team remains competitive throughout the calendar year. Also, don’t forget to prepare substitutes, otherwise one injury to any player could ruin your dream of winning the treble.

Financial Constraints Challenge

Since many clubs in real life are subject to financial constraints, it’s also a fun variation to try the same scenario in Career Mode. You can completely blow out your budget for a few seasons and build a team with the players you already have. This is probably one of the hardest challenges to complete in the game, as you won’t be able to upgrade your team with better players.

Rebuilding The Team With Players From The Same Country

Another interesting challenge is to rebuild the team using only players from the same country. This adds an extra level of difficulty and makes winning trophies even more difficult.

The difficulty becomes even greater when you add in the requirement to sell players who do not belong to a specific country. It might take you several seasons to assemble a team of excellent football players representing the same country.

EA FC 24: Build The Best Youth Academy Team

Build The Best Youth Academy Team

Youth Academy is an important part of EA FC 24 Career Mode, helping you develop the next exceptional talent and help your team become better.

You can only use players from Youth Academy within your team in this challenge. Also, you can try to complete this challenge using those football clubs that are known for producing brilliant talents from their Youth Academy.

Considering it can take several seasons to develop Youth Academy players, you’re in for a fun ride. Don’t forget to hire the best scouts as this will help you find better talent more easily.

In short, trying these challenges will make your Career Mode gameplay more diverse and have a more interesting gaming experience. So, come and give it a try!

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