5 Great Ways To Effectively Farm EA FC 24 Season XP And Rank Up! 5 Great Ways To Effectively Farm EA FC 24 Season XP And Rank Up!

5 Great Ways To Effectively Farm EA FC 24 Season XP And Rank Up!

Feb 22, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

For avid FC 24 players, quickly racking up Season XP is the best way to earn tons of in-game rewards, whether you want enhanced customization options or unlocking top players in Ultimate Team. Luckily, earning XP quickly doesn’t require a complicated strategy, and playing the game regularly will naturally unlock tons of rewards.

However, recent updates have made the process more streamlined and efficient, simplifying the task of finding, playing, and tracking progress for players. Meanwhile, the developers have also introduced a “Claim All” button that allows players to instantly redeem all rewards with just one click, without having to unlock them individually.

In this guide, we detail five different ways for players to earn EA FC 24 Season XP, ensuring they move up the rankings and earn rewards easily.

5 Great Ways To Effectively Farm EA FC 24 Season XP And Rank Up!

Complete Daily Objectives

One of the easiest ways to earn Season XP is by completing daily objectives. Players can easily achieve this goal by simply taking part in one match and scoring a goal.

To complete this goal, players will be rewarded with 150 XP per day. This provides players with a hassle-free way to steadily accumulate XP and progress in the game.

Achieve Weekly challenges

Weekly Challenges correspond to Daily Objectives, providing players with more challenging tasks over a seven-day period. Of course, FC 24 Coins and XP rewards you can get from it are also more attractive.

Besides completing three daily objectives each week, players will also need to meet additional requirements. This included playing in 8 games, winning at least 5 of them and scoring a total of 12 goals in those games.

Seasonal XP rewards for these weekly challenges vary, but they greatly increase player earnings, often reaching thousands each week. This structure provides players with more diverse game goals and rewards, motivating players to continue taking part in the game and achieving achievements.

EA FC 24: How to Get XP Fast? - Complete Daily Objectives

Complete Activity Objectives

Throughout the season, campaign objectives change and quests are introduced that may require you to play with specific players or against specific teams. These objectives inject a dynamic element into the gaming experience, providing a variety of challenges that are both engaging and rewarding.

In terms of variety, campaign objectives offer players the most satisfying opportunities for progression and a large amount of Season XP. By completing these tasks, players can improve their skills and adaptability in the game.

This aspect of the game encourages deeper immersion, fostering a sense of satisfaction as players complete various activity objectives throughout the season.

Division Rivals & Squad Battles

Whether facing skilled players or challenging AI-controlled teams, these game modes provide an exciting experience. Players’ performance in these intense battles determines not only their ranking in Season Pass progression but also Season XP they receive.

Division Rivals and Squad Battles are top choices for those looking for an enjoyable XP grind. Leaderboards are set up to make every win an achievement, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

EA Sports FC 24: Guide to Squad Battles Rewards

Follow Live SBC Objectives

Live SBC Objectives revolutionize Ultimate Team gaming experience by combining Squad Building Challenges with in-game quests to inject excitement and unpredictability.

These objectives are often tied to real-world events, providing timely challenges and rewards to keep players engaged and immersed.

By completing these dynamic objectives, players earn Season XP, which helps level up their club and unlock additional rewards.

These are some tips and tricks to help you farm Season XP quickly. Play the game regularly and follow these methods and you’ll reach the next level faster!

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